Chasing Life as Dreams

Chasing Life as Dreams


I admit that I am a dreamer.  Throughout my lonely and miserable life, my strength to survive was my childhood, which was fun until my mother got sick and died.  And the powerful mechanism of my mind was my imagination and the ability to control my dreams.  I could control my dreams often awake as well as asleep to some degree.  All my life I live for tomorrow but tomorrow never came as they say.


I wanted to be a musical artist, professional athlete and even at one time a gangster, did I have dreams.  As an amateur I tried my hand at it all, chasing after money, sex and power.  Just to find out that I was chasing after dreams.


I looked at television and listened to the radio and even read newspapers and magazines, studying the world of the rich and famous.  I thought wow, perhaps since I am very intelligent I will be able to go through the process of becoming one of them. However I was always a rebellious person.  I saw people who had the image of rebellion and thought we were alike.  I wanted to be outspoken powerful and rich.  Does such like this; black people and all truly exist?


I came to realize I was chasing after a dream.  But I realize in this terrible world we live in, God may have blessed me with the ultimate survival gear.  Sure I accomplished very little in life and have little to show for my miserable stay on earth, but today I am still here.  I do not have much to look forward to.  What can life offer a man of my aged?  As I am not old but far not young at all, but so tired; with nothing to live for and no reason to die, no reason to laugh to apathetic to cry.


So I concluded the aging process has a purpose and so do chasing dreams.  I may well grow to be old because I took the safe lane of finding satisfaction in waiting on tomorrow, though it never came and now what difference will it make?  But then comes a connection to this higher power, I call God.


I realize the greatest power a child has is the power of imagination.  For many often this power is lost due to the realities life presents to us.  But I had not children so in my heart I remained a child at heart.  Not playful or immature but simply a dreamer.  A dream never realized that I have outgrown in purpose, but then comes a connection to this higher power, I call God.  So now I seek him!  Will this be another dream whereby there really is no after life?  But I may well never live to tell or find out if this is the ultimate dream.


Is God reality or fantasy, I do not know, but I am forced to find out.  I do know that chasing after material fantasy caused me to lead a miserable life of hardships and lonely days.  All for a reward that is too an illusion, for rebellious, rich and black means death in this white man’s world?  For all the money is his!  So in my transition into my golden years I again prepare to dream.  From a child of the worldly dreams to the spiritual I transition, but still I dream.




The $0.5M Avon Park Southside Stimulus Package

The $0.5M Avon Park Southside Stimulus Package


These are sad times here in the black section of Avon Park, FL.; especially in the Southside Community Redevelopment Area.  Where over 80% of the businesses are close and 100% or none are fully operational.  As the state of the Union may well be in a recession we here in the Southside Community are clearly experiencing a depression.  Something has to be done ASAP.


I call on the City of Avon Park, the State of Florida and the United States of America, to duly recognize the hardships felt by the citizens of Avon Park and Highlands County Florida.  We are a rural area and for that reason we know money has been set aside to face these difficult challenges.  We see our problems and there solutions as a boiler plate to the Nation as a whole.


First we need to reopen the doors to these establishments.  To do this we need a community based incentive business proposal.  Such a plan will be devised by the NCNCHINC and the SBDC in a cooperative effort with the local business owners. The purpose of this plan is to determine what business each property will be used for, that will help create a strong local economy.  We must come to a consensus. 


We call on the County of Highlands to give each property owner a tax exemption for the year 2010.  This tax credit is to be used and placed in a coffer directed towards paying the costs of utilities on the buildings.  In this package we call on the Avon Park Utilities Department to provide there services free of charge to qualifying businesses for the year of 2011, at a reasonable cap.  Now we have the lights, water and gas on and garbage maintenance covered and a new direction for doing business.


Then we want a full inspection of these properties done, to determine the costs to redevelop the properties and a renovation on all properties done at an estimated cost of no more than $300,000 in local labor and material brought as one major purchase, to create purchasing power.  This money will come from the Federal and State government.  Every building will be insured at its estimated value upon completion of renovation.


Meanwhile the owners of these properties or their management will be required to take and complete the Small Business Management Course at SFCC administered by the SBDC.  At which time a comprehensive business plan will be drawn up for each business to prosper in the long term.


Then we will provide grants and/or government subsidized loans to these businesses.  Such businesses should include and not be limited to activities necessary for the community at large to function such as; a grocery stores, laundry mate, office spaces, restaurants, hair solon and supplies store, barbershop, bar and other services as deemed needed and management qualified. 

Florida Right to work State without Jobs creates crimes

Florida Right to work State without Jobs creates crimes


Right to Work States: Florida

The right of persons to work shall not be denied or abridged on account of membership or non-membership in any labor union or labor organization. The right of employees, by and through a labor organization, to bargain collectively shall not be denied or abridged. Public employees shall not have the right to strike. (Constitution Amended by General Election, 1944; Revised by General Election November 5, 1968)

Florida is ranked 5th highest unemployment rate in the whole country and is at 11.7 in May 2010, which is well above the National average which is 9.7.  Meanwhile Florida has the second highest mortgage foreclosure rate in the country, which is three times the national average.  Yet we live in a right to work state which is defined as a right to live.  


However, in Highlands County, Florida the unemployment rate among blacks is above the national average, but this is not the case for white citizens which a far below the national average at about 4%.  So the right to work and right to live in Florida are not helping black people here in Florida or Highlands County.  Is this a form of racial discrimination first in the educational system, that is designed to warehouse black children and then in the workforce whereby they are not qualified for employment later or should it be said are not as competitive as their white counterparts?


In Florida nearly one in four high school student’s dropout of high school and in Highlands County the rate is a higher at about 33%.   This is higher than the national average of about 30%.  However for black children the high school dropout rate in Florida is about 35%.  These statistics are not accurate, because many black children in Florida and especially in Highlands County dropout prior to high school and are not even counted as high school dropouts.


Florida nearly doubled its prison population over the last 15 years.  Here in Florida the rate of crime is near 23% higher than the national average. It has about 90,000 inmates in about 121 facilities are about $20,000 per inmate.    Florida spends less on housing the inmates compared to the national average, simply by cutting costs on their correctional officers, which is another example of the right to live without a living wage in Florida.


So what is the correlation between the lack of work, the lack of living wages, the high mortgage foreclosure rates, the weak educational system and crime?  Can it be the right to work without a living wage in the state of Florida, which creates these oppressive situations?  What do you think?  Is this socialism in disguise?

The New World Order

Capstone Zulu


The Apostle on Digital Download


A Gambino Production

Resurgence on the AIDS warfront

Resurgence on the AIDS warfront


AIDS: It has come to my attention that a lot more people are infected by this dreadful disease causing a pandemic.  It is like your next door neighbor has it, it is like you do not know who has it.  The sad thing is that the disease is probably curable already, certain people just have to be compensated and I have no power over that.


I think Highlands County should build a huge laboratory to research and produce AIDS cures and vaccines.  We can call this the “City of Immunity,” because this will be the central area for research.  It is perfect because it is a community highly populated by HealthCare Industrial Complexes. 


The area is populated by people who come here for the winter and they are either senior citizens or people who can simply travel to seasonal areas out of the colder northern states.  So the medical industry is important as people who stay for a season will need medical care.  Also people come here to live after retirement and then finally there are the people who see a future in prime real estate which is Highlands County.


I think this is the perfect place for the “City of Immunity.”  This will be the world center of AIDS Research, to include the research of many other diseases in the future.  The place where the cure is free!


“When they get a hurricane we get a strong wind.”

What is more important Love or Success?

Peace SymbolWhat is more important Love or Success?


For the past 5 years or so, all I heard on the media was how to be successful.  It was being promoted as if we were in a booming economy and prosperity was overflowing.  But now it is getting old as people realize the cut throat mentality of putting people down to get over is selfish and overrated.   When you stop and think about how many poor people it takes to make one person rich and how birds of a feather flock together, just what is being insinuated here?


When I was growing up it was all about love, people sung about love, preachers preached about love, and then came this trend whereby everything became green.  But natural resources are limited, so how can everyone be a billionaire and then again how can everyone be millionaires?  But love can overflow, whereby money cannot.  Sure they can print all the money they want but it will not be worth the paper is it printed on. 


It is like the mainstream media realized the path it has been taking is about to backfire so they want to change the pattern and make an 180 degree turn, due to events that are not new but are finally being spoken about.  They talked about Fort Hood, Texas as if military fatalities are new or even suicide among our warriors.  They talk about black on black crime like it is new, not because they care but because they are now frightened, but these things have never stopped happening, people were so busy multitasking towards the fantasy of everyone can be a millionaire, by which they forgot about the important task of love and its prominence on a better society.


See media controlled America has come to the realization that they are no longer safe, as children are starting to realize there true enemy or enemies who are responsible for there oppression, which is a society that puts success before love.  A society with a prison population unlike anywhere on earth literally, I mean nobody is safe from the desire of a society all out for self. 


It was to be just an American dream to be wealthy like the fronts called celebrities, while the truly rich manipulated society into being consumers as a means of living large.  Now everyone wants a piece of the real pie, but the pie is not big enough, so now we hear talk about love again. 


Love is the only natural resource that can overflow and never run out of space.  The truth be told love is the only solution to the world’s woes, but before people buy into it the emperor of greed has to fall and they are so greedy they will take America with them if allowed to do so.    

Is Freedom of Speech a Hate Crime?

Diverse PeopleIs Freedom of Speech a Hate Crime?


We live in a world whereby terms like Gay (Joy) means homosexual and the term faggot is taboo.  Now you have the right to agree with these concepts but it is an attack on these groups of protected people to disagree unless it is done politely.  Meanwhile as it is taboo to say Jew unless it is done in a good way, do not dear say “Jew me.”  But in Hollywood every other word is nigger and bitch referring to black people.


Has it become a crime to say what you feel?  Is this an artificial society whereby the world thinks Americans are what the media dictates what we can say in public.  Does the world think that Americans really believe that being a Jew makes you one of God’s children and being homosexual makes you one of Gods protected children and being black means you are without class and deserve to be put in prison or on the front line of war?


It is sad how blacks have so much spending power and political power, yet we are on the bottom of the barrel.  It is a sad day when it became a greater curse upon man to say the word faggot opposed to say nigger or black bitch.  A black man can kill a black man that is expected, but do not dear even say something grossly negative about homosexuals, because instead of them getting on their knees, you will be brought to yours. 


It is not fair people should be able to say what they truly feel without media censorship, that the American society can be represented for what it is, because until then it cannot be corrected.  We have to know how people really feel about the craziness going on especially when it comes to homosexuality, Jews and blacks.  But only when it comes to blacks is it all right to say nigger.


My point, not to say some Jews are not God’s children but some are very evil, and certainly some homosexual are straight up faggots and go out of their way to act feminine, nasty and smell like and ass exhaust pipe and most black people are not niggers even if they think of themselves as so, but from what is projected by the media you would never know Americans are aware of this.

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Legalize Drugs we are unproductive anyway by design

President Obama gets briefedLegalize Drugs we are unproductive anyway by design


In 2006 around the third quarter the unemployment rate was about 4% now it is about 10% nationwide.  That is one in ten Americans looking for work cannot find one.  When you calculate people who just gave up on looking the numbers are even higher like 14%.  Then 1 in 100 Americans are in prison, that 1% of the population in total.  As America is 2.5% of the world population and 25% of the prison population.  The average age is about 30 years old for the prison population.  Whereby 250 Americans are over 18 years old and about 35 million are over 65 years old. Another 35 million Americans suffer severe disability, so when we say 14% of Americans are unemployed, it’s more like 50% are out of work between age 18 and 65.  We have a population of over 310,000,000.  The idea that drugs legalized will make of a lazy unproductive nation is folly.  Because we are already a nation in cages be it physical of mental.







Real Education Reform!

MJJ - Mr. Magic - But no childhoodReal Education Reform!


We tell our children we are in a dire situation and if you quit school you quit on your country.  We tell them they must work hard to be successful.  I am sorry but that message should be meant for the parents and not the children. We live in a society of obese children, whereby fun is being on a computer.  We test our children out of school instead of encouraging them to spend that extra two or three years in high school, like if there is a rush to force them into adulthood and because of the rush job we are a nation of late blossomless incarcerated people.  


We tell them to compete against the world, yet we pit them against each other.  That is the problem I have with these non military experienced political leaders, you do not understand real teamwork.  We should be teaching our children to love first and through love of their neighbor as a team they can excel. 


We live in a society whereby everyone wants to be the chief, even without leadership qualities, because the Indians are not compensated properly, so it is all or nothing in America, whereby executive to employee salaries are too disproportionate.  And we call this success?  Is keeping our brother man down so we can share the pie with the devil truly success?


Let me tell you about something learned in the military, it is called teamwork.  I also learned this in the little league baseball and basketball teams.  Do these fat kids even have gym class anymore?  We say more school and less summer, I remember when the summer meant sports or work both which were good ethnics.


But we have kids now with nothing to do but join gangs during summer vacation and dance on the subways and sell candy and we talk about improvements.  I know of a man who worked hard all his life, had not a childhood and was rich as can be and he died at 50 years old.  His name was Michael Jackson.  You want to reform education?  Implement the Michael Jackson Act that guarantees every American child a childhood and not hard labor in the disguise of education.

How About Trade Reform?

President Obama gets briefedHow About Trade Reform?


The United States trade deficit was over $666 Billion in 2008 alone.  A negative balance of trade is when imports exceed exports and is called a trade deficit. In other words Americans buy more foreign goods than products made in America.  You have to ask how this could be when America is the land of milk and honey.  The answer is plain and simple; it is the result of big corporate greed.   They sold us out! 


They incarcerate the minorities or send them to war and send white trash along with them to foreign lands for the right to outsource labor, called cheap labor.  They destroy the American labor force systemically as the give jobs to foreigners.   This is called the American Dream.  And when they become too powerful (Nations) they send us over there to kill them and destroy their lands so they can start all over at the costs of our livelihood.  Does Iraq ring a bell!  Do Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein light a torch or what?  America made them both and it is not secret, and now we are taking them down.  Why?  Is it because to big corporate America they are like mere drug dealers who made a pact with the devil?


I say it is a conspiracy against Americans; corrupt businessmen influenced the political parties with money in the name of capitalism.  The whole system is screwed up all the way to how a person is elected.  An example is Mayor Bloomberg he is about to buy New York City’s “City Hall.” It takes money to run a campaign and where do you think the money comes from to run an election, from special interest groups with an agenda.  Their purpose is to influence the political system plain and simple.


People may allude to President Obama campaign came from the grass roots, I personally do not buy that, I think that whole line of crap is a ploy, because what is he doing for the little man now?  How much money is he collecting from special interest coalitions now?  I mean who sent him the money, not one person came to me and said I send Senator Obama money.  Not that I matter to everyone; but I should know a few people who contributed.  I do not!


The answer is tariffs on foreign imports, stop outsourcing labor, stop fighting senseless wars, open the prison gates after they are educated and regulate the elections process.  Everyone should have the same war treasure chest in the elections process, with the same amount of media coverage and then and not until then will America be governed by Americans for Americans.  The people in Washington DC are traders who overthrew the American government.