America Needs God Back in our Decision Making


America Needs God Back in our Decision Making

I remember back in my childhood, when there was an illusion (thought) that America was a Christian society.  Back then people believed that our government was a Christian government and not a manager capital ideals.  This was before the term Illuminati reached the Internet and became household conversation and when there was a lot of mysticism surrounding secret orders such as the Freemasons.  Now that I am older and wiser , I realize that this was never true, but the belief of these principles, had a positive effect on American society.


Our opinions about government decision making  back then was based on righteousness verse evil.  We as a people made our decisions based on our belief codes in Godliness.  Regardless as to whether  we were democrat or republican, we based our decisions on how we felt about our true understanding of God.  But through an evolutionary process, whereby we learned more about the true nature of politics, somehow the American people ourselves have become politicians and not a God fearing constituency.  We no longer try to satisfy God in our decisions, but we vote based on our party affiliations.  We no longer for based our decisions on good verses evil, but on democrat verse republican. And because of this morality has become lost within our nation.


Even as the American people have grown wiser about world affairs, the heads of government still controlled us with an iron fist, by using our newly gained knowledge against us. In the old days back in the 1960’s often the government did unethical things without the American people being aware of it and it was said to have been done for the good of the nation as a whole. Today still the government does unethical things, said for the same reason “the good of our nation” but they do it right in front of us, without any consequences.  Why?  Because America has swayed away from Godliness.  We have become partners in partisan politics.  Forgetting there is God fearing people in the democratic, republican and independent parties, we go against each other for the sake of our party affiliations, while forgetting God in the process.


For this reason the power of the people has been almost destroyed, because among the people there  is no consensus (agreement or harmony) among the people. Instead of a unified voice for what is right by God which is innate within man, we have all gotten outside of ourselves based on issues of personal preferences.  We no longer fight for what is right, but for what is good for us as an individual.


They now have the whole country divided over Obamacare and other partisan politics, while they have been caught red-handed spying on every American and the world, stealing our privacy without just cause. But nobody in the media is making a real issue of this, there are no riots or uprisings to voice against these practices, because we have become submissive to corruption. Like never before the disparity between the wealthiest and the poorest Americans has grown, whereby only 2% of the American population actually controls our finances. Meanwhile we are fighting over Obamacare and food stamps and even this is an uphill battle for poor America. We have fallen so far behind that we have to even fight for the right of healthcare and a damn job. And the reason for this is that we the American people have become political animals, less than pawns on the chessboard that was designed for the rich.


Whereby when I was a child almost all senators and house representatives in the Congress were rich, so it seemed, now they use ambitious Harvard and Yale School educated graduates  to control the masses. These politicians are not in the bloodlines money, but are controlled by lobbyist, who control the money.  Making many of them mere educated sellouts.


We in America now know that it takes money to gain political positions, while there is a disparity between the rich and the poor beyond reasonable calculations, yet we still play these political games not knowing we can never win, which is partisan politics based on party affiliations.  Why? Is it because we have evolved beyond Holy Scripture and having faith in God?  Are we in fact ungodly ourselves and not simply the victims of an ungodly system capitalism?  I hope not, because if this is the fact of the matter, we are in a position that is hopeless. Because why should God save the ungodly from the ungodly?


If people were driven by our innate Gods fearing hearts, the will of God would rule. But somewhere down this line of newly found political awareness, we forgotten all about God and have become less than pawns in a political game designed for the rich. And we are always forgetting there is God in all people regardless of their political affiliation and the enemy is politics itself.  When democrats learn to love republicans and republicans learn to love democrats and recognize there is God in  us all, the will of the people will become the will of God and God’s spirit will become the law of the land.


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano


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