A NCNCHINC Editorial: Legalized Marijuana in California influence on Other States


A NCNCHINC Editorial: Legalized Marijuana in California influence on Other States


If Marijuana is legalized in California how will it influence laws in the state of Florida?  If a person is not on any form of travel restrictions, he would have the right to travel to California to purchase marijuana legally and consume it.  Certain agencies would have to lift there ban of services to people for positive urine traces of marijuana.  Because as a Florida citizen I have the right to travel to California without a passport and enjoy the legal activities of that state and therefore it must be presumed that I legally travelled to the state to consume these legal drugs.


If California legalizes marijuana can a state or city government of another state deprive their employees the rights of a US citizen to smoke marijuana in California? This will be a major question of law that may have to be answered by the Supreme Court.  For example, supposed I am a Correctional Officer in the state of Florida and off duty I purchase marijuana from the local pot dealer and smoke it.  Then 20 days later I take a urinalysis and am found positive for THC?  Can they fire me?  I would think not, because it is legal to smoke in California and who’s to say I did not visit California to smoke weed.  This is a requirement of the law, because a person has to be assumed innocent until proven guilty.  And a person who is not on travel restrictions should not be required to produce travel records and who’s to say I did not travel by car, if I just came off for 10 days vacation?


Therefore legalization of Marijuana in the state of California makes it legal to have dirty urine nationwide to all government agencies and employees, but not legal to possess.  If a person is not caught red handed it has to be acknowledged they did not commit a crime.


I think if it is legalized in California, states like Florida will have not choice but to legalize it also.  Because everybody will smoke it if they choose to anyway, knowing there will be no legal ramifications unless caught in the possession of the cannabis.  


Legalizes Marijuana Under California but not Federal Law.

Permits Local Governments to Regulate and Tax Commercial Production, Distribution, and Sale of Marijuana.

Initiative Statute.

Official summary:

Allows people 21 years old or older to possess, cultivate, or transport marijuana for personal use. Permits local governments to regulate and tax commercial production and sale of marijuana to people 21 years old or older. Prohibits people from possessing marijuana on school grounds, using it in public, smoking it while minors are present, or providing it to anyone under 21 years old. Maintains current prohibitions against driving while impaired.

Summary of estimated fiscal impact:

Savings of up to several tens of millions of dollars annually to state and local governments on the costs of incarcerating and supervising certain marijuana offenders. Unknown but potentially major tax, fee, and benefit assessment revenues to state and local government related to the production and sale of marijuana products.[3]



NaQuila on the Rise watch out Nicki Minaj

NaQuila on the Rise watch out Nicki Minaj

 The Song “FindCure-CureAIDS” on MP-3

Her name is NaQuila L. Hardy aka Stackz2020 & Female Gotti.  A former member of the Young Money posse, who found a new home in Universal Music Group with a new Record Label name Involved Records, who is a subsidiary of the major label.


Her first single is about to be released in August 2010, the name of the song is “People Crying (Colors).” The song received the personal blessing of Ice T, who used a similar hook year ago in the soundtrack song from the movie “Colors.”  The song is Gambino Production writing by NaQuila L. Hardy and Frank Paul Jones.


NaQuila and Frank are currently engaged in major negotiations with one of the largest nonprofit organizations in New York City known as SUS acronym for the Services for the Underserved.  This organization has major influence in the nonprofit sector and does great work helping people with developmental disabilities, Mental Health problems and people living with AIDS to name a few of their services.  There is a possibility that SUS may receive a donation that is a song anticipated  to be the International Anthem for AIDS Research, which is also a Gambino Production performed by NaQuila and co-written by Frank Paul Jones & NaQuila L. Hardy.


Frank Paul Jones aka Gambino Productions is a personal friend of some of the high level executives at SUS, to include the CEO Donna Colonna and Senior vice President Priscilla Fuller who was his supervisor when employed at the Central Office of SUS in Manhattan, New York.  And the Chief Development Officer David L. Hertz made Frank make a promise before leaving SUS for undisclosed reasons.  He said, “Frank promise me someday you will make a donation to SUS.”  Well Frank called David and said “I am broke, but I can give you a hot song by new hot artist.”  And now it is all agreeing to terms. 


Meanwhile, NaQuila is being played at the local clubs in South Central Florida to include the hottest club in Highlands County called the MiXx; where NaQuila has powerful and influential friends.   NaQuila L. Hardy is turning heads as “she is to be taken seriously as an artist and is no Nicki Minaj” says the CEO of Involved Records Devon Gaithner.  NaQuila has gained the personal attention, respect and blessing of the Gotti Family in the use of the name Female Gotti, unlike Rick Ross who is perpetrating a fraud. 


So watch out Nicki Minaj there is a new high speed train traveling out of a small town called Avon Park, Florida that is about to reach out and touch the world.  Why?  Because the turn of time has come for her to shine!  

Lil Wayne, the Bloods & the NYC Prison System

Lil Wayne, the Bloods & the NYC Prison System

The Bloods started out in Los Angeles California as a solution to the Crips aggression in the 1960s.   It is said that the bloods in New York City begun and at about 1993 was organized by a couple of inmates in the New York Prison System.

The East Coast bloods according to reports started about 1993 by Leonard “Deadeye” Mackennzie and O.G. “Original Gangsta” Mack and were never sanctioned by the LA Bloods, so therefore they are clandestine but because of there numbers they demand respect.  O.G. Mack is the alleged leader of the Rikers Islands.

Hundreds of Bloods factions exist throughout the United States.  The Bloods are very violent as there are many rivalries among them.  Though the Bloods are very powerful and huge in numbers they are not very organized as a united front as they do have the United Bloods Nation (UBN) which are the East Coast Bloods.  Regardless they are no joke and not to be played with.


Lil Wayne may have a problem in Rikers because of all the revelries among Blood Factions.  It is said that the Bloods and Crips have relationships with the Gambino Family in Los Angeles as they have a free hand to operate in LA.  Also the Mafia influence is strong in New York City which is the home of the said 5 families that are actually 6.  Important people are serious about the safety of Lil Wayne and his possible future collaborations with New York City Artists.  It is business!

Lil Wayne should not spend his 8 months stay in isolation or be in fear for his life.  It would be disloyal to harm Lil Wayne and if he accepts our friendship he is under the protection of Gambino Crime Family as long as he stays in New York City in or out of prison.  Everything has a price!


Michael Jackson’s Death Tax is based on $200M and not $500M

Mother Katherine, MJJ and Joe JacksonMichael Jackson’s Death Tax is based on $200M and not $500M


They say Michael Jackson’s estate is now worth $500 Million, the estate tax is at death value of the estate and not the surge after the fact.  Maybe he was worth $200 Million at death and gained value?  Than the death tax is based on $200 Million and not $500 Million?  So it is really possible for the estate to pay about $85 Million in death taxes and walk away with about $500 Million when the dust is settled.  There were no state death taxes in California at the time of Michael death.


Everyone who has been following the Michael Jackson saga knows interest grow immensely concerning Michael after he died which is sad but true and his assets gain value almost immediately after his death.  It is said that the temporary executors are making deals worth tens of millions of dollars to the beneficiaries of the estate and is going to turn the deed to the Encino Mansion over to Mrs. Katherine Jackson and the stipend would be in addition to that, which is more than $3.5 Million, but still controlling.  I mean Mother Katherine did not say she was homeless she said they needed money.  But I guess it is all good, if the stipend is about the amount they are accustomed to the maintenance of their living standards which is a term (stipend) I understand to mean non taxable income.


I know these are tough times for the Jackson Family to have to deal with business at such an intensive level using good judgment as they start to realize Michael is not coming back.  Hopefully when all is settled they will have time to truly weep.

Michael Jackson Memorial Tax money misappropriated or tax misappropriation

MJJ and JDJJMichael Jackson Memorial Tax money misappropriated or tax misappropriation


They spent $4 Million dollars to protect the city during a huge event, not to protect the event be that understood.  The Federal government wants an estimated $80 Million dollars in estate or death tax money.  Michael gave over $300 Million in charitable donations and I have not data on the taxes he already paid prior to the death tax to be imposed against his estate.


In all reality who is coming out way ahead?  The memorial service went smooth and every dollar invested to bring about these results was well worth it.  The question is not was tax payers money misappropriated, but is the death tax a misappropriation of government.  The question is does the copyright act of 1909 supersede the last will of Michael Jackson and negate the rights of these false executors to rape the estate and pay unconstitutional taxes to the federal government out of copyrighted material. 


Remember the last will has not been found valid yet and the arrangement is temporary and the death tax may well be repealed.  In such a case there would be a case of possible misappropriation of tax payer dues, but as it stands to say such a thing is purely shameful.  After all he gave and is still asked to give to the country and the world to insinuate that money was misappropriated by any standards is disgusting.  And let us not forget that the state of California is receiving 10% of the Federal Government’s stimulus package of $787 Billion or about $79 Billion, which 1% comes from Michael estate and the $4 million for the memorial service comes to a trivial amount like what 0.05%.  California needs to just legalize their marijuana and stop acting like a petty panhandler.  Because you obviously do no know Michael Jackson’s fans! 

Do I stand corrected at $1.4 Million?

Michael’s homicide only surprise delayed indictment

MJJ rehearsalMichael’s homicide only surprise delayed indictment


I still have not heard anything about Michael’s final resting place, hopefully for security reasons it is a tightly held secret.  Now Dr. Conrad Murray is being investigated for murder charges for supplying Michael with legal drugs illegally.  This is something that needs to be looked into in Hollywood where you have celebrities abusing prescribed medications on a large scale according to CNN.  However where I differ about Michael is I side with Latoya this time in a conspiracy theory and I think Conrad may well be a fall guy.  I think for his own protection he needs to be taken into custody for whatever reason hell an unpaid parking ticket before he is found dead.  Or offered protective custody? 


He is just a fall guy like scammer Bernie Madoff as any real gangster knows he is a snitch, because that is who they send to FCI Butner, North Carolina.  So like Madoff, he can be taken to secured location where he can start spilling the beans.  I think these Executors, Trustees and Witnesses all in one may well be a part of this conspiracy.  I was trying to open Janet’s eyes but she is talking about they are mourning, like if I am trying to profit from this shit.  The way I see it everything is on the line right now concerning the Jackson Family as we know them.


I was offended by these remarks made by Janet about me and if you knew what I know you would understand why I felt offended.  But I dropped some case law on her that needs further investigations but what is going on is like it all happened before and it is a well rehearsed script, however I did not write this one and have no idea where it is headed, but it is a real present existing dangerous situation and the stakes are in the billions.  So the whole Jackson Family has a billion reasons to be cautious.  


In any case Michael’s beneficiary’s interests in the copyrights are protected by Federal Copyright Law, which supersedes California Probate Code.  Like I said I am not a lawyer, but it goes something like “Will Bumping” Provisions of Copyright Law of 1909 Copyright act overrides will…I said enough because I am really disappointed by something that took place.




Los Angeles Crying Broke & Got Paid Twice Over

Smokey at MemorialLos Angeles Crying Broke & Got Paid Twice Over


Los Angeles pressures Michael Jackson fans to cover the costs for services by the City for Michael Jackson’s memorial.  AEG Live covered the tab for the memorial service, but there were other costs involved such as security was major.  I think the City of Los Angeles should be compensated but is barking down the wrong tree.  I did not hear about this during the Lakers parade, but now they want to be compensated by people who just experienced a major loss of a champion instead of gaining one.  Sound ass backwards to me.


Let us look at the numbers; they say it was an estimated 700,000 people were there, how many people rented hotels for the event?  They say there were over 1 Billion with a capital B that watch this event world wide, tell me how many dollars Michael made the television industry and is still making the television industry as he is the headline news as the drama continues.  I mean Michael got me back to watching television, I might be hooked again.  I know this; there are people who have not watched television for awhile who now click the remote control again in suspense for good programs.


Then we have to look at the size of Michael Jackson’s estate, that I think is being under-appraised, because Michael sold more record than any artist in history so what is the obsession with the Beatles Catalog it is all about Michael Jackson now.  I mean how much money in taxes has the Jackson Family paid to Los Angeles over the years, how may people have they employed over the years.  How many tax dollars reached the hands of the United States due to Michael Jackson?

 Michael's Children

Finally I ask the Mayor how much money will reach the hands of Los Angeles and California as a result of his estate changing hands.  Considering the impact Michael Jackson had on the world yesterday and in his lifetime and what impact he will have after death to include a possible Museum in Los Angeles.  I would stop crying about the tab to the fans and ask the Federal Government to kick in and try negotiating with the Jackson Family once these fake ass trustees are locked up for fraud about how Michael can continue to cause you more problems with people traffic that equates to money spent into the economy of Los Angeles.  You were paid twice over already.

There is enough for everyone involved

Paul There is enough for everyone involved


I have been at this since childhood, first for the Gambino Family then since I was 17 years old the Government, I sacrificed all my worldly possession in the process, so do not tell me about being in a rush, everybody has theirs but me.  You remember back in the day when we had television commercials about gadgets sold at discount stores like Woolworth and Genovese who you think invented that shit half the time and I started with a loaf of bread so to speak.  I forfeited a life time and if stem cells do not work out it was all for nothing concerning me and just possessions to give away, a selfless and foolish sacrifice.


As far as I am concerned we can make all of Gambino Corporations and Companies subsidiaries of existing corporations, for example Gambino Pharmaceuticals can be a subsidiary of Pfizer, so when their old drugs become obsolete because of cures they can continue to profit and Gambino Records can go to Warner Records and so on, then the Six Families to include the Jones Family AKA the Gallo Family can split the profits.  Janet and her family was been given the world if they and the children of John Gotti squandered their money it can be replaced, but in Janet’s case I am not going to cosign payoffs to maintain lies.


I want to move my people to Highlands County, I want to build up the Heartland in Central Florida and it has plenty of Water in the Okeechobee Lake to support life.  There are plenty of wooded areas and natural resources to use to build a small city.  I think with the money for infrastructure in the United States I cannot understand how the waterways Act was not included in the President’s plans, it is not pork it is a necessity to control rapid whether condition changes such as floods and droughts, we have to circulate the water through manmade channels.         


The Message of the Day


Take care that in your haste to get ahead in the world you don’t make an enemy of someone whose support you will need. One way to make sure that never happens is to bring them into your plans — and share the profits.

You know that you are no longer in control of a particular situation but you are determined not to let others know too. Why? No one expects you to be on top of everything that’s going on, so why expect it of yourself?


Believe it & conceive it & if you conceive it you can achieve

image0051Believe it & conceive it & if you conceive it you can achieve


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 5 March 2009


The dividing line between reality and idealism will blur considerably over the coming 12 months and as a result some of your proposals may seem a bit far-fetched. But someone has to push the boundaries, and no one is better qualified to do it than you.

With mind planet Mercury overshadowed by your ruler Neptune you may be inclined to ignore common sense and do something outlandish, if not outrageous. Or maybe, if you’re smart, you will keep it in the realms of fantasy. “What if?” can be a lot of fun too?

I am not going to do anything to embarrass myself.  I read about half of the screenplay yesterday and most say I was impressed, it was a smooth read and I was drawn into the story, I only stopped because it was time to see my doctor at the VA.  I got a very good bill of health, I do not have to go back for a year and no longer have to stick myself with the glucose meter, and my diet is working along with a pill.


I do not think my proposals are far fetched; they are based on today’s realities.  I am glad Michael Jackson help in the production and endorsed Urdanic by Big Fish Audio which is run on Elistik loop player, they need to make a commercial at least for radio to hear how this program can go, seeing him dance to it would be better,  And it is good that he is healthy and going back on tour, I only hope Janet teams up with him, that would be huge.


I realize we have bigger fish to fry, but I think I gave up most of the answers I am capable of giving, some things call for Paul Castellano and the Holy Spirit, like the cure to AIDS and the fountain of youth. 


I know Governor Paterson is blind but is he mentally blind as well.  All he has to do is sell OTB and legalize Casino Gambling in New York City and advocates need to bring this to forefront before they build on the Atlantic vacant space in Brooklyn.  They should build a Casino there.  I understand they are at least trying to legalize Marijuana in California  Just these two moves alone will bring in billions in new tax revenues, from products and services already are in existence going untaxed or being outsourced to other places


Finally I think Stem Cell Research is the answer to the health crisis, we trained our doctors  and research scientist wrong, their approach is to treat instead of curing, we have to retrain them too another mindset.  The problem we now have as far as my far-fetched boundaries are not that they are unrealistic, but that our education system teaches our kids to accept things as they are instead of having a dream and pursuing them a dream become reality because if you truly believe it and can conceive and what you conceive you can achieved.  This was common sense to my generation growing up, but somewhere the ideals were lost.  When I was a child my teacher asks one student what he wanted to b when he grew up and he said the President of the United States he was a black child in 1st grade, today we have a black president.  I was asked what did I want to be and today you have me.  If you believe it you can conceive it and if you conceive it you can achieve it.

It is all Business on “B” Day

dscn01441It is all Business on “B” Day


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 26 February 2009


You may be somewhat shy by nature but you do sometimes let your hair down, and with chatty Mercury and fun-loving Venus on great form on your birthday you will be a bit of a party animal this year. Affairs of the heart are also well starred.

Forget about your money worries and do something that makes you feel good about your life, no matter how much it might cost. You’ll find a way to pay the bills – you always do – and you will also have some great memories to look back on.

Thank you but no thanks.  I am not going to intentionally be financially ill-responsible; I am now in the process of paying down on the debt, what you think I built this studio on donations on the contrary I had to borrow.  So in reality I bought myself my birthday gift in advance.  I am not hurting for any possessions but love is not a possession.  As for love and affection it is like a play toy to a child I get just enough to pacify.  All these gadgets and software/hardware devices my birthday or New Years resolution is to use them.  I would like to start the New Year like I plan to use the rest of the year and that is not partying.  Unless you are the Host party & business are an oxymoron.   So one day you say this is the year to take care of business than you say be a punk ass party animal.  Get real!

As for affairs of the heart I am a ghost and you want it that way or it would not be so, for whatever reason, my guess is plausible denial.  There is nothing famous about my affairs.  As we know I am a writer at Wikipedia.com and I edited Janet’s bio and do you know they deleted my shit, so I do not buy my affairs of the heart are starred they are intentionally hidden.  I am the one who made the babies with her and is the least or only one not spoken about.  I should have never agreed with a lot of things like not taking any photos with her, but you learn from your mistakes.  John Gotti is scum bag for arranging that.

So now the idea of legalizing Marijuana is a seriously on the table issue in California.  There are a lot of people expressing the idea as a way to save the state of its debts, for once I think I am not just talking to the winds, but now New York City needs to talk about the idea of Casino Gambling to save the City and state of New York.  All it takes is a few good writers and advocates and it will be a done deal once voted on by the people.

Well finally as for doing something special on my birthday, first of all is falls on a week day which I do plan to take off, but I have a doctors appointment on the day an maybe a dental the day prior and I am spent out, but if I thought you were serious I would think you would pay me some of the money owed me and not the other way around of spend and depend on you and Janet to make  a way for me to pay for my ill-responsible spending.  I am alright; I am not down in anyway whatsoever, but excited I am not either; there is just too many unfinished items on the agenda.


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