Entertainment is about selling Dreams

Entertainment is about selling Dreams


Entertainment is basically a distraction from reality.  As times get harder the demand for to be entertained grows.  Yet we usually associate entertainment with discretionary funds.  It is common for us to believe that we will go to the he movies or buy a music CD or download if we have money leftover after we pay off our living expenses.  However this is the mindset of people who actually have discretionary funds.  The average poor person who actually has little optional cash to spend tends to chase after an escape from this dreadful reality.


As many of the poor and oppressed think they are getting over, by illegal downloads of music and film and going to the black market for a DVD in reality, we are the victims.  Have you ever heard the saying a victim of circumstances?  The state of affairs and conditions we are in are designed to cause us to resort to dishonest measures to deal life and the situation we are in.  People think that the meaning of entertainment is fun, because it is supposed to be fun to be entertained.  But hear me out; entertainment is by meaning a distraction, a diversion and an amusement as will.   So we are told it is fun to be distracted by Hollywood Stars in a nutshell.


So do not take this article wrong it is not designed to entertain but to inform, however we will entertain you as well.  My reasoning for entertaining people is that entertainment if done properly can bring forth longevity.  If a person is distracted from the feeling of oppression while being educated as to how to overcome the situation they found themselves in than the entertainment is good entertainment.  To distract a person from a situation that is bad as you display to them a way to overcome the situation is righteous.  But Hollywood tends to distract a person to create a worst mindset.  Hollywood is controlled by the Gay Mob and they are called the Gay Mob because of sexual preferences; but because their ways a perverted in the nature of their dealings.  Everyday people sell their souls for the opportunity to be an entertainer.  Why because the lack of moral standards is the price for recognition by Hollywood.  Why? 


Entertainment is about selling dreams and not about dreams being fulfilled?  We think it is the other why around, because we often hear the testimonies of the successful being from rags to riches. But they do not discuss the contract they made with the devil to gain the success and notoriety.  Hollywood is not about who people are, but about what they became.


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