Acid Pro 7 is Still Relevant in my Studio

Acid Pro 7

Acid Pro 7 is Still Relevant in my Studio

In the world of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) technology, many average artists with big ideas have rising to greatness, without the help of professional musicians. In the old days, it took a full band and often backup singers to make a recording in a studio, not to mention top engineers and big dollars to book the studios to begin with. Still some artist do kick out big bucks in class A studios to make their recordings, but this is not always necessary to produce a quality track. For some they simply invest in better equipment after they produce a hit, but start out with a decent home recording studio.

Personally, I have a few music production software applications and use different ones for different reasons and effects. I know I am not a professional keyboardist, however I can do a little work and DAW technology and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) applications makes it possible to get good results, but nothing replaces a top quality keyboarding, but there is a solution in the absence of one and that is Acid Pro 7 loop based production software.

Acid Pro 7 is still a 32 bit application, whereby programs like Reason 7 and Cubase 7 are 64 bit platforms. I use a few applications, some 64 bits and some 32 bits. My main programs are Sony Acid Pro 7, Adobe Audition 3, Steinberg Cubase 7 and Propellerhead Reason 6.5, I use them along with VST technology and Recycle to name a few. I use them for different reasons and by doing so I can achieve different results.

I like (32 bit) Audition 3 as a mastering program, (64 bit) Reason 6.5 is all around as far as making beats, editing and doing vocal tracks with music, but in my opinion (64) Cubase 7 is better for making my vocal track productions with music and because of my limited keyboarding skills (32) Acid Pro 7, is the ultimate loop based production software application. And for those who do not have Acid pro 7 in their repertoire, at this time it is very cheap to purchase ($150-$200) depending on the vender, because Sony knows it is old technology (32 bits) and has to upgrade it to a 64 bit platform soon in Acid Pro 8. But even as a 32 bit software application Sony has an updated download now, that works fine on Windows 7-64 bits, but you cannot Rewire Sony Acid with 64 bits platform software applications such as Cubase 7 and Reason 7.

However, I choose not the Rewire anymore anyway, since Reason evolved into a full range studio, to me it now seems obsolete. Rewire was great when Reason was only good for music production and a program like Acid or Cubase was used to make full productions to include vocals, but now all of them are complete one stop studios. So now I simply export and import stereo tracks for one program to the other, synchronizing the BPM. It saves power for my vocal tracks which is sometimes necessary with Cubase 7, which uses a lot of power in full productions applications, which is one of its weak points, whereby you can use 15 or 20 tracks on Reason 6.5 or 7 and Acid Pro 7, Cubase 7 might give you about 8 or 10 safely for the same processing power. A good Cubase 7 studio will require about 16 GB of Ram in my opinion. Whereby 8 GB of Ram will be more than enough on Acid Pro 7 and Reason 6.5 or 7. But if you import stereo tracks into Cubase using instrumentation sparingly you will be fine with using VST on vocals mainly.

Anyway with Acid Pro 7, you can create great musical compositions in a short amount of time compared to Reason, Cubase and Audition as well as Pro Tools, Logic and even Fruity Loops, because of its very user friendly workspace. Its explorer window is so user friendly and its interactive tutorial makes doing some of the most complex tasks simple and on the fly. And with the loop construction kits out there today, you can create some of the most contemporary sounds as well as sounds from all ages, genres and complexities. For music production Acid Pro 7 is still the best on the market today and it will only get better with the introduction of Acid Pro 8, which I anticipate will be coming soon, due to super low pricing of Acid Pro 7.

However as a full production software Cubase 7 is probably the best out there, even better than Pro Tools 11 according to most reviews, but you need a powerful machine to run it. And for those with a average to good machine Reason 7 is the way to go as an all around and all in one production program.

Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano


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