“Everybody Has Demons” the Screenplay

Everybody has demons the song

“Everybody Has Demons” the Screenplay


Written and registered with the Writers Guild in 2009, the screenplay is about a family with a lot of dramas.  Everybody has demons is not a horror flick, but a movie about Siblings with families and how “your secrets are your sickness;” as members of the family had deep down secrets that caused them to go astray in life.


The unique character of the screen is that the personalities are real however, the dramas were created by the writer to create situations that had to be addressed.  The screenplay does not end but comes to a conclusion that will carry on into a sequel.


Originally the screenplay was written with Alicia Keys and Janet Jackson in mind to play leading roles, but as I wrote the screen they showed interest and kept in contact, however towards the completion of the screenplay it seemed as if they had planned to rob me of the rights but the screenplay had a lot of inconsistencies that had to be corrected which was and then was immediately registered via the internet.


One of the roles would have included Beyonce; however there was never an offer to her.  The idea was to use musical artist in the Hip Hop, Pop and R&B Genres, in an all star cast to be a production of Paramount Pictures. Everyone who gave me feedback on the script said it was a very good screen, however I think it could use a Hollywood touch. 


The screenplay takes place in Avon Park, FL and the surrounding areas were my family owns property and the locations can be used to give the movie a realistic feel about a basica middle class family that had many issues that had to be addressed.


A role was offered to NaQuila aka Stackz2020 an up and coming R&B/Pop singer, whom I am producing and she performed what will be the title track in the soundtrack, called “Everybody has Demons.”  The song is attached to this article check it out.


I am looking for a director and actors to do this film ASAP.  Now that I am on location in Avon Park, FL. I am prepared to make a deal with people to do this film.  I know most serious actors, actresses and directors will not jump on a screen by an unknown writer, if that applies to me.  And most movie production companies will not accept an unsolicited screenplay for legal reasons.  So if you are interested in viewing the screenplay please write me at:


For those who fear the forbidding name write me at:


Please do not write this address unless you are interested in the screen at this time; it is an e-mail address I use very sparingly. Now I am putting it out there for this purpose.  A few roles are preserved for certain people I promised roles to such as NaQuila L. Hardy, also (John A. Gotti and Ice T) who plays special and secret agents, in joint task force assigned by the White House.


The screen should be relatively inexpensive to film due to the location that is compared to most major films.  We at Avon Park, FL. welcome the stars it will put us on the map.  We would love someone like Queen Latifah to accept a leading role, we love to have Paramount Pictures as a production company, and however we also welcome the independent movie production companies to bid.  We would love Denzel Washington to direct to the film, because of his great work as a director and I think Michael Bloomberg would be an excellent person to finance the film, I mean who else can finance it on the fly with discretionary cash?


The film has its funny moments, but addresses serious issues, based on real personalities, some real situations and actual events.  Hope to hear from some of you all.




Frank Paul Jones aka Frank Paul Gambino Productions:


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 We had a few bugs in the system, and we found them.  Now we are almost fully operational and are available on a few other sites.  Now I am ready to start selling music on a larger scale.

 PS: Selected & seriously interested parties will receive a PDF attachment.


Can Oprah be trusted?

Everybody has demonsCan Oprah be trusted?


In April 2009 NaQuila appealed to Oprah in confidence about things that were very personal.  In November 2009 NaQuila and I got into a relationship that soon became very public as we decided to go after the bright lights and glimmer known as Hollywood.


So after the or should I say recently certain clicks developed that seemed to be an alliance forged based on information that may have been of interest to third parties.  As Oprah started hanging out with Tyler Perry who is very close to Janet Jackson; it is old news that I had a thing for Janet over the years and finally let go. OK enough of the building up to the point.


We all know Tyler Perry is most likely gay, but to each is his/her own.  I am not hating on either Janet or Tyler, but I also have my ambitions, such as the release of my CD done recently as an introduction to the CD we will release by NaQuila.  We have a screenplay to get into production and Tyler is in position to help or hurt that progress as well as Janet and Oprah. Nobody is trying to create friction in Hollywood, but we are not roaches to be exterminated either.


The letter sent to Oprah was very confidential and from the heart concerning traumatic events that NaQuila had to endure.  Please read this article!


Lil Wayne Sexual Predator


Not long after this article strange things begun to happen.  Personally I think Tyler is an excellent movie director, Oprah is the Queen of media and Janet may well have been the Queen of Pop, but NaQuila deserves her turn to shine.  As in the Movie screenplay “Everybody has Demons” the slogan “Nobody’s perfect,” applies to us all.  But life goes on and absolution of our transgressors is about spiritual growth.  As in life sometimes we have to let go and let God.


Personally I think we should not get too personal.  Whatever was in that letter should be held secret and if the beans were spilled already then like an occult it should remain in that circle.  It should remain private until NaQuila and only NaQuila wishes for it to be released.  And Oprah must remember she is responsible to a higher authority as we all are.



Gambino says Thank you all

Gambino says Thank you all


Word on the streets is NaQuila judgment was to complete and anger management class.


First of all, I want to thank the Honorable Judge Anthony L. Ritenour for being a fair Judge and Defense Attorney Marion J. Moorman for doing a fine job.  Justice was serve for the assurance of peaceful lifestyles and I think before NaQuila blows up totally in Hollywood and has to take on the responsibility of people (children) simply due to celebrity status and content of material should address certain issues first.  I think this was a good decision not to punish but to take corrective actions.


Most importantly I want to thank the politicians, entertainment celebrities and civil rights leaders of the highest honors.  I want to name many of the people specifically and thank them for carrying our request for help by posting the article about my plea on behalf of NaQuila.


Thank you First lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, President Jimmy Carter, President George H.W. Bush, President George W. Bush and President Bill Clinton and Mayor of New York City and a friend at heart Michael Bloomberg and I say to President I am sorry if I offend you, because you do not carry my work.


I want to thank Minister Louis Farrakhan especially for showing such a strong concern and for delivering such a strong message on such a timely moment in my life.  Thank you Rev. Jesse Jackson and I hope you find it in your heart to seal the alliance between you all, as Minister Farrakhan made the first step in a healing process for the world and thank you Reverend Al Sharpton the most active of the three in the public arena.   


The list goes on and you all know who you are in California and New York City, and I feel the reception in Hollywood.  Let me name these people because they are all powerhouses and deserve special recognition.


Thank you, P. Diddy, Damon Dash, Jermaine Dupri, Aaliyah, Monica, Victoria Gotti, Lil Wayne, Missy Elliot, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, John A. Gotti an up and coming writer, actor and entertainment manager, Ice T, Steve Harvey, DL. Hughley and my God thank me.  Lol!  A few people did not carry this article like Janet and Alicia, the people who I wrote mostly for in the past, but no problem!  It is all good! 


I hope I mentioned everyone, but there are more, like how can I forget the best basketball player of all time after Kareem being Magic Johnson.  Maybe stem cell research might allow us to see them both at their prime again and watch them play on the same time.  Lol!


Thank you all! 




NaQuila Prepares for Album Release

NaQuila Prepares for Album Release


Paul proposed a deal & NaQuila requested a continuance. 


NaQuila a resilient woman with so much on the plate regains focus.  There are so many details that have to be worked out.  I think the mistake a lot of producer’s and artist’s relationships make is to allow personal feelings to get in the way of business.  That is why Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson could not create a new hit.  I will not make the same mistake with NaQuila


It is my opinion that NaQuila, whom is the “Q” of 2020, has an opportunity to explode into the stratosphere if she does not abandon ship.   On court documents NaQuila musical genre was referred to as Pop/Political a new genre recognized by Homeland Security as a new way to reach and influence young minds. 


Not all politically popular music is USA friendly or God friendly, NaQuila is both.  With the mention of truth as the foundation to song structure the album sends out a strong message.  The Capstone Zulu BETA Project has been very informative, as it is moving up the charts prior to its actual release.


NaQuila on the other hand is a performer by song, dance and acting.  There are several options out there for her highly anticipated release in the political arena.  There is a possible world tour through the USO, doing GI night clubs and local venues.  There are so many opportunities open to her as she has gained celebrity status before her actual release through controversial blogs in a strong network.


Everything is in place as NaQuila is getting active again, losing weight, under pressure to act and being prepared for the long and lonely road called working in the music industry.  There will be lonely nights in the hotel, constant traveling and late nights under tight security.  Because the stuff she is singing about is going to raise eyebrows.  


Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Time for Business

Time for Business


Sometimes being unselfish seems to others as you coming off selfishly.  With that I say this:


Worshipful Master Roberts died in Mid-November of 2009.  He was my mother’s brother and my uncle of course.  I moved to Avon Park, Florida soon after like the next day.  I was the last person he spoke to it was over the phone.  I was in New York City and he was in Florida.  Prior to this I made him promises that I am ready to fulfill now. I will do community work!  May God motivate me? 


I feel like I was in the twilight zone and am awakening from a deep sleep.  But understand “the meek will inherit the earth,” so it is written.  I did pretty damn good so far, but could have done a little better.  Where am I going with this & again it is about NaQuila?


I committed myself to her project for over 5 months consecutively and exclusively.  We got into a deep relationship however the focus got away from the music and became an argument.  That is not good at all!  We spent more time arguing over bullshit, than music production, promotion and marketing- sales combined.  Sometimes a woman wants to wear the pants and kill the soul of a man and regardless to her past or the reasons it is wrong.


I intentionally calculated my financial ruin for a short period that was prolonged do to the economy, timing and constant arguments.  And I am sorry but this has to be corrected.  And that goes to being unselfish.  I put out an album to test or as I put it I did it in BETA mode.  I did it for NaQuila, to test the market for her release, and for what a damn argument about its contents?  I have to take care of business without these distractions.  My album is good but that is nothing for a great artist and writer.


I am a businessman and I have to keep the focus, I cannot afford to bug out over nonsense, it may sound insensitive but it is not it is real.  Let me mention a scripture that I really dig and is very relevant.


Col 2:17 These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ. 

Col 2:18 Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you for the prize. Such a person goes into great detail about what he has seen, and his unspiritual mind puffs him up with idle notions.


My point is that reality is in Christ and Christ is not voodoo.  We have to remain focused and do the right thing always and never be arrogant.  We must always show love even if our heart aches.  Though true love can seem like tough love, but understand; “for the love of God is always first.” (Paul)


The New World Order

Capstone Zulu


The Apostle on Digital Download


A Gambino Production

Lil Wayne a sexual predator?

Lil Wayne a sexual predator?


Lil Wayne who is in jail now in Rikers Island, in New York City, may be loved by the masses and be very famous, but he has a serious history.


Let me tell you a story about this dude and his behaviors with a young lady.  There was a young lady named NaQuila L. Hardy, who was a huge fan of his.  She went to many of his shows and gained the attention of Lil Wayne.  She was a very good looking young lady, with a dream of being a star someday and had a huge crush on this star called Lil Wayne.


There were mutual conversations with several contacts of Lil Wayne’s clique. He contacted her and used her in the bed, and it was consensual.   This was the springboard of a two year relationship.  As we all know Birdman and Lil Wayne are tight, perhaps a little too tight so I hear and a picture tells a thousand words.  As you can see Lil Wayne and Birdman kissing in white in what seems to be a same sex occult marriage.


They used this young lady to write songs and used her sexually as they went as far as to try and pass her around and attempted to gang rape her.   She prevented the gang rape by running out of the hotel room to Lil Wayne’s manager crying.  Only for him to go after the same thing as the entourage did the next day.


After all of this not being enough for her she was still convinced to move out to Dallas, TX by Lil Wayne’s brother because of pure selfishness of Marley being lonely.  This now took her from Lil Wayne’s sex toy status to homeless on the streets of Texas surviving even without any food and staying with strangers at times.


She resorted to stripping at local night clubs in Dallas, Dallas South Side and Arlington areas as a means of survival and ended up in situations that could’ve resulted in her demise.  She survived this all and finally made it back home close to family.  Until this day Lil Wayne showed no remorse?


Now you can say whatever you want to say about the Janet Jackson era, as it was put out there, however I tried to make a wrong I did forgivable, because the relationship was one sided and very unhealthy.  And as I was poor they all lived large, so believe this there will not be 20 more years of so-called obsessions over her!  I do not hate Janet Jackson for her and her family’s actions against me, to make my life a living hell! But it doesn’t give any justification like NaQuila I was used also in a much bigger way!


I was used by the Government and the Jackson Family played a role in it to control me to do there dirt and help them gain all the success in life that are a great enjoyment to the both of them, because of my feelings for Janet Jackson and my believed debt to her “what is it that I really owed her?” NOTHING! This was all a game she and John Gotti Sr. played on me.  And sadly but true I feel I was hoodwinked by the Gambino Crime Family.  After all I did I have little to show for it, but the meek will inherit the Earth, so it is said.


Why am I writing this article?  Yes I and NaQuila am an item and there are three children involved.  And because of her association with me she will not be blackballed by the industry due to jealousy. 


We put together a fine project with a powerful message and plan to promote it hard very soon.  We put together an anthem for AIDS research that gained the attention of the government and a lot of other great material.  She and I paid our dues, and I being a little stronger can be resilient, but she has been through enough and the hater games must end! 


People like Steve Harvey who knows about what took place briefly with Lil Wayne and in Texas think everything is funny needs to find some new material.  People like Lil Wayne who has unpaid debts needs to repent and try to make them right, because he can also be gang raped where he is and as for Janet Jackson there is no past, present or future conversation or plans for her, I decided to move on from these Internet Fantasy Dreams and games, NaQuila is not in a competition other than for the race to sell records.  She is my choice!


That Said!


 So do not play games with her livelihood, as I said there are children involved.


Please do not force my hand, what was done was done and the consequences to come depend on the corrective actions taken by people who are trying to make her life a living hell. 


Enough is enough!


The Apostle Paul Speaks about Demons

The Apostle Paul Speaks about Demons


The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC believes that black communities especially has to be more self defined. 


Avon Park is a Gold Mine and I welcome my friends to invest in this location.  We have some special landmarks that are fitting to the screenplay “Everybody has Demons.”  There have been some offers to roles but we know we will need a director to pull this off and express my thoughts. 


We have locations sowed up and the prices are right.  The screenplay is protected by the Screenwriters Guild until 2014; I want the filming to start by the end of the years 2010.  As I do all my material I plan to copyright the screenplay and write a sequel as certain characters that I would consider underdogs in life grow to a more powerful understanding of self.


 I want this screenplay made into a motion picture and then I might release the Apostle another screenplay about little Paul Castellano, whom is I AM. 


As for community restoration we want to destroy Delaney Avenue Red Line District and rebuild it.


We want a recording studio place inside of our commercial property, we want Delaney Avenue restored into office space, we want a laundry mate in the black community and a supermarket I prefer a Western Beef.  These are things everyone should be with and not special concessions.  


My concern with Paramount Pictures is that enough be reinvested in the community. I mean we live in a county where the courthouse buildings have some boarded up spots due to budgets and the only hustle people have is the drugs game.  Lawyers complain there is not enough business in town; I want to bring them business.


I am against drugs or a person having to sell them to survive.  But we all sell ourselves one way or another.  Point being made is that the drug game has become chaotic and unorganized and unsafe to harbor in ones community.  We all use drugs of some type, being nothing is cured anymore.  So I will bless Marijuana and condone its use and sales on Delaney Avenue.  Hard drugs must move from Delaney Avenue because it is my community and Headquarters’ location.  Those who hustle must be charitable and that is the one of the commandments the other is to treat people the way you want to be treat provided you want to be loved.


Those who want to be love will in fact be loved because of the loving attractions. 

Hollywood Demons Brings Demolition to Avon Park

Hollywood Demons Brings Demolition to Avon Park


In the Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area of Highlands County, Florida, property owners are getting inline to idea of bringing Hollywood to its small City.  In a few recent years Avon Park a City in Highlands County has been trying to clean up these parts of the streets to bring legitimate business back to the area. 


Even the clergy in Avon Park are all for the production of “Everybody Has Demons” (which is a crime drama) because even though it falls under a crime drama, its underlying messages is that we all have character defects and when kept as a deep dark secret it can cause us to do some very unethical and even illegal things.  To sum it all up that is what “Everybody has Demons,” is all about.


One of the main scenes take place if filmed on sight would bring the camera crew to Delaney Avenue a famous area in this Red Line District.  Worshipful Master Eston Roberts who recently pass away to the Celestial Lodge in Heaven has always supported investment in the black communities of Highlands County and Delaney Avenue is being left behind without investment capital.


Anyway there is this really explosive scene in “Everybody Has Demons,” do not want to give it away but this 1:45 hr flick is full of action and thought provoking dialogue.  It deals with issues of Hypnotic Provoked activities, which can drastically influence the mind “a Mafia and Government Secret.”   In this much focused screenplay full of action and thoughts you will address for years to come, because it is designed that way.


Avon Park is calling on the Hollywood big shots to invest in them in Quid pro quo arrangement..  Red Sumner of Paramount Pictures is being called, but we all know many are called but chosen are few.  Paramount Pictures is our choice and may we be there’s also.

Everybody Has Demons excitement

Everybody Has Demons excitement


The word was put out and a BUZZ created concerning the hot screenplay by Frank Paul Jones AKA Paul Castellano, a crime drama about the personality defects that lead us all astray.  The writer wants the movie filmed on sight which is Avon Park, FL, which are 80 miles from Orlando, about 90 miles from Tampa and 161 miles from Miami.  With plans for a major overhaul and community development, with supermarkets such as Western Beef which is rightfully property of Paul Castellano as a gift from Carlo Gambino, that was stolen by Big Paul, which lead to his demise.


Paramount Pictures and other Gambino properties have been selected by me as the movie production company to carry the screenplay into motion picture.  I remember when this happened I was in California at the time this is not as threat but things happen when something that belongs to you is withheld from the owners use.  Universal Studios caught fire 2008 causing millions of dollars in property damage.  Things happens sometimes Red Sumner!  We want equal access to our properties.


“Everyone has Demons” is an excellent screenplay to be filmed in a very small economy; it would boost the town’s economy and would be an on sight production.  Highland County, Florida an undeveloped goldmine 11 feet above sea level in central Florida offers a great opportunity for the film industry by allowing budget to film to remain realistic.   The County is the size of New Orleans with a population of about 18,000, open to all types of light industry and development and I want this movie to put the area on the MAP.


Town leaders said the Movie must be done now!  The filming of the movie would require destruction of old property in the Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area that would create a surge in the economy by cleaning up Delaney Avenue from dilapidated properties.  A town leader said, “If all we get is a few office buildings, a Laundry mate, bank ATM and Supermarket we will praise the Lord for that but we do this anyway and he will answer our prayers.   Avon Park deserves to be blessed and they will be soon!