Gun Violence and Failing Schools is our real Terrorist Threat


Gun Violence and Failing Schools is our real Terrorist Threat

Is there a correlation between our failing schools and violence on the streets? In dealing with our youth and the problems this country faces as a whole as a result of their killing each other on the streets daily, our failing school system and overcrowded prisons, what can we do? First let us review some basic facts.


Gun Deaths:

More than 30,000 people are killed by firearms each year in this country
More than 30 people are shot and murdered each day
1/2 of them are between the ages of 18 and 35
1/3 of them are under the age of 20
Homicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-34 year-olds
And the primary cause of death among African Americans of that age group


The failing education system:

1: Every year, only 69 percent of American high school seniors earn their diploma.
2; Thirty years ago, America was the leader in quantity and quality of high school diplomas. Today, our nation is ranked 18th out of 23 industrialized countries.
3: Each year, 1.3 million high school students fail to graduate on time.
4: If the 1.3 million dropouts from the Class of 2010 had graduated, the nation would have seen $337 billion more in earnings over the course of the students’ lifetimes.
5: Approximately 6 million students grades 7 through 12 are struggling to read at grade-level. Among the highest, 70 percent of 8th graders read below the standard.
6: Teacher quality is one of the most significant factors related to student achievement. In the U.S., 14 percent of new teachers resign by the end of their first year, 33 percent leave within their first 3 years, and almost 50 percent leave by their 5th year.
7: In the workplace, 85 percent of current jobs and 90 percent of new jobs require some or more college or postsecondary education.
8: Roughly half of the students who enter a 4-year school will receive a bachelor’s degree within 6 years.
9: In schools made up of 75 percent or more low-income students, there are triple the number of out-of-field teachers than in wealthier school districts.
10: High schools are not preparing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel after graduation. Only 1 in 4 high school students graduate college-ready in the four core subjects of English, reading, math, and science.

Based on these statistics we have a problem that cannot be denied by any understanding individual. Our youth are killing each other on the streets each day and our education system is failing them and the solution seemed to have be more prisons, which is the actual problem to begin with. The prison industrial complex. As you can see prisons are big business to big corporations, but it cost the tax payers, just like the wars in the middle east. It is this type of manipulation of the masses to get rid of the problem, which is the reason a hand full of people have all the money and there is a huge disparity between the rich and the poor, but “the chicken has come home to roost.” As America has to face the consequences of her mistakes dastardly deeds.


The American the Prison System:

1: Between 1987 and 2007 the national prison population tripled to a population of about 1.6 Million inmates.

2: 4 in 10 prisoners return to state prisons within three years of release

3: One in 30 men between 20 and 34 is behind bars — and up to one in 13 in one state

4: One in nine black men between 20 and 34 are behind bars

5: 734 out of every 100,000 people are behind bars in the U.S. — far and away the highest number in the world

6: Typically parole programs cost taxpayers $7.47 per day per parolee, while prisons cost $78.95 per day per inmate nationwide.

7: Between 1987 and 2007 state prison costs rose by 315 percent to $44.06 billion a year.

Now the prisons are overcrowded, so we cannot simply incarcerate the problem anymore for the profits of a few but we must face up to the problem with real solutions. I heard a man say we must address this like we are addressing the war on terrorism and recognize this is a threat to our national security and I agree him. But this does not mean a continued attack on our youth, what it means is compassion and the reaching out to them with a genuine helping hand.

Not only must our youth be re-taught, but America as a whole must be re-taught to once again love our neighbors and develop the village mentality in raising our children out of this self destructive mentality they are in. And we must recognize that many nations doing well today, were not doing so good just a few years ago. We can turn this around if we come together and recognize we have a national problem that needs a nationwide response and act on it.

For too long we have ignored the plights of others, until it became our problem. But now it is everyone’s problem, because it is no longer safe to walk the streets in our urban areas and rural as well. We have to deal with these situations across America or we as a whole will self destruct.

Our problems are not single fold, for example, if it is in our school system it is also a problem in our homes. If kids cannot or will not learn in school and apply themselves, we must also take a look at the parenting skills of the parents, who are responsible for molding them to begin with. We cannot force a child to learn anymore than we can force a parent to be a good parent and the fact of the matter is many of them have poor parenting skills, simply because they were not raised correctly themselves. They just do not know and must be taught.

If we look at the violence on the streets and the prison population going off of the roof, we must look into the legislation that allowed this to happen and we also must also look at the people who condone the street mentality and behaviorisms. Crime exist because people on the streets and surrounding areas condone it and legislation made the actions a crime. People roam the streets all hours of the night and day to make money or supply their addictions and violence is a byproduct of this. And it goes on because either it is not in my backward or I have been overrun by the criminals. But criminal behavior is everybody’s problem, directly or in directly.

If we see a mentality counterproductive to our society, such as the posse syndrome among our youth to join into gangs for camaraderie and filthy language that is degrading and their insensitivity to violence, well maybe we need to look into what the media puts out there in musical recordings, television and video games.

The truth to the matter is most people are followers and there are very few leaders. And the problem with many leaders is that they want to be compensated for their abilities. So often they sell their abilities on the open market for a profit. And the truth of the matter is not many leaders today are not patient but want immediate payoffs. So they lead the blind for selfish ends and profits and that is the American way so we are taught by the media, the politicians, the false preachers, sport figures, entertainers, businessman big and small and the successful in general. The American psyche has been crippled by greed and instant gratification and until this changes, which is our meaning of success we are doomed. Everybody wants to be on top and the top is financial gains.

Frank Paul Jones
President and Chairman of the NCNCHINC


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