Entertainment is about selling Dreams

Entertainment is about selling Dreams


Entertainment is basically a distraction from reality.  As times get harder the demand for to be entertained grows.  Yet we usually associate entertainment with discretionary funds.  It is common for us to believe that we will go to the he movies or buy a music CD or download if we have money leftover after we pay off our living expenses.  However this is the mindset of people who actually have discretionary funds.  The average poor person who actually has little optional cash to spend tends to chase after an escape from this dreadful reality.


As many of the poor and oppressed think they are getting over, by illegal downloads of music and film and going to the black market for a DVD in reality, we are the victims.  Have you ever heard the saying a victim of circumstances?  The state of affairs and conditions we are in are designed to cause us to resort to dishonest measures to deal life and the situation we are in.  People think that the meaning of entertainment is fun, because it is supposed to be fun to be entertained.  But hear me out; entertainment is by meaning a distraction, a diversion and an amusement as will.   So we are told it is fun to be distracted by Hollywood Stars in a nutshell.


So do not take this article wrong it is not designed to entertain but to inform, however we will entertain you as well.  My reasoning for entertaining people is that entertainment if done properly can bring forth longevity.  If a person is distracted from the feeling of oppression while being educated as to how to overcome the situation they found themselves in than the entertainment is good entertainment.  To distract a person from a situation that is bad as you display to them a way to overcome the situation is righteous.  But Hollywood tends to distract a person to create a worst mindset.  Hollywood is controlled by the Gay Mob and they are called the Gay Mob because of sexual preferences; but because their ways a perverted in the nature of their dealings.  Everyday people sell their souls for the opportunity to be an entertainer.  Why because the lack of moral standards is the price for recognition by Hollywood.  Why? 


Entertainment is about selling dreams and not about dreams being fulfilled?  We think it is the other why around, because we often hear the testimonies of the successful being from rags to riches. But they do not discuss the contract they made with the devil to gain the success and notoriety.  Hollywood is not about who people are, but about what they became.


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The Hollywood Fantasies and Self Destruction

The Hollywood Fantasies and Self Destruction


Often we do not know things until they happen to us, like all my young adult life I believed the news media was real.  I really never understood when people said do not listen to the tabloids.  And then a daunting reality set in.  I became a victim of the news media.  My actions and words were put under a microscope with falsehoods inserted.  And people were made to believe I was monster that in reality I was not.  I do not want to live in or discuss the past to much here, but those who know where I am coming from should continue.


Ever since I was a child I wanted to be a part of the entertainment scene, I do not know if it was for the glamour, money or because my talents were silenced in the ghetto.  But I always wanted to be a part of the scene.  But like I said reality set in and the Hollywood dreams and fantasies became obvious.  I know entertainment is merely an escape.  It is the culprit to the many ills of society.  But I realize Hollywood is more than simply, entertainment music, television, the movies and radio, but I come to realize even CNN is factious because it is factitious by design.   


I learned the craft of deception by being a victim and then doing my BETA researches.  I learned about people by writing articles some all jokes “LOL” and some serious.  I found that people are captivated by jive time gossip and have a short attention span on the real issues, probably because the condition of the mindset in American society.


All to say let us face it the world is coming to an end. Only the people stuck on the Hollywood dreams and fantasies fail to realize this.  To them good is bad and bad is good.  They believe in Satan and call him god.  They believe fake is real and relevant is ill-relevant.  Why because the mindset of society is the state of the world.  And the state of the world has come to the final call.


So you continue to look at TMZ.com, Entertainment Tonight, CNN without scrutiny and the like.  As you ignore what you see in reality in your community, in the mirror and the condition of your life.  As you take the focus off of yourself and call me names like mad and crazy.  Go on and judge the messenger and not hear the message.  Because one day disaster will knock on your door like it did in Haiti, the AIDS pandemic, the BP oil spill, the wars around the world and the list goes on. 


As we are stuck on the Hollywood dreams and fantasies?  Will we continue to mourn over a handful of dead celebrities but forget the falling of millions of innocent people, thinking this craziness cannot knock on our doors?  Because many really do not care about themselves anyway anymore!  Hopelessness is the new reality? No!  That is the fantasy we have been conditioned to accept.  The answer to self destruction is to be real with ourselves, look in the mirror.


Be a leader!



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Hollywood Demons Brings Demolition to Avon Park

Hollywood Demons Brings Demolition to Avon Park


In the Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area of Highlands County, Florida, property owners are getting inline to idea of bringing Hollywood to its small City.  In a few recent years Avon Park a City in Highlands County has been trying to clean up these parts of the streets to bring legitimate business back to the area. 


Even the clergy in Avon Park are all for the production of “Everybody Has Demons” (which is a crime drama) because even though it falls under a crime drama, its underlying messages is that we all have character defects and when kept as a deep dark secret it can cause us to do some very unethical and even illegal things.  To sum it all up that is what “Everybody has Demons,” is all about.


One of the main scenes take place if filmed on sight would bring the camera crew to Delaney Avenue a famous area in this Red Line District.  Worshipful Master Eston Roberts who recently pass away to the Celestial Lodge in Heaven has always supported investment in the black communities of Highlands County and Delaney Avenue is being left behind without investment capital.


Anyway there is this really explosive scene in “Everybody Has Demons,” do not want to give it away but this 1:45 hr flick is full of action and thought provoking dialogue.  It deals with issues of Hypnotic Provoked activities, which can drastically influence the mind “a Mafia and Government Secret.”   In this much focused screenplay full of action and thoughts you will address for years to come, because it is designed that way.


Avon Park is calling on the Hollywood big shots to invest in them in Quid pro quo arrangement..  Red Sumner of Paramount Pictures is being called, but we all know many are called but chosen are few.  Paramount Pictures is our choice and may we be there’s also.

What is more important Love or Success?

Peace SymbolWhat is more important Love or Success?


For the past 5 years or so, all I heard on the media was how to be successful.  It was being promoted as if we were in a booming economy and prosperity was overflowing.  But now it is getting old as people realize the cut throat mentality of putting people down to get over is selfish and overrated.   When you stop and think about how many poor people it takes to make one person rich and how birds of a feather flock together, just what is being insinuated here?


When I was growing up it was all about love, people sung about love, preachers preached about love, and then came this trend whereby everything became green.  But natural resources are limited, so how can everyone be a billionaire and then again how can everyone be millionaires?  But love can overflow, whereby money cannot.  Sure they can print all the money they want but it will not be worth the paper is it printed on. 


It is like the mainstream media realized the path it has been taking is about to backfire so they want to change the pattern and make an 180 degree turn, due to events that are not new but are finally being spoken about.  They talked about Fort Hood, Texas as if military fatalities are new or even suicide among our warriors.  They talk about black on black crime like it is new, not because they care but because they are now frightened, but these things have never stopped happening, people were so busy multitasking towards the fantasy of everyone can be a millionaire, by which they forgot about the important task of love and its prominence on a better society.


See media controlled America has come to the realization that they are no longer safe, as children are starting to realize there true enemy or enemies who are responsible for there oppression, which is a society that puts success before love.  A society with a prison population unlike anywhere on earth literally, I mean nobody is safe from the desire of a society all out for self. 


It was to be just an American dream to be wealthy like the fronts called celebrities, while the truly rich manipulated society into being consumers as a means of living large.  Now everyone wants a piece of the real pie, but the pie is not big enough, so now we hear talk about love again. 


Love is the only natural resource that can overflow and never run out of space.  The truth be told love is the only solution to the world’s woes, but before people buy into it the emperor of greed has to fall and they are so greedy they will take America with them if allowed to do so.    

AIDS the Dreadful Disease take a Stand

AIDS Ribbon Red and BlackAIDS the Dreadful Disease take a Stand


With over 20 Billion spent on AIDS Research and an estimated $25 Billion in $2010 and over $2 Billion spent on treatment, it is obvious AIDS is a financial resource killer as well as a murderer of people.  Yes I said murderer, because I long held the conspiracy theory, since back in the 1980’s.  What gets me is that in a world whereby we can send rockets around the Universe, people have bought into the incurable theory.  Sure amfAR may not have the answer yet, but that does not count out secret orders and covert operations and the problem is that people have bought into the incurable hypothesis and therefore the government has no reason to take action as AIDS Research seems to be another day at big business at the pharmaceutical corporations, as there is so much profit made in researching the cure and never finding it.  Like the Jews of World War II, black people will go down in history as the people who walked into the gas chambers like sacrificial lambs.  And 20 years from now people will say they were fools for not fighting for their lives.


The people have to rise up against these practices and force the hands of the pharmaceutical industries.  It is my position that music reaches the soul of man and celebrities in the music industry not only have reach but have frequency meaning they can touch a lot of people often.  If the economic war or crisis is World War III AIDS is a major part of the arsenal.  Sure being without is a big deal for someone who had something before, but unemployment has always been double digits for black people, so if America is in recession the black community is in a depression, but a bigger concern is the rising prison population and the spread of AIDS in the black community, I mean like I said in the song “Symbolic Castration,” women are masturbating out of the fear of AIDS and are turning to other women.


It is sad that Hollywood still projects to the world ungodly sexual relationships and the satisfaction of lust in the motions pictures, music and promotional magazines.  From grown women with boy toys half their age to uncommitted sex on the fly and I think it is ill responsible.  I think some things should be left to private life.  Janet Jackson will be a major part of an amfAR event next week in Italy and I hope it is more than a symbolic gesture.  We need to wakeup the sleeping Tiger.  We talk about being proactive for President Obama, like if he is a boy among men, I believe he can hold his own.  Healthcare is good and all, but what good is healthcare for a disease incurable?  Let us face it AIDS is killing black people at astronomical numbers with over 25 Million dead and 33 Million infected according to 2007 estimates, we need to take a stand in our words as well as actions.

Electronics and Entertainment regulations needed

President Obama Official PortraitElectronics and Entertainment regulations needed


I think President Obama has to it is imperative that he organizes a panel of experts in Law and Technology and resolve the differences that if not addressed will destroy the American way.  We are still the leaders of the entertainment world, but left unaddressed this too can become history.  Why?  First of all, let it be said that HR 848 is just an idea and not the solution to the slumping recording industry. It only duly recognizes that the recording industry is in fact in trouble and can go under.


As the music industry and entertainment industry has crept and crawled still meeting the standards of the old ways of doing business while the electronics industry has moved forward in leaps and bounds.  We have a caveman entertainment regulated industry going up against a supercomputer and mankind is losing out to machine, when the intended purpose of machines was to assist and not replace man.


There is not much that the average consumer cannot do with the home Personal Computer.  As we are worried about North Korea and nuclear missiles we should be worried about the little computer wiz kid, with his hand on the right processor, memory, and storage space and internet access flying unmanned planes over populated cities.  That said!


Entertainment has to quickly catch up to the electronics industry, from levying blank CD’s as done in other countries like Canada to support the record industry to removing MP-3 Players from the category of computer peripherals, to taxing each GB of storage space on digital devices like MP-3 Players, I-Pods and even digital phones, because the amount of storage space on these devices have become too cheap and are manufactured at unnecessary capacities.


Even things like what is celebrity status has to be addresses, even a horse can retire.  As I realize there is a difference between popular and famous, the paparazzi are not held up to any standards in their exploitation.  I mean is a celebrity a name and institution or personality or do all unfairly applied?  My argument is that a celebrity is an institution with a name and not a real character but is a public image.  I just think that after so many years of fame due to celebrity status fame may no longer mean popular and the real individual should be able to opt out and regain their private lives as untouchable celebrity status.  The whole system is jacked up!


I mean people like Michael and Janet Jackson, Prince, even Paul McCarthy and Mick Jagger just cannot refrain from entertainment because the cost of their status is too high.

Hollywood when it is not funny anymore

Hollywood SignHollywood when it is not funny anymore

Since I fell for Janet I lost most of my friends and almost lost my family as well, everyone was trying to diagnoses me instead of letting me be me.  I mean all my siblings seemed to have engaged in dysfunctional relations time after time, but had time to judge my decision,  I do not know if that means they think I am better than them or worst, but certainly not the same.  My friends also judged the same as they were all over the city, state a country in bad situations, but they had time to focus on my decision.  As AIDS created an asexual revolution the cure will bring about a sexual revolution, we are a generation of revolutionist that said, it has little to do with my point.


I wasted a lot of my life on the streets hanging out, as I was alone, I honestly have no idea how many women I been with, but I like Alicia found ways to avoid commitment, hell find someone who has someone already and that is the difference between me a and Janet.  Janet stayed in someone’s arms as a show piece, I did the creep and grew tired of this, it became meaningless in the absence of love and then I woke up crazy loving Janet and it has been that way for some time now, and I do not know yet if it will end in regret.

My Uncle Billy had an infected kidney removed it was full of puss and was poisoning his system instead of filtering it, so he is on kidney dialysis while a kidney is doing the opposite of the intended treatment, hopefully he will not need it as much now.  I would like to go down there and see him, I should.

I am the type of person who can not see you for 10 years and the conversation will continue where we left off last time, If I had relationship with you, I realize people change but do they really?  I mean we learn from experiences and change because the first law of nature is self preservation, some of us who are fools become wise and better people, some of us grow sick and humble  and there are those who make 180 degree turns, but do we change or do we change our character?  Are these the same?  I mean do we go to college to get a job or to become better rounded?

Before I wrote the screenplay “Everybody has Demons,” I created the characters first and then I created situations that the characters had to endure as the screen evolved a person’s character changed because of experiences, but the change in character had to take place for the person to do something out of the original character.  So by the innermost nature of our character we are judged, but are that that we are?  People look at how a personality acts, but suppose acting is your profession?  I realize even in Hollywood there are human beings playing roles and sometimes they get it twisted and actually believe their fantasy they sell to us.  You read enough scripts to the point they influence your actual being, and then does that make you another person’s imaginary plan?  Yes if you play it out!  Then the joke is on you.

Message of the Day

You will have plenty to say for yourself over the coming 12 months and some of your words will cause quite a stir. That’s good. The world needs people who are not afraid to speak up. The world needs people like you.

Friends or family? Who do you give the most attention to? Only you can decide but remember this: friends often change over time but family always remains the same. Of course, if you’re smart you’ll find time for both.

There’s no Frank Paul Gambino & Janet Jackson

Paul & JanetThere’s no Frank Paul Gambino & Janet Jackson


Just because she is allegedly well off and I am allegedly not does not mean she is the giver and I the taker, it was the other way around.  Maybe that is how celebrities get wealthy; they take and do not compensate from the unfortunate for a profit.  I slaved for Janet for may years and never saw a dime and I did it out of caring and felt I was in dept to her, because of a child that I found out allegedly does not exist, so that makes me a free man, I owe her nothing.  If I owe anyone I owe myself.


First I was a loyal friend, then it is “I don’t know you man,” on the contrary I do not know her.  After 20 years plus, what does she not know about me.  But she remains a mystery because she hardly ever tells the truth and I have no more time for this charade. 


I cut off my hands and lost a lot of my friends, because of my love for her I left them behind and she does not respect that.  While I was alone, she was in bed with James, Rene, and Jermaine and half of Hollywood, with not a break in-between.  People think I am not good enough for her but it is the other way around, she is probably nothing but a worn out socket these days with a man who bought his penis over the internet, the leftovers as a result of 25 consecutive years of sexual activity, she admits she never took a break and claims no children, so be it and we have nothing in common.


This is not out of disrespect, but out of consideration to the few regular readers I have, that tune in on her web sites.  I will find me another platform and address new issues.  Janet does not pay me or compensate me, I am not her love interest, she asked me to be her loyal fan, I cannot settle for those conditions not actively.  I cannot continue to wakeup 4 am to post on her web sites, before I go to work and stay up until 10 pm researching current events without the respect or honor or a dime in the mail.  So now I have time to do me and reacquaint myself with old friends and leave her behind and count my losses.  I will get mine’s!