Shamelessness Brings Forth Chaos

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Shamelessness Brings Forth Chaos

When a person becomes shameless and no longer have moral rudders, you do not no what to expect from them. A shameless person will do anything and everything, without the consideration of others. The ability to have shame is a deterrent from mortal sin. Often people say, “I do not care what people think about me.” And based on the behavior of many people today, often this may be true, whereby when I was child it was just talk. But often what matters is what other think about you, because we live in an interdependent society, it matters what people think for our soul of our coexistence.

To tell you the truth, we now live in a shameless society today. And for this reason we have so much chaos and corruption in America and around the world. People simply have no shame in too many cases and do things without the concern of others, too many people simply do not care, what others think about them or even care less about themselves for that matter, which is even worst. And therefore justify things that they do, which other stems from sinful nature.

A lot of things that are done openly in America are not new, but because of our new mindset, they are now openly done. What I am saying is not an issue of right and wrong, as far as the actions itself, but is matter of the shamelessness in how they are carried out. Because having shame doesn’t make a wrong a right thing to do, but it often prevents wrong actions from ever occurring. Today kids will murder their associates and so-called friends out of shamelessness. But a person who has shame, will be ashamed of even considering or entertaining murder. I saw a kid playing a violent video game and when he was asked what would he do in such a fight in real life, his response was I will not have fight like this, “I will shoot him.” I did not take the lightly, because murder among our youth is reality today. Kids will kill other kids simply because they lost a fight, without considering the consequences for themselves and the child they murdered.

I was once against homosexuality as an open community. But also I was against drug use as a legal enterprise, legalized gambling and prostitution. I now accept homosexuality as a way of life for the many people who engage in it. And I think at a minimum marijuana should be decriminalized like alcohol, for recreational use and not just as medicine, prostitution should be legalized and regulated for disease control, as well as casino type gambling and not just for the big establishments in big cities that are big corporate owned, but also in our local communities as well. Why? Because we live in a shameless society and people are going to do these things openly anyway, so why make criminals out of them, when they can be made tax payers and support the economy? And in a democratic society, we shouldn’t put people in jail for doing what they want to do, simply because it is against God‘s will, when it is not hurting people who choose not to engage in it with them. “Vengeance is the Lord’s” My decision on these issues have different reasons, but they all stem my awareness of the shameless mindset in America today.

On the other hand, due to the enormous level of shamelessness, I think we need new gun control legislation. Because too many guns are in the hands of too many shameless people and they are using them to kill on the streets, in our schools, in our businesses and just about everywhere. Today people use guns as toys to shoot in residential areas, blasting bullets as target practice, because they are shameless. But people should be ashamed of playing with guns like this, but instead they will even boast about it as a popular thing to do. But because we live in a shameless society, also our government and law makers are shameless, without moral rudders and therefore create laws based on how to be reelected instead of what is right for the people they are supposed to be serving. The truth of the matter is they often serve big corporations and the wealthy whose interest is in making more money and holding on to what they already have, while 2% of the population controls half of the all the assets in America. So there is not incentive to do right by a mass of dependent people, needing food stamps to eat and other assistances to make their rent.

And now an insightful fact:

The mindset of America is by design and our thoughts are merely a fabrication of big corporate mass media. Things like the music being distributed, the news being telecasted meant not to inform but to persuade to think a certain way, the TV shows and movies being produced and televised promoting sex, violence and perversion, the video games being manufactured, which are often very violent which desensitizes our children’s souls into not caring about human life. This is all our kids see today. And this coupled with hopelessness, due to a poor performing economy, poor performing schools, the lack of investment in education from preschool to continuing education, recidivism of our youth for petty crimes and everything they do is illegal, from gambling, to smoking weed, to soliciting girls for something in return. So by design we are producing a shameless generation of people, without parameters or boundaries.

In such a society is there hope? Things can change and laws can change. The products on the market can change if they cease to produce profits. But shameless people love chaos and confusion. America may be so far gone that it might take divine intervention or a national or worldwide catastrophe, to turn things around. But in the absence of this, it comes down to the individual. It comes down to self preservation which is the first law of nature. Because in the midst of all of this chaos, one must go into their individual survival mode. And it may take our disassociation from dysfunctional people that surround us. This does not necessarily require isolation but our choice of friends and associates based on due diligence, based on our interest and what we want out of life. It calls for using common sense in deciding on how to entertain oneself and how you choose your surroundings, to minimize the risk associated with folly. The bottom-line is sometimes we have to look out for our own well being, when found in a dangerous environment or situation, to prevent a negative outcome.

The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano


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