What is the African American Solution?

African American Community

What is the African American Solution?

African Americans are in a fight for our survival on this planet and within America.  Though we have some leadership, our young black leaders have been sent astray.  It seems as if too many of them are chasing the Hollywood dream of instant gratification


The truth to the matter is most people are followers and there are very few leaders. And the problem with many of these leaders is that they want to be compensated for their abilities. So often they sell their abilities on the open market for an instant  profit. And the truth of the matter is not many leaders today are patient but want immediate payoffs. So they lead the blind for their selfish ends and profits and that is the American way so we are taught by the media, the politicians, the false preachers, sport figures, entertainers, businessman big and small and the successful in general. The American psyche has been crippled by greed and instant gratification and until this changes, which is our meaning of success, we are doomed. Everybody wants to be on top and the top is financial gains, but very few make more than nickels and dimes.


For us to make it through these trials and tribulations we are faced with now, such as the drug epidemic, gun violence, black on black crimes, recidivism, the failing educational system and the dropout rates, the lack of job opportunities and the continues economic depression within the black community, we have to change the mindset of the African American community.  The bottom line is that our woes are due to a conspiracy against African American from since before the transatlantic slave trade, but the continuum are self inflicted wounds that are killing us off.


It all comes down to the accountability of our young leaders. Though there are a few leaders, which has always been the case, our leaders are really sellouts.  The black leadership and I am not talking about the Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Minister Louis Farrakhan, but the everyday community leader in the black community among our youth, they sold us out for a quick dollar, I am talking about the leaders of these street posses that perpetuate ignorance, a mayhem and disorder, because they can.  I am talking about the rich rappers, who beat the drums of disorder everyday and are heard over the media constantly.


It all comes down to the accountability of the parents, who are not raising their children properly, because they are only concerned with themselves, what is going on in the streets and the latest gossip, alcohol and drug indulgence , late night parties, while condoning all the chaos in the community, going to church without love for their neighbors, ignoring the plights of others until the problem becomes theirs and then it is too late, because what was not in your backward yesterday is now on your front porch today.


It all comes down to the accountability of our legislators, law makers and law enforcement.  We created criminals based on our laws.  We created oppression, repression and depression based on our laws and ordinances we designed to control the masses and businesses in black communities.  We enforce the laws based on territory and race, we allow drugs to be sold in black communities by design, we put liquor stores in black communities by design, because the system does not care about black people, but now the black problem has over spilled into white society, the prisons are over populated and the problem can no longer simply be sent off to prison but must be addressed and dealt with in America.


I believe drastic problems call for drastic measures.  We must address the intent of the first amendment of the constitution of the United States of America. Freedom of speech is being taken out of context.  Because Hollywood controls the mass media and in the age of high tech media whereby an evil few can control the waves heard by millions, is this really freedom of speech or freedom to exploit the ignorant? Rap Music has gone to far, so has video games and television and movies.  We are screwing up the mindset of America’s youth with constant violence and anti-social behaviorisms.  Hollywood is one of the main culprits for the fall of the American people.  And we cannot depend on the parents to monitor the television because they are AWOL or just as confused.  Television has become America’s number one babysitter.  We must do something about Hollywood, even if it means mass murder or by any means necessary.  I say this with the right freedom of speech, maybe the Hollywood leadership need to die!  Because they are killing us it would be in self defense.


I believe drastic problems call for drastic measures. We must address the laws that govern community activities.  The number one killer of people ages 18 to 34 is car accidents and number two is gun violence.  This is the nightlife syndrome.  Why do we condone the nightlife as if it is essential to our community’s well being.  It is the culprit to early deaths and community mayhem.  Parents do not raise their children properly, because they are too busy running the streets.  People are dying because the streets are overflowed with criminal activities. But understand nightlife is not a right it is a privilege.   And often nightlife establishments do not even pay taxes at all, none the less taxes to replace their damages on the community.  Maybe the black community needs a nationwide curfew.  Maybe we need to shutdown the black community after a decent hour and enforce these laws.  Maybe we need to close down the black town in high crime areas at 12AM and  a lot of the crimes will be eliminated. The chances are there is not taxes being paid by these late hour establishment anyway. They are fronts for crime!


I believe drastic problems call for drastic measures.  We need to make laws that are for the people.  Everybody knows that the marijuana laws are oppressive. They need to legalize it and tax it.  Than half of these street dwellers, will have to find a job and get a GED or something.  We are making it easy to get into the life of crime.  And we do not enforce the laws equally.  We tend to set traps for criminal behavior in the black community.  Law enforcement forces people into high crime areas by their law enforcement tactics.  They will shut down one area to move crime to another, only to keep it there and it is wrong.  People tend to condone criminal behavior as long as it is not in  their backyards, but now it is on their front porches nationwide. We need to regain the village mentality and love all of our neighbors as one and build a better community together.


What is the African American Solution?  I believe drastic problems call for drastic measures. 


The Apostle Paul



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