FindCure-CureAIDS Anthem & Health Reform

FindCure-CureAIDS Anthem & Health Reform


It is a simple song with very powerful messages performed by an Icon in her own rite.  FindCure-CureAIDS performed by NaQuila L. Hardy a song that demands the strength of hope to remain in the hearts of the world people concerning the AIDS virus HIV.  FindCure-CureAIDS-Hyperlink


We are calling on the non profit sector to end the defeatist mentality and stop the extortion and just make it happen.  We call on artists like P. Diddy, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, R Kelly and the list continues to take up this cause.


The song is a giveaway as a donation to the world for open use to promote the release of the cure of AIDS that many people think has been cured years ago (1989) as we are being held hostage by the corrupt pharmaceutical companies whose only concern is to control the lifespan of mankind at a profit and not to save lives.


Let us face it the last diseased cured in a major way was polio in the 1950’s which was over a half of a century ago.  The strategy which is unethical is to treat diseases rather than cure them.  Not one disease discovered since before 1960 has been cured.


Then there is healthcare reform which is a hot topic, which really poses the question is the Government really who they say they are or do the pharmaceutical companies rule the world?  I mean are the pharmaceutical companies run by Illuminati Headquarters?  Is it there goal to kill us off as a means of population control?


People have all but surrendered to the idea that AIDS is a genuine disease when I know for a fact it was and is a biological weapon sponsored by then NATO Forces and was produced in Germany in a laboratory in the 1970’s and the first known case was in 1981.


We live in a world of hopelessness and despair, the economy of failing Americas and the world as hard times are everywhere as millions of people are dying senselessly and being treated for simple diseases perpetually with no end in sight.


In a world where the good guys are really bad and the so called bad guys are for the good of mankind, the Gambino Family says “wakeup everybody.”  We call on a movement to force the hand of the pharmaceutical industry and force the government to be honest and address the fact that we have not cure one disease since polio, but have treatments for everything made unaffordable to too many Americans.


The Conspiracy in a nutshell a historical fact:


Old Money = Illuminati = the New World Order New Money = Mafia and Associates


1: AIDS a biological weapon developed in 1976. 2: Banking Deregulation Act of 1980 created the S&L Scandal Passed by Reagan 3: Saving and Loans Crisis from about 1986-1991 – Money leaves the system old money loses, new money gains. 4: The Savings and Loans Bailout 1989 passed by Bush Sr. – Tax payers bail out the old money. 5: The Technology Bubble 1995-99-2000 –New money makes a killing. 6: The Technology Bubble Burst 2000-03 – Old money gets into the game late and new money pulls money out of the system. 7: Enormous Government Debt grows to present – self explanatory. 8: Rescue Bill 2008-09 – New money comes back into the system and is taxed, by the government and buys old money bad investments. 9: Economy recovers as new money pumps money back into the system and old money is stabilized. 10: Inventor to the cure to AIDS becomes one of the riches men in the world. The Son of Man settles with the new money and leaves them.



The Gambino’s Extortion CD & V-Concert

The Gambino’s Extortion CD & V-Concert


There is a war going on in the music industry, because a lot of dirty selfish people are falling from stardom.  They say the people you pass going up the ladder you will pass going down. 


The extortion CD is a marketing strategy that is aggressive with the motto sales by force “lol.”  The PTS Crew and Durty Ground Entertainment along with Gambino Productions are doing a grass root sales campaign that is a compilation of original music, song and rap.


Meanwhile Frank Paul Gambino Productions is doing a work of art in designing the concerts of these days with Lil Wayne, P. Diddy and Jay Z in a 2011 Virtual Concert.    The Rockafella, Big Boy and Cash Money musical extravaganza is being marketed is the most power show ever, so powerful that no alcohol but energy drinks will be sold at the movie  theaters which Live Nation in conjunction with AAFES (Army, Air Force Exchange Service) is lining up thousands on venues.


Lil Wayne said he is in and P. Diddy said “let’s do it,” we are waiting on Jay Z.  Gambino Productions protégé NaQuila L. Hardy will open the show and do the AIDS International Anthem and she wants another song so that is a done deal.



Jay Z, P. Diddy & Lil Wayne 2011 V-Concert

Jay Z, P. Diddy & Lil Wayne 2011 V-Concert

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Rockafella Records, Bad Boy & Cash Money Records are said to be in a negotiations process to do in Hip Hop Rap only what Michael Jackson could do for Pop Music.  As a result of the huge success of MJJ’s “This is it,” showcase that made over $101M in less than five days, the hottest Rappers in the business plan’s are to do a huge Virtual Concert to be seen worldwide at Movie theaters near you.


I mean this is huge as Monster Energy Drink and Red Bull are being called in to sponsor this musical extravaganza featuring the hottest acts in Rap music all on one stage.  The show is planned to be very high energy and a promotional for the Energy Drinks companies. 


The show is planned to go on for about 3 hours in a mix of acts from Cash Money, Rockafella and Bad Boy.   There are a lot of logistics that has to be settled as far as media venue to pricing.


In an unusual arrangement by Live Nation the mega tour production company with venues throughout the United States, this promotional strategy is selfless as Live Nation will use a different type of venue to present these shows, being Movie Theaters rather than Concert Venues.


There is conversations out there that it will be a limit engagement with first come first served as tickets will be sold in advance with a system of Rhythm and Reason, meaning a setup by design to serve the fan base of these three mega record companies and entourages.


The estimated gross from ticket sales alone is predicted to be over $300M in less than a week, by being carried by thousands of theaters at once all over the world.  Lil Wayne can be released in as little as 8 months.   Part of the proceeds will go to AIDS Research and NaQuila Hardy is the BUZZ, she is being considered to open the show with the International AIDS Anthem, FindCure-CureAIDS. 

Is Janet Jackson Capable of Doing New Things

Janet at amfARIs Janet Jackson Capable of Doing New Things


Janet was on the move for awhile, developing into a new franchise, she has a new book coming out, a new album and new movie coming out all in 2010.  People were starting to take her serious again.  She helped raise funds for amfAR in Milan, Italy.  Then the bombshell dropped like weight on her shoulders


Of all the people in the world she takes a photo with Jermaine Dupri, a well know media whore.  And she releases another sex song “Make Me.” Then everything she was doing was reduced whether or not she is dating him.  And will her album be the same old Janet about sex.  The focus went away from amfAR and her new endeavors, as mentioned above.


That one mistake may take months to fully recover, unless that is her man.  But the reality of the fact is was she/he ever her man?  Being the media whore that he is if there was a sex tape we would have all seen it by now, for his bragging rights.  I mean all they do is posing in photos and then his blog network takes it from there and post the same old crap over and over.  The so called 7 years relationship has been all about public photos and childish articles about them dating.


But like Renee said AKA Warrior Princess, Janet is not known for surrounding herself with wisdom, the 2004 Super Bowl is evidence.  But Jermaine knows Janet’s weakness, she loves to read about herself at any cost and be complimented and told how beautiful she is in and eye to eye conversation and people like Steve Harvey played on it also and it almost got her in trouble, because not everyone is a harmless punk like Jermaine Dupri.  But this mentality is hurting her career.  Janet has to be that late blossom flower she is and truly grow up.



Janet Jackson arrives in Milan, Italy for amfAR Charity event

Janet Jackson MILAN, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 22Janet Jackson arrives in Milan, Italy for amfAR Charity event


Janet Jackson recently arrived in Milan, Italy to chair at an amfAR charity event, as they try to raise funds and awareness.  There are a lot of organizations that operate on the frontlines of the battle against AIDS and are proportionately well funded, providing things like housing, counseling and the essentials to better living.


However, amfAR (The Foundation for AIDS Research) is disproportionately under-funded receiving a small amount of the money spent on AIDS Research.  Whereby if there was an intelligence department in AIDS Research they are it, as in over a period about 25 years founded in 1985 they spent about $300 million on their mission.  However there were over 25 million deaths due to the complications of AIDS and at least 33 million infected as of this day.  People are living longer with AIDS now, but it is still for most a death sentence.


Yes it is important to serve those underserved in society such as People Living with AIDS, but the only real hope is in finding a cure to eradicate this dreadful disease.  And that is the mission of amfAR.  I think with the promises of Stem Cell Research there should be a resurgence of enthusiasm and not settling for just treatments that ultimately leads to death, but an actual cure.


There was a recent BUZZ stating that there is a female contraceptive ring that can prevent the transmission of AIDS, so there has been real progress in AIDS research.  Hopefully a cure will be found in the life time of the many infected people as of this day.

amfAR is proof people have succumbed to AIDS

Janet JacksonAIDS Ribbon Red and BlackamfAR is proof people have succumbed to AIDSAIDS Awareness


The Foundation for AIDS Research was founded in 1985 and since they have invested nearly $290 Million on its mission.  We are talking about an average of about $10 million per year for 25 years.  Yet this diseased killed over 25 million people, with over 33 million infected.  A better calculation would be about $10 per fatality or $3 or $4 per causality.   We are talking about an organization that spends close to 71% towards its objective of 71 cents to a dollar and I think that is very aggressive and phenomenal.


We are talking about an organization full of celebrities affiliations, yet there is not International Anthem sung in there behalf, there is not concerts in there behalf, there is just a bunch of silent watchers.  It is time to blow amfAR up, with the promise of Stem Cell Research, AIDS Research promises to reach a new height.  It’s time for a song and a concert, a movie and celebrity promotions on TV and radio.  We cannot afford to sit silently and watch people die unnecessarily.  We have to show hope, that hope be a reality.  The Foundation for AIDS Research does not need celebrity money it needs your time and talents to generate awareness of the current agenda, then the money will follow.  What Janet Jackson is doing is honorable and more should follow suit.


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