NaQuila Buzz out of Capstone Zulu Camp

NaQuila Buzz out of Capstone Zulu Camp

The Song – FindCure-CureAIDS 

NaQuila Hardy aka Stackz Gotti, officially requested the blessings of the Gotti family, in the use of the infamous name.  John J. Gotti was a powerful influence in my life and not all is good.  However, not all is bad with a wider measure.


Stackz Gotti introduces to the game, something very hard to find in this market, controlled by the Gay Mob.  Female Gotti exposes the Illuminati with very controversial lyrics.  The beats are funky to the ole school degree.  However the message is not the beat but what is being said, through smooth vocals by NaQuila.


At this moment we are preparing the Web sites, both for Capstone Zulu and Stackz Gotti.  We are hoping on a calculated risk that distribution for the project will be generous.  We plan to distribute via internet MP-3 downloads and by CD, to be found in an exclusive store, distribution is on the table.


What is the Stackz Gotti relevance?  The lyrics are very controversial and provocative.  It is the scratching of the surface then you are like with hop pepper juice, and you find yourself burning and out of control.


With songs such as;


Not on my computer, just living life, People Crying (Colors), the Consumer, Played, the album “I am me,” is an up-tempo cool out series of entertaining and thought provoking tones.  It is worth the listen.  “Dig!”


NaQuila “I love you!”


Capstone Zulu


NaQuila’s Album Release Date Maybe Soon

NaQuila’s Album Release Date Maybe Soon

 The Song – People Crying (Colors) 

So many things happened so quickly, talking about dramas.  And so many things are going on at once it is amazing I am not having a nervous breakdown.  Things are starting to get back into focus, so let me fill you in.


The Capstone Zulu next project is in the production process, I gave myself a year to pull this off and this amount of time will probably flyby so to speak.   This project means a lot to me and we plan to comeback with another NaQuila Project behind this one, which should be the topping on the cake.


Meanwhile the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC (NCNCHINC) is in the process of finding a permanent home.  The Location is Avon Park, FL.  I am the president of this non profit organization, which is a charitable organization.  We are working with the Small Business Development Center and other organizations to make this dream a reality.


And finally before we talk about NaQuila’s album I must say, we are hoping my nephew Dahoud gets released from prison next year as his brother another nephew of mine’s Lorenzo is putting up a studio here in Avon Park, FL.  Dahoud is amazing if only given a chance people will appreciate what he can bring to the table.  I am hoping we can work together on our projects.


NaQuila’s album yet to be named in stone is our first serious project.  The final master is ready for distribution.  It is somewhat political, dealing with some present-day issues and we also included song songs that are totally about having fun.  We have the copyrights back from the library of congress and it is registered with ASCAP.  We are in discussing on how to distribute it and promote the album.


In the making are some remixes, as we still have the final mix-downs of all the songs on the original tracks in our possession.  We had a setback due to a conflict in interest, that will soon be completely resolved, that will allow us to go forward with the project.  The release date is maybe soon, which can be one, two, and three or four months away, because we want to do this right and sometimes timing can be so important. 


Like I said there is so much going on and so there is little time in a day.  Sometimes time passes by so quickly.  I mean I am working on this huge business plan that is a community comprehensive design for redevelopment and new investment, dealing with several business institutions. 


NaQuila’s business plan we could probably do in very little time, but the project was put off, due to a conflict of interest and now we have to renegotiate on how this will be done.  Still there is the SBDC and other community development organizations and private investors that might take part in this business venture.  We have a finish product, but before we put it on the market it has to be sold (convince someone) to to make it a properly marketed project.

NaQuila on the Rise watch out Nicki Minaj

NaQuila on the Rise watch out Nicki Minaj

 The Song “FindCure-CureAIDS” on MP-3

Her name is NaQuila L. Hardy aka Stackz2020 & Female Gotti.  A former member of the Young Money posse, who found a new home in Universal Music Group with a new Record Label name Involved Records, who is a subsidiary of the major label.


Her first single is about to be released in August 2010, the name of the song is “People Crying (Colors).” The song received the personal blessing of Ice T, who used a similar hook year ago in the soundtrack song from the movie “Colors.”  The song is Gambino Production writing by NaQuila L. Hardy and Frank Paul Jones.


NaQuila and Frank are currently engaged in major negotiations with one of the largest nonprofit organizations in New York City known as SUS acronym for the Services for the Underserved.  This organization has major influence in the nonprofit sector and does great work helping people with developmental disabilities, Mental Health problems and people living with AIDS to name a few of their services.  There is a possibility that SUS may receive a donation that is a song anticipated  to be the International Anthem for AIDS Research, which is also a Gambino Production performed by NaQuila and co-written by Frank Paul Jones & NaQuila L. Hardy.


Frank Paul Jones aka Gambino Productions is a personal friend of some of the high level executives at SUS, to include the CEO Donna Colonna and Senior vice President Priscilla Fuller who was his supervisor when employed at the Central Office of SUS in Manhattan, New York.  And the Chief Development Officer David L. Hertz made Frank make a promise before leaving SUS for undisclosed reasons.  He said, “Frank promise me someday you will make a donation to SUS.”  Well Frank called David and said “I am broke, but I can give you a hot song by new hot artist.”  And now it is all agreeing to terms. 


Meanwhile, NaQuila is being played at the local clubs in South Central Florida to include the hottest club in Highlands County called the MiXx; where NaQuila has powerful and influential friends.   NaQuila L. Hardy is turning heads as “she is to be taken seriously as an artist and is no Nicki Minaj” says the CEO of Involved Records Devon Gaithner.  NaQuila has gained the personal attention, respect and blessing of the Gotti Family in the use of the name Female Gotti, unlike Rick Ross who is perpetrating a fraud. 


So watch out Nicki Minaj there is a new high speed train traveling out of a small town called Avon Park, Florida that is about to reach out and touch the world.  Why?  Because the turn of time has come for her to shine!  

NaQuila Likes Monster Red

NaQuila Likes Monster Red


With Energy drinks on the surge as many youths use it as an aphrodisiac (Intensifies sexual desires) and as we know in the music industry sex sells.  There is a big campaign between Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks to start a huge rivalry in a limit partnership. 


Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks are siding up with many Pop artists in a huge campaign to make Red Bull and Monster in the energy drinks market what Coke and Pepsi is in the soft drinks market.  .


We are hoping to get sponsorship from Monster, because it is our choice of energy drinks.  Monster is basically the same thing as Red Bull meaning it works the same, however Monster give you double the bang for your buck.  They are both equally quality drinks and the goal is to make consumers choose between the two as they corner the market with hop Hip Hop Commercials on stations like MTV, BET, VH1 and Nationwide Radio Airplay  that caters to the consumer group targeted by this campaign.

NaQuila’s Strategic Agenda

NaQuila’s Strategic Agenda


 NaQuila’s project is developing very well.  In a project that will consists of about 100 songs we have touched on about 20 of them.  Everything is unfolding as projected and people will start to hear more of her material very soon.

This project is by design very different from many artists in that the key to the project is to produce a sound and not so much just creating a series of hits.

We feel being we have access to the studio and have dedicated time to the project and this project will represent a chronology of NaQuila we can set aside time to develop the sound we want as we include the ears of future listeners.

NaQuila vision of her ultimate moment in a performance would be with her 6 piece band Kiss type pyrotechnics and two background singer dancers in a 1 ½ music extravaganza.  NaQuila has been dancing professionally for several years and as a member on Lil Wayne’s entourage was a ghost behind much of his success, however unfortunate she did not get her 15 minutes of fame in the frontier.

NaQuila & Gambino find’s chemistry

NaQuila & Gambino find’s chemistry


After about 2 ½ months of dedicated and intensive studio work, it looks like we are starting to gain more focus on the nature of the material.  We are trying to develop what will be known as the 2020 sound and will try to flip more of NaQuila’s storylines into the lyrics.  So far we did a lot of political material but plan to try to drill more focus on as NaQuila would put it, “Seeing the world through my eyes and feeling my pain.”  I mean we know it is all about Sex, Love and Pain in the market and politics is taboo but that is what makes Stackz 2020 so damn special to the future of music, she is not afraid of the world affairs and truly has a loving heart.  But in reality I mean it is a story about a living nightmare of abusive situations in a man’s world that a strong black woman simply got tired of being afraid.  The question is where does it go from here and that is the NaQuila Drama to pay close attention to.


NaQuila L. Hardy “Stackz & Female Gotti” & Frank Paul Gambino plan to do in the area of 100 songs crossing many Genres of music.  NaQuila doesn’t feel she is one style of music, she does several styles and feels she is best represented as a Pop artist because she is able and willing to try about anything that has the 2020 sound regardless of genre. 


By the way the 2020 sound is not futuristic George Jetson FX, but music that is Stackz 2020 and Gambino approved, which is code for slamming stuff.


NaQuila is booked for a few shows in a couple of states and overseas and is working on a show not too extensive but representative of what she plans to present to the world in the near future.  We are in the process of mastering the first batch of songs and will put out a 4 song demo CD, for people to audition.  I think the project is developing well as we are using DAW technology and some of the technology is barely out of the Bata Stage as we are the pioneers of certain breakthroughs that will soon be the norm of future Digital Audio Workstations.


I think the project is just starting to mature and will get better with time like fine wine!


NaQuila L. Hardy was once a member of the Lil Wayne Cash Money entourage and Lil Wayne’s loss is Frank Paul Gambino and the Gambino Productions family gain.


Frank Paul Gambino


Highlands County on the Map

Highlands County on the Map


The Cure to AIDS is a hot topic.  “FindCureCureAIDS” a song written by me and perform by NaQuila has received poor reviews and not because it is poor song, but due to miscommunications because people think I am against them. .  


People think I am teasing them because they are sick, but I happen to know there is a cure to this dreadful disease.  The only true solution to the health crisis is the cure to AIDS and other diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and the many forms of cancer.


President Obama made it one of his priorities in a letter that was a part of a natural agreement during the elections, that the cure to AIDS is an American and World priority.


We are about the get active with the Network & Coalition; we are hammering out some of the details that everyone’s concerns are addressed as are the policies carried by the non profit.


We understand there are grants to fulfill all our purposes and in the next phase we will become a documented by Federal Government Charitable Organization and will soon start a fund raising campaign targeting sponsors such as big corporate America, celebrities and the American government. 


However we believe in the barter system and will do some grass roots fundraising, but the focus is to not try to drain water from the Rock.

Electronics and Entertainment regulations needed

President Obama Official PortraitElectronics and Entertainment regulations needed


I think President Obama has to it is imperative that he organizes a panel of experts in Law and Technology and resolve the differences that if not addressed will destroy the American way.  We are still the leaders of the entertainment world, but left unaddressed this too can become history.  Why?  First of all, let it be said that HR 848 is just an idea and not the solution to the slumping recording industry. It only duly recognizes that the recording industry is in fact in trouble and can go under.


As the music industry and entertainment industry has crept and crawled still meeting the standards of the old ways of doing business while the electronics industry has moved forward in leaps and bounds.  We have a caveman entertainment regulated industry going up against a supercomputer and mankind is losing out to machine, when the intended purpose of machines was to assist and not replace man.


There is not much that the average consumer cannot do with the home Personal Computer.  As we are worried about North Korea and nuclear missiles we should be worried about the little computer wiz kid, with his hand on the right processor, memory, and storage space and internet access flying unmanned planes over populated cities.  That said!


Entertainment has to quickly catch up to the electronics industry, from levying blank CD’s as done in other countries like Canada to support the record industry to removing MP-3 Players from the category of computer peripherals, to taxing each GB of storage space on digital devices like MP-3 Players, I-Pods and even digital phones, because the amount of storage space on these devices have become too cheap and are manufactured at unnecessary capacities.


Even things like what is celebrity status has to be addresses, even a horse can retire.  As I realize there is a difference between popular and famous, the paparazzi are not held up to any standards in their exploitation.  I mean is a celebrity a name and institution or personality or do all unfairly applied?  My argument is that a celebrity is an institution with a name and not a real character but is a public image.  I just think that after so many years of fame due to celebrity status fame may no longer mean popular and the real individual should be able to opt out and regain their private lives as untouchable celebrity status.  The whole system is jacked up!


I mean people like Michael and Janet Jackson, Prince, even Paul McCarthy and Mick Jagger just cannot refrain from entertainment because the cost of their status is too high.

HR 848 should be modified

Sony MP-3-4 PlayerHR 848 should be modified


According to a government web site HR 848 would take in an annual amount of $500 Million, therefore we have a $500 Million issue at hand.  According to research done by CNET News in 2005 about 11% of the US population owned an I-Pod or MP-3 player weighing in at about 22 million adults.  It has to be double that by 2009 end.


Now they are very cheap to buy, you can get an 8 GB Sony Walkman MP-3/MP-4 Player at J&R Computer World today for $99.99.  It will play both audio and video here is the hyperlink Sony NWZ-E438FBLK 8GB Walkman®.  This digital device will hold a complete album using only 60 MB, therefore it can hold over 120 albums and we wonder why record sales are down.


There is a simple solution for the recoup by record companies that does not require more taxes on Americans directly.  We can simply add a tariff on MP-3 and i-Pods imports at $1 per GB of storage space, therefore the $99.99 8 GB MP-3 player would cost $110, which is chump change to the consumer. That alone would bring in over $500 Million per year.


We can spread the playing field by allowing the royalties to be shared by artist as well as we share the income for the storage space taxes on digital media players.  My solution is not to create a new bowl but to split the old bowl contrary to HR 848 and create a new bowl in taxiing storage space on digital media devices


What you think?


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Snapshot of HR 848 Performance Royalties

Snapshot of HR 848 Performance Royalties



A bill is proposed legislation and an act is legislation put into effect, a bill has to be passed into law to become an act.


Summary of Introduced bill on 4 Feb 2009

Performance Rights Act – Amends federal copyright law to:
(1) grant performers of sound recordings equal rights to compensation from terrestrial broadcasters;
(2) establish a flat annual fee in lieu of payment of royalties for individual terrestrial broadcast stations with gross revenues of less than $1.25 million and for noncommercial, public broadcast stations;
(3) grant an exemption from royalty payments for broadcasts of religious services and for incidental uses of musical sound recordings; and
(4) grant terrestrial broadcast stations that make limited feature uses of sound recordings a per program license option. Prohibits taking into account license fees payable for public performance via digital audio transmission of sound recordings in any proceeding to set or adjust the license fees for the purpose of reducing or adversely affecting such license fees. (Current law prohibits taking those fees into account in such a proceeding without referencing the purpose.) Prohibits anything in this Act from adversely affecting the public performance rights or royalties payable to songwriters or copyright owners of musical works. Prohibits taking into account the rates established by the Copyright Royalty Judges in any proceeding to reduce or adversely affect the license fees payable for public performances by terrestrial broadcast stations. Requires that such license fees for the public performance of musical works be independent of license fees paid for the public performance of sound recordings. Revises provisions relating to proceeds from the licensing of transmissions.

Order of moving along bill

Feb 04, 2009: Sponsor introductory remarks on measure. (CR E202-203)

Feb 04, 2009: Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary

Mar 10, 2009: Committee Hearings Held.

May 13, 2009: Committee Consideration and Mark-up Session Held

Added to calendar on May 13, 2009: Ordered to be Reported (Amended) by the Yeas and Nays: 21 – 9.

Voted by the House

Voted by the Senate

Signed by the President