Non Profit Community Can Stimulate Black’s Economy

Non Profit Community Can Stimulate Black’s Economy


We all know that working in the non profit sector is no get rich scheme. Often you work longer hours and earn less pay in the non profit sector.  Just like a for profit organization a non profit organization has to turn a buck to be economically feasible and sustainable.  The reward in the non profit sector is that often you can do something you enjoy doing that is fulfilling in your life.  It is a great opportunity to help people.


A lot of non profit organizations however are losing their 503 c 3 status, because they are not properly filling out their tax returns.  This is sad that it is happening at a time when more people than ever need the help of the non profit sector.


What is the real difference between the non profit organization and a for profit corporation?  The real difference between for profit and non profit is how the money earned from the corporations is paid out to the people. This is beyond the scope of this article.


Understanding that we live in a consumer driven economy and the black community is the underserved and underdogs of America.  An interdependent black community can be an essential part of the rebuilding of America’s economy.  We at the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC (NCNCHINC) believe that a dead economy is economics not in motion.  People are not working because consumer spending is down, because people are not working.  It is a catch 22!  If we as a community put people back in motion, people will be able to spend more and it would put people back to work. What is work?  It is the inclusion into the labor force for compensation.


The only way the black community is going to rebound from the economic crisis, which is a depression among blacks is to recycle.  When I say recycle I am talking about moving money within the community and keeping it in the community as long as necessary to produce more revenue.  How can this be done?


We have to have a community business plan incentive.  Everyone cannot be a beer jug joint or drug dealer.  We need essential business institutions to sustain our economic stability.  We need a grocery store with food in it. We need our own laundry mate.  We need within the community a hair solon and barbershop that also sells hair supplies.  We need entrepreneurs to step up and sell vegetables on stands daily in some of our vacant lots and compensate the land owners for the use of his property; they too have to pay taxes.  We need black media to define our black people.  We need restaurants so we can stop handing our money to McDonald’s and the Illuminati.  We need affordable housing and daycare. I can go on but the article will never end.  The Honorable Rev. Frank Paul Jones says we need us to take back our community and stop the oppression of our own people for crumbs. 


We need eat the meat, through non profit leadership!




Labor Unions Creates Jobs & Better Economic Conditions

Labor Unions Creates Jobs & Better Economic Conditions


When most people thinks of Labor Unions they think of the AFL-CIO and the Change to Win Federation which is the two largest Unions in the United States.  When we think of Labor Unions, we think of organizations that advocate for living wages, good working conditions and good benefits for its members. 


The Unionize Labor Movement goes back to the Colonial days of the 1619-1776, but when most people think of the Labor Unions we think of the Industrial Movement in the late 1930’s thru the 1940s, 1950s and even the 1960s, that led to mass production and good manufacturing plant type employment.  We think about the days when America was a major producer of products.  These days may be gone for now but the survival of our nation may well depend on its return.


Right to work advocates in states like Florida and currently there are 22 of them, argue that the workers should be free both to join and to refrain from joining unions and refer to non-right-to-work-states as “force-union states.


However I believe that Labor unions are good for the common man and woman.  It creates an environment for collective bargaining.  Sure in Unionized state you usually and almost always pay for this, but often you get what you pay for.  And there is the argument that often Unions are corrupt.  But since when have big businesses become ethical without oversight?  Look at what big corporate America did to us in recent years.  They outsourced our jobs to third world counties for a quick profit.  Now we have an economic reality never worst since the great depression.


The bottom line is that Labor Unions create safer work places, better wages and better benefits for its members by giving the members a stronger voice, meaning leverage with the powerful few who head these big businesses.  Labor unions therefore attract more qualified professionals and create better jobs by attracting a stronger labor force to perform the necessary duties.


Union members in the United States earn significantly more than non-union workers.  Unionized workers earn over 26% more than non-union workers with similar jobs based on 2008 statistics.  Now you do the math!  Non-union workers get injured at work more often, get less benefits and are quicker to get fired and not even get unemployment which puts corporate management in a stronger and more oppressive status over their employees.  They can work you for little to nothing and fire you at will.


While it may be argued that many manufactures are moving to non union states, out of unionized states, they are also moving to Taiwan, Mexico and any other third world countries where cheaper labor is available.  This does not make prices lower to the consumers, or create better products.  It just creates more profits for the big corporations and actually hurts the American economy, by reducing the GDP and decreases consumer spending here in America.  This creates mortgage foreclosures and therefore failing banks.  This is not the formula for living wage jobs creation with or without tax breaks.  It is socialism in disguise.



Florida Right to work State without Jobs creates crimes

Florida Right to work State without Jobs creates crimes


Right to Work States: Florida

The right of persons to work shall not be denied or abridged on account of membership or non-membership in any labor union or labor organization. The right of employees, by and through a labor organization, to bargain collectively shall not be denied or abridged. Public employees shall not have the right to strike. (Constitution Amended by General Election, 1944; Revised by General Election November 5, 1968)

Florida is ranked 5th highest unemployment rate in the whole country and is at 11.7 in May 2010, which is well above the National average which is 9.7.  Meanwhile Florida has the second highest mortgage foreclosure rate in the country, which is three times the national average.  Yet we live in a right to work state which is defined as a right to live.  


However, in Highlands County, Florida the unemployment rate among blacks is above the national average, but this is not the case for white citizens which a far below the national average at about 4%.  So the right to work and right to live in Florida are not helping black people here in Florida or Highlands County.  Is this a form of racial discrimination first in the educational system, that is designed to warehouse black children and then in the workforce whereby they are not qualified for employment later or should it be said are not as competitive as their white counterparts?


In Florida nearly one in four high school student’s dropout of high school and in Highlands County the rate is a higher at about 33%.   This is higher than the national average of about 30%.  However for black children the high school dropout rate in Florida is about 35%.  These statistics are not accurate, because many black children in Florida and especially in Highlands County dropout prior to high school and are not even counted as high school dropouts.


Florida nearly doubled its prison population over the last 15 years.  Here in Florida the rate of crime is near 23% higher than the national average. It has about 90,000 inmates in about 121 facilities are about $20,000 per inmate.    Florida spends less on housing the inmates compared to the national average, simply by cutting costs on their correctional officers, which is another example of the right to live without a living wage in Florida.


So what is the correlation between the lack of work, the lack of living wages, the high mortgage foreclosure rates, the weak educational system and crime?  Can it be the right to work without a living wage in the state of Florida, which creates these oppressive situations?  What do you think?  Is this socialism in disguise?

Profiling Black People Hurts the Legal System

Profiling Black People Hurts the Legal System


“Chickens come home to roost,” and “They do the same amount of drugs but not the same amount of time.”

Let us discuss the legal system.  Historically, the law served a purpose which was to control crime.  We had law enforcement and crime control that worked hand in hand.  In a booming economy law also acted as an oppressor for the African American Community.  Whereby a term called racial profiling was and still is eminent.  For example behavioral patterns of the African American community led to certain types of investigations, which led to the arrest and convictions of many black people and with that said we will continue. 

Many African Americans would end up in the prisons and jails, and due to the lack of legal representation do more time incarcerated than their white counterparts.  It was said that the scales of justice was tilted.  Well known is the Industrial Prison Complex.  This was a short sighted conspiracy for economic gain, which actually hurt the economy.  As the prison population quadrupled from 1980 to 2008, going from 500,000 to 2.5M, at a cost of about $25G per inmate.  This really hurts the tax payers, especially when most people went to jail for drug offenses.

The war on drugs declared by President Reagan in1982 and aggressively escalated by President Bush 1989 led to lot of drug addicts being put into the legal system.  Again a lot of money taken from the tax base, to incarcerate indigent people cost the legal system in the long run.  Because the people going to trial could not afford to retain legal representation and the result is lawyers who were distinguished professionals lost their luster and were outsourced by the plead bargain syndrome.

When I grew up real gangsters supported the legal system, they being the Mafia controlled the streets, stayed in court and did not go to jail because they paid for legal representation and did not snitch each other out.  Today everybody makes a deal, so what good is a defense lawyer?  Now you have street gangs members who plead bargain.

The bottom line is the systematic oppression of the black man destroyed the legal system, because defense lawyers became obsolete.  The short sighted tunnel vision mentality of lawyers in political office put themselves out of work. 

The solution is that we must give equal access to criminal prosecution.  It is the white people who have all the money and can afford a legal defense for the crimes they also commit.  There will always be more poor people in the jails and prisons than the wealthy, but the only way the judicial system will survive is to start busting white people again instead of simply profiling African Americans.  The scales of justice must be balanced or it will self-destruct.  This is why Highlands County, Florida Lawyers for example are going out of business; the scales of justice are not balanced here.  The Highlands County Jail is filed with addicts who need rehabilitation and clean streets and not jail time.

America under Oil Biological warfare by Brits

tHE wORLD aFFAIR RemixAmerica under Oil Biological warfare by Brits


By: Capstone Zulu


The oil spill on US soil is being controlled by a foreign power.  We are under attack it is biological warfare and our need for foreign oil is the culprit of this strategic attack.  Our waters are being polluted by the Brits and it is that simple.


Who is Frank Paul Gambino (A WordPress Exclusive)

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Watch World Affairs Video performed by: NaQuila L. Hardy



This cannot be real what is taking place before our eyes.  President Obama has to take action immediately.  We should not even let them attempt to solve the problem they might make it much worst.


Here is the inside scoop.  Places like Highlands County, Florida will at least triple in value.  As the poisonous petroleum products enter into our waters, people will get sick and die, our seafood supply will be depleted, but here we have lakes and fresh water fish that should go unaffected. 


I said before New Orleans was a mistake, now I say it for more than one reason, the place is surrounded by oil and poisons and is below sea level, what will happen to those people?


Feedback Please; 




The New World Order

Capstone Zulu


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The Secret Order of the Illuminati & Prophesy

The Secret Order of the Illuminati & Prophesy




Here we see Nazi symbolism with the Oak leaves as well as an olive branch.

The CIA coat of arms also displays both the oak leaves and the olive branch.


I have been called a schemer for thinking outside the box.  Who is the Illuminati or more importantly what are they a secret society?   They are rulers whose time is up, they are Satan and Satan is a Union of evil people.  They created and destroyed nations since the beginning of civilization.


The Illuminati headquarters is located in Bavaria, between Austria and Germany the home of Hitler, yet it was never bombed during WWII because they have the US Government by the testicles.  They were behind the American Revolution and created this great government whose time served its purpose and now they want to destroy America with the Economic Crisis or WWIII. 


For example what makes a great prophet?  You have a person who tells you what is going to happen and why, now what separates a great prophet from an average orator, is it his ability to convince people to act upon his judgment?  Now I will tell you the biggest mystery in the simplest terms, but first I ask a question.  Was Notradomus a great predictor or did the Illuminati make his predictions happen?  Was he a schemer and with plots for European dominance?    Using the plot of predictions as a cover for his agenda?  “I had Dream.” 


The bottom line is this it is not the ability of a prophet to see the future but to design it.  It is the power of the people to carryout a master plan and first faith is needed.  I can reveal to you the deepest and most powerful secrets given me innate by God as was my insight of the Bavarian Illuminati.  But is it my job to be the word and not the hands.  I can introduce to you a system to protect our interest as in the UPS, but if you do not carryout the logistics it means nothing.   


The only way to overcome Satan is by a United Front because he has things under control. Of course you can sellout the Lord for more food stamps and social programs or you can die fighting.  People say I love the Lord and he died for them, but are they willing to die for the Lord.  If you are not willing to kill and die for the Lord you are not a warrior of God so do not front with the do good crap.  Easter is a fraud and so are Christians, Jews and Muslims, but not the people the religion itself!


Does Pres. Obama Healthcare Bill Go Far Enough?

Does Pres. Obama Healthcare Bill Go Far Enough?


President Obama Healthcare bill passed by 219-212 margin so now what?  Healthcare alone cost America about 18% of the GDP in 2009 at about $2.5 Trillion or about $8,000 per U.S. Resident.  This is with a projection of the costs doubling by 2018 to about $13,000 per resident.  The costs of healthcare are growing faster than anywhere in the world.


The bottom line is that the pharmaceutical industry is getting away with extortion.  While the government spends over $28 Billion on medical research and people ask should research paid for by the people be free or at least cheaper.  Meanwhile the pharmaceutical industry spent about $280 Million on pharmaceutical research in 2009.  The numbers do no square.


We need America ways of doing business reform:


Education Reform


How About Trade Reform?


How about Warfare Reform?


How About Prison & AIDS Research Reform


The way I see it to have a truly just America we need to do more than just reform healthcare, the whole American system needs to be revamped.


By the way when we speak about the GDP = Gross Domestic Product be aware of the Nations deficit.  The National deficit was over $1.5 Trillion which is another 10% in unnecessary costs due to corporate greed.  If we had no deficit in international trade that alone would solve our health care costs problems not to mention these other suggested reforms


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The Marijuana Dilemma

The Marijuana Dilemma


The use of marijuana has been legalized in 14 states, though the Federal Government has not legalized marijuana they seem to be recognizing the state rights.  The question of law is that legal?  For example say a person gets a Federal conviction but clemency from his state of domicile, can he have a handgun in that state?  NO.  The Federal Laws supercedes the state level.  Therefore in reality marijuana laws a practiced in several states and there is a movement for change but it is not the case as of yet.  Medical



1. Marijuana is far less addictive than alcohol.

It is a scientific fact that Marijuana is less addictive most addictive products.  It is very popular in America can be domestically grown, taxed and controlled.  We should legalize Marijuana but the pharmaceutical companies knows it would make a lot of medication obsolete.

 In the United States over 2.3 million people are in jail on marijuana charge at approximately $25,000 per head at a booming cost of about $65B annual costs to the tax payers

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Jay Z, P. Diddy & Lil Wayne 2011 V-Concert

Jay Z, P. Diddy & Lil Wayne 2011 V-Concert

Who is Frank Paul Gambino (A WordPress Exclusive)


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Rockafella Records, Bad Boy & Cash Money Records are said to be in a negotiations process to do in Hip Hop Rap only what Michael Jackson could do for Pop Music.  As a result of the huge success of MJJ’s “This is it,” showcase that made over $101M in less than five days, the hottest Rappers in the business plan’s are to do a huge Virtual Concert to be seen worldwide at Movie theaters near you.


I mean this is huge as Monster Energy Drink and Red Bull are being called in to sponsor this musical extravaganza featuring the hottest acts in Rap music all on one stage.  The show is planned to be very high energy and a promotional for the Energy Drinks companies. 


The show is planned to go on for about 3 hours in a mix of acts from Cash Money, Rockafella and Bad Boy.   There are a lot of logistics that has to be settled as far as media venue to pricing.


In an unusual arrangement by Live Nation the mega tour production company with venues throughout the United States, this promotional strategy is selfless as Live Nation will use a different type of venue to present these shows, being Movie Theaters rather than Concert Venues.


There is conversations out there that it will be a limit engagement with first come first served as tickets will be sold in advance with a system of Rhythm and Reason, meaning a setup by design to serve the fan base of these three mega record companies and entourages.


The estimated gross from ticket sales alone is predicted to be over $300M in less than a week, by being carried by thousands of theaters at once all over the world.  Lil Wayne can be released in as little as 8 months.   Part of the proceeds will go to AIDS Research and NaQuila Hardy is the BUZZ, she is being considered to open the show with the International AIDS Anthem, FindCure-CureAIDS.