Obama’s new battleground isn’t actually America’s fight


Pres. Obama

Obama’s new battleground isn’t actually America’s fight

In the aftermath of the October 2013 government shutdown, President Obama is still finger pointing, which is putting the republican party into a defensive mode. Most people will agree that what they (the republican party) did was bad for country, but sometimes it is very hard to forgive someone for their transgressions unless they first admit they wronged you in someway.   The problem is that a few republicans do not even think they did anything wrong, but the majority of the American people think differently and the majority rules.  But still America is a forgiving nation with (RAM) Random Access Memory.

Now the government is open and the debt ceiling is raised and what the American people were promised was real negotiations between the two parties, in order to arrive at a bipartisan solution to our fiscal problems.  So I do not understand the problem?  Why is President Obama and the republicans still talking about the past?  Why haven’t the negotiations already begun?  Do they plan on bickering and small talking until the last minute again to finger point and cast blame at the other side for the lack of progress?

I honestly feel that the republicans are so full of hatred towards President Obama that they are blind by their hatred. And because of this they will blindly play into President Obama’s hands and eat his bait. And instead of forcing President Obama to talk about the real issues and start the negotiations, they will resort to name calling against President Obama and his policies in the public forum.  They will be reactive instead of proactive.  And this will only result in another 11th hour showdown. Already Senator McCain is talking publicly about how bad President Obama foreign policy is. What happened to real face to face negotiations?

And I think President Obama’s real agenda now isn’t resolving our problems with the 113th Congress.  But his eyes is on the 114 Congress. His eyes is on gaining about 17 seats in the House in the 2014 elections and a few more in the Senate and this can happen.  Why?  Because the republicans are divided from within and are out of touch with the demands of the majority of the American people.

The problem however is that what may seem as a short term problem can become long term devastation to America’s economy and creditability.   It is a squeeze play being called by the Obama Administration. Because it could work if they do come to another 11th hour decision, but supposed they do not this time and we fail to pay our bills on time?  I think President Obama is playing with fire.  But his position is that he is a lame duck if this partisan politics doesn’t end anyway.  Whereby a last minute decision could mean a dissatisfied America, no decision can mean the fall of America.

House Membership  435 Members

5 Delegates

1 Resident Commissioner


Party Divisions

232 Republicans

200 Democrats

0 Independents

3 Vacancies

Senate Membership  100 Senators (Vice President votes in case of a tie)


Party Divisions

52 Democrats

46 Republicans

2 Independents

Frank Paul Jones


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