Janet Jackson fans or a conversation piece

Janet JacksonJanet Jackson fans or a conversation piece


One of Janet’s so-called fans called herself telling me off.  She said Janet has this huge fans base.  I thought a fan was a supporter and Janet is in the entertainment business as she said to be more specific the music and film business.


She says I do not have the right to think that Janet is fake a dumb, to not think the best of Janet is to be a hater.  I grow up on the Jackson Five and probably have more of Janet’s records than the woman who is telling me about how I should feel and speak.  To my recollection I have almost all of Janet CD’s and I have the right to say it is time for something new, her pattern is old and boring, it is the same old thing over and over. 


It is all about how good her sex life is and how she can turn a trick.  Meanwhile the world is coming to an end as she does charity for good causes; there is no mention of the woes of the world in her music since Rhythm Nation, which was her best album ever.  So give me a break, I have the right to my opinion and Janet is either dumb or listens to dumb people.  And unless she changes direction I will never buy another CD, movie ticket or concert ticket in my life that includes her.  And from the look of record sales, I am one of the last truly loyal fans, so I might be giving her some sound advice. 


As for her interview, I wouldn’t waste my time watching that phony crap, all she does is lie.  Like I said, Janet Jackson is phony, if she has fans it does not show up in record sales anymore, she has become a conversation piece, someone to talk about but no support at the record stores or music downloads.  And if you do not like my position either kiss where the sun don’t shine or buy her damn boring albums.  I boycott the fake and phony Icon. 


Is Janet Jackson, fake, tired & boring?

Janet Jackson Number OnesIs Janet Jackson, fake, tired & boring?


She had me going for a moment; I thought she was going to do something different and new, than came “Make Me,” it is hot but nothing new.  Reminds me of a Tina Turner type return sort of except Tina has an adult fan base and sings about real issues, Janet is still running after little kids.  I hate to say it but I am too mature for the kiddy crap.  The little kid in an adult body refuses to grow up and the people who made her what she is are grown up already, can we address single parenting, black on black crime and the screwed up world in need of love?  Sorry Janet but you are no PYT these days maybe Rihanna or Beyonce can still pass as a PTY, but you are older and an over the hill or motherhood?  I mean what do you see in the morning before makeup?  Get real!  Blow my mind with something other than sex!  And how can I not mention Alicia a true PYT?


Are you fake and tired and boring and Jermaine’s charity case; but on the real side, I understand you are spoiled and fell in-love with the glamour and now you are a prostitute for tracks?  Did not mean that but it needed to be said!  Being real I understand you do not want people to know that you are a sucker for love loser, except you fell from grace because you forgot how you got there and betrayed a trust.  The people who made you, you turned your back on, but thank the Lord for Michael’s success after death, sad as it is I am sure you will get your allowance. 


My niece said you are ugly, I said no she is just a little over the hill, then again you are no Tina Turner she is pretty for her age, and you are just aged!  Too old and fat to dance anymore, almost fell at the Grammy’s and there is nothing special about your voice so welcome to the club called has-been’s. 


So why did I love you, because you were fine, I do not think so, the only thing you have on common with Halle Barry is you are both cookies, if you know what I mean?  Because you were rich, but the trust you betrayed and everything you got you were given.  Your youth is long gone.  So why did I love you Janet?  Oh that is a secret!  And now I care less!  Like Michael said, “This is it.”  It is too late and what we do not know we will never know.



Are Janet Jackson & J.D. Doomed to Repeat?

Janet Jackson Number OnesAre Janet Jackson & J.D. Doomed to Repeat?


Personally I am going to Florida and not California.  But I wish the best for Janet, but what is best for her career and what is best for her may be separate and distinct.  Maybe she will raise Michael’s children and Jermaine is really a good man and not the drunken nightlife person he appears to be; in which case Janet may have a good man whom they resolved their differences.  And her family will be made happy?


On the other hand as for entertainment, nobody will take her seriously as a heterosexual woman and powerhouse entertainer in the arms of that dude.  But Michael is making plenty of money so Janet might just be setting herself up for failure to settle down with Jermaine. 


But if she is trying to sell CD’s she has to get real about who she claims to be sexing.  I know; what does her love life have to do with her record sales?  Her whole persuasion is her talent, song, dance and beauty. How does fine girl Janet end up with a Jermaine Dupri unless she really is not sexing and needs protection from real men, broke or plain stupid. All of which is not going to sell CD’s.


Because as for his personality he has none, but Jermaine might have money, however, other than that he is a drunk, who stays in the streets all night and hangs out with little boys.  So the only thing Janet can possibly see in him is money and if she is worth $150 Million who gets it? 


The CD’s he produced was not the problem it was the relationship.  Janet told the world she loved ugly for tracks?   Prostitutes do it for money and not pleasure does Janet love music or fame and attention?


First Look at “Why did I get married too.”

First Look at “Why did I get married too.”


To be released in April 2010, from the previews it looks like an exciting and untraditional Tyler Perry film.  Not so much a comedy but an action drama.  People have been saying they want something different from Tyler and I think they might just get it this time.

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Can Janet ignite from the shadows of Michael’s eclipse?

Janet Jackson Number OnesCan Janet ignite from the shadows of Michael’s eclipse?


Is this an oxymoron or what?   Did Michael disappear or reappear.  What was supposed to be Janet’s turn, has become an ongoing saga of the King of Pop even after death?  It is unbelievable, Michael’s movie grossed over $100 Million worldwide with little promo and he still has over 200 unreleased songs and modern technology to assist the engineers.


However meanwhile, Janet Number Ones will be released on November 17th which includes 33 songs.  She had an unbelievable career so far, but she will always be Michael’s little sister, which is something to be proud about.


Also she has been doing the benevolent circuit helping raise money for the poor in need of clean water and the sick with AIDS. This has been done unnoticed by main stream media, but is wonderful acts of charity.


Most of the hype has been focused on her work in the studio, with her new to be released on the Number Ones CD “Make Me,” it’s hot.  She has been working with different producers, the latest being Rodney Jerkins.  There will be a music video to be added to the release of “Make Me,” said to be directed by Robert Hales who worked with Justin Timberlake to name a few, not to be as a reminder of the Super Bowl SNAFU.


But it looks like Janet is bouncing back nicely, with her new studio CD on its way and the creation phase and also a book to be released in 2010.  Janet is shining it is just hard to see it right now, because Michael is like ball of fire out in the stratosphere and Janet and nobody’s successes can be measured against this “Energy Blast.”  Janet is volatile and Michael an anomaly and both Jackson’s.   And there is no competition. 

The New Music Middle Class

Michael Jackson and Janet JacksonThe New Music Middle Class


There is not many more Michael Jackson or Janet Jackson’s created.  The days of the big budget transactions to mega hits are becoming too risky at best.  Sure there are a few big stars out there but are they as big as they seem or were they ever really big.  I mean is fame money or an expense.  Is success being surrounded by body guards at $250G a hit, being chauffeured in limousines and spending $500,000 on video to be seen at your cost, as music videos are still considered promos?


Radio shows are being simulcast; it’s like really few local DJ’s anymore, so where is all the money going?  It seems like a hand full of people are getting paid large at high tax brackets or not being paid at any tax bracket.  But a strange thing is taking place in the music industry, evolving is a new middle class artist.  Very few people are selling a million CD’s anymore,  people are taking lessons from people like Tyler Perry and going back to building fan basis the old fashion way city to city and town to town.  People are recording on privately owned studios and self promoting their material.


To make a long story short, people are realizing that it is not worth having a multi-million dollar contract to clear $100G per year or even be in the red, when they can freelance and make $500G and have a life.  As we know so well there is a disparity between what a star makes and what they pocket after video recoup, producers costs, studio costs, taxes, security and all the stuff that comes with the package called a star.



Janet Jackson about to Release her Best songs according to Charts

Janet JacksonJanet Jackson about to Release her Best songs according to Charts


On November 17th, Janet will release a two CD set with her number one hits, which amount to about 46 songs, as she has sold about 100 million songs world wide.  This and the fact that she is about to release her 10th studio album and her new movie directed by Tyler Perry in 2010 is all but being suffocated by her dysfunctional personal life.  Sort of like I love him and I love him not? 


Janet Jackson & Jermaine Dupri reality internet presentation has become all boring and irrelevant.  Nobody cares anymore to include me, as I am moving down to a small city in Florida, where I am loved and appreciated; I got the women lining up, I just have to choose.  The way I see it Janet is not the brightest woman in the world, she looks alright but tends to get fat and I do not need her money to enjoy life and she showed little interest in me.   So as far as I am concerned she had her chance and blew it, so her and Jermaine Dupri can cut all the all talk and photo sessions and have a real affair that includes sex and have there little beautiful child?


Busy on a Mission


I know I have not been very entertaining as of lately.  There is so much going on and I have to prioritize my list of items.  I am about to move to Florida and it may seem by chance but it is not.


Western Beef & Highlands County in the Heartland

RE: Western Beef Expansion

Date: 3 May 2007

Time to act


Hyperlink Above


I have a lot on my plate right now and am in serious mode and mood.  There is a big picture that has to be fulfilled.  This may well be the beginning of something really big!


I plan to run a non profit organization that is charitable.  I have a small house and I am easy to satisfy, and in it there will have a home recording studio and down the block I have a two story office building to run the Headquarters for my non profit organization.  I am not blogging as much now because I am in the process of making my bed.


Food is food, sex is sex and love making is love making and Mariah “Obsessed,” Janet cannot starve me, there are simply too many fish in the sea, that look better and are smarter, perhaps they cannot sing and dance as well, but who wants a woman who is never home and always in the public eyes?  I can do much better than Janet, obsessed my butt Mariah.  If you see a mushroom cloud you will know why!  You reap what you sow!



Is Janet Jackson Capable of Doing New Things

Janet at amfARIs Janet Jackson Capable of Doing New Things


Janet was on the move for awhile, developing into a new franchise, she has a new book coming out, a new album and new movie coming out all in 2010.  People were starting to take her serious again.  She helped raise funds for amfAR in Milan, Italy.  Then the bombshell dropped like weight on her shoulders


Of all the people in the world she takes a photo with Jermaine Dupri, a well know media whore.  And she releases another sex song “Make Me.” Then everything she was doing was reduced whether or not she is dating him.  And will her album be the same old Janet about sex.  The focus went away from amfAR and her new endeavors, as mentioned above.


That one mistake may take months to fully recover, unless that is her man.  But the reality of the fact is was she/he ever her man?  Being the media whore that he is if there was a sex tape we would have all seen it by now, for his bragging rights.  I mean all they do is posing in photos and then his blog network takes it from there and post the same old crap over and over.  The so called 7 years relationship has been all about public photos and childish articles about them dating.


But like Renee said AKA Warrior Princess, Janet is not known for surrounding herself with wisdom, the 2004 Super Bowl is evidence.  But Jermaine knows Janet’s weakness, she loves to read about herself at any cost and be complimented and told how beautiful she is in and eye to eye conversation and people like Steve Harvey played on it also and it almost got her in trouble, because not everyone is a harmless punk like Jermaine Dupri.  But this mentality is hurting her career.  Janet has to be that late blossom flower she is and truly grow up.



Janet Universal Music Group & Radio Airplay

Janet JacksonJanet Universal Music Group & Radio Airplay


During the Rock Witchu Tour I bought about all of Janet’s albums I did not already own and ended up with two “All for You” CD’s by accident, because I already had it.  However I think they blew a great opportunity; people like me never ever downloaded a song. Personally I buy the CD and convert it to MP-3 and keep the hard copy for storage and stereo use.  Yes I still listen to my stereo at home


If they would have made it a free download some people would have downloaded for the first time, to get the hang of it, plus it was billed a gift.  It could have been a reintroduction of Janet.  Good thing Universal Music Group is distributing it.  That leads me another question, being she is being released by Hip-O Records and A&M Records both Universal Music Group companies and was with Def Jam a Universal Music Group Company.  Which leads me to ask is Janet really independent or in-between record labels?  With all the Janet Hype, I would not be surprised if she is released again by a Universal Music Group Company in the future.


Furthermore I still have not heard the song on the radio, whereby when I am not on the home recording studio my favorite pastime is listening to the stereo and radio and messing with one of my computers sometimes at the same time.  I normally buy only my favorite artist these days unlike in my younger days when I bought all the hits, but I spend hours on the radio being at home or on my MP-3 Player on the move and I purchase consumer goods on a regular.  Commercials still influence my purchases or spending habits.


My Point:  Janet Jackson’s marketing team might be barking down the wrong tree, she needs radio airplay exposure, because that is what we do now.  We listen to the radio and buy bread and milk.  Janet’s main market is the radio and not digital downloads.  We are grown already!

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Janet Jackson Greatest Hits Album to be released

Janet VMA PhotoJanet Jackson Greatest Hits Album to be released


Janet Jackson’s number ones greatest hits album a 2 CD set is to be released on November 17th, 2009.  It will be released on Hip-O Records a part of Universal Group, founded by Doug Morris in 1996.  Actually I have all of Janet’s albums, which I am aware of.  The funny thing is if you ever heard her best songs successively it is a great experience.  There are supposed to be a few new songs on the two CD set.


However I doubt if everyone has all of Janet’s albums and this is a chance to get up on her best songs, in a small package.  As Hip-O Records are known for putting out stuff hard to get a hold of and often puts out limited editions, being that is their Modus operandi (Protocol).  I mean the etiquette for dealing this type of repertoire is that the demand exceeds supply. 


There are presales taking place now, but there will probably be a limited amount of CD’s available at the local record stores and via the Internet on the day of the release.  I do not know I guess the die hard Janet fans have most of her stuff and will be in it for the new releases.  But for those who really do not know what all the hype is about Janet, people who want to know what the 80’s and 90’s was all about and want to enjoy a beautiful musical variety do not blow the opportunity of getting a copy of these CD’s, I guarantee you it will become a part of your rotation.  Janet is an amazing artist and I think she has another run.


Now on the other hand I have to say I was disappointed with the decision to go digital download for sale with “Make Me.”  It was billed as a gift and should have been a free download; however it will very likely be on the new greatest hits album.  But really I thought it was a gift as in something giving away.



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