Eric Snowden NSA Insider or Outsider Demise Predictions

Eric Snowden

Eric Snowden NSA Insider or Outsider Demise Predictions


Eric Snowden did something (leaked NSA spying secrets) and it took a lot of heart or he was plan stupid or maybe it is all now a cover up by Russia, to pull one of their own spies back out after a job well done. There is no way of knowing why he did what he did or who he really worked or is working for, even from the beginning, because  nobody is telling us these things.  We do not know if he was a plant and no one is telling us all of the information as far as how his application for employment to gain this secret information concerning the security of our nation was even vetted or the connections of the person(s) who approved him for employment to get him inside.  It is not like he was a rocket scientist, but was said to be just an average dude placed into a position of power and/or information.


There is a lot of information concerning Eric Snowden that does not meet the eye.  We do not even know how much more information he has or how much information is now under Russian control. I am sure the CIA knows the spy game very well and there is no way the Russians did not obtain everything known by Eric Snowden by now, for him to have remained in their country in exile this long. But the question not being asked by the media is, is he really in exile or just being debriefed by his employers (the Russians)?


Anyone who looks a television knows that if he is an average Joe, basic truth serum will give them (the Russians) all the information they need to know. And they have access to high tech information gathering technology and drugs.  This is not science fiction, it is real!  I will take it even further, through my own experience with a New York City Mafia Family, I know from experience when you become a Made Man, they use truth serum and the power of hypnosis to interrogate you, so that they know everything about you, all the way down to your past sexual activities.  And when this is done you might remember the hypnotic sessions but you might not, it all depends on if you pass the test or not. As a result of these meetings you just might die, if they find out you was disloyal in the past or even intent to be disloyal in the future.


So even if Eric Snowden is an average Joe who stumbled upon information detrimental to our national security, the Russians know everything about him now, even if he does not know they know it already.  Because part of the power of hypnosis is that you do not remember the conversations you had and while under the influence of hypnosis and truth serum and during these sessions you cannot lie. Unless of course Eric Snowden is one of our best spies, hoodwinking the Russians with false information, which I doubt, because too much damaging information was already revealed and leaked to the American public.


Therefore our intelligence agencies know for a fact that everything known by Eric Snowden, his entire life from childhood through adulthood is known by the Russians. Now the question is what more will be leaked to the American people?  America is not trying to prevent the Russians from knowing what Eric Snowden knows, because this damage is done already, it is the American people who must remain in the dark.


And it is for this reason I predict Eric Snowden will probably die and unexpected death. I do not think America wants to put him on trial unless it is done in a very secured manner.  What American security is now concerned with, is how much does he really know and how much of this information will reach the America public. Placing Eric Snowden in prison even for life may not suffice and it will not necessarily benefit the Russians to show their whole hand and expose everything they gathered through their Eric Snowden interrogation.  Therefore it is in America’s interest now to seal this case and silence Eric Snowden forever, while negotiating with the Russians in a Quid Pro Quo deal to not reveal their dirty laundry if they do not expose ours.  Eric Snowden would therefore become a pawn in these espionage games and expendable.


Frank Paul Jones


Mankind is Enslaved by Technology


Mankind is Enslaved by Technology

What are the set of laws for the strategic assembly of information?  What is the purpose of  intelligence gathering? And how is the information actually used?  These are questions that many Americans do not even consider to ask. Yet our survival may well depend on the answers to these questions. Because something very detrimental is going on at the highest levels of government and capitalist enterprising or big corporate America.  And as Americans while we are being diverted by the Obamacare debacle, we are not focusing on the real issue that we should be concentrating on, which is the  National Security Agency (The NSA) Conspiracy.


Eric Snowden opened up a serious can of worms and believe me the government is in damage control mode now and will do whatever necessary to cover-up what they are still doing. Because the problem isn’t just what they did unethically or against officially authorized protocol, but their lawful protocols period are corrupt.  Many Americans were unaware of the magnitude of government and corporate intrusion within American society and now it is coming out into the open and the government does not want America to pay attention to the facts.  So they may well have produced an Obamacare debacle, to divert out attention for what is very insightful about government activity and control.


To think for a moment that the government could not design a working website for Obamacare is preposterous. Was this a manufactured misfortune?  Probably?  And like everything these days President Obama plausible denial clause is the basis of him not knowing anything damaging to his Administration.  He seems to not know anything about what is going on in this country. And this is totalitarianism at its best.


Let us take a glance at government technology.  The government has the best technology in the world, which is far beyond commercial technology. They have supercomputers designed and constructed, which are made out of solid diamonds as semiconductors and high grade gold as conductors (diamond and gold computers), which means enormously high speeds and conductivity without overheating, which operates well beyond our 3 GHz with 128 MB of RAM computers and severs. Ask yourselves what cannot be done with such a machines with the proper software?  So be aware of the governments capabilities in designing supercomputers. What the government has in secret locations is not what we see at the local Social Security Office of the Veterans Affairs.  These downed computers are diversions from reality. Understand they can do whatever they please. And the Obamacare website is all a front for a more important agenda and our Congressman and Congresswoman know this or are incompetent. It is part of a cover-up campaign. It is not about Obamacare!


We are being informed as to how intrusive the government has become within the communications protocol. But what we are being told is just the tip of an iceberg.  We know because they admitted it (that) they listen in on everyone’s phones calls. But they also listen in or eavesdrop on everyone’s internet and computer usages without even going on the internet, because the microchips in these computers allow for these governmental intrusive measures.  The government doesn’t only watch your Facebook pages and You-tube or Goggle and Yahoo, but they know your every move when on a computer or near one, all the way down to you quarries on the world wed web or personal letters on Microsoft Word.


While we think the computer allows us to find more information faster, which is the benefit of computers, we forget that while we can move around the world wed web, so can everyone else, so is it really an independent advantage?  What is really our edge?  But what we really seem to ignore, is that the more we learn or know due to computer technology, the government learns even more about us and our ways of thinking.  And through artificial or virtual intelligence using supercomputers, the government knows more about mankind then ever before.  What the government managed to do through technology is put everyone in one place, by wiring the world via the Internet, wired and wireless communications, satellites and computers. The all seeing eye has become reality.


Now the really bad news!  What people fail to realize is that this is the work of the Anti-Christ. Why? Because he knows his days are limited and he wants to take as many people down with him as he can. I know!  Your heard this before!  Boring?  But did you really know that the government was as corrupt as it is?  Did you know that the government actually knows as much as it does?  And for those who argue against the Anti-Christ hypothesis, ask yourselves, if the government has this level of knowledge in the world affairs, than why so much corruption still exist everywhere?  Is not information king?


If the government knows about everyone’s conversations, whereabouts, ideas and thoughts, why is there so much drugs on the streets and why is there so much violence everywhere?  And why all the economic problems with people without jobs, while depending on food stamps to eat?  It is because this is what they want!  Understand that 2% of the world’s population owns half of the world’s wealth.  And modern technology made this possible.  And through modern technology they are able to control the masses and what is sad is we are playing right into it. How?  By design we have become addicted and dependent on modern day technology to function in everyday life.  We seem to think we need our cell phones and computers, but just 30 years ago, this was something only seen in James Bond 007 movies or Star Trak.


And what people need to realize is that none of this was by chance based on the government improvising, but it was planned from the beginning. They knew before they introduced  these technologies what they was going to do with it. They knew it would place the world’s wealth in the hands of a few and would allow for the government to control the masses by putting all of the world in one place, which is cyberspace. And they knew they would develop virtual (artificial) intelligence  to control the world actions.  Today the world actions are according to predetermined decisions by who has become known as the Illuminati. A handful of people in a society to rule over the world.  The world is wired to the supercomputers that have evolved from intelligence gathering into a mechanism of control over the masses.  So today we are absorbed by being for or against Obamacare? Why because the supercomputer said so! While politician create the platform for internal arguing and bickering.


Finally, the natural transition or master plan is for the One World Government to be established, which will be ruled by a handful of people.  We see it already, whereby our so-called world leaders are merely flunkies for the fitly rich. And when a government isn’t ruled by them, they are destroyed for not being a democracy. Yet they are controlled and all of their decisions are made based on a handful of lobbyist.  Is that a democracy or dictatorship?  While we call America a democracy it really isn’t. Because how can the people be in control of government, when the people are being controlled by the exact government they are supposed to be in control of?


I can go on and on, but the wise person will not be focused on Obamacare too hard, but will pay attention to the NSA conspiracy. Because it is one thing to be a slave and know it and another to think you are free when you are actually a slave.  We the people are merely slaves, but to who? That is the question!  Are we slaves to the 2% who runs the world or the technology they use to control us with?


The Apostle Paul


The Government Stalemate Calls for a Congressional Investigation

The Congress

The Government Stalemate Calls for a Congressional Investigation


They say this argument is over Obamacare, but is it really?  The patient protection and affordable care act, is something very few Americans even understand.  In fact, I am willing to bet very few congressmen and congresswomen actually understand it or even attempted to read it fully themselves and I am not a gambling man.  So I do not buy this!  As a veteran it really doesn’t make a difference to me personally. And if we default what good is it to anyone?


Sometimes people will never be satisfied no matter what you do.  You satisfy one of their disputes and they comeback with another. Not because of the substance of their disagreement, but because they are actually against you regardless.  This is something many Americans can understand, through personal experiences.  We all have people who are against us and no matter how hard we try to get along with them, the arguments intensify. I think this is the case with the United States Government today and Obamacare is just an excuse to act out on frustrations and anger, simply because they do not like our President.


Sometimes I did not like some of President Obama’s decisions.  I think he did things simply to get along with people who do not have the best interest of Americans at heart.  But I understand he is the President of the United   States of America and being a politician comes with the territory of being President. Overall, I think he did a fine job , considering the constant opposition he received.  He could have done a great job, had he had congressional support.


This isn’t about Obamacare, this is an issue of destruction of American government as we know it. I truly believe it is a great possibility that America can and will default on her debts, due to the debt ceiling not being raised on time.  Because nobody is bluffing here and both sides are very serious about their intent.  The Tea Party while holding the republican controlled congress hostage, wants to end government as we know it and they chose President Obama’s signature legislation as a means to take their stand.  Why? Because they believe President Obama will not negotiate on this issue and this is what they want, as an excuse to destroy America.  And I really think this is an act of treason.


What I believe is the problem, is that President Obama does not know who he is actually dealing with.  As he says things and as Senator Reid stated, they are “anarchist.”  But do they really mean it?  Because this makes them no different than terrorist, whose goal is to destroy America’s influence around the world.  And I think President Obama is failing to use his full Presidential powers to diminish their ability to disrupt the world economy.


I truly believe this is not about negotiations anymore. But President Obama should and must use the powers of the FBI and the CIA, to investigate the true intent of this misuse of power in government.  We need to find out exactly who is behind this and who they are connected to foreign and domestic, as a measure to protect our national security, before we no longer have to power to protect our nation.  This should at least be consider by the Obama Administration.


Today President Obama still has the power to get to the bottom of this hostile takeover of government, but tomorrow may be to late.  We have to apply the possibility of a conspiracy theory to what is going on, to at least eliminate it possibility or probability. In doing so every Congressmen and Senator should be investigated as well as the Obama Administration, to insure we are not being held hostage by domestic terrorist.  We cannot wait until next year to find out, it most be done now, before any irreversible damages are done.


What they are contemplating on doing, is much too serious to simply be laidback with this negotiations mentality, as if this is a fair playing field. Because they refuse to negotiate to begin with.  But not only should America investigate these people, but it should be a move by the United Nations as well, because this could be the ultimate act of the economic war, which I billed as World War Three, which in my opinion was the true cause of the World Trade Towers attacks on 9/11/2001.  But this could be much worst.  My advise to President Obama is to investigate them and do not make it a secret investigation, but a precautionary measure that all Americans will support.


Frank Paul Jones

Is National Scurrility to Destroy Americans?

President Obama

Is National Scurrility to Destroy Americans?

America is suspicious after a decade of war in the middle east. We fought all these wars and battles in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and have nothing to show for it. While we spent over $10 trillion dollars on wars our economy back home is in shambles with only 62% of Americans in our workforce today.

President Obama won a noble peace prize in 2009, but today he wants military action as there are protests against this war in Syria in major cities like New York and Washington D.C., because people heard this before and know this could escalate into a major regional conflict. And even as President Obama tries to sell this limited attack, he knows this could escalate into something major and I do not think he really wants a part of this, but is himself looking for a way out.

Most of the politicians (Lawmakers) in Washington D.C., really do not think this is a good idea on both sides of the aisle. Some say he is not doing enough others think war simply is not the answer to Syria. Basically mostly all of them think it is not a good idea for one reason or another, but is making an excuse to vote yea in the name of the creditability of the U.S. and the creditability of the institution of the presidency. But even to that end, there are two sides to every story.

Some say if we do not act, what will North Korea and Iran think and do as a result of our inaction? While others say if this backfires and North Korea and Iran puts us to the test, will America be in support of yet another war after Syria. America is war wary it is that simple and not only that we are exhausted. Must I remind you that 22 veterans are committing suicide everyday due to war fatigue and many of the returning veterans will be on a long waiting list to be served by the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. We have not even solved the problems we already have with serving our already returned veterans and 30,000 is due to return from Afghanistan soon or will they do a u-turn?

Going to Syria is a calculated risk that President Obama being a wise politician, I do not think will be willing to take if Congress rejects his proposal. He hasn’t received any support from the world, even the UK rejected this idea and now it looks like the United States Congress will reject his proposal and if he goes it alone and it backfires into a major conflict, he alone will not suffer the consequences, so will the nation and if it does not backfire, he will gain nothing politically and our nation will gain nothing from this campaign. It is a lose-lose situation for him and us to be in.

But if he is the man I once believed he was, he will be wise enough to on the down low thank the Congress for helping him save face. All this talk about a redline in nonsense. This is not a reason to take the focus off of the real issues that need to be addressed, which is all the problems we have at the home front and many of them are directly associated with our past foreign wars.

We have to accept as a nation that we made some detrimental mistakes in the past decade and not be foolish enough to repeat our folly, because the chickens will come home to roast and all this foolishness will have consequences in the near future.

I think we should not go to war or even attempt limited military action in Syria, for the exact reason some politicians are compelled to go it alone, without the support of the world community, which is to save face, but not with Israel, North Korea or Iran, but with the American people. See if we go to Syria it will only make it harder to gain the support of the American people when we really need them, because they are tired, wary and confused and know they have been bamboozled.

We need to define our military definitively and define just what is national security, which is so unclear. We cannot simply yell national security and blow $200 million dollars to teach someone a lesion, because by doing so what have we learned from our actions? That we really cannot afford to enforce a vague definition of national security? Sure we can print money and print our debts away, but for how long? We must be fiscally responsible, I mean I have no problem with being the world police, if we get world police salaries, however, on the contrary we pay the people we protect and not the other way around. I mean even the Mafia gets paid for protection and they are considered criminals, so what does this make us fools?

If Americans understood exactly what our role is on the world stage, things would be more cohesive, but sometimes I wonder if our leadership actually knows our actual role. Are we really the good guys or are we interlopers out to control the masses and if so for who?

Who is profiting from our war machine, certainly not the American people, it seems to me that we (The American People) are actually being held hostage with 101 million people depending on food stamps everyday, 33 people everyday dying on the streets from gun violence, 22 veterans per day committing suicide, over 2.3 million Americans incarcerated, only 62% of Americans in the workforce and many have part-time jobs making the minimum wage, we are the richest nation in the world, but is one of the worst performing educational systems among the industrialized nations and the list goes on. Just what is national security? Since it is not open for discussion, this should be answered or is this classified?

Frank Paul Jones
President and Chairman of the NCNCHINC

America is Committing Crimes Against it own People Also

 Obama Miltary

America is Committing Crimes Against it own People Also

President Obama decided to ask the Congress for authorization to attack Syria, a change from his stance to go it alone without U.S. Congressional or United Nations approval. Though every president since 1973 claimed the wars powers act of 1973 is unconstitutional, in this case President Obama decided to seek congressional approval and one must wonder why. He didn’t in Libya!

Since President Obama publicly considered attacking Syria, it seems that all the News talked about is America’s problems such as, President Obama saving face, his creditability in world affairs, as if it is our war and we have been attacked. However, we must remember this is a civil war in Syria and over 100,000 people already died and hundreds of thousands have been badly injured due to this war. There will be no winners, even when this war ends and rebuilding process of this nation and the region will cost a lot of money and time. It is not all about America, in Syria!

Now my concern is if the Congress approves an act of war against Syria, will there be an exit plan that can and will be carried out. This war is a Syrian civil war, however, nations are already taking sides and America’s involvement could even escalate their involvement and the war could become even wider in scope than it is already. If we get sucked into a regional conflict, how will we get out of it? Or even worst, will we be able to get out of it?

I do not think the American people or our military can withstand another Iraq or Afghanistan. We cannot handle another drawn out war. The wars we recently fought is costing us dearly. Because we spent perhaps ten trillion dollars on Iraq and Afghan, we were not caretakers of our own people here at home. This is the costs we are paying at home.

Over 8,000 veterans commit suicide per year, which is about 22 veterans committing suicide per day. At one time based on a statistic for every combatant killed in war 25 veterans were killing themselves. So one must ask why? Most of the kids joining the military today are Americas choice crop. They joined the military for a future in the America dream, educational benefits that they will probably never be able to use due to mental problems, they join to get out of the streets and to avoid a life of crime in this terrible economy and yes some may have had Hollywood fantasies of fighting a war, only to learn that killing and be sought after to be killed is not actually fun.

While the average is 33 fatalities a day are the result of gun violence and gun violence is the number two killer of people age 18 to 34, behind automobile accidents, what is the number one killer of veterans for age 18 to 34? And how does these new suicide rates effect the statistics overall? Because the suicide rate has to be in the top three. Because between gun violence and suicide we are losing over 20,000 of our youth each year.

Then we have to look into the incarceration rates of our youth and the dropout rates of our youth, which has a direct correlation to committing crimes. We have to recognized that America has a major problem. We have to look at the jobless rate of Americans as a whole. Only 6 of 10 Americans have a job and many of them are part time jobs. Over 32% of Americans are without an income or is on some type of disability, while about 8% get unemployment insurance. 101 million Americans get food stamps assistance or about 1/3 of the United States population. 1 out of 3 Americans cannot afford to feed themselves without assistance from the federal government.

These wars are not only costing us money that we need to spend on our economy, but it is destroying our labor force. The men an women in uniform are being misappropriated by the United States Government. But we talk about crimes against humanity in Syria, how about the crimes against our own people here in America? We are destroying the lives of our youth through wars, failing schools, no jobs for civilians, the industrial prison complex, this fake war on drugs that destroyed the lives of millions and the inaction of the legislative branch of government to do anything, while President Obama beats the war drums . Like they say, when you point your figure at someone, three are pointing back at you. America is at war with Americans and these foreign wars are characteristic of this.

Frank Paul Jones

De-Criminalized Marijuana is Now Federal Law

 President Obama Official Portrait

De-Criminalized Marijuana is Now Federal Law

The Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the federal government will not enforce federal marijuana laws in states that legalized it, to include the states of Colorado and Washington as well as states with medical marijuana laws. Instead they will focus on preventing illegal Kingpins from profiting from this, keeping the drug out of the hands of minors and other safety measures in controlling its use.

Now understand the implications. The Obama Administration is the Executive Branch of government, whereby the Congress is the Legislative Branch of government. The President and his men’s duty is to enforce the law and not to make them, which is the duty of the Congress.

The controlled substance act was passed by the 91st Congress and signed by Richard Nixon in 1970 and marijuana is still considered a schedule 1 drug under the controlled substance act. The controlled substance act must be enforced under the United States Constitution, when there is a conflict between state and federal law. So if a state says a drug is legal and the federal government says it is not, the federal government is obligated to enforce this law, however, President Obama decided not to do this in this case.

HR 2306 aka the Frank Paul bill, sponsored by Barney Frank and co-sponsored by about 20 others, was introduced on June 23, 2011, but has yet to be enacted, which is the solution to this problem. It is called “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011,” Because though Eric Holder can instruct his law enforcement group and direct them as to what to do and enforce or not enforce and while to some degree what is going on may be the right thing to do given the circumstances, still it may well be unconstitutional and may create bad precedent in future state and federal legal confrontations. Because if a state is not forced to follow this law, which they are constitutional bond to follow, they may pick and choose other laws to not follow at their discretion in the future. And this could lead to anarchy. So in my humble opinion, the congress has to address President Obama’s decision and in doing so look into and perhaps enacting HR 2306. Which would end the prohibition of marijuana at federal level all together.

The Obama Administration said at the time they will not change the schedule level of marijuana with the DEA, but this is a matter procedure that must take place very soon at a minimum, to justify this decision. I think within a year marijuana will be totally de-criminalized at federal level, so that the federal government can tax it where it is legalized to have the capital to enforce the terms of legal distribution and the use of it, which is a new tactic altogether. And unlike tobacco which causes so many health problems, the government will earn money in the process and hopefully use the money for social programs and not to fight wars, which seems to be the priority of this Administration and not the healing of our people.

Frank Paul Jones

The Truth about War on Terror and the Heroin Epidemic


The Truth about War on Terror and the Heroin Epidemic

I believe our government is competent and sees well into the future, when taking hostile actions, such as going to war.  But we live in a so-called democracy and often people have different views when making a decision.  So often one administration has to fix the problems created by their predecessors  And America has some real problems ahead that must be address as soon as possible.  The Heroin epidemic is a real threat now.


I was deeply involved in covert operations with the government and mafia, for a long time.  There is a new television show called “Burned Notice,” you should watch it, because things like that really happen.  The government will use you and spit you out in a short notice.  Sure the show is fictionalized for entertainment purposes, but the fact is that sometimes covert operatives  are used and disposed of in ways designed to protect the government’s interests.  As for me, they made me out to be delusional nutcase and therefore not creditable in American society and therefore not to believed.  People simply do not believe what I say anymore to include close friends, because of my Janet Jackson escapade.  It was by design and I went along with it, with both feet in.  No matter what I tell you my cover will not be blown.


I was asked by a psychiatrist, Why does the government have to pay me and why doesn’t the mafia pay me?  If I had a lot of money, people would believe anything I say  because of that.  But if I get a crazy check, my cover would not be blown.  They did not want me to have creditability for covert reasons.  The rules of the game is I can say whatever I want to say, as long as I do not act on it.  But I am growing tired of these rules!  But I have a high code and level of discipline, this is probably why I was chosen to carry the burden of knowing the truth, not to mention my abilities.


Back in September 2001 when the WorldTradeCenter was attacked, I was having an insomnia episode, probably for a covert reason.  I stayed up for three months.  I knew what happened on the day and was reporting to the White House via fax daily out of Brooklyn New York. When the attack happened, President George W Bush, ran into a problem, his airspace was compromised.  Everywhere Air Force One flew, he was being tracked.  He would jump for bunker to bunker and everywhere he went he was being followed.


He had a conversation and like I was put under hypnosis, so was he as a child by his father.  He really believed in the God of his understanding and based on these confused beliefs, he made many decisions while in the White House.  His father George H. W. Bush, controlled the White House for almost 20 years (Reagan, his and his son’s Administrations) and he was the person who ordered me to develop what is now known as the AIDS virus in the winter of 1976-77 while in Germany, out of CIA headquarters.  And it was his father who started these wars in the Middle East that we are still  in today.


They contacted President George W. Bush in airspace and told him “I am the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac.”  He being arrogant as a president and already brainwashed by his father, did not see through it. But did realized whoever it was had more power then he had.  It was his father who was behind this and John J. Gotti plotted this with my assistance, they knew he would fall for this.  Had he not gone along with it, he would have been killed and the vice president Dick Cheney would have done it, but it would have foiled the Halliburton deal which was pure corruption in government, bringing in tens of billions of dollars from these wars.  He was instructed to start these wars.  He was then safe.  I went along with it because I knew he would, I did not want him killed by any means.


However, I solved the problem with this war in November 2011.  When flight 587 went down, I instructed the White House to  put up a blockade on the Dominican   Republic.  When this happened the movements in the middle east became sporadic and uncontrolled.  They were being controlled out of that Island.  We could have ended the war in November 2011, but Michael Bloomberg and Al Sharpton broke the blockade in a private jet and freed the culprit who I believed was Rene Elizondo, who was supposed to be Janet Jackson’s live-in boyfriend, who was actually a drug kingpin and perhaps more, I was ordered not to kill him, when I went to California. Instead Tupac Shakur and Biggy Smalls got whacked as a result of that visit.  It was made to seem like a one for one East Coast – West Coast revelry.  Why is happened is another story.


Osama Bin Laden was a covert operative and was depicted as the number one enemy of the FBI who was in-charge of anti terrorism operations, overstepping the CIA, in the war against terror.  President George W. Bush did what he had to do to survive, because his father was a very powerful man with agenda to run the world and rape the United   States tax payers in the process.


Now we have all of these broken men returning from the middle east.  But America did not enter these wars with a legitimate exit plan.  And the people who profited from it are not in the White House anymore.  Sure they may return, but the fact of the matter is President Obama inherited a lot of problems and because of this his legacy is in question.  He inherited a bad economy and a war that was motivated out of greed and fear.  Those who caused it were greedy and those who carried out the mission were afraid for their lives.


Those Arabs did not just hijack those jets it was a conspiracy and it was an nuclear attempt on  New York City, but we were a step ahead of the game and sold them duds, knowing their true intent.  This is why the fire continued to burn for over 6 months, it was a nuclear candle on fire and spraying large amounts of water on it de-radiated the area, it could not put the fire out.


Now all of this money was made and the real problems are just beginning.  Now we are about to really be attacked from foreign and domestic terrorist.  We will have too many returning troops who will be veterans of foreign wars and that were told lies by the government. They are coming back to nothing, no jobs, poor healthcare, due to an overwhelmed system, a shortage on veterans benefits.  And they are addicted now to opiates disproportionately and the real drugs are about to hit the streets soon (raw heroin), making the crack epidemic of the 1980’s seem like small potatoes.  Because the people who will traffic these drugs  will be government trained killers with a grudge against the government for ruining their lives for weapons contracts and not the defense of our nation and not street thugs unorganized.  And the government cannot just simply continue to print money to get out of our economic woes, because countries like China are on to it, as they are devaluing our currency daily.  These are serious problems that has to be address by the Obama Administration and unpopular decisions must be made.


These are the problems America face in the immediate future and I am talking about this beginning within the next year, hell it already started.  These are not futuristic predictions

But current events.  It is happening before your eyes but you just was conditioned not to see it.  Shows like Graceland is being televised, showing you federal special agents (The FBI) shooting dope and telling you how good it felt.  They are grooming American society for the next heroin epidemic.  The drugs are already being stockpiled for shipment, hell they are probably already stateside awaiting its release to the general population.


Meanwhile the prisons are already overcrowded all over the country like California to include our federal correctional facilities. This is why they have to legalize marijuana, to make room for the real criminals of the state.  But money spent is already spent and the government is about spent out, because of discrimination against people of color.  The American government ruined too many innocent peoples lives out of greed and the truth is about to surface in the minds of the American people.  Because the truth of the matter is that Americans are stupid people when it comes the plights of others, but now it will be the plight of the American people at stake and we may well wakeup too late.


America is well on its way to becoming a land of lawlessness, if we are not careful.  Legalized prostitution, gambling and drugs may well become the law of the land, because there is not enough room in the prisons, personnel to incarcerate people cost money, hell the Department of Justice spends 1/3 of its dollars (budget) on prisons already fighting the war on marijuana.  So what can America do, if heroin hits the streets and masses become addicted to this highly addictive drug?  And still the cure to AIDS has not been released.  Why?  Because America will not be able to afford healthcare for all of these newly contracted AIDS victims, if intravenous drug use multiplies in American society and heroin will make a wood demon (intravenous drug addict) out of someone who fears needles.  It is that addictive!  Nobody is safe from heroin!


What is the solution/?  I am! And this is why I can wait so patiently, because they have to comeback to me sooner or later.  And later is sooner than many think!


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano




Dated: January 2011


Marijuana is properly categorized under Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), 21 U.S.C. § 801, et seq. The clear weight of the currently available evidence supports this classification, including evidence that smoked marijuana has a high potential for abuse, has no

accepted medicinal value in treatment in the United States, and evidence that there is a general lack of accepted safety for its use even under medical supervision.


The campaign to legitimize what is called “medical” marijuana is based on two propositions: first, that science views marijuana as medicine; and second, that the DEA targets sick and dying people using the drug. Neither proposition is true. Specifically, smoked marijuana has not withstood the rigors of science–it is not medicine, and it is not safe. Moreover, the DEA targets criminals engaged in the cultivation and trafficking of marijuana, not the sick and dying. This is true even in the 15 states that have approved the use of “medical” marijuana.1


On October 19, 2009 Attorney General Eric Holder announced formal guidelines for federal prosecutors in states that have enacted laws authorizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The guidelines, as set forth in a memorandum from Deputy Attorney General David W. Ogden, makes clear that the focus of federal resources should not be on individuals whose actions are in compliance with existing state laws, and underscores that the Department will continue to prosecute people whose claims of compliance with state and local law conceal operations inconsistent with the terms, conditions, or purposes of the law. He also reiterated that the Department of Justice is committed to the enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act in all states and that this guidance does not “legalize” marijuana or provide for legal defense to a violation of federal law.2


While some people have interpreted these guidelines to mean that the federal government has relaxed its policy on “medical” marijuana, this in fact is not the case. Investigations and prosecutions of violations of state and federal law will continue. These are the guidelines DEA has and will continue to follow.


The Drug Enforcement Administration Website (The DEA)


The DEA Policy on Marijuana


The DEA Drug Abuse Chart


The DEA has been very successful, with the war on drugs.  Over 1/2 of the people in the federal correctional system are in on drug charges.  1 out of 6 inmates are there for marijuana charges, which is about 1/3 of the federal prison population.  What will be their role when Attorney General Eric Holder ends this war as we know it?  Over 1/3 of the Department of Justice budget goes towards  incarcerating people in the federal correctional system.  And the DEA claims that marijuana is properly categorized as a schedule one substance under the controlled substance act.


I understand and accept that they are a law enforcement group and their job is to enforce the law as it is written, to the best of their ability.  I do not believe that their positions are not based on facts or research, but is based on old politics from the Ronald Reagan Administration, that are discriminatory ideals that is about to change under the Obama Administration.


The FBI main focus is on anti-terrorism and it has been that way since 9/11. And I feel with new drug reform legislation, the DEA can become more effective as a law enforcement group and I will tell you why.


It is my position and this is a speculation based on research and personal experience.  America is about to be hit with a major influx of heroin out of Afghanistan.  America’s presence in Afghanistan  since 2001, has not decreased the production of the poppy plant.  In fact more heroin is being produced now than before.


Afghanistan is a very poor country, over 40% of the population makes under $1.25 a day and about 70% of the population is illiterate. And half of the GDP is from heroin production.  So we know their intent, once American troops leaves this country.  And the plot thickens.


Many of our troops leaving Afghanistan are addicted to opiates, the VA health system is overwhelmed with newly addicted opiate users.  I think there is a correlation between the newly opiate addicts and the veterans committing suicide.   22 veterans are committing suicide everyday and many veterans are being diagnosed with PTSD.  While the VA in many cases cannot complete a veterans claim for assistance within a year.  The VA is backed up and overwhelmed, because there was no exit plan for America and I think the war just begun for many Americans in our backyards.


If you was the enemy what would you do, with the current situation.  Many veterans will be unemployed, unemployable, sick mentally and physically and disparate.  The next major act of terrorism will be the spread of Afghan heroin.   And a lot of innocent people are going to be hurt.  While our streets will be flooded with disparate well trained killers, trained by the United States military in need of money and a fix.


For this reason, I believe Attorney General Eric Holder has to scale back and change the role of our law enforcement groups, to battle against the new and real threat, which is afghan heroin, with an intent to destroy America in an act of terror unlike any before.


If you ask the drug dealers, heroin has not hit the streets yet in it raw form.  Sure there are opiates out there like oxycontin, but dope is not available at the moment, but this is about to change once America leave Afghan. And the DEA will become more important than ever, as the FBI will again have to infiltrate the drug trade as a priority in the fight against terror. And to do this many of the marijuana offenders will have to be set free from prison, to incarcerate real threats of America.  The war on drugs as we know it must end, so that a new chapter can begin.  Drug reform laws are a necessity and should be welcomed without partisanship.


Frank Paul Jones

President and Chairman of the NCNCHINC

The Highlands County Churches are on the Hit list by City

To: The Churches of Highlands County Florida

From: The Rev. Frank Paul Jones

RE: The Highlands County Churches are on the Hit list by City

Date: 28 September 2010


It was like something right out of Goggle.  They spent 30 minutes on Property Appraisal.  This article is a clone to what took place.  They said you need a 501 c 3 to be tax exempted and they are wrong, as you will see in the factors.  They argued about churches owing property and renting it for a profit.  This as you will see can be done in moderation, and not excessively.  The argument was fair and just, the County needs their tax money and people are being fraudulent in the name of the Armor of God…


Contrary to what was said yesterday at the City Council meeting by the County Property Appraisal Raymond Mclnyre that to be tax exempt you must be 510 c 3 statuses.  Secondly, a church can rent out apartments and be tax exempted, provided it is done in moderation and with God first.  It cannot be all about the money anymore. 


Something every church in Highlands County should read at Church on Monday, until it is understood by the officers.


See: Fs sec 196.196


Fs Sec 196.196 (2) states;

Factor 1: We have to use the building and it has to be used for the main purpose most of the time = 51%

Section 196.192(2), F.S- provides all property owned and used by an exempt entity and used predominantly for exempt purposes shall be exempted from ad valorem taxation to the extent of thereto that such predominant use bears to the non-exempt use.

Under subsection (1) of that statute all property owned and used by an exempt entity exclusively for exempt purposes is totally exempt from all ad valorem taxation.

However, beyond the nonprofit entity requirement, the activities requirement as noted above, set forth in section 195.192, F.S., does require that no part of the property may be used in an activity for profit, and that the charge for the service must be or below the cost.

Thus, in a situation in which a particular wing of a building or portion of a parcel is used to generate a profit would appear not to qualify for the exemption even though the profits are used for other charitable activities.

Factor 2: We do not have to have 501 c 3 statuses.

As far as the requirement that the applicant must be an exempt entity, section 196.195(4), F.S. provides that no application for exemption may be granted for charitable use of property until the applicant has been found by the property appraiser to be nonprofit as defined in that section.  It is not a statutory requirement that the applicant for a charitable exemption be an entity qualified under the United States Internal Revenue Code, 26 U.S.C. 501(c) (3).






Rev. Frank Paul Jones

Capstone Zulu Introduces Stackz Gotti

The Song: The DUI TryCapstone Zulu Introduces Stackz Gotti


This is me just tripping.   Heard from my nephew Dahoud they got him on lockdown.  He can handle it.


We are trying to build a new studio at the Blue Temple.   We are looking for donations, like Jermaine what is up with the old booth?


I am trying to set this up for Dahoud.  I need to get paid and relax and let the new jacks do a little something.  However first I must get paid.


The DUI Try!  Just tripping!


The main course meal we are about to release NaQuila aka Stackz Gotti.  We have a production deal not written in stone, however it will be.  Both parties are being offered a moderate deal creation a Gambino Production Explosion.


Gambino says we have big plan for NaQuila and the whole musical game.