Paul Catala of Highlands Today News Wronged Me and Our Organization

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Paul Catala of Highlands Today News Wronged Me and Our Organization

I think Paul Catala is a good journalist, however he might no have meant any good to us. He did three articles with us in one week. And he seemed to accomplish his goal, which was to make us seem chaotic, psychotic and criminal minded. If I did not know better, this is what my conclusion would be.  What he did was a disservice our organization and its leadership. And he even attempted to create dissention among our ranks.


A lot of what he published was inaccurate.  Most of what he said about my personal past was based on tabloid media, that he got off of the internet, without any investigative reporting. It was based on misinformation.  Code for tabloid!    For example I was a never stalker, this is untrue. I was never tried or even charged for stalking anyone, this was merely a rumor that Jermaine Jackson the brother of Janet Jackson started in Los   Angeles in a tabloid, which was picked up by other media, became mainstream and was made to seem like it was reality. While I was on lockdown in a detention center in Los   Angeles and could not defend myself against these celebrities trying to destroy my character.  And they succeeded.  Someone showed me the lie when he told it to he news, so I know how it started.  In the same manner Rene Elizondo, Janet Jackson’s then live-in boyfriend started the rumor I was delusional. I was destroyed by the media.  For the records I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I went to the White House and not for being delusional.  Now you ask yourself why they went to these extremes to destroy my character?


Did I threaten President George H. W. Bush, Michael J. Jackson and John J. Gotti, well if anything it took balls and yes I did and was never charged for these threats, yet Paul Catala said I went to prison for this.  .But the reason for me resorting to making threats, was because I honestly believed I was involved with covert operations for the government in association with Organized Crime and thought I did good things for our country while in the military and before my military service and afterwards. But I realized they had no intentions of compensating me for my work and I raise hell about my money, which I believed much of it was tied up in the Jackson’s estate. Today I am broke and today Michael is dead, I had nothing to do with that, but still there were no winners. The money I didn’t get he didn’t live to spend either!


Now know some facts about me, I left home at age 17 to join the U.S. Army and traveled the world and country until I was about 30 year old. Never staying in one place for more than a year and a half at most. Then at 30 or 31 years of age this all happened.  So how can anyone say they know where I have been and what I have done?  I am delusional? Are you certain about this or is this an assumption based on what you cannot possibly know about me and this includes my closest family members? People think they know me, but very few people know anything about me. I am not saying I am not delusional but ask your neighborhood doctor, must delusions are mixed up with facts. So what is true and what is untrue? People judged me for the past 25 years, but know nothing whatsoever about me or where I have been or my associations with John J. Gotti, Janet Jackson or even the President. All you know I did it (threatened Powerful People)  and nothing significant happened to me, other than I am broke which was why I raise hell.  . In the Janet Jackson infamous case I pled bargained calling myself doing her a favor. They would have never convicted me because nobody was going to testify.  And today I regret this!


About our organization, we were depicted as a bozo operation without any focus or realistic goals. I never said I was going to build a 15 computers workstation. Think about it, where would I put all of these computers? I never said I was going to turn our headquarters location into a homeless shelter. Again where would I put these beds and how would they shower, this place in not equipped  to do such a thing.  Yes we want a soup kitchen, but in another location and we would like to feed people out of here, but plates would be limited due to our limited cooking facilities.  And yes we want a non  profit newspaper, so that the people in our community can be informed about real issues and be told facts instead of this type of trash put out by the Highlands Today. Hell they couldn’t even get our  address correct at our headquarters location and he visited us at our building in person. A Street?  There is no A Street in Avon Park, we are on South Avenue A, Avon Park, FL and not A Street.  But he cared so much about us?  Not even enough to correct this?


I know how some of the people here in Avon Park feel about me and I would not be surprised if people put him up to this character assassination. And some of the things he said about me were true, but even the devil mixes truth with lies. I do not even know if Paul Catala meant any harm, but the end result was a bad introduction of us to the community. And the travesty is I told him the truth of the matter and he went with Google and what was already said about me that was not ever factual in most cases, because he had a deadline.


Frank Paul Jones



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