Influencers Hidden Secrets


The circle of influencers and their success by manipulation is getting old.  Reality is not even real anymore.  You have reality TV hoes and camcorder freaks, by staying in front of a camera for publicity.  There is not too much a person will not do in Hollywood, but it gets deeper.


People think real gangsters are a bunch of fly dressing showboats; nothing is further from the truth.  Companies like All-Good Entertainment, Clear Channel Communications and Live Nation, as well as Microsoft and Goggle are influencers.


Entertainment especially the record industry tends to get young kids to mold into stars.  They make them into antisocial figures and screw people up.  I mean take Michael Jackson and Lil Wayne both were normal looking people, and then they went crazy as one turned white and the other turned into a walking billboard to include facial paintings.  They made mega star status in return for self destruction.  And will be good for nothing once there careers ended, because a fast food restaurant would mess with them.  So knowing there limited abilities they keep people out of the game?  No it is not them but the freak creators Dr. Frankenstein. 


Then as a result they create demands for services.  People are buying tattoos like madness, because Hollywood condoned it and promoted it.  Meanwhile these kids think they are cool because they are getting paid, tattoos and all to include pants falling off their behinds, something symbolic of the prison institutionalized mentality.


The bottom line is this it does not always require talents to be successful in the corrupt Gay Mobbed up Hollywood; you just have to welling to fuck yourself up and by a pig and whore.  Hollywood is a bunch of slaves working for publicity and attention meaning fame.  Sure they are millionaires but the costs of living is outrageous for them to include stratospherically high security costs and if you do not pay for the protection the system does you like Lil Wayne and Michael Jackson and those people who you did not hire uses their influence to put you in jail or destroy your reputation or even put you to sleep.


Bottom line:  In Hollywood you pay to play, and have to surrender the wealth or it is taken from you.  It is the ones behind the scenes getting paid, these people we see often are victims of the system that recruited them before they were mature enough to make wise business decisions and they seem to always be trying to keep up and make the next hit record.  The case of Childhood stars!


Everyone wants to a Gangster but do no time

nuclear-mushroom-cloudEveryone wants to a Gangster but do no time


I remember being told no real gangster has both of his front teeth.  Here is another one “No real gangster never did time.”  This is sayings, because everything is in degrees.  But most gangsters do not have there real fronts and do go to prison at some point in their careers.  Me I an not  gangster however I did time and had my fronts surgically removes and replaced, I have two crowns one gold and I am actually known by my father’s friends as Paul Castellano.  So who am I?  Better yet what am I?  Am I a Gangster Monk?


I am just a dude that was born into a bunch of crap; whose intelligence was rob in better terms played and now I am going home to my people, family and cousins.


Let tell you a story, I am good at telling stories.  This one is called “Bullet Proof.”


Bullet Proof


One guy was loaded the other empty.  The loaded one was mortal and the empty one was Bullet Proof.  So Mortal had it made as long as he was under the cover of Bullet Proof.  Mortal was a big spender he splurged and mistreated Bullet Proof, he figured he had it all because Bullet Proof was ago lucky dude and never complained.  One time they tried to shoot Mortal and Bullet Proof jumped in front of him, caught the bullet in his hand and asked one simple question, “Now do I get paid?”  Mortal laughed and said this guy is he amazing.


Bullet Proof was a man of patience, but death came to his family in a close manner and he realized he was out of time.  See Bullet Proof realized though he was no mortal being his family was and what good would be this delayed fortune if all his family died off prior to his judgment.  So Bullet Proof said to Mortal, I think you are out of time and he walked away.


To the big city he said, what good are you?  What do you have to offer me?  I cannot go to a baseball game or borrow your hotels.  I can only look at the condominiums and watch the fancy cars drive by; I cannot even afford a cab in this city.  If I must live a simple life I may as well live in a simple town.  So Bullet Proof packed his bags and left to a small and simple town and did not even look back.  Bullet Proof was Mortal’s nuclear umbrella and he knew it, but Bullet Proof had no idea.  And then hit was a mushroom cloud.


Only a story, I mean nobody is bullet-proof!



Real or Symbolic Cafeteria Christians

crossReal or Symbolic Cafeteria Christians


People will come and people will go and new people will replace the old and someone will come on to the scene they will be new and exciting and my outlook will improve concerning the world and I will not have to work so hard to see the brighter side of humanity.


This is a statement that needs not my response, in fact this is a day that I need to listen more than speak concerning the relevance of this day and weekend.  Brother Al Sharpton ask do you believe this day called Easter is allegorical  (Symbolic) or do you think Jesus actually was crucified.  What amazes me is how so many people see this day and weekend so differently.  It is amazing to me how a preacher can preach and it seems like everyone agrees with his rhetoric as he excites the crowd, but we have a bunch of cafeteria Christians, who take some and leave some of the delivered word.  However I think this is a good sign because the one qualification to reaching the truth is no preconceived notions.  They say Janet is no longer a Jehovah’s Witness, I guess she knows something they do not teach?  Maybe she is just taking it easy, because those people are demanding.  Whatever!  Maybe she is in search of the truth!


Anyway, as many say they believe this or that they only know what they believe, but are uncertain as to what they know making them teachable, but of little faith now, so may this new person or persons open the eyes of those in uncertain and undecided at the moment.


I woke up about 12 am last night after a nap, I guess the radio station yelled out Happy Easter and alerted me.  So I go down stairs and talk to a friend about 3 am, he is a night person, there were police officers everywhere that is a good thing, because when they show up in the neighborhood crime goes down and they are now patrolling the hood.  To make a long story short, I said to him after he said Happy Easter, “Man if this day is anything it is a day of mourning, what they hung the man on a tree and then said he died for our sins, then three days later a few people witness his resurrection?”  “If he rose from the dead, why did not he go back to those people who killed him and say see you thought you got me?”  Real or symbolic how do you apply it?




There will be a lot of comings and goings in your life over the next 12 months. Someone you have known for many years will move away but you won’t be sad for long as a newcomer to your neighborhood will set your pulse racing. Watch your blood pressure!

In recent weeks you’ve had to make a conscious effort to look on the bright side and keep negative thoughts at bay, but when Venus turns direct in your sign on Friday your view of the world will improve dramatically. You won’t have to try so hard in future.


I do not Understand the Big Picture Anymore

perfect-squareI do not Understand the Big Picture Anymore

I do not understand the big picture anymore, because they are all based on lies.  You have me on the bottom of the pits, but that is not good enough, you forced me to watch not for a day or two but for a lifetime the woman the one person who was allegedly set aside for me run around with man after man and yes I am talking about Janet.  And it never ended, it continues until this day.  You tried to set me up for a murder to lock me up as a crazy deranged stalker.  You know this is true.  What did I ask for in life other than a wife and family and money which there is plenty of.  But your evil ass just wants me to want things you keep out of reach in hopes that I will go astray and commit a desperate act as grounds to lock me up.  You can go to hell!

I am sick to my stomach of you all, and I really have it in me to take off and make a disappearing act.  Since I am already an enemy of the state maybe I should contact terrorist not to be one with them but to use their money to remove me from the equation and let you’ll battle it heads up Satan against Satan a divided kingdom.  They and I are not in oneness.  You had mistaken me for someone else.  I planned to work on my new screenplay over the weekend, but you made me too sick in the stomach to do anything constructive, it hurts to know all the time my enemy is the state.  And Janet was nothing but a piece on the board to harm me.

Lk 11:17 Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them: “Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall. 

Lk 11:18 If Satan is divided against himself, how can his kingdom stand? I say this because you claim that I drive out demons by Beelzebub. 

Lk 11:19 Now if I drive out demons by Beelzebub, by whom do your followers drive them out? So then, they will be your judges. 

Lk 11:20 But if I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the kingdom of God has come to you.

Lk 11:21 “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe. 

Lk 11:22 But when someone stronger attacks and overpowers him, he takes away the armor in which the man trusted and divides up the spoils.

Lk 11:23 “He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me, scatters.

The Message of the day:

You may not be able to see the point in what you are being asked to do but do it anyway and do it well. Towards the end of the week you will see the big picture again and will understand what it was all about. There could be money in it for you too.


Fall of America & Ignition of New York City

Fall of America & Ignition of New York Citywtc_collapsed21


This is not a threat, a promised, or my wish but a matter of fact if we continue in this direction.  Sure as when I leave NYC it will be nuked, as sure as when I leave America it will go bankrupt and be pledged with diseases, and as I said as sure as we continue down this direction I will leave America.  Why stay somewhere I am unwanted and hated, by people who only want to control me?


If I could leave America I would go and if I could relocate out of New York City I would relocate.  In a country where Satan is more important than God, such a place is not worth preserving.  This is not a threat, promise or wish but a matter of factual or maybe a bad prediction.  Time will tell!  “A man who has nothing or no one has nothing to lose and a man pays rent because he has nothing.”  So what am I here for?  “You can kill me once, but I can kill you over 6 billion times.”



The Drug Dealer & the Dog

attackdog1The Drug Dealer & the Dog


Why do you think drug dealers have dogs?  They have them because they use them for protection.  The secret about a dog is he is expendable.  See a drug dealer uses his dog as a decoy you go after him and he sends his dog after you and while you fight off his dog he shoots you with his real weapons of war.


Why did I mention this, it is the same thing with a low life two faced person, you think Janet is dating say Jermaine Dupri, but all the time she is in bed with the government in the name of Satan.  So you go after her and you get preoccupied with JD the dog that is expendable.  While you are fighting the dog the Dealer being Satan shoots you down with all of his horses and all of his bitches.


You never get to her, because you have to fight off an attack dog which you do kill, but he is just an animal a fucking undomesticated pet.  You never see your real enemy because of the illusion called love.  Put it is not about love anymore it is about power.  Mankind knows not love; his motivational tools are power and fear.  He wants to control that which he has not authority over.


Then they arrest you as a crazy man as a stalker, with an obsession and uses the Gay Mob media to make the lie valid.  Childish Games!  They leave me no choice but to leave, they turned my own family against me for a dollar bill.


Ge 19:24 Then the LORD rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah—from the LORD out of the heavens. 

Ge 19:25 Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, including all those living in the cities—and also the vegetation in the land. 

Ge 19:26 But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.

Ge 19:27 Early the next morning Abraham got up and returned to the place where he had stood before the LORD. 

Ge 19:28 He looked down toward Sodom and Gomorrah, toward all the land of the plain, and he saw dense smoke rising from the land, like smoke from a furnace.

Ge 19:29 So when God destroyed the cities of the plain, he remembered Abraham, and he brought Lot out of the catastrophe that overthrew the cities where Lot had lived.   

Exile from the Great Stalker

flag2Exile from the Great Stalker


When you said (they) being plural are more important than I, you told me that they teamed up against me and confirmed it is me against the establishment, which I call the status quo whom may well be the Illuminati or the New World Order.  They did fine for themselves before me and can continue to do well in my absence.  The woman I loved (Past tense) turned out to be a two faced G girl (government agent) engaged in a conspiracy to harm me.  The people (black people) I devoted my life to wants me dead, the people I worked for (the government) wants me to stay down in the lower echelon in life.  It is a mess and I have nowhere to go here and refuse to die for people I have grown to hate and such an act could never be out of love but insanity, which contrary to common belief I am not


South Africa requested I go there years ago, I wonder if the offer is still open.  Then Canada is open to people who come in the conditions of exile, then there is Cuba.  Israel is out of the question, I know that is what you want but it will never happen.  Is America the great stalker for when you have no use for someone or want them you do not want anyone else to have them?  You do not want me or want to do right by me so help find me a home away from your direct influence.  And since I am not him (the Son), you will not fall from the grace of God will you?  I mean they are more important than I, so you will find your grace in them (Satan) correct?


At the rate we are headed towards total dissolution of association, I am going to pull a disappearing act on you all one day.  I will go there and there and there until I totally disappear.  Because I do not want to be anywhere I am unwanted or go anywhere I am not invited.  This is not a joke or a threat but a promise, I think I can hurt you more by leaving you than killing you, because the demise you will bring upon yourself in my absence and you and I know it.  There is a secret we share about me, that need not be mentioned.  Am I your nuclear umbrella?  Star Wars!  The world may well soon find out!

It is the Secret Service

eye1It is the Secret Service


You confirmed your identity.  My problems come from the institution of the White House.  I should have known when my pension was never processed.  You’re the only institution powerful enough to hold me down this long.  It is not Obama, or Bush or Clinton it is the institution.  Does that make me an enemy of the state?  Am I too valuable to allow me to leave the country?  Am I too dangerous to let me live and if so where does this end?


Was I supposed to die for Janet?  Am I supposed to allow fools to kill me in an act of love for mankind?  This is basically the same thing as committing suicide.  I know I am on point because you hid this article.  People need to known the truth and read it.


The Mental Stream


So now I know who you are and it has always been you.  A Jermaine Dupri could never meet my challenge; it took all the Kings Horses and all the Kings men and all you can do is this?  So how about I agree with your bullshit and say there is no cure to AIDS or a solution to the economic crisis and the Middle East.  Suppose I say I quit and the hell with you all?  If I believe it will it happen?  A nuclear holocaust and world pledged with diseases, is that what it will come down to?


Check Mate!

My Bed should have been made – Been Played

imag0195My Bed should have been made – Been Played


Let us face it, my only problem preventing me from having a life, with loved ones like Janet Jackson is my finances and I played several angles to correct that but nothing I do is good enough.  There is a conspiracy to hold me down out of fear.  They say if he can do what he is doing without much of anything imagine what he could do if we paid him, so you put me under a glass ceiling so tight I cannot stand on my toes without bumping my head.


Now I know everything Janet had came through me and she choose to take care of several men to include Rene Elizondo with that money and watch me suffer, for that I will forgive but will never forget.  I will never set business aside for her busy as I may be in the future I know there is no me and her without my business accomplishments, because she could have help me get out of this hole, just by name association, but she chose not to, whereby she supported other men, with money I sent her way.   “I am Jermaine Dupri long term girlfriend.” She claims putting him on the map.


I once said this will all be like a faded dream and I will forget it all like if it was just one day, with a whole future in front of me, but how can I; when the people I loved the most mistreated me the most. 


They say are you ashamed of us (Black People) why you claim Sicilian heritage?  Because I am half Sicilian!  Hello!  But let us supposed I was not, what they are really saying is let go of your protection and come side with us totally and for what?  To be turned over to them for them to hang me on a tree?  They do not love me, they love for me to be dead, that is all they preach, death to the son so we can have our own thing.  The son does not have to die for them to have their own thing, they can simply be forsaken and left to their super preachers if that is what they want so be it.  Then and only then will they really know what they are without me.  I am very disappointed, like my friend told me “You have the Universe on your side?”  I said yes but the problem is mankind is against me!


I do not want anyone to have to take care of me, for what I gave I gave freely. But those in darkness did not receive me.  They disappointed me and so did you for allowing this to happen on you watch, I never allowed you to go so low in society. You disappointed me.  Some kind of partner you turned out to be!


Forget about everything that has gone before and focus entirely on what is still to come in your life. Whatever you age and current position you can, and you will, make a splash socially and professionally over the next 12 months, and well beyond.

If you are minded to take some kind of risk or gamble today it might pay off. But there are no guarantees, so sort through the available facts and figures and use your intelligence and intuition to work out the odds. After that, it’s down to luck.

Chimp a President Obama Death Threat

chimp-2009-02-18-cartoon1Chimp a President Obama Death Threat


When I first heard about this carton I thought it was just a minor insult about racial differences.  I was happy that something happened to bring black people together in these times of economic crisis, with the hope that more than racism would be addressed during this gathering.  Then today I looked at Brother Sharpton’s article and saw the picture after listening to so much radio coverage about the insult.


I found this to be an insult to the intelligence of the black community, the Secret Service and the President of the United States.  This was a clear case of terrorism and a direct threat against the life of President Obama.  This is not about racism it is about a covert message sent out by a billionaire putting a price on the head of our President.


Therefore it is my position that this action goes under a thorough investigation by the FBI and Secret Service and perhaps the CIA if foreign powers are thought to be connected.  This is more serious than calling President Obama a monkey but the message was ‘You are a dead Monkey.”   They clearly threatened to kill the man and may have put out a contract, we will never know until we know about all of his associations, the whole staff at the New York Post should be put under investigation.

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