Florida Medical Marijuana Is Almost Complete Legalization


Florida Medical Marijuana Is Almost Complete Legalization

Why our Youth Must Register to Vote 

Medical marijuana will be on the ballot in the State of Florida on November 4th, 2014. The law would be very relaxed and would allow doctors to prescribe marijuana to anyone who they believe has a debilitating illness and the use of marijuana does not do more harm than good or the harm done by using it doesn’t outweigh its usefulness. In other words if a doctor doesn’t think marijuana will do more harm than good for whatever your condition is, he/she can write you a prescription and you can legally use in the State of Florida.


Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative, Amendment 2 (2014)


If you click this hyperlink and read the full text, it will explain this amendment in detail. But in a nutshell this is what you should know.


“Debilitating Medical Condition” means cancer, glaucoma, positive status for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), hepatitis C, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or other conditions for which a physician believes that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for a patient.


As you can see certain illness are without question, but the key to this language being used is these words, “other conditions for which a physician believes that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for a patient.”


Therefore any liberal doctor who doesn’t see marijuana as a harmful drug, can prescribe this drug to anyone he/she deems has a debilitating illness. So even though the amendment describes certain debilitating illnesses, it is still open to discretion  as to what a doctor deems to be debilitating. This could be anything whereby there was research done to support an assertion. And research is being done more now then ever.


For example there is research that bipolar disorder can be helped by the use of cannabis, as well as PTSD and other anxiety disorders. It is a proven fact that marijuana is useful in reducing pain and even for insomnia as we all know it help you sleep. So if a doctor thinks your sleeping disorder is debilitating he can prescribe you marijuana.  People who have a hard time eating will be able to use marijuana to increase their appetite, even if they are not HIV positive if a doctor deems it will do more good to smoke than harm. And I am sure it will come in pill form as well. So if smoking is a problem, you can get it in pill form


You can bet there will be enough doctors out the there to find someone to assist you in gaining a medical marijuana prescription. In fact Florida’s laws will be more liberal than California, where about anyone can get a license to smoke. And I think it will do our state a lot of good. Because this law will drastically reduce crime for people who need marijuana.


The good thing about this when there comes to opponents of this amendment, as far as the wide use of this drug as a result of medical legalization, is that people use it already illegally and go to jail for this. And if a person gets a prescription to use it, they have to be diagnosed with an illness that must be treated and marijuana will be the treatment for many. This would mean users will be under a doctor’s care unlike now. And users will be able to get it under government safety regulations instead of off of the streets.


The fiscal note states:


Increased costs from this amendment to state and local governments cannot be determined. There will be additional regulatory and enforcement activities associated with the production and sale of medical marijuana. Fees will offset at least a portion of the regulatory costs. While sales tax may apply to purchases, changes in revenue cannot reasonably be determined since the extent to which medical marijuana will be exempt from taxation is unclear without legislative or state administrative action.


It has not been determined if it will be taxed or exempt from taxes. I think if taxed it will be a win/win solution to the problems associated with marijuana in the State of Florida. And I think the legislative intent speaks for itself. Florida will be one step from complete legalization.


Frank Paul Jones




Highlands County Criminal, & Educational for Agriculture Conspiracy

Superintendent Cox

Highlands County Criminal,  & Educational for Agriculture Conspiracy

Based on 2012 statistics   Highlands County, Florida with a population of under 99,000 people, maintained a jail population of about 400 inmates. We have an incarceration rate above 4%, which is above the average statewide.  About 58.5% of the inmates are pretrial with about 210 of them felony pretrial and 24 misdemeanor pretrial, while about only 41.5% of the inmates are actually already convicted and sentenced  for a crime committed.  So over half the inmates in our jail system in Highlands County, were not yet convicted of a crime, but still they the main portion of the population the detention facility.


This says a lot about our judicial system here in Florida and perhaps our country and most certainly Highlands County.  Most of the people in jail were never convicted of a crime and because they are already incarcerated their chances of being vindicated are much lower.  Because the detention center in Highlands County is filled with poor people, who cannot afford bail or a bond or a lawyer, so they are often convicted of crimes because they are forced into plea bargain agreements, simply because they have no other options and probably already served most of their sentence.


I am from New York City originally and I can testify that there are few real gangsters here in Highlands County.  Put it this way the jail population are not the real gangsters, but instead most of them are simply uneducated with a sense of hopelessness.   Many of them simply cannot get a job in an already weak job market coupled with bad habits they must support, such as smoking cigarettes and using drugs.


The real problem in Highlands County is the poor education system, which is failing our community drastically. According to the Florida Department of Education, only six Florida school districts are performing worst than Highlands County, with a graduation rate of only about 61.1% in 2011-12. And the true culprit to this disorder is corruption in our local governance.  And because of our internal corruption, these things seem to continue to go on unaddressed.  It seems as if Superintendent Cox is AWOL. He should be held accountable for our failing schools, there is no excuse for the performance of our school system.


Most of the crimes for profit committed here in Highlands County are smalltime and done by disorganized constituents. There is little organization in the criminal behaviors of the incarcerated.  And most violent crimes are crimes of passion. In both cases they are often cries for help, due to being in a hopeless situation. And until our education system is addressed and corrected, people here will continue to suffer needlessly and go to jail for senseless offenses, only to gain a criminal records, which will place them into an unemployable status for the remainder of their lives.


In my opinion, the real criminals are the legislators, who are selling out our youth.  We live in a reactionary criminal justice system here in Highlands County, Florida. And instead of being proactive in  correcting our educational system, which is the true culprit, they are being reactive by incarcerating our youth, who basically know no other way to survive but to commit petty crimes, only to destroy their future. And this is not an excuse for their disobedience, it is the fact behind it. Because by design our schools do not teach our kids a good education and the culture in our community supports this disorder. While the biggest events here is the next party, leaving the kids to televisions as babysitters.


The local government supports petty chaos and corruption, to support the economy here in Highlands County and the nation.   And what is going on is bigger than our County, but has reach all over the nation and it is agriculture.  We are one of the biggest agriculture industries in the whole country. Companies like Tropicana depends on us to distribute orange juice nationwide.  And the citizens of Highlands County are collateral damages.  Agriculture which was once the main source of employment for the citizens of Highlands County, Florida, is no longer the case. Most of the agriculture workers have been replaced by migrant workers out of Mexico, because they are willing to work longer hours for less pay, because they themselves are involved in slave labor.


But this is a temporary fix, because with immigration reform comes about there will be more freedom for even the migrant worker. For this reason I believe it is so hard to pass immigration reform through the Congress. It could have a devastating effect on how fruit is picked. Because the reality behind agriculture is slave labor and they know this but turn the other way for cheap fruit prices.


Meanwhile the African American as well as poor whites have been left behind here in Highlands County. Understand our education system here was never designed to equipped our citizens to excel into higher education. Our job market never supported it and our corrupt City Council legislators has always blocked even light industry from coming here into Avon Park, in support of our agricultural moguls.


What is going on here in Highlands County is a conspiracy, to oppress a population of people, in support of the fruit and vegetable industry.  Because an uneducated population  will always be submissive to hard labor for low pay. It is no coincidence that where there are orange trees in abundance, there are also failing schools. Whereby such an environment should by design produce harder work from the students in our schools for hope in a better opportunity, our kids are being discouraged from obtaining a good education. It is all by design, but because our population is only 100,000, with about 10,000 black people, we have no real representation and is flying under the radar.


The solution is simple:


I think companies like Tropicana, Florida Finest Citrus, Delicious Florida Oranges, Hyatt Fruit Company and the list goes on, should be forced to pay into our education system here in Highlands County or do it on their own accord if I am wrong and it is not a conspiracy.  They should invest in our educational system due to the damages they have inflicted upon us to enable their agricultural market to strive at the cost of innocent lives and our people not being allowed a good education or liberty. They know they have no more use for us anymore and should free us from the grips of their unethical business practices.


Frank Paul Jones

Avon Park’s Deputy Mayor under Investigation


Avon Park’s Deputy Mayor under Investigation


To: The Florida Tribune

From Writer: Frank Paul Gambino


A letter sent to the department of Justice and the Avon Park Police Department as well as a host of distinguished members of society both profit and no profit, surfaced on the Internet.


The letter was from me to my sister, I referred to as Rev. Ella, in this note.


What we request is done:

#1: Do the paper trail of the transfer of the said $7,000+.

#2: Determine the legitimacy of said transfer and the Committee being they have no gravesite records.

#3: Audit the committee’s financial if the money is not returned in full to me under my organization the NCNCHINC.  We are the carriers of the torch of Eston E.L. Roberts.


To: Rev. Ella

From: Rev. Paul

Hyperlink to Cemetery Information:


RE: RICO, Extortion, Fraud & Grand Larceny 

Read this page on the website carefully and name the cemetery after Uncle Billy. 

The Eston E.L. Roberts Cemetery:

The original ledger will be used to make a copy to make public record as a donation from the Jones Family to the County for public record.  And they will be returned to the Jones Family as it is an inheritance.  Ella Williams and Shawanda Adams will assist in this record keeping task for the security for authenticity.

The County will pay for a maintenance fee to maintain the cemetery.  Dale Williams and John Adams will receive a small fee from this money to keep the area clean.  And we will offer services, such as putting flowers on gravesites for people out of town and special cleanings every six months and so forth.  This will make it a fair wage job.

This is contingent to an investigation on the matter of a transfer of a sum of money, between David Hicks and Eston Roberts for $7,000.  Understand that Eston Roberts had General and Durable power attorney over me affairs until the day that he died.  I did not concur to this transfer of money and did not authorize it.

Furthermore I understand as you said that Uncle Billy bought those lawnmowers with his own money.  Well one of them was moved off of my property without my authorization verbal or in writing.

I plan see to law enforcement about this matter after I get all of the facts.  I strongly believe this was an act of extortion by David Hicks, Willie Joe Sigler, and probably planned by Ms. Grey and others.  This is RICO.  This is Federal.  We have friends there. 

She is a public figure being the Deputy Mayor of the City of Avon Park, Florida.  She is black and is known for taking positions against black people.  Rob Hilton was an example of her non community concerned political career and her agenda that is not for the non profit sector, but we are.

I want a criminal investigation on the Federal level performed on this one.  However we will first cooperate with the County to remedy the problem.


Rev. Paul


Puerto Ricans Invade Central Florida as Blacks go to Prison

Puerto Ricans Invade Central Florida as Blacks go to Prison


There is an estimated 4.4 million Puerto Ricans on the face of the earth.  About 2.7 million of them live in the mainland.  In 2009 there was about 2 million Puerto Ricans in New York City. Today about 700,000 Puerto Ricans live in Florida.  Of the 700,000 Puerto Ricans about 350,000 live in Central Florida and about 206,000 live in Orlando.  The average age of them is between 25 and 44 years of age.


The Poverty level of Puerto Ricans is at about 30% with about 31% finishing high school.  While there are about 7.1 million people living in Public Housing in the United States, of that 7.1 million over 2 million are Puerto Ricans when you count the home land.  Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico do not pay Federal taxes, yet they have more Project units in Puerto Rico than any state in the Union.

Here in Avon Park, Puerto Ricans almost totally occupy the Housing Projects.  Meanwhile there is a waiting list to move into the Lakeside Community due to the hurricane the occupants of the projects are migrants.


What does this mean to the state of Florida especially Central Florida?  Everybody knows Puerto Ricans are laid-back.  They seem to always find a way to use the system to their advantage.  Though the education level of this community of people is low and I have to say it is a conspiracy by the United States government that created this deadbeat community.  They are survivors. 


Puerto Rico is a strategic place on the map as far as the National Security of the United States. On their homeland location is the world’s biggest telescope.  The occupation of Puerto Rico is very necessary for our nation’s security.  So the United States Government by design created these idle people by handing them welfare, public housing and food stamps.  I am not talking about a few but just about all of them get government checks.


See while the government systemically gives Puerto Rican welfare, food stamps and public housing, they give the black community prison time, homelessness and nervous breakdowns.  It is not fair, but it is a conspiracy.  The Puerto Rican people are never going to be enterprising as long as they are pacified with government checks and public housing.


So what is about to happen in Florida?  They are going to take up all the benefits such as public assistance money, public housing and food stamps and there is not going to be any left for African Americans Community.  They are going to take over the government because they are a powerful voting block (700,000 strong).  Change the laws to free-for-all, cause transgressions and mayhem and run the Negroes out of town. 


But this time they plan to work the low paying jobs, while they occupy subsidized housing complexes.  Therefore on a part time job they will be able to survive on food stamps and cheep rent.  But the Negroes will not be able to stay here, because all that will be available is low paying jobs here in Highlands County. So we will have to resort to crime and end up in prison worst than ever in the state of Florida.  So once again the black community gets the short end of the stick.

Capstone Zulu first album a flop

Capstone Zulu first album a flop


Capstone Zulu was distributed through ReverbNation by many distributers to include:


iTunes (US, Aus/NZ, Canada, UK/Europe, Japan, Mexico), Amazon MP3, Amie Street, eMusic, Fox News, GetGreenMusic, GetPlaylists, Guevera, iLike, Immergent, InMotion Entertainment, Intertech Media, Think Indie (CIMS/Junketboy), La Curacao, Last.fm, Wal-Mart (Liquid), MediaNet, MOG, Moozone, MySpace, Myxer, Napster, Nokia, Pandora, Puretracks, Rhapsody, Secure Media, Shockhound, Spotify, Synacor, Tesco, WaTunes, We7, Zune.

The first sale reports are about to be delivered or are coming soon.  However it does not look very good, because the music is simply not being played very much.


Admittedly, it was not the best of productions, but it had a few very meaningful songs selections.  Songs such as Symbolic Castration, New World Order, Can we make it and You think I am bad, are songs that I am very proud to have recorded.  Perhaps a more mainstream artist could have carried it better, but if so would they still be considered mainstream? 


I think I made a mistake by rushing the release of this project as a BETA project.  In the process of attempting to learn and understand to distribution networks, for future releases I sacrificed this one.  I might re-master my favorite songs on this album and add it to my next project along with other new material.


I haven’t been promoting this album much lately, because I am a one man band so to speak and have been focusing on another agenda, my non profit corporation NCNCHINC (The National Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC.)  As we will meanly focus on community work, addressing the economic and social problems and situations of the Hood, we will build a state of the art DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) at the headquarters’ location.


We at NCNCHINC are very low on liquid capital.  However, we are in the green on equity and are seeking a line of credit and grants and of course philanthropic gifts.  We have to restructure our board of directors and tighten up on some of our administrative tasks to gain 501 c 3 statuses.  However our biggest challenge is the lack of liquidity.  We have a building that is two stories; however we are not able to move into it due to the lack of capital.  I have not seen many darker days, but for the first time I see light at the end of the tunnel.


We have a web site under construction, for further information check out www.NCNCHINC.org – This is our acronym and it was a blessing that we got the domain. 


Gambino’s Blue Temple Vision

Gambino’s Blue Temple Vision


Once known as the blue house for Prince Hall Freemasons, renamed the blue temple, by Rev. Frank Paul Jones, it will be a place of unification.  It will be the center of intelligence for the communities of Highlands County.  As place where sinners to saints, clergy to politicians, the wealthy and poor and it doesn’t matter if you are black or white.  If you want to help advance Highlands County and make it a better place we want your input.


Downstairs will be a state of the art, DAW recording studio, where Gambino Productions will perform their magic.  Producing mostly, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Gospel and Inspirational music, in an attempt to help the youth pursue their dreams.  Because we believe dream chasing bring about longevity.  When people have hope for a tomorrow; they tend to be patient today.  And it was written that the meek will inherit the earth.  We want to “Keep Hope Alive!”


Also downstairs in the two story headquarters building, a social club will be located.  Worshipful Master Roberts and Uncle of Rev. Jones, always told the Reverend that what the black community lacks is a social club, where people can come together, congregate, socialize and plot and devise a plan for economic growth.  That is what The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC., foundation is all about building a better community.  And we know so well that it is no longer about a civil rights movement, but about an economic independence movement.


Upstairs will be a place for us to meet in confidentially; where a publishing company will also exist under the banner of NCNCHINC?  It will be our mission to bring the community together for the betterment of Highlands County first than the Nation and the world, as we believe our solutions are the Template to Nationwide economic stability.  As we will bring together the best of the best, who will form into the noble elite, community intelligence to advise the local, state and federal governments and businesses on the black state of affairs.


The Mission


To build a better community, by organizing the best and most suitable constituents within society, who are willing to do community work!  By establishing committees and subcommittees and bringing them to the social club of made men and women to tackle the problems that plague the communities at large and the world.  We are the central intelligence and network of brotherly love.  


Our Web Site is under Construction


A Statement about my credentials:


People say bad things about me; they say I am not this or that in terms of righteousness.  I am the living Apostle Paul in the new millennium.  And together we can do great things.  We need your support at NCNCHINC!

If you would like to donate please send your donations to:


Rev. Frank Paul Jones

917 South A Avenue

Avon Park, FL. 33825


Help us save the world!

NCNCHINC Web Site under Construction

NCNCHINC Web Site under Construction


The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC; known by the acronym NCNCHINC, has a new Web Site under construction.  Led by the Rev. Frank Paul Jones, the organization has unique characteristics.





The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC. is organized as a community network and coalition in support for Military Veterans, the Youth and elderly, single parents with and without children, to prevent recidivism and for businesses in order to bring about community betterment and social improvement for the greater community at-large.



The Mission


To build a better community, by organizing the best and most suitable constituents within society, who are willing to do community work!  By establishing committees and subcommittees and bringing them to the social club of made men and women to tackle the problems that plague the communities at large and the world.  We are the central intelligence and network of brotherly love.  




The National Community Network & Coalition of Highlands, INC is about delivering better community leadership, by assembling the best of the best, from the clergy to politicians, from everyday people to the extraordinarily successful and from sinners to saints, understanding we all fall short of God’s glory and there is good in us all.


As our purpose is vast we are the communications central of the community, bringing together people who are concerned about the state of the neighborhood and want to help address them.  We are an advocacy group, who is out to promote better communities by addressing and tackling problems as they occur.  And we are proactive as we actual help people with situations as they are brought to our attention.


In addition to our advocacy initiative which is so important to African Americans and the community at large, we will offer the neighboring musical talents opportunities to explore the music industry with a class A DAW recording studio and publishing company for aspiring writers.  The record company and publishing company are just the initial business ventures of NCNCHINC.  It is our goal to expand and focus on many business opportunities in order to promote a better community.



Why do successful Blacks Resist Blacks in the Struggle?

Why do successful Blacks Resist Blacks in the Struggle?


The reason many blacks who are successful, do not invest in the community they are from, is due to the lack of respect.  Black people are some of the most disrespectful people on the face of the earth when it comes to their own peers.  They will kiss up to the white man and in the same sentence cast you into hell.  So a black man has the problem of doing business with his peers, because they will not want to pay for anything.  A business cannot operate without a profit.  So often a black millionaire will stray away from his own community, to maintain his status, because his peers will try to pull him down.


People here ask why the millionaires out of Avon Park, who made it in sports do not make a few phone calls and bring money into this town.  They could make a few phone calls and bring $50 Million here overnight because they know people with money. But if they did that, they would be putting their good names on the line and they obviously do not think the people here are ready for this type of investment capital.  I seen the same thing happen in Queensbridge Projects, where we had many success stories but they did not help the community.  This is the trend in America.  Successful blacks do not comeback home with any money to raise the community out of oppression, all due to disrespect.


Once we address this problem we have to address another situation, which is management.  If these types of funds were to enter into our communities how would we manage it?  Do we have a comprehensive community business plan and agenda?  Will we support our own black businesses or travel 10 miles to save a dollar, knowing we are victims of redlining.


All to say, before we talk about what Thomas Gordon and Hal McRae doesn’t do for us, we must first ask ourselves; do we deserve it?  Will we support it?  Are we ready for it?  When we can say yes to all three of these questions, I think they will be there for us.

Gambino charges of DUI to Reckless Driving a Setup

Gambino charges of DUI to Reckless Driving a Setup


I know a lawyer needs a lawyer, like a doctor needs a doctor.  And as a paralegal by education, I know I cannot properly defend myself, but I also know I am presumed innocent until proven guilty.  This country spends too much on the judicial system to allow these kangaroo justice systems like the one in Highlands County to function as it does. What is going on is unjustifiable and the culprit may well be President Obama administration and Attorney General Eric Holder.


The bottom line is we spend about $25G per year on the average to incarcerate people, because the system is vindictive and out for revenge against the poor. And what is the poor guilty of, for being uneducated to economics, for having a bad break and not rebounding or simply from being a product of oppression.  We have to fight oppression and we need to address the unethical judicial system starting right here in Highlands County Florida.


First I am told; I was intoxicated based on Florida Statues, and it turned out to be untrue.  The level limit is 0.08%.  There is not statue that states anything to the contrary when dealing with adults over the age of 21 years old.  There is no statue as I was told by a paralegal from the Public Defenders Office at the court house who was supposed to be on my team, which states a presumption of intoxication for an adult starts at 0.04 to0.08 percent.  She had no right to tell me that!  I was within the legal limit at 0.063%.


I am poor today, I might not be poor tomorrow, but I am poor today and it is my right to a legal defense.  I realize that the system is overwhelmed with cases and the Public Defender’s office as too many cases and not enough personnel.  However is this reason to put people into the system and on probation?  Of course not!  So why is there a rush to justice?


How a routine traffic stop goes from DUI to now a suggested reckless driving violation, I do not understand.  How are these people so in touch with what was going on in my mind to even assume that I wonton or willfully disregarded for the safely of property or people.  To say I do not care about others or that I intentionally tried to hit a cop car is absurd.  There was no car accident!


Now they want me to plead guilty for almost hitting a cop car because I did not care about him and had something against cops, but I feel it is the other way around.  How could I ever plead guilty to such a thing?  So next they can pull me aside and mug me and say he hates cops and it is documented.  This is a setup!  And to top it off, there is no record of my traffic violation at the County Clerks Office until this day.  A Setup!

Redlining Still Practiced in Avon Park’s Southside

Redlining Still Practiced in Avon Park’s Southside


The Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area still practices redlining; meaning that the costs to operate a business is higher and many services are denied in our neighborhoods.  However justified the (catch 22) dilemma is if we are suppressed in the economic playing field due to for example drug infestation and criminal activities, the oppression causing a depression in the community will halt any progression.


So they created and initiated the Community Reinvestment Act.  This housing and community development act of 1977 was designed to help communities such as ours, to even the playing field in redlining districts and communities.    So I ask; where is the money? 


The Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area is a redlining district and this is not a hypothesis but a fact.  Let us look at the facts;


We are being profiled by the economic community.  We are told we have to clean up our neighborhood, yet we are not being giving any tools to do this.  Then again what is cleaning up our hood to necessitate, is it to change our culture?  Do we have to create a self inflicted curfew, when law enforcement turns a naked eye on activities of the dark in our neighborhoods?  The law is the law and should be enforced equally in all neighborhoods fairly.  We are often setup to be locked up due to unethical legal practices.


These are the chains we are still wearing.  No ATM Machines in our neighborhood.  In fact we cannot even use a food stamp card here in the Southside Community Redevelopment Area.  Due to city ordinance we cannot open a laundry mate to wash our damn clothes.  Forget about a bank or even a credit union; and our home addresses mean higher insurance rates.  The only business we are allowed to control is the street drugs market and if you get too big you have to go down in that game.  What’s the only solution?  The $0.5M Avon Park Southside Stimulus Package; Support it!  A stimulus plan has to be put in place to rectify the generations of injustices we had to endure in the economic playing field.