Idealistic Expectations May Add to Veterans Suicide Rate


Idealistic Expectations May Add to Veterans Suicide Rate

I am a blogger, because I enjoy writing and sharing my views.  I have been at it for a few years now about 5 years altogether. Cumulatively I got about 1,000,000 reads altogether or an average of about 200,000 per year, which is not bad at all.  It started out as basically stories about Janet Jackson, her siblings and my associations with them and I wrote about other entertainers to include Lil Wayne and Alicia Keys to name a few.  I also used to talk a lot about my life in the military (covert operations) and my Mafia connections with John J. Gotti and a lot of it was my search for answers as to what happened to me in 1989 (the integration), when I learned the truth about my identity and adventures that brought me to where I am at today.

However, recently I got a little more into issues concerning others and not necessarily myself.  I felt I told my story and it is now history assessable on the world wide web, by simply goggling Frank Paul Gambino or Frank Paul Jones, which I made synonymous on Google.  My reads went down as I stopped talking about celebrities as much and started dealing with everyday people.  Though I still have a following, they are mostly my hardcore readers, it is nothing like it was in the past.  And for now I am cool with that. Which brings me to the subject I am writing about today, which is the returning veterans suicide rate.

Statistics state that about 22 veterans are committing suicide on the average each day.  That is over 8,000 young people every year losing their lives by self inflicted wounds. As I write articles against us going to war again in the middle east in Syria this time, I found myself offending a person in uniform over there in Afghanistan. I was called things outside of my name in personal letters received on my CNN iReporter profile inbox, from this person in uniform.  I was called a “coward” and an “ignorant f**k,” for my anti wars stances.  I was disturb by this, because it brought about a realization.  These kids think they are doing something good and deserve to be rewarded for their service to country.

I agree that veterans deserve to be rewarded for service to country, every veteran deserves their VA benefits to include a job when they come home, educational benefits to continue their education, medical benefits for life, life insurance until they can get their own insurance policies, a home loan and so forth.  But they want to come home to a parade, they want to be able to solute the President of the United States of America and they want to feel appreciated for their work overseas. And this is something the American people do not see them fit to be given to them.   Many of our young veterans feel dishonored by the America people, they feel alienated and left out, it is a lonely feeling, I know about as a result of my own adventures in life.  Not being able to talk about things to disinterested people, who simply do not understand. I found my relief in blogging.

This young troop told me about the good they have done over in Afghanistan, the schools they built and clinics they built and went as far as to say, I have faith in the people of Afghan.  That they will make their battle over there worth their while.  I responded by telling him/her, I have faith in the Lord.  However, what I realized is that they have forgotten all too quickly what they left behind before going overseas to fight another war.  Our failing schools, our prison populations, our murder rates and gun violence on the streets of urban America, our drug epidemic, our AIDS population, in fact I do not even believe they were aware of this when they joined the military or they would have enlisted for these battles we face at home, if they were truly patriotic that is.

But the fact of the matter is that most of our youth joined the military because they were seduced by unscrupulous recruiters, something even till this day Hollywood makes fun of, but it is real and no joking matter.  I know because I was seduced and was told I would become a man at 17 years old.  My youth was in fact stolen from me, coupled with mental problems.  It isn’t until the military brainwashes them into this false perception of patriotism, that they discover they want a parade in return for their service to country and for American for roll out the red carpet but they will simply settle for due recognition, which they do not even get.

I my humble opinion, I believe the problem many of our returning soldiers experience is in their expectations.  They expect something when they return, but get nothing, not even the time of day. Why?  Because America feels we were bamboozled into both Iraq and Afghan and is tired of our the living conditions at home. And these kids as young as they are, have become tired souls and is ready to retire, when in reality by their returning home, the real war has just begun.

I think it is the psyche or the mindset of these kids that is being distorted by government and by the military, that they have idealistic and unrealistic expectations and are choosing death before dishonor by the American people.  Forgetting that they too are Americans and this war we are just beginning to fight at home is also the fight as well. Their duty is to defend us and the constitution of the United States of America, in and out of uniform.  That was their pledge to an allegiance into the armed forces.  And until they realize this fight at home is theirs as well and we all are being dishonored by our law makers the Congress of the United States of America, misguided veterans will continue to fall.  We all know they saw hell overseas and this is our argument, that they were forced into hell for no good reason. To all of our veterans I say, the war is at home in our backward and it is being fought with economics.  To be a true warrior is to stand up and fight, we need you at home, so do not give up on  us but join us.

Frank Paul Jones

President and Chairman of the NCNCHINC


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