Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. Murder May Soon Be Solved

Dwayne Council

Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. Murder May Soon Be Solved

The word is on the streets is that a search has been implement, to find the person believed to be the murderer of Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. I cannot reveal his name yet, because it is a rumor that he did it, but it is a fact that the police are looking for him to question him and he is nowhere to be found, which makes him seem guilty even if he is not. Because he normally hangs out on the streets everyday and now he disappeared.

When the arrest is made or an All Points Bulletin (APB) is made public and his name is publicly released by law enforcement as a suspect, I will immediately report on it, but I think it would be reckless and premature of me to release his name prior to this.

And from what I heard about this, it was a senseless murder. And I think it might have been a crime of passion to some degree and this is sad. If what I am told is true and I believe it is, he now regrets what he did and throw his young life away, because he will probably get life for this crime and he is a young man himself. It is sad! There are no winners in this. Avon Park lost two young men as a result of this murder.

Avon Park is a small town and in all of Highlands County there are only about 10,000 black residents, because we represent about 10% of the population of 100,000 people. Yet New York City could fit in Highlands County, it is that large. And when something like this happens, it seems like everyone is effected to some degree. There is a lot – too much violence in Avon Park, Florida and it is partially due to the culture that is ignorance based. To be straight forward, people down here like to stay out on the streets all late hours into the night and go to parties and clubs and drink hard and use drugs and I mean hard drugs like ecstasy. And this is coupled with the “have a hand gun mentality”. This is a cocktail of jails, institutions and death. The streets here are more dangerous than many urban areas. Because people here on top of all of this cannot find a job, even if they want one. Job growth here is in negative figures.

My problem with Avon Park law enforcement is that they let this go on unattended. In Sebring which is also in Highlands County, they have night clubs and the police be in these clubs during their hours of operation and they are required to close at 2:00 AM. When there is a problem, there is an arrest. They have good crowd control. But these clubs are white owned and therefore there is a different set of rules concerning them. So instead of allowing the Beachfront Club to operate in Avon Park outside the county lines with law enforcement oversight, they just shut it down to never open again. And because of this, all the night action is now in a residential area within the city limits and it goes unattended. They can stay opened all night if they want to or until a act of violence takes place and then the police might show up. Again I say – might show up.

Things like the Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. murder and there were others in recent history that happened here, happened because the night life here is not being controlled or regulated. It is allowed to happen unattended. It is like they are actually saying let those blacks kill each other, as long as they keep it in their section, which is a redlining district. They are creating a slam area here, which is controlled by no money earning thugs and petty criminals. Which is causing businesses to be forced to shut down and properties to be demolished. Why? Because we cannot attract good cliental into our area due to the dangerous environment full of drugs and drug addicts.

And as fast as they put this murderer away, it will be forgotten by next week and soon there will be another violent crime and another violent crime. Because this area is a cocktail for chaos and corruption, murder and mayhem. And the good people of our community are tired of this, so something must be done other than the arrest of this heartless murderer. There must be rules and parameters designed and enforced to bring forth safer living conditions and a better business environment. And if this doesn’t happen, we need federal oversight to determine why this is allowed to continue.

Frank Paul Jones


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