Paul Catala – Highlands Today – Sheds False Light on my Past

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Paul Catala – Highlands Today – Sheds False Light on my Past

First of all understand who and what I am up against.  Highlands Today is run by the Tampa Tribune, who was purchased by Revolution Capital Group for about $9.5M.  Revolution Capital Group is a private investment firm who is worth over $1.1 Trillion. So nobody is going to go after them for what they did to me, because my potential losses are not significant enough to go up against a firm with about 7,000 highly educated associates and a war chest of over $1T that is $1,000,000,000,000, as you can see there is a lot of zeros behind them. However, my argument is with more power comes more responsibilities and what was done to me by the media was irresponsibly written and I do not think Paul Catala or the Highlands Today newspaper gained anything from it or meant to gain anything. The only people who had anything to gain were local people who want to see me fail. But God is good.

I think Paul Catala is a good journalist, however he might not have meant any good to me or our organization the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC. He did three articles with us in one week. And he seemed to accomplish a goal, which was to make us seem chaotic, psychotic and criminal minded. Anyway this is what my conclusion is or how I feel now in hindsight.  He started out great for us, we were in the Sunday news and the front page and people saw us in a good light but he became a disservice to our organization and its leadership. And he almost caused dissention among our ranks.

A lot of what he had published was inaccurate misinformation.  Most of what he said about my personal past was based on tabloid media, that he got off of the internet, without any investigative reporting. It was based on misinformation.  For example I was never a stalker, this is untrue. He had published that I was charged with stalking Janet Jackson.  However, I was never tried in court or even ever charged for stalking Janet Jackson or anyone else for that matter, this was merely a rumor and a lie that Jermaine Jackson a brother of Janet Jackson started in a Los Angeles in a tabloid, which was picked up by other media, became mainstream and was made to seem like it was reality when it was a lie.

It happened while I was locked up jail in California and could not defend myself against these powerful celebrities out to destroy my character.  And they succeeded.  I know because an inmate showed me the newspaper with the lie when he (Jermaine) told it to the news, so I know how it started and when.  In the same manner Rene Elizondo, Janet Jackson’s then live-in boyfriend (according to my court documents but they claimed they were married another lie) started the rumor I was delusional. I was destroyed by them and the media.  And for the records I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I went to the White House and not for being schizophrenic delusional.  Now you ask yourself why they went to these extremes to destroy my character?  I feel it was because they wanted people to think I was crazy to discredit me, so nobody would listen to me and again they succeeded. But today I am no longer angry about any of this. But still nobody listens to me.

Did I ever threaten President George H. W. Bush, Michael J. Jackson and John J. Gotti, well if anything it took balls I would think and yes I did but was never charged for these threats, yet Paul Catala said I went to prison for this.  The reason for me resorting to making threats, was because I honestly believed and still do believe, I was involved with covert operations for the government in association with Organized Crime and thought I did good things for our country while in the military. But I realized they had no intentions of compensating me for the work I had done and I raised hell about my money, which I believed much of it was tied up in the Jackson’s estate. Today I am broke and today Michael J. Jackson is dead, I had nothing to do with that, but still there were no winners. The money I didn’t get he didn’t live to spend either!  And for the record I miss MJJ, he was a great entertainer. And we all know often heroes go unnoticed sometimes long after their death, when it comes to national security and intelligence. And though I am depicted as a villain, I truly believe what I did was heroic, to include the fall I took in California.

Now know some facts about me, I left home at age 17 to join the U.S. Army and traveled the world and country until I was about 30 year old. Never staying in one place for more than a year and a half at most, which were duty stations in the Army. I never stayed in Avon Park, FL more than 6 months until recently, yet people here seem comfortable with judging me.  Then at 30 or 31 years of age this all happened, I remembered a lot of things I cannot prove, because as I said, I snapped out of a hypnotic trance performed by John J. Gotti.

So how can anyone say they know where I have been and what I have done?  I am really delusional?  Are you certain about this or is this an assumption based on what you cannot possibly know about me and this includes my closest family members?  People think they know me, but very few people know anything about me or my past associations. I am not saying I am not delusional but ask your neighborhood psychiatrist, most delusions are mixed up with facts. So what is true and what is untrue?  Even my psychiatrist believes many of my accounts are possible. Yet people judged me badly for the past 25 years, but know nothing whatsoever about me or where I have been or my associations with John J. Gotti, the Jackson family or even the White House.

They call me a friend and say they love me but took the side of  people who were strangers to them out to destroy me for financial gains, because they made hit records and was on the news and television shows and were famous.  Yet it is a fact (I threatened Powerful People) and nothing major happened to me, other than I am still broke which was why I raised so much hell in the first place.  I know my stunt at the White House caused me to be unemployable for over 25 years.  They forewarned me and told me  I could never work for the government again.  And in the Janet Jackson infamous case I pled bargained calling myself doing her a favor. But they would have never convicted me because nobody was going to testify.  My lawyer told me this.  And today I regret this to some degree!  But I knew the FBI would have come after me with something else had I won that case, like they did John J. Gotti.

About our organization, I feel we were depicted as a bozo operation without any focus or realistic goals. I never said I was going to build a 15 computers workstation at our headquarters location. I wish I could.  But think about it, where would I put all of these machines, while running an office space as well?  I never said I was going to turn our headquarters location into a homeless shelter. Again where would I put these beds and how would they shower and stay clean, it would be a mess here.   This place in not equipped  to do such a thing.  Yes we want a soup kitchen, but in another location in the future and we would like to feed people out of this building soon, but plates would be limited due to our limited cooking facilities and space.  And yes we want a non profit newspaper, so that the people in our community can be informed about real issues and be told facts instead of what just transpired at the Highlands Today. Even a weekly column in the local news would be good, because black people need to hear the views of black people in our community that is for black people.

The bottom-line is I got bad media in the past and thought Paul Catala was different.  But he didn’t even get our address correct at our headquarters location and he visited us at our building in person. A Street?  There is no A Street in Avon Park, we are on South Avenue A, Avon Park, FL and not A Street.  And a lot of what I am saying is in hindsight, because his article about “Avon Park Community Awareness” oganization was impeccable, yet our was a misrepresentation. He made us look bad and they were made to look good and we are doing the same thing. So based on him they are the obvious choice to support.

I know how some of the people here in AvonPark feel about me and I would not be surprised if people put him up to this character assassination. And some of the things he said about me were true, but even the devil mixes the truth with lies, because it makes the lies more convincing. However, I do not even know if Paul Catala meant any harm to be honest, maybe he thought what he got off of the internet was valid, but the end result was a bad introduction of us to the community. And the travesty is I told him the truth of the matter but he went with Google and what was already said about me that was not ever factual in most cases.  Why?   Because he had a deadline he wanted to make?

I requested a traction by Highlands Today and sent proof the article was libelous and hopefully I will get it. If they do this I cannot sue them for damages, but can sue them for income lost, however, I do not get a salary from our organization and will probably always will be a volunteer. It is not about the money for me, but to have something to do and serve the community.  But maybe our organization loss money from potential donors and maybe not, because people have short memories anyway. But we realize they are too powerful to sue for the amount of money involved. I just want a correction done, because I am tired of these lies being told about me.  People really believe this stuff, because of the sources they came from.

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Frank Paul Jones

President and CEO – The NCNCHINC


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