Hilary Rodman Clinton Presidential Age Issue


Hilary Rodman Clinton Presidential Age Issue

When she ran against President Obama for the democratic nomination, I thought she had it, but it seemed she was too overconfident and somehow Senator Obama pulled it off.  Some people think the establishment just simply wasn’t ready for a woman President and went as far as to choose a black man over a white woman. I do not know.


However, I do know that President Ronald Reagan was the oldest man to be elected into the White House.  He was considered a great president, however I do not agree with that assessment whatsoever.  If fact, I do not believe he even ran the White House, with his Alzheimer disease. I believe he was simply a good actor with Hollywood experience, who was popular and was being controlled by a CIA, through an agent named George H.W. Bush, who was the CIA director during 1976-77, to become Vice-President  4 years later. Think about it!  As they tried to give this country away!


My concern with Hilary Rodman Clinton, isn’t her lack of experience, character or good will, in fact I think she would have made a wonderful president had she won the democratic nominations in the 2008 primaries, in the proper environment.  And I like the Clinton’s, President Bill Clinton wrote me twice and I still have his letters in my fire safe, to that I am grateful.  But she will be almost 70 years old, come the 2016 presidential race.  And like President Ronald Reagan she will be too old, to enter into the White House.  And Vice President Biden is already over 70 years old. So if she runs against him in 2016, when it comes to a ticket with youth, we will have no good alternatives.  I think this will and may become the weakness of the democratic party’s ticket in 2016.


And if we again elect a Democratic Senate and Republican House, I do not know if she will be able to endure the things they put President Obama through.  I think the key to President Obama’s resilience was his youth.  And I think he aged a lot over these last few years and it is not over.  How would an old lady handle this obstinate Congress?  The thing about President Ronald Reagan was that he had Congressional cooperation, these fools in the Congress today have their own agendas, having nothing to do with the good of the country or the American peole.  I think these fools will bring an old lady to tears, not once or twice, but over and over, because the things going on in America today had a young man crying, so what will it do to an old lady, with a caring heart?


I just think that Hilary Rodman Clinton, should really think it over, before she runs for president. Because she will probably win out of popularity. Our elections today are mere popularity contest, supported by big money for advertisement and promotion.  But she has to ask as herself, if she truly loves this country and the American people who she will be elected to serve. She must ask herself is she really up for the job of President of the United   States, under this current and hostile environment?  Because I think these fools will literally attempt to give her a heart attack.  She will be as old as Ronald Reagan, but will not have any of the cooperation he received in the White House, which was taken over by the CIA for almost 20 years under the Bush’s rein.


Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano


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