Hollywood Energy Drinks Campaign

Hollywood Energy Drinks Campaign


Many start old and new are siding with Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks.  Artists are filming videos, making jingles and full songs that mention one of the products.  It is anticipate monster red as being a major drink promoted by Stackz 2020.  Many artist such as P. Diddy, Janet Jackson, Lil Wayne, Alicia keys, Beyonce, Jay Z then you have people like Chris Brown, Usher, Jermaine Dupri, the Time Band who is currently performing at the Flamingo in Vegas.


This is booked as being the event of the summer, with all types of giveaways and prizes and free energy drinks.  This campaign is a tie in with Live Nation, as Live realized energy drinks wakes up a crown and alcohol pit them to sleep.


NaQuila Likes Monster Red

NaQuila Likes Monster Red


With Energy drinks on the surge as many youths use it as an aphrodisiac (Intensifies sexual desires) and as we know in the music industry sex sells.  There is a big campaign between Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks to start a huge rivalry in a limit partnership. 


Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks are siding up with many Pop artists in a huge campaign to make Red Bull and Monster in the energy drinks market what Coke and Pepsi is in the soft drinks market.  .


We are hoping to get sponsorship from Monster, because it is our choice of energy drinks.  Monster is basically the same thing as Red Bull meaning it works the same, however Monster give you double the bang for your buck.  They are both equally quality drinks and the goal is to make consumers choose between the two as they corner the market with hop Hip Hop Commercials on stations like MTV, BET, VH1 and Nationwide Radio Airplay  that caters to the consumer group targeted by this campaign.

Be my Joneses

The G UmbrellaBe my Joneses


It was said that it is not so much important as to what goes into your mouth but what comes out of it, which is a maker of your character.  A very good word historically used as a negative connotation is Joneses meaning basically neighbor.  It is a saying to “keep up with the Joneses.”  Suggesting that you be in competition with your next door neighbor, sort of like they by a fence and you buy a more expensive fence, they buy a car and you buy a better car.


But in actuality the term Joneses is a friendly and non competitive term.  I call on the Hip Hop community to replace the terms “Nigger” and “bitch” with “Joneses.”  I call on them to say in there songs “be my Joneses.”  Because like Rev. AL Sharpton said, you are what you say you are.


Let us bring back a community to raise a child mentality and be truly neighbors and not allow ourselves to just simply be victims on the system.  A change in mentality is in our grasp, we can determine our destiny, by changing how we speak and therefore changing how we think.


It is like the new Mafia is a non profit organization for the betterment of our communities and not a self destructives movement of surviving by any means, because we are packed in the projects like sardines.  We have to address our circumstances and the situations we are facing such as the expansion of prisons, wars around the world and the AIDS pandemic; single parenthood, illiteracy and the symbolically castrated Blackman?


As simple as it may seem, a major step in the right direction as a new greeting of camaraderie (Friendship) is to stop calling your brothers or sisters Niggers and bitches and say “that is my Joneses.”  I call on major Hip Hop community to introduce this concept into their culture.  Personally I really like some Hip Hop and Rap music, but I am embarrassed by it; I think the term Joneses will sell more records and allow the music to reach more homes.  At least consider it. And most importantly it would create a safer community and brotherly and sisterly love among our youth.

Can Janet Jackson do independently?

Home StudioCan Janet Jackson do independently?


Let us face it, the days of monster studios as a necessity to create excellent sound has passed.  Mega stars to semi pro artists are doing it at home now, starting with an entry level of about $10 or $15G, you can produce great sound at home and for $40G to $50G, you can just about anything done in a major recording studio, because the software available is awesome and the hardware fairly inexpensive.  Alicia Keys has a home studio and  a record deal.


Exactly what is the main difference between a major and independent label?  One has its own distribution network and you have to have mega sales to profit and the other requires outsourcing distribution gives you more artistic control and you can make more selling less albums?


Really what is $50G+ for Janet and Jam to put together a modern recording studio with the latest updates?  Hell I managed to put together a damn good home recording studio on a minor budget, so why are people in doubt when Janet says she is focusing on her album like if she needs a record label or their permission to make music.  That is nonsense!


With Janet and Jam united, Flyte Time, Black Doll and hell maybe even I might write her a hit, Janet can do whatever she set her mind to.  Right now I am doing research on my studio, for me it is a second job meaning sometimes I have to stop recording to update and upgrade and relearn my repertoire before I engage in what tends to be something different from my last sessions.  But Jam and Janet can wakeup 2 am in the morning because of an idea in a dream and go into the studio at a local location, me I have to go to work in the morning so I have to plan when I record.


My point is that now that Black Doll is running a few more things which is owned by Janet Jackson.  Do not be surprised by anything that comes out that camp.  I mean Janet has a talented family, who can always contribute as a ghost.  Do not doubt Janet Jackson she has all the resources to do whatever she pleases.  Because all it takes is a soundproof booth and room and a trip to Guitar Center.

I am up to the challenge

aafes1I am up to the challenge


I have a friend who rewrote one of my songs; Oral thinks he wrote a hit.  I am happy he is back into his music thing we go back many years and shared similar dreams in music.  But I told him I want him to perform some of my words to the music but rearrange the lyrics that I may not even recognized the song anymore.  He said I put more thought process in my screenplays than I do on my vocal arrangements.  This true, but only because many of those songs were written for Janet and others and I expected them to do what he did but my way.  I expected Janet to take my music using her musicians and rework some of the sounds and rearranged the lyrics, because my songs in many cases have meaning, but admittedly in some case I merely vented, but still with meaning to the storyline.  That is the role I wanted to play in Janet’s project. 


Now I have to make Oral his own independent musical compositions, I think if Janet listens to the stuff if she did not already, she has some slamming beats, not all but many of them can be worked with and on.  I am open to all the things below in red, but in all honesty I am in between a lot of unfinished projects and others need to step up, names need not be mentioned again!


Maybe I might be able to get something done this weekend and maybe not, I overheated this weekend as I described yesterday.  And was reluctant to run the studio too long in the heat or make any major screen changing decision in my script, but after talking it over with a few people, I came up with a few good ideas to unravel the dramas and make things happen.  It can go several directions, I just have to take the potential viewers into consideration to not offend people by writing the wrong people off for the wrong reasons, but we all know a couple of people might have to be written off by the end of the show in this type of drama that it developed into.


Do not ask me because I do not understand or know how long it is going to last, but my apartment cooled off last night, my AC is not blowing cold air but it is not blowing hot air either, I do not understand this crazy machine, but as a result as you can see I caught up on my sleep. 


Others may doubt you and say you are expecting too much in these challenging times but the word doubt does not exist in your vocabulary. Set your sights high, roll up your sleeves and starts making your dreams come true. Challenging times mean more opportunities.

The next few days could be a lot of fun, especially if you are involved in the kind of relationship that can best be described as “passionate. And if you are not involved in such a relationship chances are you will be very soon. Your world is going to rock.


The World in a Nutshell

janet-aliciapaul-and-janet2The World in a Nutshell


The question is not what I know but what I agree with.  This is why I do not understand Janet Jackson, she was so on point over 20 years ago with Control and then Rhythm Nation1814, then after she found success she became a slave to society and became totally commercial.  We have to get back on track and open the minds of the blind.


The world is about organized chaos or better said predetermine chaos, whereby the ends justify the means.  It is like a screenplay whereby the end is already planned but due to manipulations and human characteristics it evolves into new things each and every moment, it is about people playing God.  It is about controlling what one says think and do ultimately.  It is these things in a nutshell!


The question is not do I make sense but does the world make sense to still oppress people as a mean of control.  We deployed all of these diseases and have all these nuclear bombs for what?  We allow the drug epidemic, instead of simply sending in our troops to fight a war for Americans and our real interests, but we have time to support the arms industry in the Middle East.  Come on man anyone with eyes can see the world is about one a big screw up.


Like my latest screenplay it continues to evolve as I get to know my characters, that were based on prejudice viewpoints as they have been manipulated to the point that there has to be a turning point, as in life and the world we are at a turning point and the question is will the conclusion/solution be bitter, sweat, happy or just a repeat of the same old Hollywood.  And Janet’s career I am trying so hard to resurrect depends on how she evolves as does the screenplay “Everybody has Demons.”  It is time to get real!  We have to sing for social change that is the winning vote that got President Obama into the White house.  People want change and want to now how to go about it.  We all want answers!  This is something I love about Alicia Keys she sings about something.


Do you understand the world? Do you know what it’s all about? You’ve had glimpses here and there but nothing that made much sense. That is about to change. Yes, there is meaning to your existence. When you’ve found it, let others in on the secret too.

Love planet Venus turns direct in your sign today, so any relationship problems you’ve had these past few weeks will now right themselves and everyone will be happy again. Hit the night spots this coming weekend. You’ve got plenty to celebrate.


Non Profit Record Company & Distribution System

janet-v-midiNon Profit Record Company & Distribution System



#1: Name of CD:  The Extortion Album which consist of 3 albums in Wave format and 4th album with all three albums and bonus material in MP-3 and iPod format, which will support PC of Apple.   That is just the start.  You have X-Convicted Felons with big dogs on the hot corners in the hood saying “This is extortion buy it or else, the extortion album 3 CD and CD-MP-3 iPod compilation albums, just $10.”


#2: Copyright all the material on all three albums, with the Library of Congress.


#3: Make all writers members of ASCAP, for a one time fee of $25.


#4: Incorporate the Record Company as a non profit organization.  Meaning we have to spend all our money by the end of the fiscal year, there will be no multi-million salaries.  Yes the artist gets paid for their musical works and we can set a salary as officers in the corporation.  Make it a policy to hire certain percentage of convicted felons.  We are talking about a Recording Co-Op Marketing Plan

Business and employment co-operative

3.6 Business and employment co-operative


The Mission statement has to do with music and helping artist through promotional and giving them recording opportunities, by building recordings studios around the country in mainly Urban Areas. Giving unsigned independent artist recording opportunities


#5: The Underground Distribution Network:  Put out CD’s using duplicators, setup strategically around the country at major cities.  They will be like the Avon Lady they will get a Business associate ID and sell CD’s to family and neighbors.  There will be an accounting system put in place, but being it is a non profit organization it is not just about record sales but putting out a message, so piracy can work to our advantage in some cases, because we are talking about making music as a social action.


#6: Packaging: I just bought 10 packs of 10 quads DVD/CD Cases by TDK they cost $3.99 per 10 packs and hold 4 CD’s per case.  How much will it cost wholesale is the question, but $0.39 per 4 CD compilation case is cheap packaging.  Plus 50 DCD storage inserts go for about$17 after taxes or $34 per 100 which equal $034 per insert retail, with ink from printer we are talking less than $1.00 per packaging with a professional look.


#7: The Beauty: I was told that we to copyright protect the products, I said no because it is a non profit organization and sometimes piracy could be good if it gets the word out about a cause.  Now here is a secret I will not write about concerning the grand architecture or great design.  First of all piracy organizations are our best distributors. Why?


#8: Accounting system emplacement: Depending on the artist and their demand, we predetermine how many burning licenses we authorize.  An example is we say Janet Jackson’s next album will sell 2 Million copies.  We go to the Underground Distribution Network, who are now the piracy organizations and say you can burn 2 million copies of this CD and sell them for $5.00 each and we want say $1.25 per CD, make it $1.00 to keep it simple, they pay 2 million dollars and burn as many as they want up to 2 million but this will not stop them from burning more.  However here is the catch 22, by accepting these contracts in smaller bulks in different areas around the country say 20,000 here and 100,000 there up to 2 million total they become a legitimate operation and have needs for their equipment and now they have to be caught red handed for there equipment to be confiscated.  Furthermore by making these contracts they actually can justify their income by paying taxes on the profits made. Make sense?


Prince New Release Lotusflow3r Receiving little Airplay

prince-new-albumPrince New Release Lotusflow3r Receiving little Airplay


Prince put out a double solo album plus an album by Bria Valente which is co-written and co-produced by Prince.  I have not heard one song off of the album over the radio yet and Prince deserves more respect than that.  Prince as an Independent Artist plans to release 4 albums this year and two of them are out now.


Maybe he should have listened to me and considered the Underground Distribution Network or something other than an exclusive deal with Targets for all three albums for $11.98.  When I get around to going to Targets I will probably pick up the CD because Prince is always good for a few funky tunes, with two albums hopefully double the funk.


I am sure that Janet Jackson and the Time Band is watching Prince closely, as they may go Independent as well.  But Janet should be alright if she does as she plans to do and tour along with the album, use Ticket-Master as an outlet for album sales and be more creative in the distribution aspects.  Personally I hope the best for Prince.



Janet & Jermaine Strange or Estrange

janet-jackson-jermaine-dupri_sm1Janet & Jermaine Strange or Estrange


There are rumors swirling around now about Janet and Jermaine’s date at the exclusive Waverly Inn Restaurant.  People who sat next to them claimed they just sent and received text messages all night, on their PDA’s.  Just awhile back there was speculation of professional split up as Janet counted her losses and the word is she is working on her new album with Jam and Lewis.  However they share the same publicist in Patty Webster of W&W Public Relations and if they are no longer a couple personal or professional this arrangement may be a conflict of interest.


We have to give Black Entertainment its share

imag01954We have to give Black Entertainment its share


Did Janet Jackson get paid properly for her tour?  Is this the real reason for its abrupt ending?  For that matter do black entertainers get paid properly for their concert tours in general?  I just want to assure black entertainers that all is not as it seems and you have a greater interest in things you have not idea about.  A lot of the new money is not the Illuminati as the old money sold them short.  You give certain people more credit than they deserve.  A lot of the new corporations and monsters of entertainment is not the old money (Wall Street as you know them).  There is a new corporate America on the verge of a hostile takeover.  It is simple your lack of faith that you cannot see what is happening.  You have been heard Stephanie Mills, and you only confirmed my suspicions, you are right in you have nothing to worry about.  But the power that is to be is not as white as you may think.  Have faith.


The Answer to the Message of the Day:


We will see.  The main idea behind my economic agenda is to bring money back into the system as I give politicians especially the president of the United States plausible denial.  The bottom line is the money is out of the system because the foolish big corporate America tried to sell us out.  But they sold themselves to us and now what I do not like is we seem to be giving it back to them too much without enough strings attached.


As I said, the big corporate America has been policing them but we were a step ahead of them and we policed the police.  The bottom line as stated in the Economic Crisis a letter to the Illuminati, we have the money and it will never be found unless certain conditions are met.  Right now they are simply creating more debts to move the economy, but unless money is returned to the system the economy will never be recovered.  I told you’ll what is necessary and feel it is not necessary to repeat myself.


Oh by the way, my policy for banking is not to lend $30 for every $1 in the bank, but to lend $1 to every $10 deposited in the bank and based on this policy my settlement of $1 Trillion dollars, will become the lending power of $10 Trillion dollars to help build a better economy.


A Mercury-Uranus conjunction on your birthday will do wonders for your ability to see beneath the surface of things. You will know without knowing why you know when others are telling the truth, and when they are lying. You can’t lose with a talent like that.


This will be a good week for meeting people and making deals, even more so when Mercury, planet of communication, leaves your sign and moves into the main financial area of your chart on Wednesday. You’ll find the right words to sell your big idea.