Aged Old Headstone found in Yard

To: The Florida Tribune

From writer: Frank Paul Gambino


Aged Old Headstone found in Yard


Rev. Frank Paul Jones and his cousin John W. Moss; while working in the yard cleaning up in preparation of the opening of the Blue Temple the headquarters of the NCNCHINC; found old headstone.  The name on the headstone is being held under wraps, while the location of the body remains are being sought after.  The headstone belonged to someone who was born in 1874 and died in 1980.


The committee over the grave yard is doing everything to in their power to remedy the situation.  However the ledger identifying the sites burial locations is owned by the Jones Family as an inheritance for the life work of Eston E. L. Roberts, who was the Worshipful Master of the Prince Hall Masons here in Avon Park, FL.  And care taker of the burial site.


The family feels the pain of the people here in Highlands County that do not know where the remains of their loved ones are.  However, the family found that $7,000.00 that was earned through the Hard Labor of Eston E. L. Roberts is missing.  This is money he promised to his nephew as startup capital, to continue his operations.


The family came to the consciences that if the money is return, the rightful owners being the Jones family and the City of Avon Park agrees to treat blacks like whites and hold their burial grounds sacred and pay the Family $1,300.00 per months as white cemeteries receive, they will continue the work of Eston E. L. Roberts and maintain the cemetery.


Rev. Jones said “fine we are in the cemetery business it is our duty to the community.”  Both of his parents and grandparents where buried at what will be named the Eston E. L. Roberts cemetery?  Justifiably named as he like Adam was told from God, without comparison he told Avon Park there is your mother and there are your father gravesites.  We have to know this information and it will be shared when the family inheritance is put back in tack.    Eston E.L. Roberts did a fine thing and should be remembered.   

The Name Capstone Zulu & the Mission

The Name Capstone Zulu & the Mission


I was asked by a person who appeared to be poor, tired and weary.  His question was “what I can do for you, I ask because I have nothing?” 


We live in a world whereby many people are poor, tired and weary.  I fit in the category to many respects in General I am also poor, but refuse to be tired and weary.  The spirits of tired and weary has no place in my temple.  The outside conditions can be manipulated by others as we are all interdependent in the Universe.


The Capstone Zulu, first of all let me mention a piece of scripture. 


Ps 118:22 The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone;

Ps 118:23 the LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.

Ps 118:24 This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.


No man you all talked about Michael Jackson being the King of Pop, based on popularity and record sales.  But this is really it.  This is the deciding factor for the entire world to witness and physically and emotionally experience the power of God.


Capstone Zulu AKA Frank Paul Gambino Productions is Paul Castellano in the flesh, meaning the spirit of God like in no other man or woman is with him.


1Th 5:2 for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. 

1Th 5:3 While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

1Th 5:4 But you, brothers, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief. 

1Th 5:5 You are all sons of the light and sons of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness.


Capstone Zulu is a license stage name representing the highest achievement ever in the history of man.  Through music, writing blogs, screenplays that we hope will be produced soon, which includes music videos, documentaries and so on we will attempt to reach the world, not as a solo famous ICON but as the New World Leaders. Unlike Michael who was struck down in a disappearing act, this will never be struck down because the foundation is in the truth of the Lord. 


It is not about getting rich and living large now, be aware this is a hostel takeover by the people for the people, because Satan and the New World Order time is up.  The Hell the world is in must come to a halt say the Lord.  We will be the trend setters for the rest to follow.  Oh and the money will become useless, so why hold on to it, when tomorrow it will be counterfeit. 

The New World Order

Capstone Zulu


The Apostle on Digital Download


A Gambino Production

A Family in Chaos

PaulA Family in Chaos


Too much is going on now for me to zero in on this hazy statement; I have a cousin who just terminated in California and they do not plan to bring her body to Florida, I have an uncle who needs a kidney removed while water is around his lungs, the prognosis is bad, he is almost 80 years old.  There is dramas building up among family members, my personal relations are on the rocky road with Janet and life goes on regardless.


I need to find out my vacation of leave options, I might be headed to Florida soon; my uncle’s situation really looks bad his heart stopped while on kidney dialysis and he was revived, I am told a machine is keeping his heart operational, so what side of the story are you talking about.


I am handling this entire situation well as I am waiting and watching and letting everything fall into its place.  ALL and all I am not a very popular person.  I realize I have enemies in high places and I know I have to endure all the things that are taking place now.  Understand to the best of my knowledge I have nothing to gain from my uncle’s death, but I lose a good friend and gain a bunch of new responsibilities, as he left it all to my sister and the responsibilities to me, as I am said to have a power of attorney I know nothing about.  I think he should come to New York City to one of these kidney specialists.


The Message of the Day


A friend or family member is telling you only part of a story. Make it your business to get the other side of the story from the relevant source. Only when you’ve heard both parts can you make an honest decision.

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An Explanation deserved an Apology not

imag01951An Explanation deserved an Apology not


They say I am bipolar and have mood swings, what do you think?  But they say a lot of things about me.  Will I ever surrender my life for a bunch of confused fool’s hell no, but I will die fighting.  Do I feel like normal people I doubt it?   I think I have been desensitized years ago.  Am I on an ego trip, probably yes and do not like people stepping on it.  Am I arrogant I have to be to put up with all the bullshit?  Therefore you cannot expect me to continue to suffer in silence.


You cannot tell me the devil is more important than God, because Satan ran things for the last few years.  His time is up.  A man tells you he is someone; you never met before but read about and heard about.  How are you going to tell him that person died for you because someone wrote a book that said so?  Then get an attitude when he says well if you want to kill me once I will kill you 6 billion times meaning end this damn world.


How are you going to get an attitude for having an attitude?  When you say someone died for you it is a threat against that man’s life and that man has a right to self defense.  What you wish on this man you may while is wishing upon yourself


Then there is forgivingness.  You put a man through living hell and he has to overcome your bullshit only to help you?  Now who is ego tripping and now who is arrogant?  Do you think you are worth the heartache and pain?  You think this shit is about Janet but it is all about you all.  I care as much as you do!



Janet Jackson Deserves a Break & It is Personal

82360ffa1Janet Jackson Deserves a Break & It is Personal


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 26 January 2009


A solar eclipse on your birthday, boosted by a sparkling aspect to luck planet Jupiter, promises great things for you over the coming 12 months! Think very carefully about what you are going to do next, because it will color your existence for years to come.

Changes of one sort or another will take you by surprise over the next few days, so don’t make any promises, either to yourself or to other people. Pisces is supposed to be an adaptable sign so stay loose and react in the most appropriate ways.

It is Personal:

I have been doing a lot of blogging as of lately, I do not have nothing against a person getting their hustle on and making an honest dollar, but I do not want Janet (Jackson) used in the process or her selling herself so cheaply.  Def Jam reduced her to a showpiece at a party event or should I say Jermaine Dupri. His hustle has been for some time now throwing parties with celebrities showing up to attract the groupies.  He has been successful, but it did nothing for Janet’s career but made her known as his girlfriend, she has a bunch of pictures dressed up and so on, but where is the new record deal that is lucrative that has company support, the tour dates and movie scripts.

I realize that my agents are not going to support her career whole heartedly until she cease to be a part of that entourage.  However everything is on the table when we are all ready to do the right thing.  I do not care if him and Jerry Wunsch get their take on the 30th and 31st   the sick kids should have fun also.  But it is like an Oxymoron, I know it is more than two words being used together, but the two phrases {we help kids and in the name of the kids we will have a party with stripers} and the whole nine.  I mean this it is like Brother Al Sharpton holding a fund rasing campaign with the NRA to get money for the defense of Shane Bell.  I mean what an organization stands for should have everything to do with how they raise funds, not to say they should deny the money, but their good name should b not be associated with this event, but they are the event and that is the conflict and my interest is Janet if it is about getting paid she should get more than a free ticket and a photo shoot.  It is up to Janet now, she knows what is in her best interest, hell he might have her under contract, but she called in sick for her own shows, so I do not see why not for his!


So things are moving along; I got Cubase Studio 4.5.2 to open, Reason 4.0.1 and Acid 7a is working properly in the new computer in the Vista environment and I really got a good deal on this machine.  Sonar 7 is still a balls buster.  Maybe it really does not work with Vista or maybe it needs an update, my focus until now has been on Cubase and the Steinberg Programs and Applications Family.  I think I can do my upgrade on my screenplay in March; this should not take more than two more weeks to install all my programs and activate them all, as I do not expect everything to run totally smooth. 

Gold Crown:

So I am on the flexible plan, but I am busy the next two days, I have to go back to the dentist tomorrow and work a few more hours today; hopefully I will have my gold crown back by next week; the impression has been sent to the lab, it takes two to three weeks to be made.  People think my temporary tooth is permanent because she did such a good job crafting it, but it would be poor dental work if it was permanent because it is ceramic. So will I be crowned a second time? An inside joke!


My Hands are full & General News

janet-jackson-arriving-at-heathrow-airport11My Hands are full & General News


To: President Elect Barak Obama & President George Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date 19 January 2009


Because you were born on the cusp of intellectual Aquarius and emotional Pisces your outlook tends to change from day to day. But that will be strength over the coming 12 months. Being able to see both ways you will more easily see solutions.


Steer clear of situations where you end up doing things for people that they really ought to be doing for themselves. As the Sun moves into the most sensitive area of your chart today others will see you as an easy touch – and they’re right, you are.


Janet is back out and getting around, I am on another computer.  I need to get my photo off of the old one and install them into this one.  Janet has some critical fans, all they could talk about is her weight, which I think is fine, I weigh 210 LBS, during the summer about 195 LBS, so like Vista the new operating system finds compatibility in more weight.


Man I am tied up on my project, I have to install applications to support my programs; I will be using Cubase Studio 4, Acid Pro 7 and Reason 4 and maybe Sonar 7.  I have to troubleshoot because now I am getting signals in Reason 4.0.1 but no sound and I have no audio driver to support Sonar 7, a damn headache.  I had to get a new MIDI controller keyboard. It is smaller and an upgrade for what I do so I cannot complain, but I might have to get a new audio interface.  I found one that is inexpensive serves my purpose and is Vista compatible, I have to start getting paid for this stuff I do on the studio.  I will search for the driver to the MI4 audio interface but I need a new one it was made in 2005 and the ASIO drivers are old.  Maybe the update is new driver.  I think it would be wise to get that audio interface.

I have to download the manual to the keyboard M-Audio is so damn cheap, they make you print your own manual.  I got the Axiom 25 nice and small and will serve the purpose. I will give them Acid Pro 6, and Edirol PCR-M80 keyboard controller and a MI4 audio interface and keyboard stand and might give them a dual monitor video card I removed from my old studio computer and a couple of VSTi.

Sister’s Computer:

I will be busy for the next two weeks at least.  There is not much I can do for anyone at the time.  My system needs to fix her computer, my hands are full. All she needs is an operating system 4 GB of RAM 1 GBX4, she has the new hard drive, if she fix it and they will have a DAW studio.


Let me get off I have to write my uncle Billy and my nephew wants me to write a letter in I his behalf, he is incarcerated and wants to get paroled out, he will need a job.  If my sister fixes the computer he will have studio waiting for him.  Like you said I cannot do it all other people have to show interest as well.

President Obama:

This is a times and not just a day to live for.  I hear old people talking about after I see him become President I am ready to die, but like Rev Sharpton said we have an All Star time but that does not mean they will score and win, we have to keep the pressure on we cannot be passive only to become aggressive when we become disgruntled.  When he become president he gets in the hot seat and the good old buddy stuff ends and satisfactions of expectation begin.  I wish him the best but he will age twice as fast now, that is a hard job.


Taking the Lead & Expressing Feelings

paul-in-army-1983-or-841Taking the Lead & Expressing Feelings


To: President Elect Barak Obama & Pres. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 16 January 2009


You may have to lay down the law if you are going to get a joint project off the ground, but if you don’t do it then who will? People expect you to take the lead, so act as if you are the boss even though it may not be official.

It’s okay to keep your feelings to yourself but if you don’t let a certain person know, either today or over the weekend that you care about them you may not get another opportunity for several weeks. Go on, be brave. They feel the same way about you.

Time is not on my side this morning and I want to mention a few things as quick as possible.  First of all, if you love someone you should tell them to reinforce their confidence in you, however there should be some reciprocation.  I am certain that Janet (Jackson) knows how I feel about her and I do not have to post it on the Internet, but sometimes I honestly wonder about how she feels about me.  I do not do her like she does me; I may act out of anger sometimes but if I do she provokes it.  I think this is personal and will leave it like that.

We have a new administration and a new agenda hopefully it will be realized.  I just got a letter from the Veterans Administration stating they apologized about the oversight by not processing my claim.  How I can be failed of notice in Washington DC beats me, but hopefully President Obama will make this one of his first acts or President Bush one of his last.  Paying me my pension we can call it putting me on the payroll, even though I deserve it as a human being for what happened to me in the military and what I was put through by the government.  But we can let the past be the past and look forward.

So give me a fair percentage with retroactive pay and call it putting me on the payroll and my taking the lead will be somewhat official.  You will be amazed of my dedication when being compensated for my work.  I will take 70% or 80% but I deserve a salary for now of 100% with retroactive pay to put me well into the green.

Basically I made my vision known, but maybe I can do a better job breaking it down at a more Micro point of view, but I do not feel it should be my responsibility to micromanage.  That is what we have elected officials for to handle the instructional aspects of day to day activities and to oversee them.  I feel I should be allowed to be vague and left for their interpretation, because this is a democracy. 

Be Aware: I am in a transitional process.  I am in to process of setting up a new home studio computer, which means un-installations and reinstallation into another computer and updates of drivers to make my hardware and software Vista compatible.  Then there is my internet computer, my studio computer will become my internet computer and my new computer will be my studio computer. I have to take certain programs out of the old computer and install them into the new internet computer.  So my first job will be to uninstall certain programs out of the old internet computer and disassemble it and connect the new computer into its place.  Then update my dangle keys to run Vista, then uninstall music programs from my studio to install into the new studio and once I have the free space, install my programs from the internet computer like Home Office, Project, Visio, Map-point, Adobe Acrobat Professional and so on.  Once I setup the two computers and I give myself about two weeks I will once again be up and ready.  But as you can see I have a challenge in front of me. 

Oh and by the way the Y cable will not do what I I need will get an external USB video card to go to my new studio computer.  I am considering going DVI on the new studio but VGA is fine.  A Y cable will give me the same projection I need two separate monitors to run two programs at one time.




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You say I am pessimistic?

imag01233You say I am pessimistic?


To: President Elect Barak Obama & Pres. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 15 January 2009


Recognition in some shape or form will come your way over the next 12 months and, of course, there will be those who say you’ve been lucky. They don’t know what they are talking about. You’ve worked hard for this success. Work harder to keep it.

Why are you so anxious? Why are you so unsure of yourself? You need to get over the fear of failure that has plagued you since mind planet Mercury turned retrograde at the weekend. Think and act positive even if you don’t feel positive inside. It works.

I do not feel I am getting the support I deserve and that is the bottom line.  My projects are not getting the support it needs to get out there.  And to be honest I am sick of hearing about JD this and JD that, I do not even want to say his name anymore, bashing him is getting boring.  It is like the old saying no publicity is bad publicity and all I am doing is giving him publicity, now there is a drama on why he got fired.  Please!  First it was this then it was that now it is something else.  Oh brother!

I mean Janet is my most significant link for getting a word out and I do not know who owns the web sites but it is all about JD.  I have my agenda that has nothing to do with him and it is not being promoted, like my screen I am trying to get a buzz out on that.  I own the copyrights to the current finished product, but I want to make changes to it, but the story is fine as it is.  I mean this one is about the conflict between gangsters and gangs, the war on drugs, AIDS, the mission of Paul Castellano and his relationships Janet and her family.  And most importantly is the shit they put poor Frank Paul Jones through.

There is another side to this story with another twist that I cannot speak on now.  There may be other off springs but this one is about Janet because she is the one I chose to be my wife.  I just know everything happened for a reason is the outcome good or bad?  You say I am pessimistic, but you should be grateful I have not gone ballistic.  I watch people bitch about minor shit only if they wore my shoes for one day.  Knowing what I can do and what I am being put through and maintaining my discipline level as I do and for you to say “Why are you so anxious? Why are you so unsure of yourself?” Get real!

I have a major job in front of me, I get my package today and it turns out I do not have to downgrade my new computer to Windows XP, but have to update several drivers so my software and hardware works with Vista.  So my job will be to uninstall, install and update drivers and I think I have to update my dongle keys prior to uninstall while they still work in the environment of Windows XP, so they will work in Vista environment.  I am not sure about this.  I will start this weekend, I have to call and e-mail my software venders for new activation codes for certain programs like Steinberg products and VST and VSTi applications.  Plus I have to upgrade my sister’s computer; I will be on the run for about two weeks.

I might have to go back on the down-low for about two weeks again until Janet (Jackson) starts to talk about he tour again, JD bores me, he just do not interest me and I have other things to do for the next couple of weeks than to blog about that punk ass bitch.  The way I see it he is just another unemployed person during these hard times, they trimmed the fat.


Is bloody a metaphor

paul-in-army-1983-or-84Is bloody a metaphor


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 13 January 2009


You will be required to step in and keep warring factions apart today. You won’t get any thanks for it, in fact you run the risk of both sides turning against you, but if you stand aside the results could be bloody and you’ll get blamed for that too.


I took a nap on this one and still came up no response.  I hope the term bloody is a metaphor for really nasty and bitter because we are all grown folks.  Because in any instance whereby both sides will turn against a mediator, the argument is based on principles and not on actually emotions; whereby emotions run deep principles can sometimes be brought under review and people can realize that maybe the emotion is not really there, I just feel back because of some unrealistic fixation in my mind and can get over it.  I hope Janet and Beyonce are not serious about the feud.   Because neither of them seem to ever go without, unlike a person I know dearly being myself, so if anyone should be upset it should be me, but I am not ashamed of the gospel.


I said something negative in my words of goodbye to you President Bush; I am honestly disappointed in you one for blocking stem cell research when every American cannot afford health care.  You say God gave his only son, but you mere humans cannot give up a embryonic stem cell because it is life, well what is the son of God death?  No the people who pointed you in the wrong direction on many issues from the war in Iraq to the lack of medical research they are death, they are the Illuminati.  You did not carryout your end of the bargain.


From the Screenplay the Apostle:


At the White House



I need to see the President.



He is listening to everything you say, just talk to the microphone.



Then he will understand what I have to say. My Father told me to tell the President that “Kids must know that crime doesn’t pay, and that he must do 10 years in Prison.”


John did around 10 years in Prison on a life sentence, and then he were pronounced dead.   I do not know hat happened to John Gotti.  Is he operating under the radar?


During this conversation you Presidency were decided, but was there a condition that was not met?

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