God is a Personal and Community Experience

Paul in Avon Park, FL

God is a Personal and Community Experience


As sure as man was created in the image of God, man lost his godly image.  Yet, every man has his own mind, with recorded information or memory and a system of understanding based on several factors of individuality.  We are therefore individuals with independent identities that can be verified by DNA code and other means of identification.   In America, most of us have social security numbers and recording fingerprint date, that identifies us as an individual person or entity and the same applies to our relationship with God, for before God we are all individuals, but we have subcategories as far as our disposition due to inherited factors.  For example, if we keep it real, is a curse and it is a strike against most people born black from the beginning of life and God knows this and has to take this into consideration.  It was a curse because it was God who enforced it on us. But understand why!


It is a fact that Dr. King was assassinated not because of what he was doing wasn’t good for blacks in need of their rights which would created economic empowerment, but because it was before it was meant to happen in that timeline of prophesy and he defied us by continuing this charade as if all that happened was do to his leadership and not our backing and power to make it happen.  God had to put the black man and the world through what we had to endure that the prophesy be fulfilled, only because this is what the world believed.


Though I loved Dr. King as most people did at that time, I understand why he had to go.  I understand why they whacked him.  And sure people can continue to follow his dream if they choose to, celebrate his holiday and teach about his relevance in black history as a hero, because his dream was a good dream but before its time.  His intent was the gain power to control the black community in unification with the whites to be ruled by false Jews who made him known through media and to become the first black President and to make blacks think he is the one in charge, only to make me jealous and have to kill them off, because it was written God is a jealous God and you shouldn’t put anyone before him. And he knew this, but wanted to make me out of an evil one, thinking I would have just let this happen. But the choice became a large chuck of black America or Dr. King and I loved you all more.  His bet was I would bow down and concede, but he wasn’t really that important in the big picture.


Most people will agree to and believe that there is but one God, but not on who he is, but the person who sees the reality of man’s mindset and his disposition will recognize there are many gods in reality as taught in the world of secret societies like the Freemasons who refer to them as deities and they do posses many scrolls to support their positions.  What makes God who he claims to be, is his authority to claim he is the only God, unlike Greek gods who then had many Gods.  We hear Jesus Christ is the only true God as is Jehovah so they claim, Yahweh and Allah and so on.  No God recognizes the other god’s divine exist in righteousness, but depicts him as an enemy to righteousness or evil.   The authority of a God is to claim he is the only God of the whole universe, yet we cannot even get along on the planet earth in the name of God in any name, because there are just too many. The name of God is the beginning of the division of mankind. How can one God mean so many things one should ask?  How can there be one God yet his flock runs in every direction but to him? Why?  Because very few actually serve the living God.


While the God of earth seems to be Satan, is this reality?  No man agrees on the same God except those who have been already joined by the spirit of God together to carryout an operation. Every man walking by faith and doing what must be done for the operation the succeed, because the activities are preordained by the controlling force of the spirit of God.


People claim God told them this and that, yet they do not even possess the spirit of God to communicate with him in reality, because God doesn’t even know them.  The power of God moves mountains with faith the size of a mustard seed.  But all they can do in the name of God is praise him and glorify his name?  Gods is real and many people simply are full of it and are lying or delusional, because the first Adam surrendered his spirit, though he was created in God image, he lost his soul. Mankind or the first Adam ruled in darkness for over 2,000 years in a world without the spirit of God within  mankind. It is the second Adam or Son of Man who is a spirit God given to mankind, that the spirit of God will once again be with us.  But the process has not been completed yet.  Therefore the law of nature of the first Adam applies.


Understand the power of Satan is his intellectual abilities and through intelligence he was allowed to organize the world to serve him, through lies and manipulations he confused many creating a world or arrested development, whereby mankind never grow above the temporal world.  But the power of God is in the spirit.  Is our problem on earth because of Satan’s power or our weakness or lack of spirit among us? How can a kingdom based on evil prevail and one of righteousness fail, if we both have spirits?  If we really are one in the same God, how can we be so divided while those we call of Satan are so well organized and making moves and running things? It’s because those who are of the Son, must become adopted sons of God first joining in the spirit of God and then and only then we will be synchronized by and through the spirit and not by falsehoods and lies which is Satan’s greatest weapon. This has been put in to effect and there adopted sons of God on earth already and the spirit spreads like a virus for the Son into the world thru man as carriers unknowingly.  And this is how Satan was infiltrated, he tempted the Son at his headquarters in Bavaria and therefore everything know by him became known to the Son, because all his thoughts were made known.


God is personal and community. Many sees God differently only because they have not yet been synchronized into the spirit.  Understand God doesn’t have to tell you what to do, he can simply make you do it, without approval. To some God means spreading the word to others and boasting or being even being a preacher. To others, it means paying tithes or just going to church on Sunday. To some it is life changing experience that we devote their lives to until they die. While some join God based on a promise such as eternal life or simply out of fear or due to their cultural or childhood upbringing, some have joined Forces of God in the name of the power of just ruler ship on earth. While to some God is love to others his most relevant significance is that he is a just ruler and therefore a ruler of peace on earth forever, thru the foundation of love but the ultimate goal to bring forth a just ruler ship over mankind with is the true evolution of man. These people join with God to be a part of the destruction of the Illuminati and the creation of the Kingdom of God here on Earth. With them I AM!


Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano


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