Innocent Victim Shot Execution Style in Avon Park, Florida

 Dwayne Council

Innocent Victim Shot Execution Style in Avon Park, Florida

Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. of Avon Park was found shot to death early this morning in Avon Park. It was said he was shot several times by a 45 caliber execution style. The police officer who investigated the shooting of our headquarters location last week said it was probably a 45 caliber handgun that did the damages to our building. I hope this is a coincidence and not the same shooter. He was said to be a good kid, that wasn’t involved with drugs and that is what makes this so disturbing. He was a football star in high school here in Avon Park. But obviously he was out late that at night and was with bad company

There are all kinds of rumors are on the streets concerning this incident and from what people are saying he was an innocent victim. Yet nobody seems to know who was responsible for his demise. But from what I am hearing the killer will be brought to justice, because even though nobody is talking publicly, there is just too much surrounding this incident for the truth to not become known to law enforcement, by snitches. The shooters best friends will become his worst enemy.

Avon Park, Florida has a lot of confidential informants on the loose and as sure as people know what happened law enforcement will find out, because that is what people do in Avon Park, to cover their own butts when they get busted for stupid folly as small as a traffic infraction, they snitch on their friends to stay out of jail.

It seems like the angel of death has come to Avon Park this week, because about 5 people died this week. There will be a lot of funeral on Saturday November 30th. I said it before and I will say it again, too much is going on in this small town. Too much crime and too much violence. And when my building was shot for no reason, law enforcement should have stepped up to the plate and looked into why it happened, because it could have save this kids life. Because people randomly shoot guns around here and as a result an innocent kid is now dead. Avon Park needs federal oversight to look into the crime wave here.

There is just too much crime in Avon Park and by design the Delaney Strip harbors criminal behaviorisms. And I am tired of it because I live here right next to the Delaney Avenue strip, just a block away. And law enforcement put us in this predicament, by closing down the Beachfront nightclub area, now all the night action comes to this residential area, instead outside the county lines, its in the city limits. I mean people live here and it is ridicules how this are run in this town.

It is not enough that we are in a redlining district, whereby businesses cannot get loans to renovate their properties. I mean this is not the first murder out of this area in recent times, so the excuse of closing down the Beachfront nightclub to prevent crime is ludicrous. Its like nobody cares about us, because we are poor. But something has to change and soon.

I feel like someone has to put these killers and thugs away for a long time and there are too many of them. We are being overrun. Because when someone kills somebody, they either should have to go to jail for a long time and be forced to move out of our town to never come back. It is not right for killer so simply be on the loose and that seems to be the case.

Frank Paul Jones

President of the NCNCHINC


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