America is Committing Crimes Against it own People Also

 Obama Miltary

America is Committing Crimes Against it own People Also

President Obama decided to ask the Congress for authorization to attack Syria, a change from his stance to go it alone without U.S. Congressional or United Nations approval. Though every president since 1973 claimed the wars powers act of 1973 is unconstitutional, in this case President Obama decided to seek congressional approval and one must wonder why. He didn’t in Libya!

Since President Obama publicly considered attacking Syria, it seems that all the News talked about is America’s problems such as, President Obama saving face, his creditability in world affairs, as if it is our war and we have been attacked. However, we must remember this is a civil war in Syria and over 100,000 people already died and hundreds of thousands have been badly injured due to this war. There will be no winners, even when this war ends and rebuilding process of this nation and the region will cost a lot of money and time. It is not all about America, in Syria!

Now my concern is if the Congress approves an act of war against Syria, will there be an exit plan that can and will be carried out. This war is a Syrian civil war, however, nations are already taking sides and America’s involvement could even escalate their involvement and the war could become even wider in scope than it is already. If we get sucked into a regional conflict, how will we get out of it? Or even worst, will we be able to get out of it?

I do not think the American people or our military can withstand another Iraq or Afghanistan. We cannot handle another drawn out war. The wars we recently fought is costing us dearly. Because we spent perhaps ten trillion dollars on Iraq and Afghan, we were not caretakers of our own people here at home. This is the costs we are paying at home.

Over 8,000 veterans commit suicide per year, which is about 22 veterans committing suicide per day. At one time based on a statistic for every combatant killed in war 25 veterans were killing themselves. So one must ask why? Most of the kids joining the military today are Americas choice crop. They joined the military for a future in the America dream, educational benefits that they will probably never be able to use due to mental problems, they join to get out of the streets and to avoid a life of crime in this terrible economy and yes some may have had Hollywood fantasies of fighting a war, only to learn that killing and be sought after to be killed is not actually fun.

While the average is 33 fatalities a day are the result of gun violence and gun violence is the number two killer of people age 18 to 34, behind automobile accidents, what is the number one killer of veterans for age 18 to 34? And how does these new suicide rates effect the statistics overall? Because the suicide rate has to be in the top three. Because between gun violence and suicide we are losing over 20,000 of our youth each year.

Then we have to look into the incarceration rates of our youth and the dropout rates of our youth, which has a direct correlation to committing crimes. We have to recognized that America has a major problem. We have to look at the jobless rate of Americans as a whole. Only 6 of 10 Americans have a job and many of them are part time jobs. Over 32% of Americans are without an income or is on some type of disability, while about 8% get unemployment insurance. 101 million Americans get food stamps assistance or about 1/3 of the United States population. 1 out of 3 Americans cannot afford to feed themselves without assistance from the federal government.

These wars are not only costing us money that we need to spend on our economy, but it is destroying our labor force. The men an women in uniform are being misappropriated by the United States Government. But we talk about crimes against humanity in Syria, how about the crimes against our own people here in America? We are destroying the lives of our youth through wars, failing schools, no jobs for civilians, the industrial prison complex, this fake war on drugs that destroyed the lives of millions and the inaction of the legislative branch of government to do anything, while President Obama beats the war drums . Like they say, when you point your figure at someone, three are pointing back at you. America is at war with Americans and these foreign wars are characteristic of this.

Frank Paul Jones


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