Barrack Hussein Obama II and the One World Government

Pres. Obama

Barrack Hussein Obama II and the One World Government

The White House is merely a stepping stone for President Obama.  He and the people behind them have a much bigger agenda.  And anyone who says anything to the contrary are either fools or liars.  For example Rush Limbaugh talks on his radio show and calls President Obama incompetent as a ground to attack him and get him out of office.  Either Rush Limbaugh is a fool or a liar and I think he is a lair, only trying to appease his audience to maintain his lifestyle.  Meaning he is a mere sellout, to those he gather in hatred.


Ted Cruz had his 15 minutes of fame, which will probably be extended another year or two, this charade he put on before the American people, promising his trailer trash constituency he could repeal Obamacare, actually added money to his coffer.  His performance paid him well and made him famous.  And considering the guy graduated from Harvard Law School, I do not believe he is a dummy.  But is playing on the ignorant people in America, who congregate in hatred. And now they talk about him running for President.  But he was born in Calgary, Canada.  I do not think he has the qualifications, unless Canada becomes the 51st State of the Union.  They disputed President Obama who came out of the 50th State, Hawaii.  So Ted Cruz can make noise but that is all, he will never be a real threat in holding the office of President.


So when you have people like Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh and even the speaker of the House John Boehner, playing into President Obama’s hands, what does this tell you?  They are all intelligent men I assume and all I have is a couple of Associate Degrees and can see that this is merely a stepping stone for Barrack Hussein Obama II, who has a  much greater agenda?  What does this tell you?  With the understanding that they are merely human beings, we can assume though they may have knowledge, they also have character defects. And an early lesson I learned from my father who was a high school dropout was that anger (hatred) is like a drunk and it will cause a person to lose their judgment.  People full of hatred and anger cannot think properly.


So you mean to tell me they (the republicans and white trailer trash) hate President Obama so much, as to self destruct before him.  President Obama said there was no winners, but he knows he won. Because he is doing everything he setout to do and his enemies are fighting among themselves, only because they are blind by hatred. They went as far as to rise a confederate flag at  the White House gates.  You might say, well President Obama didn’t get his economic agenda approved.  But understand he knows what is about to come to past, be knows there will be a One World Government or One World Economy and it is just a matter of time before it happens. The Third World War will be a war of economics.


Understand President Obama and the people behind him, have plans on being a part of that on the world stage, which is the evolution of the New World Order, which already exist, for America is the New World and this is historical facts.  So why would he waste his time with an economic agenda now?  This is in his future plans.  He wants to be among the top 10 people of the world, when all of this comes down.  Obama plans to make Clinton seem like a pawn on the Chessboard of world affairs. And these foolish republicans and I use the word foolish in that they are blind by hatred are playing right into his hands.  And he is laughing at them right now!  But this is no joking matter.  Because what is happening now is a prelude of what is to come.  And sooner than later believe that these government checks will stop coming (cease) as nations will stop buying America’s debts. Because our currency is getting too weak or they will say pay me back in gold and America cannot do this. Then inflation will go off the roof!


I say President Obama and add the people behind him to this statement, because we all know he is a black man.  And because he is black many assume he is for black people and the blind republicans perpetuate  this assumption.  But President Barrack Hussein Obama II, is a politician and do not get this twisted.  And like most politicians, he is for himself.  This shutdown is proof that they are for self.  They are for their own political power and control over the masses and are not about the service of the America people.  And because there were no winners among the common American, don’t get it twisted, there were winners and losers among the politicians. And the two who are standing tallest in the aftermath of this government shutdown and showdown are Ted Cruz and Barrack Hussein Obama II.  And the real winner is President Obama.  Because President Obama has a higher calling than his presidency (the world stage) and cannot be reelected and therefore accomplished his short term goals.  As for Ted Cruz he can never be the President of the United States, but can be the leader of the Tea Party, while making noise and getting paid in the process. But the Tea Party is an enemy of the republican party and therefore must be destroyed from within.


The Apostle Paul



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  1. Age and Citizenship requirements – US Constitution, Article II, Section 1
    No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.
    For Ted Cruz to become President it would require a constitutional amendment to clarify the Constitution or a definitive determination by the Supreme Court. Because what is meant by natural born citizen is unclear.

  2. If Ted Cruz can be a President, why was it an issue with President Obama as far as his birthplace. Ted Cruz mother was American, but his father was Cuban born. I assume that makes him Cuban, if Obama is black?

  3. Paul you hit the nail on the head! Continue to speak the truth. Obama has laughed throughout this whole government shutdown. Many times he even appeared to smirk on camera to keep from smiling! There is a muh bigger agenda at hand. Top ten leaders hmm belueve I have read that in the book of Revelations. As for his agenda his signature series of Obamacare aka Affordable Healthcare Law with a non working web site lets say it will put things into perspective with Agenda 21…This man knows what he wants and he is gonna get it the only peace and hope I see in this is I serve a mighty God not man and vengence is mine saith the Lord…Truly people arr being told to avoid religion/christianity well there is a reason for that too. Its the GOSPEL truth! Evil doesnt want you hearing truthty choose to fill you uo wih flattery and lies!

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