Carmine Gotti named “The Don” of New Pop

Carmine Gotti named “The Don” of New Pop


There are some many things under wraps and so many great things in the works.  As you may have figured out by now, I go by many names, 6 to be accurate; and my seventh name is yet to be revealed.  I am Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano aka Frank Paul Gotti aka Frank Paul Gambino aka Capstone Zulu aka Jesus Paul Solomon.  I wonder what my 7th name will be.


It is not about multiple personalities, although I have been accused of that.  It is about paying due respect to people who were influences in my life and the role I played at that moment and time in my life.  It is not about disrespect to anyone but in fact it is about due respect and a way of expressing gratitude to important people in my growth.


Where am I going with this?  I hear Rick Ross named his new Album “Teflon Don.”  And I hear Victoria’s son Carmine has a problem with it.  Well I want to tell you Rick Ross you is no John Gotti!  However what I do suggest is that Carmine step up and be the Don of New Pop, sort of like the Frank Sinatra of the new millennium.  


It is all in fun and entertainment, however real connections exist in the real world.  They say John J. Gotti was a ruthless killer, when in reality he was a very charitable and good man.  Do they call the president of the U.S. a murderer in the tabloids for sending troops to war?  Enemies must be destroyed in all walks of life.  The Mafia is to big business what the CIA is to the government.  And until that is duly recognized the economy will never recover.


All to say, Rick if this was genuinely due respect to the Gotti family, here you have a 24 year old young man entering into a new stage in the business.  He is a friend to the Gambino Family and the grandson of Don Gotti.  If you want to be a friend to the Gambino Family and was showing due respect use your fame and influence in the Hip Hop game to give Carmine Gotti every opportunity to reach people in the name of the Gambino Family.  That said!


Finally, I think John A. Gotti should extend Gambino Records.  I used the name in my BETA project; however John I think we should incorporate the label with a major label as a subsidiary.  The music industry owes this to the Gambino Family.  It is time to restructure the family. 


Therefore to the Gotti Family I hand over Gambino Records and to my nephews I hand over Gambino Productions.  Now it is up to Carmine Gotti to reach out and connect himself to these networks.  Victoria should contact Egeria and give Gambino Records and Productions new meaning.  There is some tight stuff out there!  As for Rick Ross you owe us one.  W.W.J.D. but share the wealth! 


NaQuila L. Hardy Arrested Today

NaQuila L. Hardy Arrested Today


Frank Paul Gambino wants’ Capstone Zulu contract with NaQuila


Today NaQuila L. Hardy was arrested in Avon Park, FL.  All that can be said at this point is there was a dispute over songs released on Capstone Zulu’s new release to reach digital stores in about 3 weeks.  However you can buy direct on a few selected few songs at a great discount at;


We all knew mixing business with personal concerns was bad chemistry.  I think NaQuila’s album is great and deserves a chance to be properly promoted.  Will we work together in the future is to be determined by the industry.  I do not know if it is fear or insanity but the important things took the back door for what seemed to be a manipulation without good reason or merit.  It was a hostel takeover attempt.


Now as a team we can make good music, but I am sure she can fly without me and I think I can also work with other people.  It seem to be time to call in the lawyers and draw up some paperwork or just travel in separate directions altogether.


Legal documents have to be drawn for this relationship to continue on the music front.  My focus is music and non profit endeavors first.  The Hollywood relationship prototype does not faze me; I am real about who and what I am.


I have nothing to say bad about this woman other than I wonder about her intent.  She still has my blessing, but will not be forced to accept it.  Some people think I am more of a problem than of help.  That decision is hers!

The Name Capstone Zulu & the Mission

The Name Capstone Zulu & the Mission


I was asked by a person who appeared to be poor, tired and weary.  His question was “what I can do for you, I ask because I have nothing?” 


We live in a world whereby many people are poor, tired and weary.  I fit in the category to many respects in General I am also poor, but refuse to be tired and weary.  The spirits of tired and weary has no place in my temple.  The outside conditions can be manipulated by others as we are all interdependent in the Universe.


The Capstone Zulu, first of all let me mention a piece of scripture. 


Ps 118:22 The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone;

Ps 118:23 the LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.

Ps 118:24 This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.


No man you all talked about Michael Jackson being the King of Pop, based on popularity and record sales.  But this is really it.  This is the deciding factor for the entire world to witness and physically and emotionally experience the power of God.


Capstone Zulu AKA Frank Paul Gambino Productions is Paul Castellano in the flesh, meaning the spirit of God like in no other man or woman is with him.


1Th 5:2 for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. 

1Th 5:3 While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

1Th 5:4 But you, brothers, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief. 

1Th 5:5 You are all sons of the light and sons of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness.


Capstone Zulu is a license stage name representing the highest achievement ever in the history of man.  Through music, writing blogs, screenplays that we hope will be produced soon, which includes music videos, documentaries and so on we will attempt to reach the world, not as a solo famous ICON but as the New World Leaders. Unlike Michael who was struck down in a disappearing act, this will never be struck down because the foundation is in the truth of the Lord. 


It is not about getting rich and living large now, be aware this is a hostel takeover by the people for the people, because Satan and the New World Order time is up.  The Hell the world is in must come to a halt say the Lord.  We will be the trend setters for the rest to follow.  Oh and the money will become useless, so why hold on to it, when tomorrow it will be counterfeit. 

The Mythology of Frank Paul Gambino

Frank Paul GambinoThe Mythology of Frank Paul Gambino


The reason I named it the mythology and not biography of Frank Paul Gambino is because I realize most people will not believe it.  However we plan on developing a new religion based on Paul Castellano being the Apostle Paul AKA the Son of the made man Carlo Gambino his illegitimate son and it is believed that his mother Blond Eva Austin Jones was of the seed of Shaka Zulu, making him King of Kings.


These stories are as real as the mythology of Prince Hall the mulatto and even more so, which was the foundation to Prince Hall Freemasonry.  This organization is an occult and is a secret society at this point and their presence is a valid as the Illuminati as they believe they must duplicate or be eliminated.  The main difference between the Illuminati and the Church of the Apostle Paul is the difference between night and day or God and Satan.  The Apostle possesses the spirit of God.


The reality is the Paul Castellano the Apostle is the living Son of God Jesus Christ and is in the process of  fulfilling the prophesy of the Holy Bible.  People called Jesus crazy these are historical facts and so they do not believe me so I settled for mythology instead the history.  Being it is a mythology it can not be edited by third parties, but what others believe can be added on.


The Church is real my sister is an ordained minister and the church is being founded based on my story.  President Obama, Bush, Clinton and every president in my life span knows who I am and so does the Mafia and nobody messes with me because they know for the most part it is true.


As for significance as Minister Farrakhan said in some marching orders to the Nation of Islam I am the most important person.  I am Jesus Christ and if that is not significant what is on planet earth.  So the issue is not significance but believability.  But it is a mythology so believing it should not be a part of the decision for quick deletion. I do not care if the masses believe me; my only concern is to my followers who have a code of secrecy.  By time people heed to the knowledge being shared, we will be tight.  To be honest we do not want outsiders and interlopers among us, so call it crazy and stay away.

Durty Ground Entertainment & PTS Underground Unite

Durty Ground ENT.Durty Ground Entertainment & PTS Underground Unite


First cousins Raymond Jones and Dahoud Smith found a middle ground and is working together in long distance collaboration, as Raymond and the Durty Crew are recording the poetic words into lyrics and music known as Rap, taking an East Coast swing and giving it some Dirty South slang.  Raymond Jones and Dahoud’s mother Egeria Jordan are in talks with Black Doll owned by Janet Jackson, to arrange these recording sessions to insure professional results in a studio located in South Carolina.  Raymond originally from the infamous Queensbridge, that produced artists such as NAS, Mob Deep and Noriega and Capone and producers Marly Marl who produced the Queensbridge  anthem and LES is working out of the South as Dahoud represents the Lower East Side (The LES) of New York City.


This project is projected to be released in the mid 2010 and will be introduced to the world by Janet Jackson, as Janet starts to sign other artist to her production company, as for distribution all the activities have not been disclosed, but as Dahoud told me we have big plans.  A few songs were recorded and mastered and I heard some of them and they are exciting and messaged filled, perhaps this is Dahoud’s redemption.  Raymond says, “I think Dahoud will be the next big thing in rap.”  Will 50 Cent, Jay Z and Eminem have to make room for new chart toppers, maybe not I mean Rick Ross and Kenya West is on a strong run and the message of the PTS Underground  is like night and day as they are not spiritual in genre they are out to save lives and curb criminal behavior in the black community, with a gangster twist only real gangsters can submit.  They are not all talk but paid for their actions on the streets of the past.

If I can be of help to Egeria and Janet so be it

Frank Paul GambinoIf I can be of help to Egeria and Janet so be it


What good is a schedule that is never falling behind?  And how do you set priorities are they based on what is more important or what is all about you?  I mean if I can help Janet and her family find a final resting place for Michael and help my sister setup a studio for those she calls her children the Underground Movement, then it was well worth not getting my 10 minutes done on my screenplay this weekend, because I know once I get the screen started the creation begins  However my vision of the MJJ burial site is huge and doable it is a matter of logistics among different entitles with a common goal.


Actually, I will make new friends or associated this weekend, in the Underground Movement.  Have you ever heard the story of the Traveling Dignitary and the Hooker?


Will you had the dignitary on the traveling path which required him to be away from his wife for a long time, so he approached a hooker and said be my freak and when I get this account settled I will give you $250,000.  She thought he was crazy playing games so every time she got with him she taxed him $40 and he paid her what she asked for.  Then one day after he stopped lying with her she heard he was truly a dignitary and she approached him and reminded him about what he offered her.  He responded to her, but you $40 me to death a prostitute receives a prostitute wages. 


That is how it will be with my old friends, every time it is give me this or that and it is petite.  Why?  Because they do not believe a word I say, so like with the prostitute I settled with them already because to my journey they are of no help and serve not real purpose.  They are dream stealers. 


The message of the Day

Make an effort to get out into the world and meet new people this year. You may not be the sort who makes friends easily but that’s okay because work and business contacts are going to be more important than socializing. Aim to make your relationships pay.

Loves ones will be incredibly demanding this weekend, so much so that you may lose your cool with those who seem to think you exist merely to satisfy their whims and desires. Good. The sooner they learn the less stressed you will be.

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Screenplay into Movie & New Recording Studio

Denzel WashingtonScreenplay into Movie & New Recording Studio


I have been getting excellent reviews about the screenplay “Everybody Has Demons.”  I have been told such words as awesome and thumb’s up.  My sister Egeria is going to take over from here as far as seeking financers she has a good network.  Any changes or additions to the screenplay have to be approved by me.  I still think Denzel Washington is the best Director in the world and any actor or actress under him will be at their best, because I believe he will bring the best out of them.  Janet and Alicia are written in stone for their parts I wrote it for them and Beyonce and Anthony I really want to give Anthony a break and Beyonce though it was written with her in mind, I think she may still have to be sold to the idea, also John Gotti Junior is in and I plan for him to play his father in the Apostle and honestly the best person to play me in the Apostle would be Will Smith.  First let us get “Everybody has Demons,” off the ground.


We planned to put up another home studio soon, it will be for recording vocals to musical tracks, then maybe later I will consider making it into a full production studio.  It will however have limited music creation capability but my focus is on doing vocal tracks on this one.  Hopefully we will have this done next month.  I want to work with my nephew’s crew the Underground Movement as well as other talented people of my choosing



Message of the Day

You have a talent for communication and if you use it wisely over the coming 12 months it will take you far. Remember though that it’s not enough just to say something — what you say must be felt in the heart.

Others may be worried about their jobs and their incomes but you have faith in the essential goodness of the universe. Never forget that it’s your mind that creates your world. Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes — always.

No one can do anything to me I do not allow

paul-gNo one can do anything to me I do not allow


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date” 16 February 2008


Take time on your birthday to map out your path for the year ahead. You don’t have to make it detailed but you do need to have an idea of where you are going and how you are most likely to get there. Plan for tomorrow and your today/s will be fun.


You must be less inclined to let people off the hook this week, especially when they are so clearly in the wrong. You may be a nice guy by nature but sometimes you have to lay down the law, otherwise less friendly types will walk all over you.

I cannot post everything over the internet, even if it seems that way, things are going on behind the scenes.  Yes there is something that is disturbing going on, but you cannot change a person.  My sister always tried to set me up with girls and I never needed her help. I was never a lame. But now as things seem to be on the level at the home-front I do not appreciate it, but let me tell you a fact.


Once things come to a conclusion and I go home, I am going to be surrounded by beautiful and successful women, with no purpose but to be a home wreaker. There will be women fine as hell who carry themselves as genuine women, now if I cannot control myself in this station of life how am I going to field in Hollywood?.  It was not my looks or personality that regulated my love life it was my station of life and once that changes they are going to come out of the woodworks.  So if anything I am being groomed, to control myself around women who get paid for being beautiful.

I am booked until April, I plan to renew my screenplay, while edit it.  The rest of this month of February is committed to making music at least over the weekends.  In fact I plan to make a beat today, not that there is shortage on them, but last night I successfully make a song with Cubase 4.5.2 actually two songs, and I made a few beats with Acid Pro7a since the renovation of my studio, now I have to do something with Reason 4.0.1, using Combinator patches to push my hard drive and see how it holds out and the last thing is to make a beat using Cubase 4.5.2, and VSTi mostly.  Combinator patches with Reason 4.0.1 is the equivalent of VSTi in Acid and Cubase, it allows you to use your keyboard MIDI device and play virtual instruments.  They weight o the processor, meaning they use processor power, however with Cubase you can freeze a track and Acid freeze convert MIDI to Wave to preserve processor power.


In any case I sent Janet the songs last night and I will send her a copy of my lyrics folder where I have a bunch of words to songs, that may be of help and we will see in April.  I have to send my nephew Raymond Drum and Bass Rig and Keyboard Rig today I will pack it up today anyway.  Oh Adobe 3.0.1 is working out fine.  I think I am back in business.  Taking care of business is my life.


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