The Government Stalemate Calls for a Congressional Investigation

The Congress

The Government Stalemate Calls for a Congressional Investigation


They say this argument is over Obamacare, but is it really?  The patient protection and affordable care act, is something very few Americans even understand.  In fact, I am willing to bet very few congressmen and congresswomen actually understand it or even attempted to read it fully themselves and I am not a gambling man.  So I do not buy this!  As a veteran it really doesn’t make a difference to me personally. And if we default what good is it to anyone?


Sometimes people will never be satisfied no matter what you do.  You satisfy one of their disputes and they comeback with another. Not because of the substance of their disagreement, but because they are actually against you regardless.  This is something many Americans can understand, through personal experiences.  We all have people who are against us and no matter how hard we try to get along with them, the arguments intensify. I think this is the case with the United States Government today and Obamacare is just an excuse to act out on frustrations and anger, simply because they do not like our President.


Sometimes I did not like some of President Obama’s decisions.  I think he did things simply to get along with people who do not have the best interest of Americans at heart.  But I understand he is the President of the United   States of America and being a politician comes with the territory of being President. Overall, I think he did a fine job , considering the constant opposition he received.  He could have done a great job, had he had congressional support.


This isn’t about Obamacare, this is an issue of destruction of American government as we know it. I truly believe it is a great possibility that America can and will default on her debts, due to the debt ceiling not being raised on time.  Because nobody is bluffing here and both sides are very serious about their intent.  The Tea Party while holding the republican controlled congress hostage, wants to end government as we know it and they chose President Obama’s signature legislation as a means to take their stand.  Why? Because they believe President Obama will not negotiate on this issue and this is what they want, as an excuse to destroy America.  And I really think this is an act of treason.


What I believe is the problem, is that President Obama does not know who he is actually dealing with.  As he says things and as Senator Reid stated, they are “anarchist.”  But do they really mean it?  Because this makes them no different than terrorist, whose goal is to destroy America’s influence around the world.  And I think President Obama is failing to use his full Presidential powers to diminish their ability to disrupt the world economy.


I truly believe this is not about negotiations anymore. But President Obama should and must use the powers of the FBI and the CIA, to investigate the true intent of this misuse of power in government.  We need to find out exactly who is behind this and who they are connected to foreign and domestic, as a measure to protect our national security, before we no longer have to power to protect our nation.  This should at least be consider by the Obama Administration.


Today President Obama still has the power to get to the bottom of this hostile takeover of government, but tomorrow may be to late.  We have to apply the possibility of a conspiracy theory to what is going on, to at least eliminate it possibility or probability. In doing so every Congressmen and Senator should be investigated as well as the Obama Administration, to insure we are not being held hostage by domestic terrorist.  We cannot wait until next year to find out, it most be done now, before any irreversible damages are done.


What they are contemplating on doing, is much too serious to simply be laidback with this negotiations mentality, as if this is a fair playing field. Because they refuse to negotiate to begin with.  But not only should America investigate these people, but it should be a move by the United Nations as well, because this could be the ultimate act of the economic war, which I billed as World War Three, which in my opinion was the true cause of the World Trade Towers attacks on 9/11/2001.  But this could be much worst.  My advise to President Obama is to investigate them and do not make it a secret investigation, but a precautionary measure that all Americans will support.


Frank Paul Jones


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