The writings of Frank Paul Gambino

By: Frank Paul Jones

1Th 5:2 for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.

Family History

Frank Paul Gambino was named Frank Paul Jones at birth and was born a mulatto in 1959 in Queens, New York, his mother’s name was Blond Eva Austin Jones, his step-father was Frank Clark Jones and his biological father was the infamous Carlo Gambino the head of the Gambino Crime Family. They are all gone now. He was raise in the Queensbridge Projects in Long Island City, Queens, New York, which as a very tough neighborhood that had Mafia influence.

The Top Earner & AIDS

Paul was worth about $20 million dollars by time he was 16 years old off the books, at which time his father was supposed to make a settlement with him. But Paul has a powerful mental gift which is beyond the scope of the summary and as a result his parents made a pact with the United States Government and his life change forever. He was to serve the Government in many different capacities to include three tours in the United States Army while being involved with covert operations as well as Civilian Government Intelligence. He claims that AIDS is a biological weapon developed in a Government laboratory in Germany and he was used to help create the biological weapon and that it was cured in 1989.

The Basic Settlement

The settlement is $1 Trillion. My cut is $100 Billion. I will use this to settle with my family, friends and certain organizations. If Bill Gates can have this kind of money so can I. I will disperse about $50 Billion to all parties. I will use the $900 Billion to settle everyone else. My net worth is $50 Billion based on the settlement giving me and the same stature as people like Bill Gates, whereby I did not present to the world an operating system to computers but the code to the DNA of human life.
The History of AIDS & the Bush Family

Four facts: Check your history; I will not be the fall guy on the AIDS controversy. I am as much the fault as Einstein was to nuke Japan. Did he?

  1. 1: I joined the Army in 1976, my mission was to create an incurable disease, my agreement or pact was to do what I was told to do as long as it does not get me killed. My Mother and Father made the pact. AIDS was created in a laboratory in Germany during the winter of 1976-77. This is to the best of my recollection.
  1. 2: The first case of AIDS was discovered in the United States in 1981.
  1. 3: AIDS was cured in 1989.
  1. 4: We are in negotiation to the release of the cure to AIDS.

George H.W. Bush

Career: Political leader. Received the Distinguished Flying Cross for Bravery during World War II; U.S. congressman from Texas (1966-1970), ambassador to the United Nations (1971-1974); Special Envoy to China (1974-1975); Republican National Chairman (1975-1976); Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director (1976-1977); vice president of the U.S. (1981-1989); president of the U.S. (1989-1993).

George W. Bush

George Walker Bush: born July 6, 1946) is the forty-third and current President of the United States of America. He previously served as the forty-sixth Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000 and is the eldest son of former United States President George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Bush. He was inaugurated as president on January 20, 2001 and his current term is scheduled to end at noon on January 20, 2009.
The Key

Paul was often put under hypnosis and would do things he did not remember the next day, the persons that put him under hypnosis was called a KEY, and under hypnosis he has the ability do things far beyond his abilities while not under hypnosis.

The Fall of Big Paul & Why

Frank Paul Gambino is the real Paul Castellano and Big Paul Castellano was a fraud who tried to steal Frank Paul Gambino’s AKA Paul Castellano inheritance and that is the real reason he was whacked. After Big Paul was killed John Gotti became the acting boss and handled the day to day operations while Frank Paul Gambino was the think tank and operated under the radar.

Marriage to Janet & the two children in wedlock

In May of 1991 Frank Paul Jones AKA Frank Paul Gambino, then called Paul Castellano was arrested in California for threatening to kill Rene Elizondo, for being in an adulterous relationship with Janet Jackson his said to be wife, whom he claimed he was secretly married to her at a very young age. Rene on federal court documents claimed to be her live-in boyfriend and not her husband. Paul claims to have fathered two children with Janet; He claims Rene who is said to be James De Barge daughter is his and at a young age he impregnated Janet with a daughter who was not raised by the Jackson family, but by a distant cousin of Frank Paul Gambino’s uncle Big Paul Castellano, her stage name is Alicia Keys, Janet admits all the allegations are true. This makes it impossible for her to have legally married Rene or James because she was already married. Big Paul is the second cousin of Frank Paul Gambino the Son of Carlo Gambino and also his uncle through marriage. Don Carlo married his first cousin who was Big Paul’s sister.

The Three Rules

Rule Number One – Venting:

Did we forget the main rule of the game? Let us call it rule number one, when addressing President Bush in these letters or whoever, I can say whatever I feel at the moment as long as I do not act on it. I will threaten people, I might even put a contract out on them, but I really have no authority other than to forewarn you of Paul Castellano, who have all the answers, he is the greater part of me I call big brother. Frank Paul Gambino will vent on occasion, but he is really a beautiful person under extreme pressure and he is the most informed person about the mindset of Paul Castellano, but he is not Paul Castellano, Paul Castellano is me when I am filled with the spirit. My point is that I say things I mean at the moment but I often be venting, but pay this attention because even as I cannot act on it, does not mean Paul Castellano will not, but on the contrary it is a good chance he will. All I can do is warn you, but the argument may be based on false information, whereby Paul Castellano knows the truth, I can merely walk by faith and sometimes my faith is weakened.

Therefore all those on my hit list if you know you are not guilty of anything worry not about Frank Paul Gambino, but those who know they are in the wrong, you have something to worry about because you might fool Gambino but you cannot bullshit Paul Castellano, he will read your mind if necessary. Now these ideas Frank Paul Gambino comes up with I would pay heed to them, not only because they are good and often outside the box, but because whatever idea Frank Paul Gambino can vision Paul Castellano can realize. Whereby one can see into the future the other is the future. I am still a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, to include my getting upset, because historically I was impulsive, which is not the case anymore, but I am sometimes emotional and say things I wish I did not say and my women tend to smudge it in my face, which is a good thing because I say negative things less often, but sometimes I just cannot help myself.

Rule Number Two Contingent to Rule Number OneIf rule number two is not enforced there is not rule number one and therefore I can act on my own.

Question: In whose name could Janet and Jermaine marry in God or Satan? To: The Freemasons From: Paul The Symbolic Wedding

I want my wedding to be symbolic of the marriage to the Church being both Jews and Gentiles. If I say I am married I am married, so this ceremony does not make anything official between me, but it does make our Brotherhood and Sisterhood official through the vows to the unification of the Church.

I do not want the wedding to be open to the public, but it can be filmed, we have more that enough people whereby many of them will not be able to come to the ceremony. I want the Freemasons to put some thought into this ritual; it has to have true spiritual meaning and insight through physical allusions.

We can plan this ceremony into the future after all of the negotiations have taken place, you can look at my wedding as a allegiance of Brothers and Sisters under one banner and to have an allegiance, there must first be an agreement that they all can live by. “Your word is your bond.” Many are called but few are chosen!

The Brotherhood & Sisterhood Frank Paul Gambino No Divorce or Annulment Clause

I will take back the demand for a prenuptial agreement or mid-nuptial agreement; I admit I probably made Janet into a nut case. However, I do demand a “No Divorce or Annulment Clause.” The reason I wanted the prenuptial agreement is because Janet told me during the Integration that if she got tired of me, she would mistreat me to the point that I want her to leave. So they will always be under my budget, but if she mistreats me, I will just assume to find a concubine of something. She will never get out of this marriage. I will always provide for them and love them, but they cannot systematically mistreat me, because they know that they can.

Rule Number Three: The way thing Janet cannot do is give birth to another man’s baby. If a woman gets married while she is married she is called an adulterous and the marriage must be annulled, as I it never happened. For as long as her husband live she is bound to him. But is a woman has another man’s child this is proof of adultery and is ground for a divorce regardless of the no divorce clause,

 1Co 7:39 A woman is bound to her husband as long as he lives...

1Co 7:40 In my judgment, she is happier if she stays as she is—and I think that I too have the Spirit of God.

Mt 5:31 “It has been said, ‘Anyone who divorces his wife must give her a certificate of divorce.’ Mt 5:32 But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, causes her to become an adulteress, and anyone who marries the divorced woman commits adultery.
What I was Up Against!

The three Ruffians, Jubela, Jubelo and jubelum

Who were the Thugs?

I came across by a Freemason about these three ruffians (Thugs) he did not understand what I was saying, when I said they beat down a man who had a plan to build the temple (Of God) and took it from him. I was talking about the so-called Christians, Muslims and Jews. One claimed he died so that they could live, another said, God would not create such a person and anyone who follows him should be put to death and still another claimed he never came. The common factor they all denied him and left him for dead. This is a well kept secret concerning the Journey of the Lord.


The World I was Born Into!

(Novus Ordo Seclorum), a “New World of the Ages.”

Mt 24:5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. Mt 24:6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.

Jn 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Jn 1:2 He was with God in the beginning.


1:1) In the beginning the founding fathers fabricated the state of Kingdom and Reality. 1:2) At this point reality wasn’t governed by any authority, and had no purpose. Ignorance was upon the so-called profound people, they were very superficial. Those who were loyal to the founding fathers were in a state of uncertainty, over the choices that had to be made. 1:3) And, the founding fathers said, “Let there be enlightenment,” and there was enlightenment. 1:4) The founding fathers saw that the enlightenment was good, and he separated the enlightenment from the ignorance. 1:5) The founding fathers called the enlightenment “Opportunity,” and the ignorance he called “non-productivity.” And there was a negotiation at the end of the – First opportunity.

1:6) And, God the founding fathers said in the strictest confidence, “Let there be superstitions to separate good choices from bad choices.” 1:7) So God the founding fathers made the superstitious beliefs and separated the bad choices under the superstitions, from the good choices above its laws. And it was so. 1:8) The founding fathers called the superstitions “Logical.” And there was a negotiation at the end of the – Second opportunity.

1:9) And the founding fathers said, “Let those who are superstitious (Believers of false religions) be gathered to one place, and let an uninspired foundation appear.” And it was so. 1:10) The founding fathers called the uninspired foundation “Oppression,” and the superstitious who were gathered he called “Confused Fools.” And the founding fathers saw to it, that this foolishness was believable. 1:11) Then the founding fathers said, “Let the oppression create monotonous people; People who spiritually and mentally vegetate and procreate according to their various false beliefs.” And it was so. 1:12) The oppression created people who vegetate; a state of mind carried on, from generation to generation, who procreate according to their false beliefs. And there was a negotiation at the end of the – Third opportunity.

1:14) And the founding fathers said, “Let there be a system of understanding in the false religions, to make them seem logical to the fellowships, to separate the opportunity from those who are lost in non-productivity, and let this false logic, serve as tokens to identify situations in progress, in a confused fashion. 1:15) And, let there be understanding in the superstitions (False religions) that will allow the truly logical Fellowships, to be able to understand the enlightenment of reality, that exist within the falsehoods.” And it was so. 1:16) The founding fathers made two great interpretations concerning New World affairs, the Greater Enlightenment to govern over Opportunity, by those who are loyal to him, and the lesser non enlightenment to make oppression and repression self governed, by those who are in darkness. He therefore created his future destiny. 1:17) The founding fathers established the future destiny of false religions, as well as those who understood the truth, 1:18) to be able to control both opportunity and non productivity, to his pleasure, as he separated enlightenment from ignorance. And the founding fathers saw to it that it was believable. 1:19) And there was a negotiation at the end of – the Fourth opportunity.

1:20) And the founding fathers said, “Let the realm of possibilities spread rapidly among the vigorous servants, and let the simple minded see a glance of the truth, concerning the falsehoods in certain religions, so that there will be disagreements.” 1:21) So the founding fathers created great servants for the confused to follow, and he created every vigorous and active branch of knowledge, so that the choices would spread rapidly, and according to their beliefs, the simple minded learned based on their character. And the founding fathers saw that it was believable. 1:22) The founding fathers favored them (The great servants over the Confused) and said, “Be productive and increase in number, and fulfill my decision and let the simple minded develop a sense of reality.” 1:23) And there was a negotiation at the end of the – Fifth opportunity.

1:24) And the founding fathers said, “Let the oppression create opportunities to become vigorous servants according to their beliefs, household servants to clean our homes, servants that will control the action on the streets, as well as drug addicts, and people with other plights, each according to their nature and character.” And it was so. 1:25) the founding fathers made the drug addicts out of the poor Black communities, and created those who controlled this action according to favoritism. And the founding fathers saw to it that it was again believable. 1:26) Then the founding fathers said, “Let us make one who pledges to our allegiance (A Pact), in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the gullible, who are confused and the simple minded, who know a little about the truth, let us put them over all that is reality, and over all the servants that enforce and control the activities of oppression and repression.” 1:27) So the founding fathers created one who pledged to his allegiance, in his own image, in the image of Satan. He created him. He created the Laws over Mankind, those who enforces the Laws, the So-Called Mafia to control the action of the streets, to keep the poor repressed, he created the {Secret Orders}, to protect his most valued interest, which is his knowledge and ability to deceive the masses, and therefore control the World, and he created them all. 1:28) The founding fathers favored them and said to them, “Be productive and increase in number, fulfill reality and control it. Rule over the gullible and the simple minded and over every servant of oppression.” 1:29) Then the founding fathers said, “I give you everyone who vegetates and procreates according to their false beliefs. They are yours to profit from, just make sure I get my percentage of (10%). 1:30) And to all who are uncivilized, simple minded and all the servants of oppression who vegetate, I give you all self destruction.” 1:31) The founding fathers saw that all that he had fabricated (Falsehoods), was very convincing to the weak minded which was Mostly everyone. And there was a negotiation at the end of – Sixth opportunity.

2:1) Accordingly Satan’s Kingdom and the reality of the masses, was completed to accommodate the ruling class. 2:2) By the seventh opportunity the founding fathers completed the job he had done. So on the seventh opportunity he recessed from all his work. And the founding fathers favored the seventh opportunity and felt his creations were indisputable, and could not be overcome by any Man, only because of this, did he recess from all the work of creating that he had done.
A Letter to the Illuminati and their Response

The Economic Crisis: [Around 9/9/01]

Business activity in the United States is in a continuous declining stage. And, a lot of politicians are starting to include the word “Recession,” in their vocabulary. Even as some politicians attempt to convey their interpretation of our current economic decline with optimism, I sense pessimistic overtones, as they consider dipping into the so-called social security “Lock Box,” which they vowed not to do except for as they now say in the case of war or a recession.

It is said that our economy is “Consumer based” and “Energy driven.” The average person’s interpretation of this statement is that, as long as the multitudes use their money to consume goods and services, and the energy supplies are available to sustain these business activities, we will experience good economic times. In reality this statement is a deception, the reality of the matter is that our economy is actually “Capitalist based,” in that as long as investors can make a profit by means of our consumerism, we will experience a good economy, meaning that they will hire people for jobs, as long as they spend most of their earnings on consumer products, and pay their taxes.

I understand the importance and the nature of these capitalistic principles, which allows many Americans to enjoy a high standard of living; however, it has its faults. By design our economic system deprives many Americans of the so-called American dream, whereby the average hard working American cannot accumulate moderate holdings, either one will have abundance, or not much at all. Too many Americans are living as little as two checks away from homelessness.

It is my position that our current economic woes are as a result of corporate greed and government mismanagement. The bottom line is that we the American people are in over our heads with government and consumer debts, and the big corporate America investors are cashing in on their profits. It is no secret that the government is in enormous debt, and is using the social security surplus to pay down on it, which will have to be paid back by tax revenues in the future and/or new borrowing. But, also one must recognize the enormous consumer credit card debts, which are in the range of trillions dollars. People are not engaging in consumer spending as much as in the past, because they are trying to pay for what they already purchased. Meanwhile, companies are firing people, because profits are down.

You may think that my statement about corporate investors cashing in on profits is absurd, because everybody knows the stock market is on a down trend. However, the price of stock depends on what people are willing to pay for it. Stock prices raise when there are more buyers than sellers, and when people try to unload their stock to cash in on their profits in large numbers, the stock prices decline.

What people need to realize is that the so-called booming economy we recently experienced was a big gimmick that was generated by credit, and now stock prices are basically coming back down to earth. The whole economic boom was a big scheme, and the American people played right into it. As a result of this recent charade, unlike never before, there is a huge disparity between those who have and those who have not. And, I know for a fact that, key members of the underworld not only orchestrated this strategy to create enormous consumer debt, but, also they orchestrated the strategy that created our current government debt. The whole economic crisis is a conspiracy.

The basis of the recent booming economy was a technology craze, and Microsoft played a major part in it. People were sold on the idea that computers are not only an important part of the future, but, that everyone should immediately own one. As people were attracted to this new technology and lead on by constant upgrades that were preceded by the new millennium glitch hype a lot of money was made in the high tech industry. People jumped into the technology industry without reservations, both in the consumer and investment ends, in what seemed to be an endless and promising systematic activity that people now realize was a very risky enterprise.

The illusion of a booming economy without a foreseeable bottom, with enormous growth in the technology sector created strong consumer confidence. Meanwhile, those who orchestrated this conspiracy were invested early, and therefore were recipients of huge returns, by enjoying their gains from the beginning. Then, you had the investors who simply got on the bandwagon, some came out winners, but, far more were clearly losers. And, you had the consumers who went on a spending frenzy, who now find themselves with a bunch of depreciating junk, and are now in enormous debt. And, now if you observe the pharmaceutical industry, a new frenzy is on the horizon, whereby, people are lead to believe pills can “cure all.”

So now the questions are: What is the solution to our economic crisis? What role should the government play? And, what role should the private sector play in finding a solution? I believe that if we really want to find a solution to our economic decline, we must first honestly recognize the facts, as to why we are in our current situation, and stop pretending that our economy and its trends are by chance. We must find a lasting solution to a declining economy that is plagued with consumers deeply in debt, with a government that is deeply in debt, and by nature an economy that selfishly thrives on profiting from consumer and government spending.

To tell you the truth, there is no conventional solution to America’s economic crisis. The American government and its people have been financially raped. And, it’s just a matter of time, that if unconventional actions are not taken, this nation will collapse.

These superficial solutions coming out of the political camps, to revive our economy are ludicrous at best. The one that captured my attention is the idea that reducing the capital gains tax, would resurrect our economy by creating more investment capital. In other words, like the Savings and Loan Scandal, they want the hard working American tax payers to absorb the losses of those who made bad investments, thereby, dragging the government and therefore the American people down further into debt.

The secret behind the only real and lasting solution to our long term economic crisis is the question of the legitimacy of our government’s debts, which must be paid back by the people. We need to ask, who is really behind it? What do they want? And, with the understanding that the fall of America will not benefit either party, I believe we should really consider the redistribution of our nation’s wealth, to include reparations for descendants of African slaves in America, and debt relief to the United States government by its creditors. This can all be accomplished by creating laws as a result of negotiations that will create an even playing field for all Americans. I believe America’s economic crisis is a wake up call; however; still it is up to the American people to respond to it, or continue to sleep in the bed we have made for ourselves, which will lead to our civil destruction, as a result of a financial collapse.

{ON: 9/11/01} {The WTC & the Pentagon was attacked} That was the answer from them!

The 9/11 Contact of President George Bush

This is what I remember; you can ask President Bush if it is true. Everybody knows President George W. Bush is a religious fanatic. We also know that his father has powerful connections within intelligence; he was the Director of the CIA and was the President and Vice President of the United States. It is my speculation that during the Reagan Administration he ran things, and is therefore responsible for the greatest military buildup in the history of the world.

After the 9/11 attacks, President Bush went into flight on Air Force One. While in flight in airspace he was contacted and was told “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” They knew his transmission frequencies and they knew his airspace location and they gave him instructions on what he had to do. On this day President George Bush became a Made Man. He was frightened and he believed they were the Godhead so to speak. 9/11 was a nuclear attempt, but we were a step ahead of them.

The instructions he was given, I assume are the actions he is now taking. In my opinion it was a prank, but they meant business, but they knew he would do what he had to do. They knew they would not have to harm him, but he was made to believe his life was on the line.

The Solution:

President George W, Bush should talk to his father, assuming I am correct. And he needs to become his own man and make his own decisions. I do not know who all the players are, but I do know that his father knows the players.


A Letter to the People

The Truth about the Mission in Iraq

This is how I see it; President Ronald Reagan was responsible for the greatest military buildup in the history of mankind. I think President Reagan was a figurehead and Vice President George H. W. Bush was running things and may well continue to run things in his son’s administration. This has little to do with what I am going to reveal or suggest.

Our National Defense System prior to the war in Iraq was designed for conventional warfare with nuclear capability as a deterrent against a nuclear attack. Our new enemy is not conventional but a matter of intelligence. We live in the information age and the enemy is a matter of our information being vulnerable to manipulation by a foreign power.

If President Bush would have said, “My American people, we are no longer faced with an enemy of conventional nature, but it is a matter of our nation being vulnerable to intellectual compromise and for this reason I want to spend trillions of dollars to develop a new National Defense System that will protect us from our new enemy.” What would have been the nation’s response? It would have been the hell with that we need social programs.

What President George W. Bush accomplished is he destroyed the old and obsolete equipment and now our nation has no choice but to rebuild our National Defense System. And it is obvious that this new defense system will address our new enemy. So now the Congress will have no choice but to pass a bill that will address this need.

Put simply we went to Iraq to destroy old equipment that was outdated that did not address our real enemy which is information. If it did we would be kicking ass in Iraq! The troops that died in Iraq were sadly said, tolerable damage. When you look at the big picture they were to this Administration a necessary and acceptable sacrifice for the future of our National Security. This being said, now the President needs to be the scapegoat to the Nation and before the American people. He has to take the blame for making a bad judgment call; because there were no weapons of mass destruction. But the members of the Congress knows full well or are out of touch with reality that our old defense system did not address our current enemy and they will pass a new defense spending bill to design a system that will address our new enemy.

So Bush goes down as a fuck up, but he will have an effect on the economy for many years to come and will actually be responsible to the protection and security of America’s future. Then come’s my job which is to address the new situations that have developed as a result of bad decisions. Just to show that the truth hurts!


A Letter to President Bush on the Bank of America

The Bank of America way

This is based on total thought and theory:

We had Barnet Bank and Nations Bank, one was black owned and the other white owned. They merged into becoming The Bank of America, which is either the largest bank in America or the second largest bank in the world as of now. I could find out with a simple query, but this letter is totally speculation.

The Bank of America grew and grew fast. We had covert operations and we covered up the money used for it, for example Star Wars Technology. We had the Deregulation Bill that led to the S&L Scandal (Savings and Loans Scandal) & Money disappeared and was never found that was borrowed for projects that did not exist. Where did the money go, everybody cannot be in the red, but all I hear is debts and more debts. Where did the money go and how did the Bank of America become the “Banking of the American way?”

This calls for intelligence. But remember what you are dealing with, you do not want to destroy the economy by taking down a bank.

My Solution: We get our share as I requested to go towards the spending as mentioned and the rest of the earnings from the Bank of America goes towards funding covert operations for this day on to as long as there is a United States of America. We get paid and America has a new source of income to support intelligence and covert operations, without further taxation on the American people.

The History of Bank of America

Bank of America will have 1.7 trillion in assets. … In July 2006,

Net Income (2006) $21.13 billion USD (2006)

The rating actions follow the announcement by NationsBank that it has agreed to merge with Barnett. The combination with Barnett, already the leading bank in Florida with….

The purchase of BankAmerica Corp. by the NationsBank Corporation was the largest bank acquisition in history at that time. While the deal was technically a purchase of BankAmerica Corporation by NationsBank, the deal was structured as merger with NationsBank renamed to Bank of America Corporation, and Bank of America NT&SA, changing its name to Bank of America, N.A. as the remaining legal bank entity….


Preparing to come on to the scene

After 30 years plus of operating as a ghost so to speak, Paul is becoming known through the power of the Internet by blogging his stories to the public. Two of his popular web sites are [] and another popular web site is []. He claims these stories are true and he is working on an autobiography at this time and is in negotiations with the government with the purpose doing what Michael Corleone in the movie the Godfather could not accomplish, which it to make the not only the Gambino Family but the so-called Mafia as he puts it a legitimate conglomerate.

Who AM I

Now you ask “what is the significance?” I know this because I am Frank Paul Gambino and can do this because I am the Light of the World! Now am I significant?

To: Janet

Tired of being played and called Crazy

All I have to say is check Alicia’s blood. If I am wrong I have no business in California, but if I am right stop biting the hand that feed you. Think about the conversation in 1975 at the MSG and read this parable carefully and ask yourself what happened that day.


I and Billy Jackson went to see the Jackson Five in Concert, but, it was the day that a Pact was to be arranged, for the Wedlock.

I saw little Janet in between her parents and Latoya was with a girlfriend.

Paul knew that Latoya was afraid of Paul Castellano, and he had a long road in front of him, and what he had to say to them was decided by his mother.

PAUL CASTELLANO All right Joe, here is the deal.

Paul made arrangements to marry Janet who was 9 year old at the time and he was 16 years old. Latoya thought he was crazy to pick Janet over her, being she was fine and Janet was just a little girl at the time. But Paul knew it would be many years before the Union would be fully realized; whereby they would actually live together. But, little did Latoya know Paul had plans for her also.

Some guy notice the Parents of The Jackson Five, they had no idea how famous they were, and he tried to rip them off, because he was mad that his girlfriend made him take her to the Concert. Paul Castellano beat him up, and Janet applauded him! What took place at this meeting changed the life of Janet forever, as Paul entered into another Pact

After the arrangement Billy spoke.

BILLY (Laughing) Now you have to marry her Mother, those people don’t play!

PAUL CASTELLANO I look forward to that day that will be the day of my Glory.

PAUL CASTELLANO Billy! Do you have something that you want to tell me?


BILLY What do you mean?

PAUL CASTELLANO I just wonder if you have something to tell me, I guess not!
Want to be like me?

Once a man said to him I want to be like you. Frank Paul Gambino responded by saying, “People say they want to be like me, but they never walked in my shoes. Give away all your worldly possessions then move into a homeless shelter, be diagnosed as crazy for knowing the truth, hold on to your belief as everyone thinks bad of you, stop having sex to be faithful to two women who pay you no attention. Then wakeup a Multi-Billionaire and forgive them all, as if none of this happened.” Then he said, “Do you know that they are under the law, had I died they could have remarried, but as long as a man is alive his wives are bound to him. So any adulterous relationships they got into had to be annulled as if they never happen. The man walked away and said, “You are a wise man.” He knew he was talking about his wives.

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  1. Introduction:

    I was born 1959 in Queens, New York in the Queeensbridge Projects. My mother was married to my stepfather when I was born out of wedlock so to speak. His name was Frank Clark Jones. I was named Frank Paul Jones. My mother’s name was Blond Eva Austin Jones and my biological Father name was the infamous Carlo Gambino, the Head of the Gambino Crime Family. Among my Father’s friends I was known as Paul Castellano. I am half African American and half Sicilian. I had a good life as a child, and could have become very wealthy by 16 years old, but something happened that changed my life until this day. My parents agreed to have me serve the United States Government at age 17 and I have been a ghost since then.

    I was involved with covert operations for the last 30 years, and my life was not glamorous at all. I am secretly married or should I say they were promised to me. I never had much at all; I was the shot caller but was not compensated, because they did not want to reveal my covert status. I have been promised a huge settlement that I will believe when I see it. I am not a criminal though I came from a criminal background; I worked for the Federal Government.

    Life is not all bad for me; I have a hobby that I enjoy making music and writing, as I operate as a ghost. I am writing this because it needs to be known that everything is not as it seems in the world. The seemingly normal guy can make your dream come true and the person in the limelight can be no more than a front. So treat the small guy like a king and the big guy with respect and you will not go wrong.

    Frank Paul Gambino

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