I Formally Apologize to the Avon Park Leadership

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I Formally Apologize to the Avon Park Leadership

First of all, I want to say I am sorry for the bad things I recently said about a lot of people here in Avon Park, FL.  I feel I was out of character by stooping down to their level.  I am just tired of people picking at me and saying whatever comes to their mind about me, yet really do not know much about me to make these judgment calls concerning my mental state. In other words, I know a lot of people around here called me crazy behind my back, based on opinions from rumors they heard.


People around here judged me, yet they themselves live in a glass houses. For example they called me crazy, while they get a check for PTSD from the VA. So to say PTSD is a heroic illness, because it supports them and they wear this like a badge of honor. Yet PTSD is a code for shellshock.  During WWII, they often called shell-shocked people cowards.  But today they get counseling for it, which is a good thing.  But understand two of the major symptoms of PTSD is nervousness and confusion, code for crazy as hell, which is what they called me.  So people need to look in the mirror.


People talked bad about me, but just recently took the crack pipe out of their mouth. They say an addict tries the same thing looking for different results and they call this insanity when they get into recovery, which is code for crazy, which is what they called me. Smoking crack everyday is not sane, it is insane. So what if your addiction was a long time ago, so was my incident in California, it was over 23 years ago, yet people are still judging me based on this incident and cannot live it down and it  was actually about a lot of money, a lot of money I must say, which I felt was owed to me.  So wanting to get paid is crazy now? I do not agree!


Just because a lot of people are claiming PTSD today doesn’t make it heroic or make them mentally stable. People with PTSD cannot own a gun, because the government thinks they are insane and is capable of hurting themselves or others.  And just because a lot of people got hooked on crack, doesn’t make it socially acceptable behavior, because it is not and possessing this drug is often a felony.  And just because you never got caught with the drug on you, doesn’t mean you didn’t commit felonies on a regular basis, so who are you to judge me and my mental state or my criminal history, if the shoe fits you were both criminal and insane as well.


Still I apologize, because I am the bigger person this time. But to those who talk about my mental state, while they were hooked on crack before, but no longer are or get a check from the VA for being shell-shocked, I think you need to look into the mirror, because mentally you are no better off then I ever was or was not.  Of course you could be doing a doctor for a check which makes you a common thief, which is nothing to be proud of.  Faking PTSD is nothing to be proud of, nor is having it and saying I lost my damn mind, because I went to a war. Yet people seem to proudly say I am a nutcase.  Yet half of this town is crying PTSD and have smoked crack on a regular basis in the past.


Frank Paul Jones


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