Ted Cruz a Cuban Leader and Racist Movement Spy?

 Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz a Cuban Leader and Racist Movement Spy?

Ted Cruz put himself above the radar and will certainly be scrutinized in the near future.  Ted  Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada. His parents were Cuban born Rafael Cruz, and an American mother named Eleanor Darragh. So if President Obama is billed as an African American, it would seem proper that Ted Cruz should be billed as a Cuban or Hispanic America Politician.  Yet Ted Cruz is placing himself as the head of the Tea Party Republicans, whom are known to do racist things like making racist remarks and flying Confederate flags at the White House Gates.


This baffles me, because the last I heard most white racist movements do not like the Hispanic population anymore than that of blacks or Jews.  The motto of the KKK was to hate anyone of color.  It would seem to me that a Ted Cruz of sorts could be no more than an interloper and not a true insider of  the Tea Party.  And I am certain they are aware of his Hispanic heritage, being he wears the name Cruz in big letters on his office door.


Then there is the Cuban association at question.  As we all know for many years Cuba has been a communist country, lead by Fidel Castro. And for many years they have been subsidized by Russia.  But now since Russia is broke and can no longer feed the Cuban people, the Castro family basically told them they are on there own from here on out.  Yet Rafael Cruz, who was Cuban born talks about President Obama in the same light as Fidel Castro when  it comes to promises of hope and change.  There is something wrong with this picture.  Sure I can do this, I am American!  But there is something wrong with the picture of a Cuban immigrant coming to America and bashing our President.  Because again just as Ted Cruz seems to be at most an interloper within the Tea Party, Rafael Cruz  is at most an interloper when it comes to American affairs. I mean if America is so bad, go back to Cuba and finish your fight or revolutionary tactics against Fidel Castro.


It just seems that the Cruz family has anti establishment roots and attitudes.  And for Mr. Rafael Cruz to speak up against America in the same light as Cuba makes me think he may have intentions of his son overthrowing our government.  Because that is what he attempted to do in Cuba.  To compare President Obama to Fidel Castro is to compare America to Cuba, but President Obama did not take office as a dictatorship, but was fairly elected in a democracy. And to make that comparison statement, is to dishonor our system of government.


Which brings us to Ted Cruz and his tactics.  He felt that it was alright to shutdown our government at a cost of over $20 billion. And suggested he will attempt to do it again, during the next government showdown to come in a month or so. This make me wonder, if it is a possibility that Rafael Cruz is actually a Russian spy?  A Russian spy pretending to be anti Castro?  Because of the sentiments of the Cruz clan, we have to be cautious  as to who we are dealing with. Do we really know who Rafael Cruz is?  And therefore do we really know who Ted Cruz is truly loyal to.


Based on his actions alone and the actions of his father, Ted Cruz and company deserves a thorough investigation by a joint effort of federal agencies to include, Homeland Security, the FBI and CIA. Because it is a fact that Rafael Cruz was involved in a foreign war whereby America had a strong interest in its outcome, which was the Cuban Revolution.  He tried to overthrow Fidel Castro so he claims and now his son is trying to overthrow America in a coup d’é·tat.


I tell you there is something that simply doesn’t meet the eye.  And I hate to believe that America is so angry with the idea of President Obama being President and black that they would allow a foreign power to intrude in our political process.  We must go beyond the political mambo jumbo and get an intelligent answer from this Harvard Law School graduated.  Ted Cruz what do you really want?  Ted Cruz who do you work for?


The Apostle Paul



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