De-Criminalized Marijuana is Now Federal Law

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De-Criminalized Marijuana is Now Federal Law

The Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the federal government will not enforce federal marijuana laws in states that legalized it, to include the states of Colorado and Washington as well as states with medical marijuana laws. Instead they will focus on preventing illegal Kingpins from profiting from this, keeping the drug out of the hands of minors and other safety measures in controlling its use.

Now understand the implications. The Obama Administration is the Executive Branch of government, whereby the Congress is the Legislative Branch of government. The President and his men’s duty is to enforce the law and not to make them, which is the duty of the Congress.

The controlled substance act was passed by the 91st Congress and signed by Richard Nixon in 1970 and marijuana is still considered a schedule 1 drug under the controlled substance act. The controlled substance act must be enforced under the United States Constitution, when there is a conflict between state and federal law. So if a state says a drug is legal and the federal government says it is not, the federal government is obligated to enforce this law, however, President Obama decided not to do this in this case.

HR 2306 aka the Frank Paul bill, sponsored by Barney Frank and co-sponsored by about 20 others, was introduced on June 23, 2011, but has yet to be enacted, which is the solution to this problem. It is called “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011,” Because though Eric Holder can instruct his law enforcement group and direct them as to what to do and enforce or not enforce and while to some degree what is going on may be the right thing to do given the circumstances, still it may well be unconstitutional and may create bad precedent in future state and federal legal confrontations. Because if a state is not forced to follow this law, which they are constitutional bond to follow, they may pick and choose other laws to not follow at their discretion in the future. And this could lead to anarchy. So in my humble opinion, the congress has to address President Obama’s decision and in doing so look into and perhaps enacting HR 2306. Which would end the prohibition of marijuana at federal level all together.

The Obama Administration said at the time they will not change the schedule level of marijuana with the DEA, but this is a matter procedure that must take place very soon at a minimum, to justify this decision. I think within a year marijuana will be totally de-criminalized at federal level, so that the federal government can tax it where it is legalized to have the capital to enforce the terms of legal distribution and the use of it, which is a new tactic altogether. And unlike tobacco which causes so many health problems, the government will earn money in the process and hopefully use the money for social programs and not to fight wars, which seems to be the priority of this Administration and not the healing of our people.

Frank Paul Jones


Frank Paul Jones aka Gambino told he Faces 10 Years on DUI Charge

Frank Paul Jones aka Gambino told he Faces 10 Years on DUI Charge


In my arraignment today, I think I experienced first hand (UPL) unauthorized Practice of Law.  This is a term many of us paralegals learn in college, to prevent us from trying to play lawyer.  It is considered UPL to give legal advice, only a lawyer can do this.  I was told I was facing 10 years behind bars on my DUI charge, because of my prior DUI back in the late 80’s.  With no mention of the clemency I received in 1998 by then Governor Lawton Chiles.  I was told that I should plead bargain because though the legal limit is 0.08, between 0.04 and 0.08 is presumably intoxicated and that it was in the statue, but it was not shown to me.


I felt pressured to plea bargain, however my attorney advice was to show up in court and a plea of not guilty was already made for me.  I felt like I was a victim of the good cop bad cop syndrome.   Because I was told what to do by the office of the Public Defender, but at the same time a paralegal advised me on the law from the same office, in a deniable manner.  She told me what I can do and should do based on information that was guess work.  My lawyer was not present in court today.


The paralegal who is supposed to be on my side made the offer that you would have expected from the State Attorney’s Office.  I find this troubling, because I am a paralegal by education and I felt nervous by this tactic, so can you imagine the pressure felt by the other 7 or 8 people she approached before she approached me.  We were told not to talk to the state attorney, but the Public Defender Paralegal spoke to us in their behalf, negotiating plead bargains.


Yes I might go to jail for writing this article, but like Rev. Jesse Jackson said silence is consent, and he is so right!   If I do not speak up now, about something whereby to speak up puts my butt on the line, in such a small way, what good will I be to the movement when my life may be on the line.


I know I was in misdemeanor court and can get no more than one year of jail time, I graduated on the top of my class.  I am not stupid.  But they might come after me with something different for bucking the system.  But it was so unprofessional and unethical that I and many people less educated people than I had to face the judge and the state attorney without a lawyer present.  How can a judge accept a guilty plea by a person who has no lawyer present to advise him/her on the right they have to be presumed innocent until proven guilty?


I pleaded non guilty and have a pre trial conference on 20 September 2010.  What is next?  Oprah Winfrey, AL Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or someone who attracts media attention has to come here. What is going on here is only written about in fictional movies, it is so unreal.

Avon Park under RICO Watch


The Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) used in big mafia cases is being considered in Avon Park, FL.  I spoke to an old acquaintance in the Secret Service last night in confidence and he told me about a case ongoing investigation and my possible dealings with it.  I guess I will always be a marked man, because of my past behaviors, however I was of no help. However he just called to let me know, they wish me the best Thursday in court.  I was involved in covert operations while in the military and had to see the President on some important business and so I threatened him to get passed the security by being arrested but the media was there so it hit the papers.  That said!  Don’t believe the tabloids!


All you little paeans should steer clear of this.  I am no cop, in fact I am very anti-establishment, but because of what I know they cannot mess with me.  The Federal Government is watching Avon Park from the highest levels down to the streets.  Why?  Because some serious unethical stuff is hitting the fan; I had no idea about what I was stumbling on to.  They say someone is real dirty here in town and is about to go down in a power play to buy the town dirt cheep and make millions over might in a conflict of interest ploy.  I am confused, I mean I know there are a lot of drugs in the area but I had no idea we had calculative elaborate type criminals here.


Then I remember talking to this dude, who told me about someone here in town.  I was surprised by what I heard and the picture came to me loud and clear.  Someone is convincing the community to do the things that will cause them to lose their properties knowing damn well big money is coming this way.


People let me not beat around the bush.  In the Southside you can sell your property cheap now, but whoever instructs you to do so is the adversary.  Money is allocated for this rural area and in a year or two you will not even recognize the black section of Avon Park.  Someone is trying to hoodwink you into selling your property cheap to redevelop it at government expenses and become a millionaire overnight and that person is under investigation as I speak.  Because it is a conspiracy. 

Fashion House aka Marcus Goggins CEO Exposed to the World Wide Web

Fashion House aka Marcus Goggins CEO Exposed to the World Wide Web

Fashion House Apparel on

By: NaQuila L. Hardy

On June 11, 2010 $70.00 was debited from my account for a pair of Ed Hardy boots from Fashion House Apparel.  Marcus Goggins who claims to be the CEO of the company assured me that the correct size and item would be sent out to me 5 days after the order.  I received what appeared to be the Ed Hardy boots on June 15, 2010 but they weren’t the correct size.

I tried to contact Fashion House Apparel by phone, voicemail, and email only to get no response for the first week after the purchase was made.  Once I was able to talk to Marcus I told him that I would be sending the boots that were never worn back and once again he confirmed that he had the correct size and would send them to me when he received the wrong size from me.

On June 22, 2010 I sent the Ed Hardy boots back to Fashion House Apparel with a Delivery Confirmation receipt.  The boots only took 3 days to arrive in Lake City, Florida.  Once I knew that the shoes were in Fashion House Apparel possession I called Marcus to see when he was sending the correct boots.  He said that the shoes should arrive in 4 days, the shoes haven’t arrived yet and it is the 7th of July.

On June 29, 2010 I was able to get a response from Fashion House Apparel saying, “Hello Naquila,
   Are you talking about Ed Hardy shoes? I have a tracking number for your shoes that are on there way here, it has been in the same pplace for 2 days now, I wrote an email, I will keep you posted.”
Fashion House

And that’s the excite quote from MySpace messages.

This is the refund policy that is on Fashion House Apparel blog entry for MySpace posted on Monday, March 08, 2010 



The Gambino’s Find’s Favor in Lil Wayne

The Gambino’s Find’s Favor in Lil Wayne


The Attorney General Eric Holder


I have not heard from Bro. Dwayne Carter, I gave some good advice to the brother and there is more where that came from, but not for Internet posting.  I see Bro. Farrakhan, Bro. Jackson and Bro. Sharpton wants to reach out to the young brother.  I see other people care about the young man.


John Jr. is showing an interest but what can we do for the brother realistically.  We can lobby at the White House, and the Mayor and Governor of New York Offices.  All these three leaders are honorable men of men and the Governor of New York Paterson may well be a lame duck.  I want two clemencies for my Nephew Dahoud Smith and a consideration of Dwayne running concurrent sentences with the Federal Court.


I see the severity of his crimes and understand that we do not snitch, but we do have fall guys, as John Gotti took the fall for us, we live large and went to prison.  But did he really die?  Or did he go through the back door?  Back to the point! We cannot ignore these guns and drugs I mean it was ridiculous. 


He can do 5 years at Butner North Carolina and get 15% time off and run the sentences concurrent and get out in about 4 years, with state good time also.  I might be able to figure out a better solution in the future, however this is what is now@!

Influencers Hidden Secrets


The circle of influencers and their success by manipulation is getting old.  Reality is not even real anymore.  You have reality TV hoes and camcorder freaks, by staying in front of a camera for publicity.  There is not too much a person will not do in Hollywood, but it gets deeper.


People think real gangsters are a bunch of fly dressing showboats; nothing is further from the truth.  Companies like All-Good Entertainment, Clear Channel Communications and Live Nation, as well as Microsoft and Goggle are influencers.


Entertainment especially the record industry tends to get young kids to mold into stars.  They make them into antisocial figures and screw people up.  I mean take Michael Jackson and Lil Wayne both were normal looking people, and then they went crazy as one turned white and the other turned into a walking billboard to include facial paintings.  They made mega star status in return for self destruction.  And will be good for nothing once there careers ended, because a fast food restaurant would mess with them.  So knowing there limited abilities they keep people out of the game?  No it is not them but the freak creators Dr. Frankenstein. 


Then as a result they create demands for services.  People are buying tattoos like madness, because Hollywood condoned it and promoted it.  Meanwhile these kids think they are cool because they are getting paid, tattoos and all to include pants falling off their behinds, something symbolic of the prison institutionalized mentality.


The bottom line is this it does not always require talents to be successful in the corrupt Gay Mobbed up Hollywood; you just have to welling to fuck yourself up and by a pig and whore.  Hollywood is a bunch of slaves working for publicity and attention meaning fame.  Sure they are millionaires but the costs of living is outrageous for them to include stratospherically high security costs and if you do not pay for the protection the system does you like Lil Wayne and Michael Jackson and those people who you did not hire uses their influence to put you in jail or destroy your reputation or even put you to sleep.


Bottom line:  In Hollywood you pay to play, and have to surrender the wealth or it is taken from you.  It is the ones behind the scenes getting paid, these people we see often are victims of the system that recruited them before they were mature enough to make wise business decisions and they seem to always be trying to keep up and make the next hit record.  The case of Childhood stars!

Highlands County on the Map

Highlands County on the Map


The Cure to AIDS is a hot topic.  “FindCureCureAIDS” a song written by me and perform by NaQuila has received poor reviews and not because it is poor song, but due to miscommunications because people think I am against them. .  


People think I am teasing them because they are sick, but I happen to know there is a cure to this dreadful disease.  The only true solution to the health crisis is the cure to AIDS and other diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and the many forms of cancer.


President Obama made it one of his priorities in a letter that was a part of a natural agreement during the elections, that the cure to AIDS is an American and World priority.


We are about the get active with the Network & Coalition; we are hammering out some of the details that everyone’s concerns are addressed as are the policies carried by the non profit.


We understand there are grants to fulfill all our purposes and in the next phase we will become a documented by Federal Government Charitable Organization and will soon start a fund raising campaign targeting sponsors such as big corporate America, celebrities and the American government. 


However we believe in the barter system and will do some grass roots fundraising, but the focus is to not try to drain water from the Rock.

Do you fear God or Man?

The SunDo you fear God or Man?


Is this a dumb question?   Maybe 20 years ago without a second of consideration the answer would have been yes that is a dumb question, however this is not 20 years ago.  I asked a teen this question and asked for an honest answer and I was told, I have to abide by the law, but I do not know if there is a God.  I said so you fear Bloomberg more than you fear God and the answer was yes.

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This is what New York City is creating non God fearing children, who know who to blame for there hardships.  There was a time when everyone’s faith was basically in God and that God would see them through hard times, but now these children no longer want to wait on the Lord of Never and Never-Land.


In the old days we were blind by the vile of secrecy, but now wars are fought on television and the state of the world is heard everyday on the radio.  The right to speech has gone beyond acceptability and with these economic hard times the liberal left is forcing tolerance in every area but Godliness.


So we ask why do not our children fear God or even believe in the existence of God.  And the fool in-charge may think this is ill-relevant.  But is this really of no real significance?  See there was a time when Satan was a secret, but now the Illuminati are actually posted on the Internet, so now even evil has a face.  We use to blame the hands for everything that went wrong in the world.  We would say Oh it is the Mafia causing all these dreadful mishaps.  Now John Gotti does not even make it on the front page of the New York Post, because people can see beyond the crap.


I was told as a child a man destroys that which he fears.  Do you fear God or Man?  Now you see where I am going with this letter.  See people feared Hitler; people feared the Mafia and by God people fear God.  But now people do not believe these exist any longer.   People went to sleep on the Bavarian movement or the Roman Empire and the Underworld has become a thing of foreigners with no real interest in America’s good health.  All we see is the politicians who are making false promises they have no power to fulfill, who are now feared more than God by our youth.  By the process of deduction who is the next to fall?  When there is no Underworld, Reich (Holy Roman Empire) or God?  The Music Industry is a symptom of a much larger fish, to be fried. 

How about Warfare Reform?

President Obama gets briefedHow about Warfare Reform?


The government Federal and State spent about $40 Billion on the war on drugs in 2009 already.  Arrested were about 1.5 Million people and about half of them for marijuana. And about 8,000 were incarcerated, so what is the point?  Is this a $40 Billion harassment bill?


It will cost about $145 Billion to wage war in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009 and another $130 Billion in 2010, not to mention the human lives lost by both sides and the permanently injured and disabled as a result of these senseless wars.  The war was based on a lie and everyone knows it so what is there to win?


Now let us add these numbers to the wastes in AIDS research and the incarceration of Americans placed in housing projects to survive by any means, as my nephew put it stockpiled like sardines.  What are we talking about here?


You have $40 Billion spent on a war on drugs that cannot be won, because it is a war against the will of Americans choice of lifestyles.  Put directly we live in  a nation and a generation that is turned off from alcohol and choose to smoke marijuana, which we can grow domestically, tax it and turn a red into black.


You have $150 Billion spent on a Middle Eastern war that cannot be won, that we are in due to a lie by the Bush administration.  And not only is the war senseless but once we exit we will have to restock the weaponry for the DOD so the expenses do not end with the war.  We cannot win the war because there is nothing to win back because nothing was taken by them.  We have to outgrow the mentality that we have to have enemies to be a leading nation and learn to mediate.


You have $600 Billion wasted on the incarceration of poor and mostly illiterate Americans.  We do not even educate inmates anymore, so what is the product we are producing but people who will not have legitimate survival skills upon release, which was why they got incarcerated in the first place. The mission is to cause recidivism.  It a mission meant to cause failure.


And how much does the government spent on AIDS research with a defeated mentally?  The government spent about $25 Billion on AIDS/HIV related expenses?  I do not know, but 66% on treatment and 13% to Research.  Explain the war tactic?  With out any controls that create collaboration, just grants given to dreamers without relevant continuance from prior developments in the campaign to cure AIDS.  It is a mission to cause failure. 


Is it the American way to spend money on punishing and killing instead of saving lives and educating the American people to compete in the global market?    


How About Prison & AIDS Research Reform

President Obama gets briefedHow About Prison & AIDS Research Reform


The United States has the highest incarceration rate of all the industrialized nations in the world.  In 2007 over 7.2 million people were in prison on probation or parole.  The United States based on the Justice Department Bureau statistics states that over 2 million people were incarcerated in 2002 and by 2005 over 2.3 million were incarcerated at an average cost of about $600 billion dollars per year.  But President Obama wants to save the world, by saving America through healthcare reform.


Let us look at these numbers, Social Security and Medicare was a pyramid scheme whereby when is started more people paid into it than took from it.  Now the exact people who paid into it are now benefiting from their investment in retirement, but now not enough people are putting into it.  But does anyone pay into an “if I go to jail plan?”  Of course not because most people incarcerated go to jail because they have to survive by means other than legitimate income or are sedating themselves with illegal drugs.  But yet we are going to save the world by changing how legal drug are administered.


Think about it over $24,000 is spent per person to incarcerate them.  If we invested these billions or at least a large proportion of the money to employing these people most of them would have no reason to engage in illegal activity especially if we legalize marijuana.  Just as healthcare must be reformed into a real self sustaining system, the legal system has to be revamped.


The Nation of God is merely a reaction to these alarming facts, but the government has to step up to the plate, as in Illinois President Obama’s home state more black men are in prison than in college.  If this money was spent on education and jobs, not just job creation which should be included however, we can drastically reduce the recidivism rate and end the prison revolving door.


Added to these shameful facts is the AIDS virus whereby over 25 million people died worldwide by this dreadful disease and 33 million were infected based on 2007 statistics.  Tens of billions of dollars are being spent on AIDS research but AIDS funding can be put in one word “dumb,” what the government does with AIDS research funding well there are over 100,000 scientist and doctors working on AIDS in the United States that is more than the annual number of AIDS patents in the US.  There are over 80,000 AIDS organization in the United States that is one for each new patent, yet we will single handedly save the world with Healthcare Reform, what a line of crap.  The bottom line is our workforce is locked up in prison and infected with AIDS.  We need a National Presidential Pardon Program to release people out of prison and put them to work, which is what we need.  Furthermore we need a better system for funding AIDS research to get real results and end the current bureaucracy.