Acid Pro 7 is Still Relevant in my Studio

Acid Pro 7

Acid Pro 7 is Still Relevant in my Studio

In the world of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) technology, many average artists with big ideas have rising to greatness, without the help of professional musicians. In the old days, it took a full band and often backup singers to make a recording in a studio, not to mention top engineers and big dollars to book the studios to begin with. Still some artist do kick out big bucks in class A studios to make their recordings, but this is not always necessary to produce a quality track. For some they simply invest in better equipment after they produce a hit, but start out with a decent home recording studio.

Personally, I have a few music production software applications and use different ones for different reasons and effects. I know I am not a professional keyboardist, however I can do a little work and DAW technology and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) applications makes it possible to get good results, but nothing replaces a top quality keyboarding, but there is a solution in the absence of one and that is Acid Pro 7 loop based production software.

Acid Pro 7 is still a 32 bit application, whereby programs like Reason 7 and Cubase 7 are 64 bit platforms. I use a few applications, some 64 bits and some 32 bits. My main programs are Sony Acid Pro 7, Adobe Audition 3, Steinberg Cubase 7 and Propellerhead Reason 6.5, I use them along with VST technology and Recycle to name a few. I use them for different reasons and by doing so I can achieve different results.

I like (32 bit) Audition 3 as a mastering program, (64 bit) Reason 6.5 is all around as far as making beats, editing and doing vocal tracks with music, but in my opinion (64) Cubase 7 is better for making my vocal track productions with music and because of my limited keyboarding skills (32) Acid Pro 7, is the ultimate loop based production software application. And for those who do not have Acid pro 7 in their repertoire, at this time it is very cheap to purchase ($150-$200) depending on the vender, because Sony knows it is old technology (32 bits) and has to upgrade it to a 64 bit platform soon in Acid Pro 8. But even as a 32 bit software application Sony has an updated download now, that works fine on Windows 7-64 bits, but you cannot Rewire Sony Acid with 64 bits platform software applications such as Cubase 7 and Reason 7.

However, I choose not the Rewire anymore anyway, since Reason evolved into a full range studio, to me it now seems obsolete. Rewire was great when Reason was only good for music production and a program like Acid or Cubase was used to make full productions to include vocals, but now all of them are complete one stop studios. So now I simply export and import stereo tracks for one program to the other, synchronizing the BPM. It saves power for my vocal tracks which is sometimes necessary with Cubase 7, which uses a lot of power in full productions applications, which is one of its weak points, whereby you can use 15 or 20 tracks on Reason 6.5 or 7 and Acid Pro 7, Cubase 7 might give you about 8 or 10 safely for the same processing power. A good Cubase 7 studio will require about 16 GB of Ram in my opinion. Whereby 8 GB of Ram will be more than enough on Acid Pro 7 and Reason 6.5 or 7. But if you import stereo tracks into Cubase using instrumentation sparingly you will be fine with using VST on vocals mainly.

Anyway with Acid Pro 7, you can create great musical compositions in a short amount of time compared to Reason, Cubase and Audition as well as Pro Tools, Logic and even Fruity Loops, because of its very user friendly workspace. Its explorer window is so user friendly and its interactive tutorial makes doing some of the most complex tasks simple and on the fly. And with the loop construction kits out there today, you can create some of the most contemporary sounds as well as sounds from all ages, genres and complexities. For music production Acid Pro 7 is still the best on the market today and it will only get better with the introduction of Acid Pro 8, which I anticipate will be coming soon, due to super low pricing of Acid Pro 7.

However as a full production software Cubase 7 is probably the best out there, even better than Pro Tools 11 according to most reviews, but you need a powerful machine to run it. And for those with a average to good machine Reason 7 is the way to go as an all around and all in one production program.

Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano

Stop Crack Legalize Weed

Stop Crack Legalize Weed


An appeal to America, we have stood in idle too long.  Crack cocaine is abomination   to the black community.  Let us look back to cause and effect like Mapp v. Ohio it was about Marijuana a cover up.  It resulted in New York Cry the big city looking the other way for the betterment of the community


Let us take into consideration the losses to the government; crack makes people blow their money too fast.  On weed they try to maintain long enough to think.  See crack steals their mind while weed makes them think. 


People who hustle drugs do not want to sell crack by preference, however marijuana dealers get busted as crack dealers run free.  It is a conspiracy against black people, to sedate us with lethal weapons.


We are good people, a peace loving community; we do not go into other people communities starting trouble.   We are a peace loving people. 


The Economy:


Assume I am smart and know 27 a joke, it will not support a working family.


The solution to the black community woes:


Bust the crack dealers and look the otter way of weed deals.


Rev. Frank Paul Jones

Introducing NaQuila aka Stackz Gotti the Mythology

Introducing NaQuila aka Stackz Gotti the Mythology


The Mythology of NaQuila the Prophetess


NaQuila Hardy aka Stackz Gotti Official Website


She’s said to be Stackz Gotti, NaQuila L.  Hardy is connected with the Gambino’s through the infamous Frank Paul Gambino.  Frank Paul Gambino formed the band Capstone Zulu as a solo act.  Late in his career he hooked up with NaQuila L.  Hardy who started doing vocals for the band Capstone Zulu; not long after she went on as a solo act with the name aka Stackz Gotti, in the prime of her career.  After requesting the blessings of Victoria Gotti and the Gotti Family, unlike some people who went public with it…

…NaQuila Hardy aka Stackz Gotti is the Female Gotti aka Stackz 2020.  Exploding onto the scene with a hot brand new album called “I Am Me.”  Still with the band Capstone Zulu in the background doing the music, she shines and sizzles with a sizzling list of songs such as “FindCure-CureAIDS”, [billed to be the International AIDS anthem] and other political stuff like, ”The Consumer”, and even tells jokes on, “Not on my computer.”  For NaQuila it is just the beginning under a new light and the Gambino umbrella.

NaQuila Hardy is the prophetess through her life experiences.  She was a former member of the Young Money entourage, now a member of Community Activism, and pro community works, she thrives on helping people.  But Prophetess NaQuila paid her dues and was mistreated and abused.  Full of anger she became close to the Capstone Zulu and found it in her heart to forgive. This was the secret that oppressed her for many years, she was angry with the world that was already hers.  Because of these arrangements in the destiny, she had to let go and let God.

The Mythology of NaQuila Hardy aka Stackz Gotti is that she has to once again become one with the Universal God, who is not Universal Records.  Why?  Because she is one with the World!  The question then is posed; will NaQuila find her oneness or become angry and bitter?  “I AM ME” on Gambino Records, now available on pre-sales at ReverbNation.


Capstone Zulu and Prophetess NaQuila News Flash

Capstone Zulu and Prophetess NaQuila Breaking News Flash


Capstone Zulu and prophetess NaQuila are on the verge of making a mark on entertainment.  The world is about to be introduced to a totally new way of entertaining.  The issues nobody dares to touch in fear of being called crazy they daringly expose.


Check out a couple of webs:


Capstone Zulu’s Official Coming soon Website:


Stackz Gotti Official Coming Soon Website   

Capstone Zulu first album a flop

Capstone Zulu first album a flop


Capstone Zulu was distributed through ReverbNation by many distributers to include:


iTunes (US, Aus/NZ, Canada, UK/Europe, Japan, Mexico), Amazon MP3, Amie Street, eMusic, Fox News, GetGreenMusic, GetPlaylists, Guevera, iLike, Immergent, InMotion Entertainment, Intertech Media, Think Indie (CIMS/Junketboy), La Curacao,, Wal-Mart (Liquid), MediaNet, MOG, Moozone, MySpace, Myxer, Napster, Nokia, Pandora, Puretracks, Rhapsody, Secure Media, Shockhound, Spotify, Synacor, Tesco, WaTunes, We7, Zune.

The first sale reports are about to be delivered or are coming soon.  However it does not look very good, because the music is simply not being played very much.


Admittedly, it was not the best of productions, but it had a few very meaningful songs selections.  Songs such as Symbolic Castration, New World Order, Can we make it and You think I am bad, are songs that I am very proud to have recorded.  Perhaps a more mainstream artist could have carried it better, but if so would they still be considered mainstream? 


I think I made a mistake by rushing the release of this project as a BETA project.  In the process of attempting to learn and understand to distribution networks, for future releases I sacrificed this one.  I might re-master my favorite songs on this album and add it to my next project along with other new material.


I haven’t been promoting this album much lately, because I am a one man band so to speak and have been focusing on another agenda, my non profit corporation NCNCHINC (The National Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC.)  As we will meanly focus on community work, addressing the economic and social problems and situations of the Hood, we will build a state of the art DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) at the headquarters’ location.


We at NCNCHINC are very low on liquid capital.  However, we are in the green on equity and are seeking a line of credit and grants and of course philanthropic gifts.  We have to restructure our board of directors and tighten up on some of our administrative tasks to gain 501 c 3 statuses.  However our biggest challenge is the lack of liquidity.  We have a building that is two stories; however we are not able to move into it due to the lack of capital.  I have not seen many darker days, but for the first time I see light at the end of the tunnel.


We have a web site under construction, for further information check out – This is our acronym and it was a blessing that we got the domain. 


NaQuila on the Rise watch out Nicki Minaj

NaQuila on the Rise watch out Nicki Minaj

 The Song “FindCure-CureAIDS” on MP-3

Her name is NaQuila L. Hardy aka Stackz2020 & Female Gotti.  A former member of the Young Money posse, who found a new home in Universal Music Group with a new Record Label name Involved Records, who is a subsidiary of the major label.


Her first single is about to be released in August 2010, the name of the song is “People Crying (Colors).” The song received the personal blessing of Ice T, who used a similar hook year ago in the soundtrack song from the movie “Colors.”  The song is Gambino Production writing by NaQuila L. Hardy and Frank Paul Jones.


NaQuila and Frank are currently engaged in major negotiations with one of the largest nonprofit organizations in New York City known as SUS acronym for the Services for the Underserved.  This organization has major influence in the nonprofit sector and does great work helping people with developmental disabilities, Mental Health problems and people living with AIDS to name a few of their services.  There is a possibility that SUS may receive a donation that is a song anticipated  to be the International Anthem for AIDS Research, which is also a Gambino Production performed by NaQuila and co-written by Frank Paul Jones & NaQuila L. Hardy.


Frank Paul Jones aka Gambino Productions is a personal friend of some of the high level executives at SUS, to include the CEO Donna Colonna and Senior vice President Priscilla Fuller who was his supervisor when employed at the Central Office of SUS in Manhattan, New York.  And the Chief Development Officer David L. Hertz made Frank make a promise before leaving SUS for undisclosed reasons.  He said, “Frank promise me someday you will make a donation to SUS.”  Well Frank called David and said “I am broke, but I can give you a hot song by new hot artist.”  And now it is all agreeing to terms. 


Meanwhile, NaQuila is being played at the local clubs in South Central Florida to include the hottest club in Highlands County called the MiXx; where NaQuila has powerful and influential friends.   NaQuila L. Hardy is turning heads as “she is to be taken seriously as an artist and is no Nicki Minaj” says the CEO of Involved Records Devon Gaithner.  NaQuila has gained the personal attention, respect and blessing of the Gotti Family in the use of the name Female Gotti, unlike Rick Ross who is perpetrating a fraud. 


So watch out Nicki Minaj there is a new high speed train traveling out of a small town called Avon Park, Florida that is about to reach out and touch the world.  Why?  Because the turn of time has come for her to shine!  

Carmine Gotti named “The Don” of New Pop

Carmine Gotti named “The Don” of New Pop


There are some many things under wraps and so many great things in the works.  As you may have figured out by now, I go by many names, 6 to be accurate; and my seventh name is yet to be revealed.  I am Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano aka Frank Paul Gotti aka Frank Paul Gambino aka Capstone Zulu aka Jesus Paul Solomon.  I wonder what my 7th name will be.


It is not about multiple personalities, although I have been accused of that.  It is about paying due respect to people who were influences in my life and the role I played at that moment and time in my life.  It is not about disrespect to anyone but in fact it is about due respect and a way of expressing gratitude to important people in my growth.


Where am I going with this?  I hear Rick Ross named his new Album “Teflon Don.”  And I hear Victoria’s son Carmine has a problem with it.  Well I want to tell you Rick Ross you is no John Gotti!  However what I do suggest is that Carmine step up and be the Don of New Pop, sort of like the Frank Sinatra of the new millennium.  


It is all in fun and entertainment, however real connections exist in the real world.  They say John J. Gotti was a ruthless killer, when in reality he was a very charitable and good man.  Do they call the president of the U.S. a murderer in the tabloids for sending troops to war?  Enemies must be destroyed in all walks of life.  The Mafia is to big business what the CIA is to the government.  And until that is duly recognized the economy will never recover.


All to say, Rick if this was genuinely due respect to the Gotti family, here you have a 24 year old young man entering into a new stage in the business.  He is a friend to the Gambino Family and the grandson of Don Gotti.  If you want to be a friend to the Gambino Family and was showing due respect use your fame and influence in the Hip Hop game to give Carmine Gotti every opportunity to reach people in the name of the Gambino Family.  That said!


Finally, I think John A. Gotti should extend Gambino Records.  I used the name in my BETA project; however John I think we should incorporate the label with a major label as a subsidiary.  The music industry owes this to the Gambino Family.  It is time to restructure the family. 


Therefore to the Gotti Family I hand over Gambino Records and to my nephews I hand over Gambino Productions.  Now it is up to Carmine Gotti to reach out and connect himself to these networks.  Victoria should contact Egeria and give Gambino Records and Productions new meaning.  There is some tight stuff out there!  As for Rick Ross you owe us one.  W.W.J.D. but share the wealth! 

Gambino Promises Next Capstone Zulu worth the Wait

Gambino Promises Next Capstone Zulu worth the Wait


A lot has been on the cooker the last few months.  However I feel that the expertise levels have matured and the focus has resonated to stratospheric echelons.  I feel I have something to prove if to nobody but myself, however “if” does not really apply and the next one is for the world.  It is time to call in my chips and welcome friends out of hiding to do what I know we can do together.


I figure the next project will take about one year give or take.  As I will do things that only the imagination will allow one to do.  This is not all talk.  We are talking about a full fledged project that will be held under raps.  Very few people will know what is going on this time around, as it will be done in modules.  I plan to call on all my connections one step at as time and one contact at a time.  We will bring in people from around the country, especially New York City and Queensbridge.  We are talking about collaborations with established artist as well as the new jacks.


We are talking about things that I cannot share at this time.  We are talking about a huge package; all to be done before I perhaps pass on the torch to my nephew Dahoud R. Smith aka Da-Uzi, if he is blessed with his freedom the next spring from prison. 


I plan to train my nephew well upon release on the newer technology, as I transition to what I was probably born to do which is the community service thing.  I plan to call in my old band members who are now located in several cities around the country.  I plan to call in some of the beneficiaries of our works, such as…


…People will know that Capstone Zulu is no joke after this project.  I wish I could share with you many of the wonderful things in the works, but ideas are so valuable and this one is for me and my crew.  I feel it is time to do me, I did everyone else and it seems that my latest project will be another success; I am not at liberty to say why.


I will say this; the fans will not have to wait the full term of the project to get a taste of what is in the cooker.  However the full dimensions of the scheme will not fully be revealed until the conclusion, so stay tuned.


Gambino Productions







NaQuila’s Project about to be released

NaQuila’s Project about to be released


Stackz2020 aka NaQuila && Female Gotti and what you see is no typographical is about to be released.  NaQuila another Gambino Production was put through a much better production process and songs selection than Capstone Zulu, I think it is a much better product.  Capstone Zulu was a BETA Project to prepare for the coming day.  Capstone Zulu so far was not a successful release as far as sales and reception by the industry and its consumers; however the BETA Project was a success.  We have a better understanding of today’s market.


NaQuila’s Project yet to be named is not as political as Capstone Zulu yet is still political. For this reason there is concern as to the support it will receive.  People like civil rights leaders claim to be dissatisfied with the industry use of terms such as nigger and bitch and the lack of meaning in the lyrics, but is the argument valid?  I feel Capstone Zulu should have received more support regardless of the poor production as a symbolic gesture. However NaQuila’s Project which is a much better production will stand as a litmus test for the industry, so to speak.


People say one thing and mean another.  Sometimes listening to the complainers is a dead end because those who do the complaining do not do the buying.  Though music is means of communications the BETA Project revealed very important information.  People want to escape and music is sort of a relief valve.  People want to listen to nonsense song and music as a pastime.  The real world has its place in life like at the 9 to 5, but it may not be in music, we will find out soon, with NaQuila release.  We wonder will people accept the message or fear it.


The song we thought would be well received actually ran people off as insensitive; being “FindCure-CureAIDS,” still we have big plans for the song.  We plan to donate the song to non profit causes and the song in very few words has a powerful message, put for some reason people think we are making fun of the sick whereby we are speaking up for them.


SUS (Services for the Underserved) an organization in New York City, an organization I did extensive work for in the past is on the top of this list as a corporation to be at the receiving end. They do fine work for AIDS patients as will as for the Developmentally Disabled and Mentally Ill.


We did some other original things in this project as I take to blame for its future failure and share it blame for future success.  I say this because I worked NaQuila who sings well at B4 in C2, because a lot of the material was originally meant for me.  I chose not to transpose the music for reasons beyond this article.  However her next set will be closer to B4.  So to those who think she sounds deep it was by design.  And I think she did a fine job.  However deep is the message!


The bottom line is that this may be the beginning of something different but certainly something big.  As we are currently preparing to go back into the studio to do two project at one time.  We will put together another Capstone Zulu Project, which again will be political, but NaQuila’s next project will be more of what people are conditioned to hear.  Actually we plan to just have fun with it, sort of giving the people what they want.  As for Capstone Zulu you can always depend on us to relay the contemporary messages of reality and hope.  NaQuila however deserves a break into the industry and should not be force to fight my uphill battles.

Do you think the song “The New World Order” is out of touch with mainstream music?