Cartel Kingpin Bust Proves Drug War is a Lie

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman

Cartel Kingpin Bust Proves Drug War is a Lie

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was busted on February 22nd, 2014 in Mexico. But already many think it will have no effect on the drug trade in the United States, but he is said to be the head of a drug cartel that is responsible for about 25% of the illegal drugs in the United States.  It is estimated that the illegal drug trade was worth about $321 Billion in 2003 alone.  So multiply that by 10 and you have over $3 trillion over the last 10 years. So he is said to be responsible for about $750 Billion over the last 10 years in illegal drugs in our country. Yet his bust will not effect the drug trade?  How can that be?

When America catch terrorist they interrogate them, yet many of them are part of a matrix and know very little about the whole aspect of terror. But now we catch this big time drug dealer, but want to treat him like a common criminal and prosecute him under the courts of civilian law, yet we tell America we are in a war against drugs. How can this be?  If America would have caught Adolf Hitler during WWII, could they have told us, the German war machine will function as normal?  Of course not!  Why?   Because Adolf Hitler, would have been handled as a leader of a nation and an enemy of our country and not as a common criminal.  He would have been interrogated and negotiated with, to bring the war to an end.  But this is not the intent of this fake war on drugs.

This makes me think that Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, is mere figurehead and not a real head of anything.  Because if he was the head of this drug trafficking machine, he would have immediately been sent to the United States without the need of extradition as an enemy of the State to be put under hypnosis and put on truth serum to find out everything he knows.

He would not be handled by our incompetent FBI or DEA, but would be put under the custody of the CIA for a full interrogation.  He would not be sentenced to prison, but would be put in a holding facility until the war has ended, because he would be considered a leader of an enemy State.  But they seem to be planning to put on a show for the media to print and the people to buy and plan to try him in federal court as a common criminal to be sent to the penitentiary Springfield Missouri. And to prove what, that crime doesn’t pay?  Yet changing nothing, but the name of the CEO of the cartel family.

Meanwhile we know heroin is being place in safe houses across  the United States for the future distribution of Afghanistan dope . But we will not even try to find out where these drug safe houses are.  Hell they (the cartels) will even be allowed to continue to meet as usual in Mexico, because nothing has changed but the name of the figurehead leader.

For example we will not even try to find out where all of these billions of dollars are going and how it is being laundered. Why? Because the American government is behind the drug trade and I believe these 1% rich folks here in America are getting richer from the drug trade out of Mexico and not the cartels.  And for this reason they will either kill him or send him to prison like he is just a common criminal and not even interrogate him with hypnosis and truth serum.

If nothing is going to change by this bust, what is the purpose of the drug war?  If catching the head of the biggest cartel will not make a dent in the drug trade, why bother to bust anyone? Why not just legalize this stuff and get it over with?  I do not believe he is the head but is a figurehead and the real enemy of the State is from within, otherwise everything he knows would become known, from the safe houses to the money laundering schemes. Everything would become known, because they would handle him with more care than a terrorist network leader, who gets interrogated in Cuba everyday.  This drug war is a lie and the media is part of the cover up. He cannot know what he is said to know based on his position of authority and not be in the hands of American intelligence already as a matter of national security. The drug war is a joke on black people and its intent isn’t to stop drugs but to incarcerate black people and disenfranchise us.

Frank Paul Jones




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