Syria? Is President Obama guilty of treason?

 Pres. Obama

Syria? Is President Obama guilty of treason?

It seemed like it was only a month ago, when President Obama said we need to focus on the economy now. How soon it was forgotten? I do not see any difference between Bush and Obama except that Bush had a reason for being a war monger, which was financial gain for friends and family. They had a stake in Halliburton, who got military contracts without any competition. Halliburton made tens of billions of dollars out of the wars that Bush led us into. Something like $40 Billion dollars due to Bush’s wars.

We the black community knew that Bush was not good for us to begin with, so he did not let us down, but simply did what we expected out of him. But President Obama got over 90% of our votes (the black vote). We saw him as an icon of hope and change, but he turned out to be just another politician and a liar. He did nothing for us and he had an opportunity, but now these doors seemed to be closed permanently. There just isn’t enough money to go around, it is either the economy or a another war and he chose another war.

After we spent between $6 and $10 trillion dollars on the Iraq and Afghan wars, and the UN and Brittan does not support this war in Syria, so how can he make such a decision to go about it unilaterally? It is not far to world’s opinion (the UN) or the American people. I just want to know why is he doing this. What is his hidden agenda and selfish ends, because this one is certainly not about our nations security, in fact it is a detriment to our security, making us the lone target for retaliation from the middle east and we will not even know where the retaliation came from.

Sure they will be able to sell us another lie like 9/11 and blame it on whoever Arabs they want to take down for whatever reason, but they will not make America more safer. Because America’s real problems are of economic consequences and our self destructive mentality. We are falling apart as a nation because of our failing schools, gun violence on the streets, the drug epidemic in the black community and our main culprits are the unemployment rate and joblessness which are not actually the same.

America cannot afford to be sucked into another war in the middle east and what good is our military actions doing or have done over there so far? Libya is in shambles and so are Iraq and Afghanistan, all we managed to do is destroy governments that we could not find stable replacements that will help our national security. In fact the conditions we are leaving these countries are worst than before we entered them.

I heard people like Jesse Jackson and other mouth pieces of the 60’s speak about what Martin Luther King would say to President Obama, yet they say nothing. We as a nation of people who are suffering in silence like the Jews during World War Two, still reminiscing on dead leaders, Dr. King is dead and President Obama is trying to kill off the rest of us, through senseless wars and inaction to our real concerns which is the economy. And what gets me is he got Obamacare signed, but is not trying to pay for it. More wars will not pay for Obamacare. We need a President for the American people and our needs and not someone who wants to just blew money on wars, in the name of national security. Obama is a liar and after his presidency we will find out why, when they disclose his new portfolio.

The Apostle Paul


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