The Code from the Godfather 3 Broken

Gambino and Sinatra

The Code from the Godfather 3 Broken


Throughout the Godfather there were parallels in the characters, meaning something about the characters in the movies had something to do with a real life person.  For example in the Godfather you had Moe Greene, who was similar to Bugsy Siegel in building up Las Vegas and in Godfather II some may have thought Hyman Roth was Meyer Lansky, who was heavily invested in Cuba and had a hotel called the Hotel Habana Riviera, which was 21 stories tall.


The main character of the Godfather trilogy was Michael Corleone, who many believe had parallels with Carlo Gambino.  He did business with Frank Sinatra or in the movies Johnny Fontane, he died of natural causes  and ran the most powerful crime family in New York City during his rein in power.


The Godfather 3 was released in 1990, many years after the Godfather (1972) and the Godfather 2 (1974) and there may have been a reason for this that didn’t meet the eye. There was a new character introduced in this movie named Vincent Mancini, he was the Son of Sonny Corleone and he was born out of wedlock and was called a bastard.


Vincent wasn’t raised by the Corleone Family and he did not know them as a child and he became the Dom after Michael Corleone or after Carlo Gambino so to speak. But in one of his last scenes, when talking to Mary Corleone about breaking up with her, because they were first cousins, he told her, “I have to go away and you will not see me again.” The movie never elaborates on were he had to go or what Michael Corleone meant by once you take this job, there is no turning back, whereby he already made his bones and there is no turning back from murder anyway. Just what did he get himself into?


In the Godfather 3 you had a character called Joey Zasa, who was in magazines and was famous and was well known for his silk suits, he had parallels with the Teflon Don John  J. Gotti, who killed Big Paul Castellano but not the whole Commission, but still it was unprecedented to kill a Godfather and for this he took a fall and went to prison for the remainder of his life. They say he died in prison, but I think he escaped through the back door and later had a fake funeral.


In the movies Vincent Corleone killed Joey Zasa, for being disloyal to the Corleone Family in an attempt to even kill Michael Corleone, who was on the Commission also, but he escaped the assassination attempt.


When I saw this movie, it was with my sister Egeria at the movies.  I was confused at the time, but she told me something, she told me Vincent was me and I asked her does he die and she said no, she said just watch. I watched but my attention span isn’t what it is today and recently I saw what she was trying to tell me, which is what I just explaip;

In real life, I didn’t kill John J. Gotti, I probably saved his life, because I put him in jail it was planned, only because he asked me to do it, because he said he was disloyal. Then I told the Secret Service while visiting President George H. W. Bush at the White House that “John Gotti said he has to go to prison for 10 years, because kids have to know crime doesn’t pay.” He got convicted in 1991 and allegedly died in 2002.


The movie depicted him as my enemy, but in real life I believed he was my true partner and Big Paul Castellano was my enemy. But I had to go away for a long time and only the future holds the truth. And I still believe I made the right choices. But you never know until the end game.




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