The New Christian Movement Lacks Agenda

The New Christian Movement Lacks Agenda


The Christians of the new millennium are classier than ever.  I remember when preachers basically could not read the scripture they preached about.  The taught out of the Old King Version Bible, not understanding the language as many of them were illiterate to this language teaching those who were also illiterate to old English. Sort of like the stupid leading the blind.  They did a song and dance routine and the best performer won over the largest congregations.  This was the story of small town USA.


Meanwhile there was always powerful nationally creditable leaders who gained the support and backing of these underhanded fellowships.  They were the people who came to these small towns with the national media and large parades, they were known as civil rights leaders but really they were Grand Marshalls or were they the Drum Majors of the marching bands?  The marching bands were called churches.


Today Christians have no movement.  When the marching bands were once the church congregations today everyone is a producer.  Therefore with electronic technology the band members have been outsourced by the Personal Computer “PC.”  This is a literal fact.  We communicate not at mass gatherings, but as independent contractors via the internet.  I can get 1,000, 2,000 or even 3,000 reads on any given day and on the average monthly.  But can I produce that many people in one gathering on any given day for a specific cause?


Today ministers and reverends are not as employable as they once was, because there are simply too many people in the business of leadership yet they are not taking the initiative to lead any agenda that is sufficient.  When I say sufficient I mean something that will attract people to a realistic activity that will make a difference.  I mean sure Minister Farrakhan produced the million man march, however today it is mere conversation piece of a historic event. 


We have too many intelligent chiefs that are independent of each other and there is not enough Grand Marshalls and Drum Majors to unite them I one place for one event.  Meaning we have too many producers and not enough band members, as the producers compete without showing up anywhere with there artists who do voiceovers without employing a band.  Or should it be said simply we do not gather in one place for any significant purposes.


We have become intellectual mummies.  We have become the sleeping dead.  We have become inactive. With AIDS killing millions of people; with drugs on the streets in epidemic proportions as well in the black community; with the wars in the Middle East while people in our community are homeless and starving in America; as mortgage foreclosures are on the rise and a depressing economy; while prescription drugs worth thousands are handed to the poor  to mood control to include myself; but little financial support is addressed the cause of the mood disorder because that is welfare for the poor; but handing people $40G in prescription drugs a year  is not considered corporate welfare it is called helping the perishing.  Yet the world has created the monster I have become.  “I hate this world and those who rule it” says the poor and for that you we are prescribe drugs?   Because I am hungry, homeless, without food, clothing and shelter you prescribe me drugs.  And President Obama this is on your watch, yes it is!  


I say there is something really wrong with the picture here.  So-called Christians have become too classy when the foundation is humility. Christians badly need a new plan of action, instead of being lazy waiting on the Lord, who is already here?






Dr. King Was not God’s Son-There was no Judas

Dr. King Was not God’s Son-There was no Judas


Steve Cokely accuses Jesse Jackson of being Judas in the conspiracy to murder Dr. Martin Luther King.  Here is the hyperlink to the four parts Steve Cokely videos.   The problem with the analogy is that Dr. King was not God’s Son.  They say the dream was killed; however the reality is that the black man has been dreaming ever sense the death of Dr. King.  His death made the dream have life and put the black community asleep for over 40 years.  As Dr. King predicted his own death, he placed himself as a martyr. His death scattered the black community towards directionless intentions.


Jer 31:10 “Hear the word of the LORD, O nations; proclaim it in distant coastlands: ‘He who scattered Israel will gather them and will watch over his flock like a shepherd.’     


Steve Cokely describes Jesse as an assigned black leader by white America.  But I ask who chose Martin?  Who gave him creditability as a black leader?  Was it not white media?  I tell you the truth Jesse was sanctioned by God and Martin was not.  Jesse had little to do with the demise of Martin.  Martin’s demise was preordained; not for reasons of righteous, but because he intentionally tried to deceived the black community by putting himself ahead of God.


The truth of the matter is that most of Dr. King’s accomplishments were as a result of us.  It was like he had a wish list with media attention and we answered his prayers and made him.  Then the problem that came as much as I love him was that he was becoming too popular.  He had a motive to become the first black president not to serve the black community, but those who he truly served.  So I was told I should not continue to support him because if I did people would never believe me when my day came.  So we simply backed off our support for his agenda.  Because he wanted people to believe it was him and not the power of the living Son of Man, which allowed these things he got credit for to happen. So we simply backed off and he could not survive without the power of the Lord behind him.


 It was not murder, he became a human sacrifice who chose death over the true submission to the Lord who he said as a mere child, he would never follow.  Dr. King wanted to be the Man, the black leader and head Negro in charge. And his wish was granted provided he could do it on his own and that led to his demise.


Now I share with you something out of the screenplay the Apostle:



Staff Sergeant Winston who was my KEY arranged a meeting with me and Rev. Jesse Jackson.



Who are you?

Frank Paul Jones was in the process of becoming Paul Castellano, right before Rev. Jackson.



I am afraid; they are going to kill


Then Paul Castellano started laughing, saying Frank Paul Jones is a baby, and he wasn’t that body he just resides in it.



Why you let them do what they did to Paul?



He has to overcome it, he had to know, but he has to overcome it.



What are you going to do to the people responsible for this?



What do you suggest?



They must die.



You are right and I assume you are afraid for your life as well, but you will be all right, it’s all a part of the Master Plan.

The decision was made to protect Jesse, because he had a strong Presidential campaign and the decision was made to handle the people who raped Paul.