Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. Murder Suspect released

Football Field where Dwayne Terrence  Council Jr. was killed

Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. Murder Suspect released

A man was taken into custody by the Highlands County Sheriff Department and after a thorough investigation he was released. I will not mention his name, because he deserves his privacy, but because he got into a fight that night and lost, he became a suspect. He was the only person they figured would have a motive to harm Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. that night, who is not a know criminal.


I guess this brings the investigation back to square one, because at the time nobody is in custody, so therefore I have to assume they do not know who did it. This can brings forth a lot of theories, which could create leads or more confusion.


Around Monday the 4th of November the headquarters building of the National Community Network and Coalition in AvonPark was shot twice by an unknown shooter for no apparent reason.  One of the slugs was only about 2 or 3 feet from the window where my desk is at.  They say Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. was shot by a 45 caliber and the investigating police officer of the building shooting said it was probably a 45 caliber that caused the damages on our building.  The slugs did not penetrate through the walls and is probably still in the block.  If it was the same gun, this could be a lead.  I am sure somebody knows who shot our building.


Then there is always the race card or random violence. Being it was very late at night or very early in the morning when he was killed at an empty football field, it is possible it was a random killing or by a hate group. Then there is the possibility that it was a killing of opportunity, which would be the worst case scenario. There is the possibility that someone killed him, because the opportunity presented itself.  This could be the result of an interloper or just a cold hearted killer, who is still on the loose. This case scenario puts our community in danger, because it can happen again and again.


Whatever the case, whoever did it is not in custody and the word on the streets is nobody seems to know who did it, publicly speaking anyway. So there is a real possibility that this crime may go unresolved for long time, but there is no statute of limitations on murder and especially premeditated murder. So if more than one person was involved and if other people know what happened and are simply keeping it to themselves now, the chances are the truth will come to the light, because even real gangsters seem to not be able to keep murders a secret for very long.  People always snitch when they need leverage to cover their own butts, when they get busted.


As a former gangster out of New York City, I understand that sometimes business decisions leads to murders or killing to those in the circle, but usually these people are a part of something, which they made a vow of secrecy to be a part of it.  And the possibility of being killed goes with the territory of the association of organized crime, which was understood from the beginning.  But I do not condone or understand murders due to emotional based revenge – such as street fights or random murders out of opportunity. I do not condone senseless killings in the community in which I live. When people like this is on the streets, it is unsafe for us all, because it is a sign of an undisciplined person with a handgun, willing to use it without just cause or out of emotions.


I think this is bad for the business of illegal enterprises. I mean  things happen on the Delaney Avenue Strip and it is obvious that law enforcement allows it to go on uninterrupted. I do not think a lot of money is being made there, but the area is clearly chaotic and that might be a problem.  There is really little organizational structure in AvonPark as far as criminal enterprises are concerned and therefore nobody has the power to control the criminals, but law enforcement. I do not know of a Dom over the Delaney Avenue Strip. It is just a bunch of freelancers committing petty crimes, who are pissing up the streets.


If I was in New   York City, I could resolve a crime like this for the good of our business enterprises.  Because when senseless crimes like this take place in our territory, either someone goes to jail for it or has to leave town forever, for the good of the community. But here there is no Dom, so it is up to law enforcement to put their foot down. How business continues as usual in the aftermath of a seemingly senseless murder like this, I just do not understand.


Frank Paul Jones

President of the NCNCHINC

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