The Gay Rights Evolution and the Economy

Black Youth

The Gay Rights Evolution and the Economy

I was taught at a young age that the most consistent thing is change.  I call gay rights an evolution, because it is a part of the advancement of humankind.  Gay rights is happening and will soon fully integrate into American society, regardless to if  you are for it or against it, it is coming to mainstream America in a big way.


When I was a child homosexual men were called faggots in the black neighborhood, which is a derogatory word, for homosexual males.  When I was a child growing up in the 60’s and 70s, the term nigger was forbidden in the black neighborhood, which is also a derogatory word used to describe black people.  So naturally I learned these terms and used them or did not use them according to the adaptation of my cultural environment.  I was raised in a black ghetto in a project complex called the Queensbridge Houses, in Queens, New York, which was the biggest project complex in the whole country. It was a tough neighborhood to live in, high in crime and drugs was all over the place and back then the Italian Mafia had a strong foothold on that territory.


It was especially hard on homosexuals, who were considered less than humans to many, certainly lower than a nigger, which was something nobody wanted to be.  They would be brutally beaten in the streets and call faggots, if only because of their sexual preferences and no little boy wanted to be associated with being like them.  So even if a boy was like them, they would attempt to hide it from the public, in fear of being ridiculed or worst, like even being killed without the concern of the community.  We called them closet cases!


But is seemed like everyone had one in their family.  And if they were a member of a family who had a reputation, they got a pass, but was still considered to be a joke. And even their family members, did not understand the psyche or mindset of their homosexual family members or what they were being put through in their daily lives.  So they were loved but from a distance, which really isn’t love after all.   People were ashamed of there homosexuality, because of our culture in the black ghetto and in America.


I was listening to the news and heard about a pasta firm called Barilla being boycotted for anti-homosexual remarks. And I can understand both sides.  People from the old days are often set in their ways. I do not think he meant any harm, he just made a stance but articulated himself improperly, by making a statement that was unnecessary.  If he did not want homosexual couples in his commercials, all he had to do is not make them with them in itr.  But to say what he would never do, was a senseless error in his part and now he will probably be force to do it anyway to get back some sales.


This is because of the culture we now live in.  Though homosexuals are a minority, they have a strong voice, which is being recognized by media and politics.  This wasn’t so when I was a child, but they took on their fight to another level and built the proper infrastructure to gain due recognition.  And to battle them back into sub servitude so to speak, would be foolish. They fought a good fight and they won, so we need to move on and address other more important issues.  Let them be themselves!  Who do they really bother?


I was against gay rights and I had the right to make that choice, because they had no rights for their sexual preferences.  My decision had everything to do with how I was raised and things that happened to me in  life as well as where and when I was raised.  I did not know any different, but to think the way I thought.  But now I even question myself as to am I an interloper when it comes to homosexual affairs?  Who am I to decide on another’s sexual behaviors, when engaging in sex between two consenting adults? And I feel the more people resist this evolution, the more we have to deal with it on a public forum. As with Mr. Barilla, he made a big issue out of his personal decision by making it public. So now comes the issue of gay advertisement on all products sold in the United   States. So if Mr. Barilla was homophobic as they say, he may have hurt himself, but help the gay rights movement in a big way, because now all companies are at question on this issue.


All to say they won and let them have their equal rights, just like President Obama won, so let us have Obamacare.  Because our country has much bigger fish to fry.  I was watching Chelsea Clinton on CNN yesterday.  And she and other CEO’s from other companies, came up with a wonderful idea. Let’s create not 100,000 jobs but 1,000,000 jobs in America.  And I could not agree more when she said that one of our biggest problems America faces is unemployed young Americans.  The homosexual population had the stage and they won and now it is time to move on to an agenda for all Americans. Let us focus on the economy!


Frank Paul Jones



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