Officer Bueford had no probable cause to arrest Gambino

Officer Bueford had no probable cause to arrest Gambino


Officer Sean Bueford of the Sebring Police Department violated the constitutional rights of Frank Paul Jones aka Gambino Productions.  It is said that Frank Paul Jones allegedly violated Florida Statue 316.151.1b, with an improper left turn.  Meaning he was not in the left lane when he turned.  Yet he is he is accused of making a left turn into the officers path of travel being the left lane.  In other words he moved into the left lane in front officer Bueford prior to making a left turn into Sebring Parkway from North Ridgewood Drive.


It is a violation of the Florida Statute to cross a solid white line, to change lanes and the officer’s dispute was that he had the right of way when Frank Paul Jones changed lanes to make a left turn.  So it was probably a violation of Florida Statue 316.085 with is the limitations set on overtaken, passing, changing lanes and changing course.  And there was no accident because almost does not really count.


In any case the probable cause to stop Frank Paul Jones aka Gambino Productions on suspicion of DUI was valid.  The stop was valid; however the arrest was unconstitutional, because almost having a car accident due to a violation of Florida Statue 316.085 is not probable cause for the arrest of a DUI.  Even the failure of the sobriety test should have been followed up with a breathalyzer test to determine the alcohol levels in the suspect.  Then and only then should an arrest been processed at the jail house. However Frank Paul Jones aka Gambino Productions did not fail the sobriety test nor was this probable cause for the DUI arrest on the police report.


Both charges are false because of poor policing by Officer Sean Bueford.  Now Frank Paul Jones aka Gambino Productions is force to carry a financial burden that is untimely.  He is on the blotter report as a drunk behind the wheel, was forced to take a mug shoot, all while high powered meetings are taking place to develop his non profit organization and Production Company, which are works in effect at the harvesting stage. 


We cannot simply call this racism, as it is black on black crime.  Officer Bueford is black man.  He should be ashamed of himself.  As he drove Stackz2020 in the car to the Mixx nightclub, that was very unprofessional because anything could have happened.  She could have pulled his gun and he could have shot her claiming she attempted to pull his weapon.  I think Officer Sean Bueford owes Gambino an apology, all charges should be dropped and all expenses reimbursed.




The World is about to end?

The World is about to end?


BP for British Petroleum and is this a great sleeper.  First there was Haiti, was it an underwater bomb that took down Haiti?  Now we have this oil explosion 1 ½ miles below the sea.  I heard something about 5,000 barrels times 42 = Gallons per day being spilled admittedly.  These are the signs of the end of the times.


Is the world coming to an end or has it ended already and now the vision must take place.  I just want to go over something I said before.  A great prophet is not a seer   of the future, but a great designer and it is the people’s greatness that will determine if the prophesies is fulfilled.  We the people have to stop this handful of people out to destroy the world; because they know there time is up.


While we are forced to focus on this crap about the Gambino Crime Family and Wall Street they are killing potentially tens of millions of people.  The Devil is a mean spirited serpent.  Wars and more Wars, no more drug wars, a very weak economy, while millions upon millions, no billions upon billions of dollars sit in duffel bags, inside walls like insulation in Mexican Mansions, but people cannot eat because there is no money.


Now will there be a sea food contamination wide spread throughout the world?  Will people die on the coasts from new cancers 5 years from now?  Our coastlines have they been poisoned over time and can they stop the spill in the first place?  Or should we say will they stop it, not even assuming they can!  Hell they might tell us it is stopped to calm the world, meanwhile the spill continues until dooms day.  Hell that is to say this is only a month in the making?  


We need comments on this subject to inform people tuned into entertainment fantasies.


These are the words of Capstone Zulu


The Zulus travelled North and those who travelled East got lost.

NaQuila L. Hardy Arrested Today

NaQuila L. Hardy Arrested Today


Frank Paul Gambino wants’ Capstone Zulu contract with NaQuila


Today NaQuila L. Hardy was arrested in Avon Park, FL.  All that can be said at this point is there was a dispute over songs released on Capstone Zulu’s new release to reach digital stores in about 3 weeks.  However you can buy direct on a few selected few songs at a great discount at;


We all knew mixing business with personal concerns was bad chemistry.  I think NaQuila’s album is great and deserves a chance to be properly promoted.  Will we work together in the future is to be determined by the industry.  I do not know if it is fear or insanity but the important things took the back door for what seemed to be a manipulation without good reason or merit.  It was a hostel takeover attempt.


Now as a team we can make good music, but I am sure she can fly without me and I think I can also work with other people.  It seem to be time to call in the lawyers and draw up some paperwork or just travel in separate directions altogether.


Legal documents have to be drawn for this relationship to continue on the music front.  My focus is music and non profit endeavors first.  The Hollywood relationship prototype does not faze me; I am real about who and what I am.


I have nothing to say bad about this woman other than I wonder about her intent.  She still has my blessing, but will not be forced to accept it.  Some people think I am more of a problem than of help.  That decision is hers!

NaQuila Likes Monster Red

NaQuila Likes Monster Red


With Energy drinks on the surge as many youths use it as an aphrodisiac (Intensifies sexual desires) and as we know in the music industry sex sells.  There is a big campaign between Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks to start a huge rivalry in a limit partnership. 


Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks are siding up with many Pop artists in a huge campaign to make Red Bull and Monster in the energy drinks market what Coke and Pepsi is in the soft drinks market.  .


We are hoping to get sponsorship from Monster, because it is our choice of energy drinks.  Monster is basically the same thing as Red Bull meaning it works the same, however Monster give you double the bang for your buck.  They are both equally quality drinks and the goal is to make consumers choose between the two as they corner the market with hop Hip Hop Commercials on stations like MTV, BET, VH1 and Nationwide Radio Airplay  that caters to the consumer group targeted by this campaign.

Screenplays, Social Life & Investment Capital

Denzel Washington Screenplays, Social Life & Investment Capital


There are a lot of things taking place more important than a social life, people testing nuclear bombs, jet planes falling into the sea, the death of MJJ and others, AIDS, wars and the list goes on.


Message of the Day

Your social scene may be a bit boring at the moment but the planets indicate that it will get a lot more interesting between now and next weekend. Chances are you will look back in a few days time and wish it was boring all over again!

I need more investment capital; I have a friend opening a fish and soul food restaurant, in a neighborhood of over 10,000 with only Chinese’s restaurants in the area, whereby he is loved in the hood and it is predominantly black in populations.  I know most restaurants fail in the first 6 months, because it takes time to make a profit, I want my friends to help Carl Alston in any way possible in Queensbridge our mothers were like sisters.  There are very few black businesses out there this is no pork it is a necessity and has to be established and succeed.  That said; he has my blessing.

 Janet & Alicia

I admit I have to learn to socialize again but it has to be business oriented, I am all about networking now it is time to make the business moves.  Like I said the best thing for me to build up on is intellectual property, as I said I am about to write another script and again I want to write Janet and Alicia into the screen, though the screen is totally different  from everybody has demons.  Actually these roles will be easier for them to play.

Prince in Purple Rain 

I have not decided as to whether to give the leading role to a woman or man, I probably will not start writing for about a week, I am leaning towards a man this time with Janet and Alicia in supporting roles, I am even considering requesting the services of Prince in this one again in a supporting role, the person I wanted in the leading role showed no repeat to Michael’s BET Tribute; I believe because of his associations, so I just assume find someone else, Janet knows who I am talking about.  Again I want Denzel Washington to direct the movie.


This one should honestly be finished by summer’s end, because I cannot abandon my home recording studio during the process, I have to allocate a certain amount of hour a day to the screen.  That said….

Screenplay into Movie & New Recording Studio

Denzel WashingtonScreenplay into Movie & New Recording Studio


I have been getting excellent reviews about the screenplay “Everybody Has Demons.”  I have been told such words as awesome and thumb’s up.  My sister Egeria is going to take over from here as far as seeking financers she has a good network.  Any changes or additions to the screenplay have to be approved by me.  I still think Denzel Washington is the best Director in the world and any actor or actress under him will be at their best, because I believe he will bring the best out of them.  Janet and Alicia are written in stone for their parts I wrote it for them and Beyonce and Anthony I really want to give Anthony a break and Beyonce though it was written with her in mind, I think she may still have to be sold to the idea, also John Gotti Junior is in and I plan for him to play his father in the Apostle and honestly the best person to play me in the Apostle would be Will Smith.  First let us get “Everybody has Demons,” off the ground.


We planned to put up another home studio soon, it will be for recording vocals to musical tracks, then maybe later I will consider making it into a full production studio.  It will however have limited music creation capability but my focus is on doing vocal tracks on this one.  Hopefully we will have this done next month.  I want to work with my nephew’s crew the Underground Movement as well as other talented people of my choosing



Message of the Day

You have a talent for communication and if you use it wisely over the coming 12 months it will take you far. Remember though that it’s not enough just to say something — what you say must be felt in the heart.

Others may be worried about their jobs and their incomes but you have faith in the essential goodness of the universe. Never forget that it’s your mind that creates your world. Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes — always.

Screenplay Casting & Family Business

MJJScreenplay Casting & Family Business


My nephew said something to me that resonated; he said never do business with family and friends, but I happen to disagree.  His rational was if they get upset they will halt your project if they can out of emotions.  I found that I was doing exactly that, for personal reasons, I decided to stop feeding the Janet’s crew with music, song and ideas, instead I have to see it through and see where the chips fall at the end.  I have to separate family relations and business.


Not to say I am not working on my own project, but I know my material is very controversial and provocative, and that is the intentions and I am not sure if Janet can get away with singing some on my lyrics, but almost always the music is very good or better that that, I can turn a beat and if you listen to music today the vocals are cool but the lyrics are senseless and the music sucks, so we will see, where this goes.


I put out screenplays to be looked over and have not received any responses, this is how I want it done in any case, and without given the screen away I will say this.


The screenplay Casting Wish List:


Executive Producer Michael Jackson & Denzel Washington

Director: Denzel Washington – A $20 to $30 Million + Budget plus a percentage of the take to the performers if successful.  My casting selections are for consistency of the screenplay, there is rhyme to the reasons.


Sister Peace – Janet Jackson

Aisha – Alicia Keys

Sharon – Beyonce

Maria – a Dark Puerto Rican or half Puerto Rican Actress from New York City

Momma – Vanessa Williams


Dirty Old Man – Martin Lawrence – This will make it funny and easy for Beyonce


Rayvon – Anthony Williams

Jake – Actor for Down South chosen by Denzel

Marlon – West Indian Actor

Rev. Dr. Love – Dr. Bob Lee of WBLS

Shotgun – Tito Jackson

Big Ray – Jackie Jackson


Secret Agent – John A. Gotti Jr.

Special Agent – Ice T

Asst. Director Secret Service – Jermaine Jackson


All other extras and Cameos by local residents of Avon Park



Message of the Day


Something you did for a friend or relative or work colleague a few months ago will be repaid in full over the next few days. Your critics may say you don’t deserve what you gain but that’s jealousy talking. Ignore them.



Janet’s True Love

janet-paul-aliciaJanet’s True Love


Is it me or is it not is the only question.  Is it Frank Paul Gambino and Janet Jackson or not?  We all know that actions speak louder than words and we all know I continue to be a hidden truth or is it all one big lie and I am being fed a bone, being pacified.  What I say is limited to a few web sites and being heard by limited people, when you look up Janet Jackson you do not find Frank Paul Gambino unless you specifically ask for me.  When you look up Alicia Keys you still read about Janet and her considering going to bed and not that she is her daughter.  So what is the truth? We know what Janet’s PR wants out there and she plays along with it.  Like Denzel Washington said, it is not show business but the business show.  And if Jermaine Dupri is an actor in Janet’s case she picked the wrong leading man and it was an injustice to me.  Why I say this is self explanatory on many fronts and if she cannot see it he is not very wise, unless she has something to hide.

Promoting Views through the Arts of Music and Film

paul-and-janet5Promoting Views through the Arts of Music and Film


Right now the focus is on intellectual property accumulation, I want to stockpile my work and encourage Janet Jackson of Black Doll, Raymond Jones of Durty Ground ENT., Dahoud Smith’s Underground Movement  and myself Frank Paul Jones AKA Gambino of Gambino Productions to stockpile intellectual property, establish and trademark these institutions.  My goal is to serve Janet first and put her back on the map and use her as a springboard to get the other production and Record Companies off the ground.  I think between the four by the end of the summer we can get her the material she needs to go into to record studio with excellent material with confidence and complete support.


My new motto is to sing for social change instead of money, and the money will follow.  With all the changes taken place in this world I feel we have to be the pioneers of the Changing World in its maturity stage as the old ways will pass away.  My Nephew Raymond has a crew that can and have proven themselves talented and Dahoud is an excellent writer and organizer and can put into my access a crew of men that will be able help me, I realize I will have to move around the City use the Internet and phone to coordinate my efforts.


I will need for Janet, Alicia and Beyonce if they choose to take the mission to find me a director they can work with in the type of movie I wrote, personally I like Denzel Washington his movies can touch you and integrate tasteful violence and intellectual debate and that is what that movie may well be intended to do, it is touching, has controversial ideas and it has violence at a reasonable level and the movie is not a joke, so Tyler Perry who is great might not be the best choice, because he is mostly a director of comedies.


I think the best way to reach people is through the arts; however I think many churches have also become mere entertainment.  Man they have to produce, “Everybody has Demons,” it has so much to offer and I think it deserve a strong budget out of Paramount Pictures, it is registered with the Writers Guild its number is #1349299 Title: Everybody Has Demons filename: Everybody Has Demons.MMSW I want this one picked up!


Some of your views and opinions may seem rather extreme but it might surprise you to learn how many other people share your general dissatisfaction with the state of the world. Seek out those people this year. Together you can make yourself heard.


You will need some time and space to yourself today and the only way you will get it is if you are bold enough to take it. The world around you is just too noisy and chaotic for your tastes, so go some place where you can be at peace with your thoughts.