The Almost Completed Capstone Zulu Family Web Sites

The Almost Completed Capstone Zulu Family Web Sites

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NaQuila the Monster Cliché Originator

NaQuila the Monster Cliché Originator

 The Song People Crying (Colors)

NaQuila aka Stackz Gotti performed the song People Crying, using the term Monster by doing so associating the monster energy drink with Hip Hop culture.  In the song it mentions the Bloods and Crips and the colors red and blue as favorite (symbolic) colors of these two street gangs. 


The song was meant to crossover as a commercial for Monster Energy Drink, as many of her songs really go into detail about its themes this one plays with (touches on) many ideas about what people in general are going through today due to the economic downturn. 


Now Lady Gaga and Kanye West are using the term and many other Hollywood acts are lining up to cash in on the new slogan.  However the real intention of the use of the term was not gangster as it associated itself with street gangs in People Crying. 


It was meant to start a new revelry in a friendly nature, without people killing each other.  The stage was being setup for a Red Bull verse Monster Energy Drink commercial campaign,  Similar to coke verse Pepsi, the idea was that there are really only two choices for real energy drinkers which is Red Bull or the many colors of Monster Energy Drinks.


The term Monster was meant to be all in fun to create a market for the Hip Hoppers to market themselves in commercial jingles.  Hopefully Jay Z , Rick Ross, Nicki Manaj and Bon Iver, might read this article and like Lady Gaga and NaQuila aka Stackz Gotti, bring back the fun in the term.  Because kids need something to laugh about and energy drinks for teens is legal unlike alcohol.


The energy drink market is estimated to be about 6 billion dollars annually.  Therefore there is much rum for a powerful marketing campaign for market share.  It is only a matter of time before the real players in the market battle it out for market share.  My bet is it will be Monster and Red Bull.

NaQuila’s Album Release Date Maybe Soon

NaQuila’s Album Release Date Maybe Soon

 The Song – People Crying (Colors) 

So many things happened so quickly, talking about dramas.  And so many things are going on at once it is amazing I am not having a nervous breakdown.  Things are starting to get back into focus, so let me fill you in.


The Capstone Zulu next project is in the production process, I gave myself a year to pull this off and this amount of time will probably flyby so to speak.   This project means a lot to me and we plan to comeback with another NaQuila Project behind this one, which should be the topping on the cake.


Meanwhile the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC (NCNCHINC) is in the process of finding a permanent home.  The Location is Avon Park, FL.  I am the president of this non profit organization, which is a charitable organization.  We are working with the Small Business Development Center and other organizations to make this dream a reality.


And finally before we talk about NaQuila’s album I must say, we are hoping my nephew Dahoud gets released from prison next year as his brother another nephew of mine’s Lorenzo is putting up a studio here in Avon Park, FL.  Dahoud is amazing if only given a chance people will appreciate what he can bring to the table.  I am hoping we can work together on our projects.


NaQuila’s album yet to be named in stone is our first serious project.  The final master is ready for distribution.  It is somewhat political, dealing with some present-day issues and we also included song songs that are totally about having fun.  We have the copyrights back from the library of congress and it is registered with ASCAP.  We are in discussing on how to distribute it and promote the album.


In the making are some remixes, as we still have the final mix-downs of all the songs on the original tracks in our possession.  We had a setback due to a conflict in interest, that will soon be completely resolved, that will allow us to go forward with the project.  The release date is maybe soon, which can be one, two, and three or four months away, because we want to do this right and sometimes timing can be so important. 


Like I said there is so much going on and so there is little time in a day.  Sometimes time passes by so quickly.  I mean I am working on this huge business plan that is a community comprehensive design for redevelopment and new investment, dealing with several business institutions. 


NaQuila’s business plan we could probably do in very little time, but the project was put off, due to a conflict of interest and now we have to renegotiate on how this will be done.  Still there is the SBDC and other community development organizations and private investors that might take part in this business venture.  We have a finish product, but before we put it on the market it has to be sold (convince someone) to to make it a properly marketed project.

The $0.5M Avon Park Southside Stimulus Package

The $0.5M Avon Park Southside Stimulus Package


These are sad times here in the black section of Avon Park, FL.; especially in the Southside Community Redevelopment Area.  Where over 80% of the businesses are close and 100% or none are fully operational.  As the state of the Union may well be in a recession we here in the Southside Community are clearly experiencing a depression.  Something has to be done ASAP.


I call on the City of Avon Park, the State of Florida and the United States of America, to duly recognize the hardships felt by the citizens of Avon Park and Highlands County Florida.  We are a rural area and for that reason we know money has been set aside to face these difficult challenges.  We see our problems and there solutions as a boiler plate to the Nation as a whole.


First we need to reopen the doors to these establishments.  To do this we need a community based incentive business proposal.  Such a plan will be devised by the NCNCHINC and the SBDC in a cooperative effort with the local business owners. The purpose of this plan is to determine what business each property will be used for, that will help create a strong local economy.  We must come to a consensus. 


We call on the County of Highlands to give each property owner a tax exemption for the year 2010.  This tax credit is to be used and placed in a coffer directed towards paying the costs of utilities on the buildings.  In this package we call on the Avon Park Utilities Department to provide there services free of charge to qualifying businesses for the year of 2011, at a reasonable cap.  Now we have the lights, water and gas on and garbage maintenance covered and a new direction for doing business.


Then we want a full inspection of these properties done, to determine the costs to redevelop the properties and a renovation on all properties done at an estimated cost of no more than $300,000 in local labor and material brought as one major purchase, to create purchasing power.  This money will come from the Federal and State government.  Every building will be insured at its estimated value upon completion of renovation.


Meanwhile the owners of these properties or their management will be required to take and complete the Small Business Management Course at SFCC administered by the SBDC.  At which time a comprehensive business plan will be drawn up for each business to prosper in the long term.


Then we will provide grants and/or government subsidized loans to these businesses.  Such businesses should include and not be limited to activities necessary for the community at large to function such as; a grocery stores, laundry mate, office spaces, restaurants, hair solon and supplies store, barbershop, bar and other services as deemed needed and management qualified. 

The Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area Dilemma

The Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area Dilemma


I realize people need to have recreation and be allowed to let off steam.  When I was younger I partied and it was fun to me, however became my greatest misery.  It was a privilege extended to me from the generations before me and shouldn’t be extended to this generation by all. 


I was sent here on a mission and by a promise made to Worshipful Master Eston Roberts to do community work and to help revive the economy first in the black community than in all communities and then the nation.  This is my promise to the Nation and the White House and President Obama.


People here wonder who I am and what I am about.  I’m a servant of the Lord, far from stupid or am I crazy.  I walked the road of the oppressed by choice and understand the hardships of the underserved, for I am one of them. The bottom line is I have been through the ringer, because the direction of my life was preordained.


I travelled for 33 years, since I was 17 years old.  And the Lord and the nation sent me here.  What is about to happen here will be a template for the Nation to follow?  Avon Park does not realized it has been blessed, by my presence and the attention it will receive around the nation and the world as a result of my being here on a mission from God and by the Nation of Made Men.


Important people are watching us.  As I may have a vision I was taught that a prophet’s vision can only be realized by the actions of the people.  The people of the times make’s the vision of the prophet happen and not the other way around contrary to popular belief.  I may well be the Grand Architect or Chief Engineer, but my ability to manufacture a final product depends on the staff and technicians.


All to say, millions of dollars is trying to ride thru here and important people want these good things to happen in this area. Operations from the White House to the Gambino Family, from Oprah to  Eric Holder to past Presidents such as George W, Bush and Bill Clinton to the support of the Crips are unified in this mission, because the success of this mission holds a key to a better America.  That said who am I?  I am the real Paul Castellano, now do your homework.  I am Gambino!


I call on the scattered Dolphins and those who love the Lord to come together not in fear knowing the Lord is with you and the highest authorities of Mankind also.  Support the operation to revive our community and put an end of self oppression.  Understand that oppression is privilege however reparation is our right to succeed.   Please help us help us and you too.

Non Profit Community Can Stimulate Black’s Economy

Non Profit Community Can Stimulate Black’s Economy


We all know that working in the non profit sector is no get rich scheme. Often you work longer hours and earn less pay in the non profit sector.  Just like a for profit organization a non profit organization has to turn a buck to be economically feasible and sustainable.  The reward in the non profit sector is that often you can do something you enjoy doing that is fulfilling in your life.  It is a great opportunity to help people.


A lot of non profit organizations however are losing their 503 c 3 status, because they are not properly filling out their tax returns.  This is sad that it is happening at a time when more people than ever need the help of the non profit sector.


What is the real difference between the non profit organization and a for profit corporation?  The real difference between for profit and non profit is how the money earned from the corporations is paid out to the people. This is beyond the scope of this article.


Understanding that we live in a consumer driven economy and the black community is the underserved and underdogs of America.  An interdependent black community can be an essential part of the rebuilding of America’s economy.  We at the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC (NCNCHINC) believe that a dead economy is economics not in motion.  People are not working because consumer spending is down, because people are not working.  It is a catch 22!  If we as a community put people back in motion, people will be able to spend more and it would put people back to work. What is work?  It is the inclusion into the labor force for compensation.


The only way the black community is going to rebound from the economic crisis, which is a depression among blacks is to recycle.  When I say recycle I am talking about moving money within the community and keeping it in the community as long as necessary to produce more revenue.  How can this be done?


We have to have a community business plan incentive.  Everyone cannot be a beer jug joint or drug dealer.  We need essential business institutions to sustain our economic stability.  We need a grocery store with food in it. We need our own laundry mate.  We need within the community a hair solon and barbershop that also sells hair supplies.  We need entrepreneurs to step up and sell vegetables on stands daily in some of our vacant lots and compensate the land owners for the use of his property; they too have to pay taxes.  We need black media to define our black people.  We need restaurants so we can stop handing our money to McDonald’s and the Illuminati.  We need affordable housing and daycare. I can go on but the article will never end.  The Honorable Rev. Frank Paul Jones says we need us to take back our community and stop the oppression of our own people for crumbs. 


We need eat the meat, through non profit leadership!




Blacks must look within self for fame and notoriety

Blacks must look within self for fame and notoriety


Through the late 1800’s to the 1960’s blacks played the Chitlin’ circuit, because it was considered safe for black’s during the segregated south in America.  Another piece on black history was the black educational institutions, whereby blacks went to black schools because they had no other choice.  The African American community fought hard to gain acceptance by white America to integrate into mainstream white American mindset, but at what cost?


Did the black community really gain anything, by gaining acceptance in mainstream white America?  Because like Minister Louis Farrakhan stated, who do we now depend on for agents, accountants, educators, managers and the many services that are conditional to these acceptances?  I mean are we better off making $100,000 for self or earn $500,000,000 for someone to else only end up broke and die?


We in the black community not only fought for acceptance by whites, but our mentality was the problem in the beginning.  We looked to white people to determine our levels of success.  White media determines if we are famous, the billboard 100, and other white charts determine if we are a hit.  And it is like whereby they are simply numbers of no true relevance.  So what if you sold 1,000,000 @ $9.99 each, when the cost was $10M in all types of silly expenses, for the mansion only employees get to enjoy to riders on your contract to get red jellybeans on a tray.


We measure successes by money made for our slave masters and yes I said slave masters and not the money that actually goes into our accounts.  But like Minister Farrakhan said the fault of the problem does not put food on the table nor can it be used as investment capital.  But we have to be aware of what is going on before we can develop solutions.  The solution is obvious we must return to doing for self.  We must self educate as we cater our system to what is necessary for a black people to survive in America.  We have to develop our own concert venues, develop our children to be managers, agents and everything necessary to be self reliant.  


Fact: African Americans are crucial to the consumer economy, with a population of 39 million and buying power of $892 billion – a figure expected to exceed $1.1 trillion in 2012.


We are already empowered, we are simply asleep.


Capstone Zulu


NaQuila & Gambino find’s chemistry

NaQuila & Gambino find’s chemistry


After about 2 ½ months of dedicated and intensive studio work, it looks like we are starting to gain more focus on the nature of the material.  We are trying to develop what will be known as the 2020 sound and will try to flip more of NaQuila’s storylines into the lyrics.  So far we did a lot of political material but plan to try to drill more focus on as NaQuila would put it, “Seeing the world through my eyes and feeling my pain.”  I mean we know it is all about Sex, Love and Pain in the market and politics is taboo but that is what makes Stackz 2020 so damn special to the future of music, she is not afraid of the world affairs and truly has a loving heart.  But in reality I mean it is a story about a living nightmare of abusive situations in a man’s world that a strong black woman simply got tired of being afraid.  The question is where does it go from here and that is the NaQuila Drama to pay close attention to.


NaQuila L. Hardy “Stackz & Female Gotti” & Frank Paul Gambino plan to do in the area of 100 songs crossing many Genres of music.  NaQuila doesn’t feel she is one style of music, she does several styles and feels she is best represented as a Pop artist because she is able and willing to try about anything that has the 2020 sound regardless of genre. 


By the way the 2020 sound is not futuristic George Jetson FX, but music that is Stackz 2020 and Gambino approved, which is code for slamming stuff.


NaQuila is booked for a few shows in a couple of states and overseas and is working on a show not too extensive but representative of what she plans to present to the world in the near future.  We are in the process of mastering the first batch of songs and will put out a 4 song demo CD, for people to audition.  I think the project is developing well as we are using DAW technology and some of the technology is barely out of the Bata Stage as we are the pioneers of certain breakthroughs that will soon be the norm of future Digital Audio Workstations.


I think the project is just starting to mature and will get better with time like fine wine!


NaQuila L. Hardy was once a member of the Lil Wayne Cash Money entourage and Lil Wayne’s loss is Frank Paul Gambino and the Gambino Productions family gain.


Frank Paul Gambino


Highlands County on the Map

Highlands County on the Map


The Cure to AIDS is a hot topic.  “FindCureCureAIDS” a song written by me and perform by NaQuila has received poor reviews and not because it is poor song, but due to miscommunications because people think I am against them. .  


People think I am teasing them because they are sick, but I happen to know there is a cure to this dreadful disease.  The only true solution to the health crisis is the cure to AIDS and other diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and the many forms of cancer.


President Obama made it one of his priorities in a letter that was a part of a natural agreement during the elections, that the cure to AIDS is an American and World priority.


We are about the get active with the Network & Coalition; we are hammering out some of the details that everyone’s concerns are addressed as are the policies carried by the non profit.


We understand there are grants to fulfill all our purposes and in the next phase we will become a documented by Federal Government Charitable Organization and will soon start a fund raising campaign targeting sponsors such as big corporate America, celebrities and the American government. 


However we believe in the barter system and will do some grass roots fundraising, but the focus is to not try to drain water from the Rock.

D.L. Hughley Receives Warm Welcome

D.L. HughleyD.L. Hughley Receives Warm Welcome


Jacque Reid, Bob Slade and Steve Wilson along with the main host D.L. Hughley make up the D.L. Hughley Morning show.  They seem to make a wonderful team.  D.L. seems to be very funny but down to earth and I admire his gentleman’s attitude in dealing with Jacque.  It is like D.L. Hughley knows how to be funny a bad man and a respectful person in one package.


I remember when I was first introduced to Jacque Reid on the Steve Harvey Show; he was totally disrespectful to her, as he was with most women.  Now it is like D.L.  brought funny back to the city, while Steve babbles about, well I do not understand him anymore.  I think Kiss 98.7 is the hottest radio station in New York City, hitting homeruns after homerun.


D.L. is quickly finding out about New Yorkers, I mean one day we are talking about pissing in bed the next we are talking about how to take piss, and then on the other hand he is on top of politics.  The guy is well rounded.


When I first heard D.L. Hughley was in town I was so happy, when I heard it may not be permanent I was worried, not that he is on blast I look forward to waking up to his show.  Well actually I wakeup about 4:30 am, but still I look forward to his show as I get ready for work.  I hope he gets syndicated if that is what he wants, but the Big Apple is all he needs, welcome to New York City D.L. Hughley.


May his show be blessed with staying power and may many stars visit him on a regular basis during promos.

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