13 Dead at Navy Yard Shooting Another American SNAFU

Aaron Alexis

13 Dead at Navy Yard Shooting Another American SNAFU

They identified the shooter at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard as Aaron Alexis, out of Fort Worth, Texas. He is said to be a Veteran of the United States Navy, who worked for a military contractor. At this time they say they do not understand why he did this, however at least 13 people were killed and three hospitalized, while two of them had to undergo extensive surgery.  And with the shooter dead, they will probably have to ask themselves for the answers.


They called this a hard target on a secured facility, unlike Sandy Hook Elementary School, which was a soft target. But how can a complex be secured when the enemy is from within?  Time and time again America is becoming victims of traders of our great nation.  I think we have to go deep into understanding the psyche of our nation today to be able to defend ourselves from a growing number of disgruntled Americans. We have to ask why did Edward Snowden the NSA contractor employee who leaked information on our spy machine did what he did.  America needs answers fast.


I believe and this is not a new thought, that America is in trouble. You have to wonder have “the chickens come home to roost,” a phrase made popular by Malcolm X.  Because the trends that is taking place now are much bigger than an assassination attempt on one president, who is merely a figurehead of the institution these guys are trying to destroy and take down altogether.


What security measures can be imposed to defend against your trusted servants gone astray?  The NSA was obviously recording everyday Americans in their everyday lives, as security measures. But they neglected to watch the one who was inside of their facility, who was a trusted servant turned trader. Now this young man turned against his own master and he is now dead and cannot be put under observation to be understood.  Meanwhile Edward Snowden another trader is in the hands of the Russians, who may now know more about the American psyche than America.


It is my humble opinion that America is misappropriating our resources.  We misused our military for personal gain and profits in the arms industry dealings and not the defense of the American people, we misused law enforcement to persecute the American people in a false war against drugs and we misused our spy machine as a weapon of personal intrusion. Then we say, “we do not know why things like this happened?”  These things are happening because of America’s misappropriations.  Its like a kid with an arsenal of tools with no idea as to what to do with them, America stands dumbfounded.  We have the tools, but we do not have adequate personnel to use them.  And this time, we cannot use our foreign labor force to solve this internal problem. “I don’t know,” America says!


We even have money to spent on schools in Afghanistan and all over the world for that matter, we built this world around us that is attempting a hostile takeover against us.   Now America has all of these tools built by foreign labor and often with foreign technological innovations, but they cannot defend our nation against itself, because this is our job, the job of the trusted servants, who do not know how to operate the equipment.   America is incompetent and we are incompetent because of the decisions of our law makers to not take care of home first.


The problems America faces is do to ignorance.  Our nation as a whole is ignorant and incompetent, because our schools are failing and the nation is full of illiteracy.  Our best just do not cut the cake.  Because disloyal people like Edward Snowden is the best we can do.  Disloyal people like Aaron Alexis is the best we can do.  America is a  nation of dishonored citizens and disloyal servants.  And things will only get worst until America does right by the American people.  The 3dr World War is being fought through economics and America holds a incompetent hand.


Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano


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