Evil Can Blind One’s Sight

Black Cat

Evil Can Blind One’s Sight

There are people who do evil things and are very arrogant. They think they can harm people and screw with people without any repercussions and/or consequences. They think they can do wrong and it will never catch up to them. And often they find loyalty based on fear, meaning they do wrong for the wrong people, thinking the people they do wrong for has their backs and will hurt them only if they disobey their leader.  But Satan’s kingdom is a divided kingdom. The Devil is a liar! He is out to do you harm from the beginning of your relationship with him.

For example, a person takes kickbacks and gets paid from people doing wrong to turn their heads from the wrong being done. But what they fail to realize is the same person who gave them the money (kickbacks) is the one’s who is going to eventually turn them in.  Why?  Because Satan’s kingdom is divided and there is no real loyalty among evil doers. They are all for self. Look at the Mayor of New Orleans who got convicted of 20 counts, he was educated and well connected or better yet look at the Mayor of Detroit who already got sentenced to 28 years. Corrupt people days are limited.  Their folly eventually catches up to them.

You have people who you think are fearless and not afraid of anything and so they do evil, thinking nothing is going to happen to them ever and they really do not care if they die, because they are lost causes and only know how to do wrong. They live to do wrong.  But even they have a weakness, just because they do not care about themselves does not mean they do not care about someone else or something. And the man knows this.  Because they are not Job in the bible, they can be destroyed by the loss of someone close to them, a loved one, a child or grandchild or things they own can be taken. So going after such a person directly is not always the best move because they really do not care about themselves. As they think they cannot be hurt by anything, they actually can be hurt, because everyone has a weakness. Even Samson had a weakness, but sometimes it is hard to figure out.

Often they fail to understand that when they pick fights, they do not always get to make the rules of warfare they entered themselves in or how one will strike back at them, because all is fair in war.  I see people down here to have become very comfortable with doing wrong towards people to include doing wrong against me, which is due to the education level of the community somewhat. But I am not just talking about the illiteracy level which is very high here, but the religious upbringing of the community as well. Many people here believe in God in a different light than many people up North do, where there is much more religious freedom and acceptance we all can think differently.

Down here you have people who smoke crack regularly, prostitute their body for a hit of crack, sell drugs on the streets everyday, rob and  steal  and even kill people senselessly in the night, yet they fear God to the point as to even question the truth about God to understand the relevance in life as to what they have been taught. To even discuss God is taboo by many evil doers, not to mention people who have faith but have no understanding and just repeat what they hear.  And some leaders with bad intent and false teachers of this community often takes advantage of this everyday, by repressing the people who are in darkness instead of lifting them up.

Many people still have a slave mentality about God and are easily mislead by liars, who say they believe in some of the most ignorant foolishness and teach these lies to the people, but really do not believe it themselves. Just as the Jews do not believe in Christ, but wrote the book on him, many people her profess in Christ but have no God in them.  As a result what you have is a land filled with sacrificial lambs, being used and abused and misled to be slaughtered.  And I wonder if because they believe I know better and know many leaders in America are liars and thieves, they see me as a threat and blackballed me thru calculated lies. Yet I do not have a problem with their falsehoods at this time. I am only trying to live and let live, because what is going on here is too far gone and vengeance is the Lord’s anyway and on his day, they will find out their fate.

There is simply too many lost souls and the stakes are much too high for me to not invest some of my time in changing the mentally or mindset of these lost people. But my adversaries say let them believe what they want to believe and follow who they want to follow, because they are not your flock unless they answer your call.  But I claim them anyway and will try help all who seek for my assistance.  Yet they think I am a joke and a crazy man, so who am I to kiss up to them to save them from these liars and foolish builders?  I myself is catching hell also and a lot of my energy is to just stay above water until my day   Though I will serve my local community to the best of my ability, my mission  is much bigger than where I rest my head and I cannot afford to forget this.

But I am here in Avon Park, FL now and when the people here finally lift the veils from their own eyes and they eventually will, because truth is greater than any lie ever told and they see the truth, that they are being mislead, used and abused by the people they put their trust in, I will be there for them. But if it takes too long, I might be gone, because one day I must move on. Because this town is filled with evil and corrupt to its core, and nobody is trying to wakeup the sleepers.  But understand I am not their enemy, but have suffered with them, nor am I a joke to be played with. But I am lonely to some degree, only because I have not many people I can talk to. It is hard on a man who had a glimpse of the truth here on earth, during a times when evil is good and good is evil.  Evil can blind one’s sight.  And have you ever wanting things outside your reach that you cannot have.  Desire is the sin of all sins.

The Apostle Paul

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