Opportunities Entertaining the Military

Opportunities Entertaining the Military


Everybody thinks that the only thing the military has to offer is work on the front line of war.  But little does a lot of people realize all the opportunities the military offers such as product sponsorship as well as your product on their shelves, I mean AAFES is a multi-billion dollar corporation.  Check out the hyperlink below.


Who is AAFES they are big money a must read:


Another opportunity wants to mention is the opportunity to tour the world and different levels of celebrity status and popularity.  Check out the hyperlink below and the short summery as well.


Who is the USO a must read for musical artist:

USO Tour Information at a Glance

Q: I am an entertainer who wishes to participate in USO shows. How do I apply?


A: We take pride in our ability to deliver some of America’s most popular and well-known celebrities around the world to the troops. USO tours can vary from a one-off to a complete tour with multiple destinations. The USO can also work with artists who may have available dates within their existing tours. USO celebrity status is not necessarily defined by experience of level of professionalism, but rather as a performer that has name recognition with the military members and families for who, they perform or visit. We also qualify celebrity status based on coverage in entertainment trade magazines like Billboard and Variety and as those seen on MTV, BET, CMT, etc. If you feel that you or the artist you represent meets these criteria, we look forward to discussing the possibility of a USO tour. Please send your press kit via e-mail to the Entertainment/Recruiting Assistant or materials can be mailed to:

Attn: Entertainment/Recruiting Assistant
USO Headquarters
2111 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1200
Arlington, VA 22201

Non-Celebrity Entertainment

The USO realizes that there are many experienced professional entertainers seeking an audience with the troops that may not yet qualify for “celebrity” status. We encourage you to contact Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE). AFE is the single point of contact in the Department of Defense, for professional non-celebrity entertainment supporting our service members overseas. You can find more information about AFE on their Web site, or contact their offices at 1-800-458-0868.

Good luck and thank you for supporting our men and women in uniform.


NaQuila Hardy persevere

NaQuila Hardy persevere


These been a very interesting three months 9 months of constant challenges.  Like I said the BUZZ is that we have a 100 songs project, with an advanced marketing strategy.


To be honest our first phase is and test sector, by trial and error we plan to perfect these strategic master templates for the future of the industry and as trend setters try to stay a step ahead of the game always.


I realize that I have a bad reputation at this stage and time, but we all know people tend to forget fast, under certain conditions especially financial incentives like a hit record or film which is included in the repertoire.    

Be my Joneses

The G UmbrellaBe my Joneses


It was said that it is not so much important as to what goes into your mouth but what comes out of it, which is a maker of your character.  A very good word historically used as a negative connotation is Joneses meaning basically neighbor.  It is a saying to “keep up with the Joneses.”  Suggesting that you be in competition with your next door neighbor, sort of like they by a fence and you buy a more expensive fence, they buy a car and you buy a better car.


But in actuality the term Joneses is a friendly and non competitive term.  I call on the Hip Hop community to replace the terms “Nigger” and “bitch” with “Joneses.”  I call on them to say in there songs “be my Joneses.”  Because like Rev. AL Sharpton said, you are what you say you are.


Let us bring back a community to raise a child mentality and be truly neighbors and not allow ourselves to just simply be victims on the system.  A change in mentality is in our grasp, we can determine our destiny, by changing how we speak and therefore changing how we think.


It is like the new Mafia is a non profit organization for the betterment of our communities and not a self destructives movement of surviving by any means, because we are packed in the projects like sardines.  We have to address our circumstances and the situations we are facing such as the expansion of prisons, wars around the world and the AIDS pandemic; single parenthood, illiteracy and the symbolically castrated Blackman?


As simple as it may seem, a major step in the right direction as a new greeting of camaraderie (Friendship) is to stop calling your brothers or sisters Niggers and bitches and say “that is my Joneses.”  I call on major Hip Hop community to introduce this concept into their culture.  Personally I really like some Hip Hop and Rap music, but I am embarrassed by it; I think the term Joneses will sell more records and allow the music to reach more homes.  At least consider it. And most importantly it would create a safer community and brotherly and sisterly love among our youth.

Exploiting Empty Shells

janet-42Exploiting Empty Shells


The reason why people like Janet Jackson and Prince, the Time Band and even perhaps Michael Jackson are having a hard time finding a major label contract is not the lack of talent or a genuine fan base, but because  the industry wants empty brains with a good voice, they do want to do business with artist that know the business, they want to exploit dumb kids and not veteran artist who will demand their fair share.  Take the industry’s big night!


There was time when celebrity status meant something it meant a real fan base.  There was a time when the Grammy’s meant a fashion statement of the true Hollywood and stars.  Now it is a bunch of one night wonders, urban artist being true to the game in jeans hanging off of their ass and Beverly Hillbillies rich looking penniless, not to forget Rock Stars looking like it is just another day out at the shopping Mall.  They took the reward out of awards, which was one night of fantasy.  Is it because of the lack of sponsorship?


The record industry is not what it used to be, the piracy industry is a major factor in the poor sales as the business is becoming lackluster.  The true culprit is the RIAA, mentioned in another article so we do not have to go there again.   But the bottom line applies here as it applies in America in a whole, we have to manufacture our own goods once again and stop outsourcing everything that requires labor.  The American worker is the best consumer of American products


What is really up with Janet

janet-in-painWhat is really up with Janet


The world owes me nothing and I owe the world nothing correct?  So why are there rules, when rules require discipline?  So what is really up with Janet, should I expect a surprise, she is hiding again and that is not her character and every time she surfaces it’s with that drunk Jermaine Dupri.  The only person outside the family that sees her on a regular basis is Jimmy Jam who denies Renee’s existence, because she was working with him at the time this would have had to happened on Control.  Now she is working with him again and rumors a flying around.  It just makes me wonder!


On the other hand I have become too good natured, I cannot stay a crook for more than a day or two, but I know who I am and this stuff you are talking is to the wind.  Eventually you all will have to come to me and everything will be made known and I might be loved but may also be hated due to my response.  You made your bed and will have to sleep in it.  Is that tough enough?


A mildly abrasive Sun-Saturn aspect on your birthday will encourage you to toughen up and realize that the world does not owe you a living. Once you accept that fact your latent drive and determination will come to the fore – and success will follow.

The Sun in one of the more outgoing areas of your chart will give you the confidence to strike out in new directions, but other aspects urge you to do so in the company of people who share your aims and aspirations.



My Goal is to inform, stay busy and exploit

imag01954My Goal is to inform, stay busy and exploit


My main goal is to inform, though what I say may seem simple, not everyone is aware of it, to include people well engaged in the profession.  Why I know some of the things I know, is unknown to me, sometimes I am even impressed by things I write.  I applied for ASCAP membership, I do not know if I have to do this after the establishment of the record company of if my prior performances of my material qualifies me, but I need that membership to sell my songs and get paid royalties for airplay, I will know in 2 to 3 weeks via mail.  I tried to do business with Janet, but she is still looking at that same immature material, she seems afraid to make a statement, I think she has everything to gain and nothing to lose at this point and she should yell on top of the roof, the hell with the RIAA, the Big Four the whole establishment.  She has been blackballed already.  Hello!


I think a non profit record company can be established under 501 (c) (3), I might need a lawyer but I am a paralegal by education and probably could do this on my own for myself, with a little research.


You know what, I have been listening to my older musical compositions and they are good, many of them anyway and my words have meaning in many cases, I think I need to perform some of my songs with the new equipment and VST software, I now have a very powerful computer compared to the past, I have a Dual Quad Core Vista 64, that can run my studio much more efficiently by giving me more effective processor and Ram power, and I have now the complete vocal tools software package, for improved vocals performance and as I said improved not miracle vocal performance.  I cannot make what is ugly into fine but I can make what is average into something good.


As you know I renamed the Apostle a third time to the Son of the Made Man and wrote about 40 or 50 songs and musical compositions I have 150 to 200 at least and can make a beat at any given moment.  I want take my best songs and record them again taking a little more time on each song and copyright the material as my official soundtrack, also I need to make some minor adjustments in the screen the Apostle I had some constructive criticism, things I know are not clear to the reader and has to be explained.


After I do the first draft of “Everybody has Demons’ which by the way is well on its way, but it turned out to be a drama rather than a comedy drama with a few funny moments, but it has meaning, but the shit is not funny in fact it is serious and at best dark humor.


I realize I cannot do everything I think up, but I can write a few screens, rerecord my album and start up a legal record company all by the end of the summer at least.  Right now I am in an experimental stage, my nephew is sending me two compilation albums, I have some stuff from another nephew and I will select my best 15 to 17 songs and perform them and/or master them into something more professional and then come up for air.  What I need is a connection into the Nationwide Black-Market Net work for future record distribution, but that is something I need in the future.  The bottom line is I am trying to be informative to those who have ears as I stay busy with my music and screens, however at some point I have to sell some of this stuff.


You need to be more upfront about what it is you are aiming to do. In fact you need to get up on your soap box and scream it at the top of your voice. Will that put you under pressure? Yes it will, and that’s the whole idea. You can’t fail now.

With Mars close to Uranus in your birth sign today you will either be very brave or very foolish – or both. Still, life is too short to worry about getting it wrong, so do what seems right and live with the consequences. Life is an adventure.


Non Profit Record Company & Distribution System

janet-v-midiNon Profit Record Company & Distribution System



#1: Name of CD:  The Extortion Album which consist of 3 albums in Wave format and 4th album with all three albums and bonus material in MP-3 and iPod format, which will support PC of Apple.   That is just the start.  You have X-Convicted Felons with big dogs on the hot corners in the hood saying “This is extortion buy it or else, the extortion album 3 CD and CD-MP-3 iPod compilation albums, just $10.”


#2: Copyright all the material on all three albums, with the Library of Congress.


#3: Make all writers members of ASCAP, for a one time fee of $25.


#4: Incorporate the Record Company as a non profit organization.  Meaning we have to spend all our money by the end of the fiscal year, there will be no multi-million salaries.  Yes the artist gets paid for their musical works and we can set a salary as officers in the corporation.  Make it a policy to hire certain percentage of convicted felons.  We are talking about a Recording Co-Op Marketing Plan

Business and employment co-operative

3.6 Business and employment co-operative


The Mission statement has to do with music and helping artist through promotional and giving them recording opportunities, by building recordings studios around the country in mainly Urban Areas. Giving unsigned independent artist recording opportunities


#5: The Underground Distribution Network:  Put out CD’s using duplicators, setup strategically around the country at major cities.  They will be like the Avon Lady they will get a Business associate ID and sell CD’s to family and neighbors.  There will be an accounting system put in place, but being it is a non profit organization it is not just about record sales but putting out a message, so piracy can work to our advantage in some cases, because we are talking about making music as a social action.


#6: Packaging: I just bought 10 packs of 10 quads DVD/CD Cases by TDK they cost $3.99 per 10 packs and hold 4 CD’s per case.  How much will it cost wholesale is the question, but $0.39 per 4 CD compilation case is cheap packaging.  Plus 50 DCD storage inserts go for about$17 after taxes or $34 per 100 which equal $034 per insert retail, with ink from printer we are talking less than $1.00 per packaging with a professional look.


#7: The Beauty: I was told that we to copyright protect the products, I said no because it is a non profit organization and sometimes piracy could be good if it gets the word out about a cause.  Now here is a secret I will not write about concerning the grand architecture or great design.  First of all piracy organizations are our best distributors. Why?


#8: Accounting system emplacement: Depending on the artist and their demand, we predetermine how many burning licenses we authorize.  An example is we say Janet Jackson’s next album will sell 2 Million copies.  We go to the Underground Distribution Network, who are now the piracy organizations and say you can burn 2 million copies of this CD and sell them for $5.00 each and we want say $1.25 per CD, make it $1.00 to keep it simple, they pay 2 million dollars and burn as many as they want up to 2 million but this will not stop them from burning more.  However here is the catch 22, by accepting these contracts in smaller bulks in different areas around the country say 20,000 here and 100,000 there up to 2 million total they become a legitimate operation and have needs for their equipment and now they have to be caught red handed for there equipment to be confiscated.  Furthermore by making these contracts they actually can justify their income by paying taxes on the profits made. Make sense?


Janet & Jermaine Strange or Estrange

janet-jackson-jermaine-dupri_sm1Janet & Jermaine Strange or Estrange


There are rumors swirling around now about Janet and Jermaine’s date at the exclusive Waverly Inn Restaurant.  People who sat next to them claimed they just sent and received text messages all night, on their PDA’s.  Just awhile back there was speculation of professional split up as Janet counted her losses and the word is she is working on her new album with Jam and Lewis.  However they share the same publicist in Patty Webster of W&W Public Relations and if they are no longer a couple personal or professional this arrangement may be a conflict of interest.


We have to give Black Entertainment its share

imag01954We have to give Black Entertainment its share


Did Janet Jackson get paid properly for her tour?  Is this the real reason for its abrupt ending?  For that matter do black entertainers get paid properly for their concert tours in general?  I just want to assure black entertainers that all is not as it seems and you have a greater interest in things you have not idea about.  A lot of the new money is not the Illuminati as the old money sold them short.  You give certain people more credit than they deserve.  A lot of the new corporations and monsters of entertainment is not the old money (Wall Street as you know them).  There is a new corporate America on the verge of a hostile takeover.  It is simple your lack of faith that you cannot see what is happening.  You have been heard Stephanie Mills, and you only confirmed my suspicions, you are right in you have nothing to worry about.  But the power that is to be is not as white as you may think.  Have faith.


The Answer to the Message of the Day:


We will see.  The main idea behind my economic agenda is to bring money back into the system as I give politicians especially the president of the United States plausible denial.  The bottom line is the money is out of the system because the foolish big corporate America tried to sell us out.  But they sold themselves to us and now what I do not like is we seem to be giving it back to them too much without enough strings attached.


As I said, the big corporate America has been policing them but we were a step ahead of them and we policed the police.  The bottom line as stated in the Economic Crisis a letter to the Illuminati, we have the money and it will never be found unless certain conditions are met.  Right now they are simply creating more debts to move the economy, but unless money is returned to the system the economy will never be recovered.  I told you’ll what is necessary and feel it is not necessary to repeat myself.


Oh by the way, my policy for banking is not to lend $30 for every $1 in the bank, but to lend $1 to every $10 deposited in the bank and based on this policy my settlement of $1 Trillion dollars, will become the lending power of $10 Trillion dollars to help build a better economy.


A Mercury-Uranus conjunction on your birthday will do wonders for your ability to see beneath the surface of things. You will know without knowing why you know when others are telling the truth, and when they are lying. You can’t lose with a talent like that.


This will be a good week for meeting people and making deals, even more so when Mercury, planet of communication, leaves your sign and moves into the main financial area of your chart on Wednesday. You’ll find the right words to sell your big idea.


Janet Jackson the guiding beacon of Music

celebsoutdinnerciprianirestaurantlondonjinvpnpofpal1Janet Jackson the guiding beacon of Music


Janet Jackson has always been competitive; she even competed against her brother Michael an artist in the stratosphere who is almost an untouchable in gangster terms.  But Janet went up against him anyway, I guess if you want to raise yourself to another level in music who else to use as a standard?  Personally I always liked the Jackson’s the unified family America Royal.  But foreign influences can turn sister against brother, but again maybe it was all tabloid bullshit, that she chose Jermaine Dupri over family.  I mean Jermaine is still posting articles about them dating from over months ago, meanwhile Michael and Janet is doing a duet together as she is working with Jam and Lewis on a new project, it sounds like Janet has her priorities correct to me.


Now there is the new record deal, not developing as fast as we want it to, but does Janet sit around in dismay, it does not look that way.  She is very focused on her new project as people try to assassinate her character because she refuses to be used for the promotions of a dead beat producer and publicity seeker, but not only that!


Janet the adversarial artist found a real adversary to be completive with the mainstream major music labels, she figures if she cannot join them she will simply take them on for market share and develop a real independent distribution protocol and take this mother to the streets.  As Janet unifies the real mainstream established artist being displaced by the new industry systematically into a monster independent artist machine, as the old cliché goes, “Let us wait and watch.” As they say “if you cannot beat them you join them,” but I say “if you cannot join them you beat them, because you can.”  It is all about survival and Janet will make her way in the industry.  I mean the Jackson’s are the royal family of entertainment! 


Answer to message of the day:


I am in the process of networking and as my plan was to network with old friends I am meeting new and interesting people.  It is a movement and perhaps the Underground Network will be a grassroots operation.  In any case we are trying to setup workstations and it is all good.


As for talk let them talk and philosophize as long as the maintain themselves, slang for keep their hands to themselves.  Nobody promised this would be easy, but why so damn hard?  What do they say, “Anything worth having is worth fighting for?”  But the last question I was asked was who are they!


You will have no trouble making friends and influencing people over the next 12 months – you’ve got the magic touch that puts others at their ease. Use it to get ahead in your work or career. You are capable of so much more. Don’t waste your talents.

You are in one of those moods where you don’t give a hoot what anyone thinks about you – in fact you will get a kick out of knowing that they think you are some kind of devil. You’re not, of course, but you’ll act as if you are, and you act so well.