Maybe America’s Default will be a Test for God’s Flock

 Paul in Avon Park, FL

Maybe America‘s Default will be a Test for God‘s Flock


A veteran made a comment on CNN iReporter about my article “The Government Stalemate Calls for a Congressional Investigation.”  She said she depends on the government as an old disabled veteran basically for everything and if her check does not come on the 1st of the month, it might be all over for her.  If I understood her correctly, she might even consider taking her own life in an attempt to help other veterans to make the government take notice to what they are doing to disabled veterans and people alike.


My response was, “Many of us depend on the government today and for many reasons, from the lack of jobs to disabilities to old age or just being simply poor. In fact many countries depend on America, for economic stability and national security among other things. But we as Americans and especially the veterans sector must be resilient and tough it out. If they default on the our debts, we all will be faced with tough economic times according to economists.  But remember it all belongs to God anyway. We cannot give up our lives over material things. It all belongs to God.”  So if we have to give it all back, so be it.


This brought to my attention the reality and state of America and Americans.  Many of us are now fragile and is looking for an excuse to end our lives, due to our constant struggles to survive in these tough economic times. If it is not one thing it is another. And many Americans are simply tired. The great depression stock market crash of 1929, which caused the largest financial crisis of the 20th century, led to many once wealthy men to committing suicide. I  heard stories of how once rich people jumped out off of tall buildings.  And from what economists are saying, that might be a drop in the bucket, if America defaults on her debts.  And the problems could quickly escalate globally.


I was taught by my uncle that the first law of nature is self preservation.  It is against the nature of humankind, to not have the will to live. Things can take this away innate principle from someone. Often terminal illnesses will do this to a man.  Some of us simply get tired of the pain and suffering of a slow death due to illness and give up on life and as a result die sooner than  we would have, had we held on longer.  But there are other forms of suffering other than the physical pain.  Many of us suffer mental anguish.  But often the cause of the  mental anguish type of suffering is that it is due to unrealistic expectations, idealism or being misunderstood.  We simply expect something that is not delivered and as a result we have a nervous breakdown.  The occurrence of a nervous breakdown is real.  Even if the cause of it is not, to people looking in from the outside.


Read this carefully:  Often the culprit of our mental illness is Godlessness or our strong faith in God. Now this is not to say that people who have mental problems are Godless or divinely righteous either, but that often the problem perpetuates, because we do not put God’s word first in our lives or believe that God has a mission for us nobody else understands. And I am talking from experience, because I had a nervous breakdown according to man and still have problems until this day, due to what doctors describe as unrealistic expectations and idealistic beliefs; because of what preoccupied my mind and my seemingly innate desires that I now believe were placed there for reason unknown to me, I am still unable to determine what is my true reality according to my doctors in psychiatry. As I believe one thing, they say documented proof lead them to believe another. However, I remember what I remember.  The truth is for God to decide!


But today, I have a better grip on myself.  I am  not going to do anything extraordinary to prove my point anymore. However this was not always the case.  There was a time when I was willing to die in the process of proving what I believed to be true and that was ungodly. Which means my self preservation was out of whack. And for this reason I have empathy and understand what could happen to many Americans as a result of America defaulting on her debts.


Many people have expectations and have become accustomed to a certain quality of life here in America.  And many people are not grounded in the Word of God. Sure most people say they believe in God, but truly believe in the Government.  They do not believe that God will provide for them, but that it is the government’s job to provide for them. And if the government lets them down, they will give up on life, because the government is truly their god or should I say materialistic things that the government provides to them is their god ( I write in a small {g} intentionally).  Because this is not the true God they believe in.


So this letter is meant for those who are truly a part of the flock of God.  We who are truly God’s children, know in our hearts that God will provide for us, one way or another. Sure if the government defaults there will be anarchy. Hell Wal-Mart will probably have to shout down, because people will steal everything in their path, shop lifting will go off of the roof and be worst than it is now.  People with small businesses will be in harms way, especially in poor communities. It will be terrible, but we mustn’t give up on God, because in the midst of all this chaos God will provide for us, even if it only one meal a day without water and lights, he will provide for us.  We will and must survive.  Do not give up in the worst case scenario.  Keep the faith!


Frank Paul Jones



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