Contacts California Weed Connections

Contacts California Weed Connections

 The Song “The Consumer” By: Stackz Gotti

On Tuesday 2 November 2010, elections day in California they vote on Proposition 19.  Whatever the case for political analysts they will legalize Marijuana and help change and save the world on President Obama’s term in office.


I need to know how much the staff sells for; it should be plentiful all over the country.  You figure Crips and Bloods will transport all over the Nation to help save the California economy.    Florida just legalized same sex adoptions and is becoming more liberal.  With a new influx of Puerto Ricans educated at the age of about 24 to 45 at a number of 700,000 and counting, elections will have a New York City influence.  Weed will be legal in Florida in less than 2 years by special elections.


I want to go into the marijuana business and have a Federal Felony conviction.  My concern is we who fought to legalize weed by selling it even when it was illegal, not me but you know, will be excluded from the legal marijuana trade.


Crips and Bloods will profit on the short run by trafficking weed nationwide out of LA.  This will be ignored in California law enforcement making it possible to conceal it before getting on the road with weed.  For example people in fruit and other trucking related industries will move large packages of weed out of California by nature of the legalized drug itself.


My concern is that Pall Mall and Newport’s will conquer the longevity of the trade unless we grow our own weed in marijuana plantations legally.  People like Ice T and Snoop Dogg must purchase land to plant weed in the future, or do it now legally or the law is oppressive to the black man’s long term adjustment to the legalization.


That said tell me about the marijuana industry.



Why do successful Blacks Resist Blacks in the Struggle?

Why do successful Blacks Resist Blacks in the Struggle?


The reason many blacks who are successful, do not invest in the community they are from, is due to the lack of respect.  Black people are some of the most disrespectful people on the face of the earth when it comes to their own peers.  They will kiss up to the white man and in the same sentence cast you into hell.  So a black man has the problem of doing business with his peers, because they will not want to pay for anything.  A business cannot operate without a profit.  So often a black millionaire will stray away from his own community, to maintain his status, because his peers will try to pull him down.


People here ask why the millionaires out of Avon Park, who made it in sports do not make a few phone calls and bring money into this town.  They could make a few phone calls and bring $50 Million here overnight because they know people with money. But if they did that, they would be putting their good names on the line and they obviously do not think the people here are ready for this type of investment capital.  I seen the same thing happen in Queensbridge Projects, where we had many success stories but they did not help the community.  This is the trend in America.  Successful blacks do not comeback home with any money to raise the community out of oppression, all due to disrespect.


Once we address this problem we have to address another situation, which is management.  If these types of funds were to enter into our communities how would we manage it?  Do we have a comprehensive community business plan and agenda?  Will we support our own black businesses or travel 10 miles to save a dollar, knowing we are victims of redlining.


All to say, before we talk about what Thomas Gordon and Hal McRae doesn’t do for us, we must first ask ourselves; do we deserve it?  Will we support it?  Are we ready for it?  When we can say yes to all three of these questions, I think they will be there for us.

The $0.5M Avon Park Southside Stimulus Package

The $0.5M Avon Park Southside Stimulus Package


These are sad times here in the black section of Avon Park, FL.; especially in the Southside Community Redevelopment Area.  Where over 80% of the businesses are close and 100% or none are fully operational.  As the state of the Union may well be in a recession we here in the Southside Community are clearly experiencing a depression.  Something has to be done ASAP.


I call on the City of Avon Park, the State of Florida and the United States of America, to duly recognize the hardships felt by the citizens of Avon Park and Highlands County Florida.  We are a rural area and for that reason we know money has been set aside to face these difficult challenges.  We see our problems and there solutions as a boiler plate to the Nation as a whole.


First we need to reopen the doors to these establishments.  To do this we need a community based incentive business proposal.  Such a plan will be devised by the NCNCHINC and the SBDC in a cooperative effort with the local business owners. The purpose of this plan is to determine what business each property will be used for, that will help create a strong local economy.  We must come to a consensus. 


We call on the County of Highlands to give each property owner a tax exemption for the year 2010.  This tax credit is to be used and placed in a coffer directed towards paying the costs of utilities on the buildings.  In this package we call on the Avon Park Utilities Department to provide there services free of charge to qualifying businesses for the year of 2011, at a reasonable cap.  Now we have the lights, water and gas on and garbage maintenance covered and a new direction for doing business.


Then we want a full inspection of these properties done, to determine the costs to redevelop the properties and a renovation on all properties done at an estimated cost of no more than $300,000 in local labor and material brought as one major purchase, to create purchasing power.  This money will come from the Federal and State government.  Every building will be insured at its estimated value upon completion of renovation.


Meanwhile the owners of these properties or their management will be required to take and complete the Small Business Management Course at SFCC administered by the SBDC.  At which time a comprehensive business plan will be drawn up for each business to prosper in the long term.


Then we will provide grants and/or government subsidized loans to these businesses.  Such businesses should include and not be limited to activities necessary for the community at large to function such as; a grocery stores, laundry mate, office spaces, restaurants, hair solon and supplies store, barbershop, bar and other services as deemed needed and management qualified. 

The Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area Dilemma

The Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area Dilemma


I realize people need to have recreation and be allowed to let off steam.  When I was younger I partied and it was fun to me, however became my greatest misery.  It was a privilege extended to me from the generations before me and shouldn’t be extended to this generation by all. 


I was sent here on a mission and by a promise made to Worshipful Master Eston Roberts to do community work and to help revive the economy first in the black community than in all communities and then the nation.  This is my promise to the Nation and the White House and President Obama.


People here wonder who I am and what I am about.  I’m a servant of the Lord, far from stupid or am I crazy.  I walked the road of the oppressed by choice and understand the hardships of the underserved, for I am one of them. The bottom line is I have been through the ringer, because the direction of my life was preordained.


I travelled for 33 years, since I was 17 years old.  And the Lord and the nation sent me here.  What is about to happen here will be a template for the Nation to follow?  Avon Park does not realized it has been blessed, by my presence and the attention it will receive around the nation and the world as a result of my being here on a mission from God and by the Nation of Made Men.


Important people are watching us.  As I may have a vision I was taught that a prophet’s vision can only be realized by the actions of the people.  The people of the times make’s the vision of the prophet happen and not the other way around contrary to popular belief.  I may well be the Grand Architect or Chief Engineer, but my ability to manufacture a final product depends on the staff and technicians.


All to say, millions of dollars is trying to ride thru here and important people want these good things to happen in this area. Operations from the White House to the Gambino Family, from Oprah to  Eric Holder to past Presidents such as George W, Bush and Bill Clinton to the support of the Crips are unified in this mission, because the success of this mission holds a key to a better America.  That said who am I?  I am the real Paul Castellano, now do your homework.  I am Gambino!


I call on the scattered Dolphins and those who love the Lord to come together not in fear knowing the Lord is with you and the highest authorities of Mankind also.  Support the operation to revive our community and put an end of self oppression.  Understand that oppression is privilege however reparation is our right to succeed.   Please help us help us and you too.

Non Profit Community Can Stimulate Black’s Economy

Non Profit Community Can Stimulate Black’s Economy


We all know that working in the non profit sector is no get rich scheme. Often you work longer hours and earn less pay in the non profit sector.  Just like a for profit organization a non profit organization has to turn a buck to be economically feasible and sustainable.  The reward in the non profit sector is that often you can do something you enjoy doing that is fulfilling in your life.  It is a great opportunity to help people.


A lot of non profit organizations however are losing their 503 c 3 status, because they are not properly filling out their tax returns.  This is sad that it is happening at a time when more people than ever need the help of the non profit sector.


What is the real difference between the non profit organization and a for profit corporation?  The real difference between for profit and non profit is how the money earned from the corporations is paid out to the people. This is beyond the scope of this article.


Understanding that we live in a consumer driven economy and the black community is the underserved and underdogs of America.  An interdependent black community can be an essential part of the rebuilding of America’s economy.  We at the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC (NCNCHINC) believe that a dead economy is economics not in motion.  People are not working because consumer spending is down, because people are not working.  It is a catch 22!  If we as a community put people back in motion, people will be able to spend more and it would put people back to work. What is work?  It is the inclusion into the labor force for compensation.


The only way the black community is going to rebound from the economic crisis, which is a depression among blacks is to recycle.  When I say recycle I am talking about moving money within the community and keeping it in the community as long as necessary to produce more revenue.  How can this be done?


We have to have a community business plan incentive.  Everyone cannot be a beer jug joint or drug dealer.  We need essential business institutions to sustain our economic stability.  We need a grocery store with food in it. We need our own laundry mate.  We need within the community a hair solon and barbershop that also sells hair supplies.  We need entrepreneurs to step up and sell vegetables on stands daily in some of our vacant lots and compensate the land owners for the use of his property; they too have to pay taxes.  We need black media to define our black people.  We need restaurants so we can stop handing our money to McDonald’s and the Illuminati.  We need affordable housing and daycare. I can go on but the article will never end.  The Honorable Rev. Frank Paul Jones says we need us to take back our community and stop the oppression of our own people for crumbs. 


We need eat the meat, through non profit leadership!




The F.P. Jones Clean Slate Bill

The F.P. Jones Clean Slate Bill


I am about the address a serious dilemma in America.  The welfare of children from single parenting homes needs to be addressed.  With 40 Million people in America living below the poverty line and 13 million on them children this should be serious concern of all Americans.  Why?  Can we drain water from a rock?  If the parents of the children are poor the chances are the child is also poor.


This single parent agenda bill is about families reuniting or functioning as separate entities to the benefit of the child who did not ask to be born.  We have programs for single parents with the children, so we also should take into consideration that the parent separated from their children may from time to time need help also.


The main focus of this bill that I hope will be introduced to the Congress is the children of America poverty levels as a result of single parenthood.  One of the main reasons why parents’ breakup is due to economics and by the man being separated from the woman does not necessarily equate to better economic conditions for the child, if the father cannot produce child support.


As we address the poverty levels of the children in America, we must focus on the real issues which are food, clothing and shelter.  Most programs focus on the single parent with the children, but the focus should be on the children.  We cannot condone teenage pregnancy due to reckless sexual acts, no more than we can condone the deadbeat dads.  But if it is due to economic circumstances our question is should it be forgiven for the sake of the children. We cannot continue to use children as pawns to be vindictive towards the poor man in America.   Though this is not a black and white issue it is often an aggravated assault on black men.


Why are there not programs to help the deadbeat dad catch up on child support payments?   Why once a man falls behind he can never catch up?  This is an example of symbolic castration, as we send the mother the check and the father the bill, we send the woman to college and send the brother to jail?


Understand the issue at hand.  If money is being paid by tax payers to rectify an economic injustice such as the lack of food, clothing and shelter for a child, why must it become a judicial situation? Thus it  is double jeopardy on the tax payer. This is evil and vindictive. 

The F.P. Jones Clean Slate Bill is simple.  If a man can prove he was a deadbeat dad due to economic circumstances and has means to support his children now, his old debts to society is wiped clean.  Though this may sound liberal it will bring deadbeat dads out of hiding and possibly reunited children with both parents active in their lives.  If we can forgive illegal immigrants and big corporations we can forgive the little guy struggling to buy a loaf of bread each day.





Florida Right to work State without Jobs creates crimes

Florida Right to work State without Jobs creates crimes


Right to Work States: Florida

The right of persons to work shall not be denied or abridged on account of membership or non-membership in any labor union or labor organization. The right of employees, by and through a labor organization, to bargain collectively shall not be denied or abridged. Public employees shall not have the right to strike. (Constitution Amended by General Election, 1944; Revised by General Election November 5, 1968)

Florida is ranked 5th highest unemployment rate in the whole country and is at 11.7 in May 2010, which is well above the National average which is 9.7.  Meanwhile Florida has the second highest mortgage foreclosure rate in the country, which is three times the national average.  Yet we live in a right to work state which is defined as a right to live.  


However, in Highlands County, Florida the unemployment rate among blacks is above the national average, but this is not the case for white citizens which a far below the national average at about 4%.  So the right to work and right to live in Florida are not helping black people here in Florida or Highlands County.  Is this a form of racial discrimination first in the educational system, that is designed to warehouse black children and then in the workforce whereby they are not qualified for employment later or should it be said are not as competitive as their white counterparts?


In Florida nearly one in four high school student’s dropout of high school and in Highlands County the rate is a higher at about 33%.   This is higher than the national average of about 30%.  However for black children the high school dropout rate in Florida is about 35%.  These statistics are not accurate, because many black children in Florida and especially in Highlands County dropout prior to high school and are not even counted as high school dropouts.


Florida nearly doubled its prison population over the last 15 years.  Here in Florida the rate of crime is near 23% higher than the national average. It has about 90,000 inmates in about 121 facilities are about $20,000 per inmate.    Florida spends less on housing the inmates compared to the national average, simply by cutting costs on their correctional officers, which is another example of the right to live without a living wage in Florida.


So what is the correlation between the lack of work, the lack of living wages, the high mortgage foreclosure rates, the weak educational system and crime?  Can it be the right to work without a living wage in the state of Florida, which creates these oppressive situations?  What do you think?  Is this socialism in disguise?

High Speed Rail Thru Avon Park, FL & America’s Economic Woes

High Speed Rail Thru Avon Park, FL & America’s Economic Woes  


Avon Park, FL a little known place located in South Central Florida, in Highlands County.  The population of Highlands County is about 100,000 as Avon Park population is about 9,000 and the population of Florida is about 19 million. Yet Highlands County is larger than New Orleans and is located on prime real estate.


The basic demographics of these areas concerning the black community is Highlands County is about 10% black or about 10,000 black people reside here and Avon park has about 3,000 of these black residents or 30% black who are counted by the censes.  Due to the fact that the Censes bureau does not count the homeless who are not in a shelter and there are no shelters here and they count people in jails and the jail is in County’s capital Sebring the numbers are much higher.  I believe Avon Park is probably 40% black with about 4,000 black people and almost half of the black population of Highlands County.


Of these approximately 3,000 to 4,000 black people the unemployment rate is ridiculously high in comparison.  The unemployment rate for non white males is about 2.9% and females are at about 3.6% whereby for black males it is over 10.1% and females are at about 7.2% and understand that these jobs are not living wages in most cases.  Therefore employment still does not mean self sufficiency.  Understand these numbers are based on the 3,000 counted and not the other 1,000 ghosts, which are hidden by the system through homelessness and the jail population.


The Highlands County jail houses about 400 to 500 people on any given day of these people most are people of black, poor and drug addicted and probably unemployed. What is going on in Avon Park, Fl is going on all over America.  Black men are symbolically castrated and often dependent on black women who are often the bread winners in the black community, while black men house the prison systems.


So why do I take such a small place to call on investment capital to remedy this situation?  The answer is simple, because of the size and location of this town and its jail house and employment disparities, the solution to these problems can act as a template for all America.  Simply put with a small piece of the Federal budget we can turn this place around and create a formula for the greater American Communities. 


And with the Florida High Speed Rail Plans connecting Tampa, Orlando and terminating in Miami Florida, with starting budget of $1.25B.  And the proposed plans sends the trains straight thru Highlands County, I ask how can President Obama overlook us in the investment equation?  Highland County must be included in the investment scheme with at a minimum a additional public transportation bus route or a connecting train route from Avon Park. FL to Sebring FL to a connecting High Speed Rail Location.

Highlands County’s Real Market Dilemma

Highlands County’s Real Market Dilemma


Highlands County is in a serious tight spot.  As we are seated on prime real estate in Central Florida about 11 feet above sea level, yet the real estate is actually overpriced.  How the land is valued is outrageously foolish.  The land is in a prime location but the infrastructure and the business establishments are not properly setup.


Lawyers are going out of business, not because of the lack of their need but because of the lack of their affordability.  People here need lawyers bad but cannot retain them.  People are losing there homes by the thousands not due to the high price of the homes, but because of the low wages of their employment.  It is a mess here, yet we sit on a gold mine.


Historically this was an agriculture township.  Now the city that should be flourishing is downsizing because the planning committee is either unethical in an attempt to move people out to sell higher, or they are simply not business savvy.  I believe the latter. 


The infrastructure is being developed wrong.  For example the manufacturing industry here in Highlands County is at about 2.2%, yet the land is saturated with natural resources.  Light industry is a must to rebound this economy. Meanwhile the highway is filled with retail stores to cater to Northerners here for the season of good weather during winter months.  People cannot pay for their homes on Wal-Mart and K-Mart salaries alone in most cases.


While the medical field is thriving it is a vulture mentality, to only make money on the dying and sick.  The veteran population is being run off and there should be an Act from the Congress to curb this.  Over 5,000 veterans just abandoned their home here in the last two years because they could not afford the mortgages.  If it cost $15 per hour to make the ends meet and the market only offers $9 per hour something has to give. 


The solution is easily said and probably can be done as easy as well.  The old agricultural money has to be bought out at a far price, based on the projected market that will replace it.  This can be done by an outside investment firm.  Then manufacturing jobs need to be brought in through taxes and other incentives.  We need light industry to bring in the capital that will create a stronger real estate market and support other markets like lawyers, radio stations and advertisement firms and office space.  Simply put the missing link in Highlands County Florida is good paying jobs.  We need a strong planning committee to attract this into the area.  The cost of homes has to be balanced out to a cost of living adjustment.  The price of real estate must go down and the salaries must go up or Highlands County is doomed.


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