Is National Scurrility to Destroy Americans?

President Obama

Is National Scurrility to Destroy Americans?

America is suspicious after a decade of war in the middle east. We fought all these wars and battles in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and have nothing to show for it. While we spent over $10 trillion dollars on wars our economy back home is in shambles with only 62% of Americans in our workforce today.

President Obama won a noble peace prize in 2009, but today he wants military action as there are protests against this war in Syria in major cities like New York and Washington D.C., because people heard this before and know this could escalate into a major regional conflict. And even as President Obama tries to sell this limited attack, he knows this could escalate into something major and I do not think he really wants a part of this, but is himself looking for a way out.

Most of the politicians (Lawmakers) in Washington D.C., really do not think this is a good idea on both sides of the aisle. Some say he is not doing enough others think war simply is not the answer to Syria. Basically mostly all of them think it is not a good idea for one reason or another, but is making an excuse to vote yea in the name of the creditability of the U.S. and the creditability of the institution of the presidency. But even to that end, there are two sides to every story.

Some say if we do not act, what will North Korea and Iran think and do as a result of our inaction? While others say if this backfires and North Korea and Iran puts us to the test, will America be in support of yet another war after Syria. America is war wary it is that simple and not only that we are exhausted. Must I remind you that 22 veterans are committing suicide everyday due to war fatigue and many of the returning veterans will be on a long waiting list to be served by the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. We have not even solved the problems we already have with serving our already returned veterans and 30,000 is due to return from Afghanistan soon or will they do a u-turn?

Going to Syria is a calculated risk that President Obama being a wise politician, I do not think will be willing to take if Congress rejects his proposal. He hasn’t received any support from the world, even the UK rejected this idea and now it looks like the United States Congress will reject his proposal and if he goes it alone and it backfires into a major conflict, he alone will not suffer the consequences, so will the nation and if it does not backfire, he will gain nothing politically and our nation will gain nothing from this campaign. It is a lose-lose situation for him and us to be in.

But if he is the man I once believed he was, he will be wise enough to on the down low thank the Congress for helping him save face. All this talk about a redline in nonsense. This is not a reason to take the focus off of the real issues that need to be addressed, which is all the problems we have at the home front and many of them are directly associated with our past foreign wars.

We have to accept as a nation that we made some detrimental mistakes in the past decade and not be foolish enough to repeat our folly, because the chickens will come home to roast and all this foolishness will have consequences in the near future.

I think we should not go to war or even attempt limited military action in Syria, for the exact reason some politicians are compelled to go it alone, without the support of the world community, which is to save face, but not with Israel, North Korea or Iran, but with the American people. See if we go to Syria it will only make it harder to gain the support of the American people when we really need them, because they are tired, wary and confused and know they have been bamboozled.

We need to define our military definitively and define just what is national security, which is so unclear. We cannot simply yell national security and blow $200 million dollars to teach someone a lesion, because by doing so what have we learned from our actions? That we really cannot afford to enforce a vague definition of national security? Sure we can print money and print our debts away, but for how long? We must be fiscally responsible, I mean I have no problem with being the world police, if we get world police salaries, however, on the contrary we pay the people we protect and not the other way around. I mean even the Mafia gets paid for protection and they are considered criminals, so what does this make us fools?

If Americans understood exactly what our role is on the world stage, things would be more cohesive, but sometimes I wonder if our leadership actually knows our actual role. Are we really the good guys or are we interlopers out to control the masses and if so for who?

Who is profiting from our war machine, certainly not the American people, it seems to me that we (The American People) are actually being held hostage with 101 million people depending on food stamps everyday, 33 people everyday dying on the streets from gun violence, 22 veterans per day committing suicide, over 2.3 million Americans incarcerated, only 62% of Americans in the workforce and many have part-time jobs making the minimum wage, we are the richest nation in the world, but is one of the worst performing educational systems among the industrialized nations and the list goes on. Just what is national security? Since it is not open for discussion, this should be answered or is this classified?

Frank Paul Jones
President and Chairman of the NCNCHINC


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